Tae Kwon Do

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Tae Kwon Do
Tae Kwon Do
Sports for life,
Sports for health,
Sports for everything.
What does the word Taekwondo
• The word is composed of three parts - Tae
means foot, leg, or to step on. Kwon means
fist or fight. Do means the way or discipline.
These three parts together form the two
important concepts behind taekwondo
When did this marcial art start?
• Taekwondo started in korea as a Renaissance
form after the conflicts with Japan.
• The imperious of Korea was always sacked, so
the king of the imperious organized an army
that could fight with their bodies too, They
wanted to develop skills for confronts. So,
Taekwondo was born.
Women in TKD
• In our life we can see women that suffer from
prejudice and even being victims of physical
aggression, so, this marcial art can help these
women, because when they need to defend
their bodies, they can use all skills learned in
taekwondo classroom.
Women in TKD
Natália Falavigna Silva
Taekwondo and its belts
Here’s the sequence of belts:
1-white belt;
2-yellow belt;
3-yellow/green belt;
4-green belt;
5-green/blue belt;
6-blue belt;
Taekwondo and your belts
7-blue/red belt;
8-red belt;
9-red/black belt;
10-black belt;
The black belt isn’t the final graduation, we
can find after the black:
• black belt first Dan, second Dan, until ninth
Taekwondo in Olympics
- As we saw in Sydney Olympics, 2000, the TKD
started to have medals. So, this sport
attracted more people to practice this marcial
art, and its growth became faster around the
Diogo Silva
Taekwondo today
• Taekwondo today is similar to the martial arts
in other Oriental countries and shares many
features with them. In the course of its
evolution, it has gained from many different
styles that existed in the martial arts of the
countries surrounding Korea, like Japan and
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