Apuntes el 6 de enero

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Apuntes el 6 de enero
Apuntes 7-8 de enero
El subjuntivo con verbos de voluntad e influencia
The subjunctive with verbs of will and influence
Mis padres prefieren que yo haga mi tarea antes de jugar videojuegos.
My parents prefer that I do my homework before playing videogames.
Te recomiendo que veas esa película.
I recommend that you see that movie.
When a verb of will or influence appears in the main clause of a complex
sentence, the subjunctive appears in the subordinate clause.
Here is a list of common verbs of will and influence:
aconsejar: to advise
desear: to want, to wish, to desire
importar: to matter, to be important
insistir (en): to insist (on)
mandar: to order
necesitar: to need
pedir (e→i): to ask (for)
preferir (e→ie): to prefer
prohibir: to prohibit
querer (e→ie): to want
recomendar (e→ie): to recommend
rogar (o→ue): to beg, to plead
sugerir (e→ie): to suggest
Mi madre quiere
main clause
que vayamos al supermercado. (My mother wants us to go to the supermarket.)
subordinate clause
Indirect object pronouns (me, te, le, nos, os, les) are often used
with the verbs aconsejar, importar, mandar, pedir, prohibir,
recomendar, rogar and sugerir.
Te pido que no lo hagas.
I’m asking you not to do it.
Mi novia me ruega que me case con ella.
My girlfriend is begging me to marry her.
If there is no change in subject with verbs of this type,
use an infinitive after the first verb.
Mi hermana no quiere lavar los platos.
My sister doesn’t want to wash the dishes.
Ella quiere que yo los lave.
She wants me to wash them.
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