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Pío Pista - Charo y Lee
Pío Pista
El caso del mercado negro
El caso del mercado negro
Where did we leave off from the last case?
What do you think about María now? Double-agent?
Loyal to ORDEN? Full-fledged member of LOCO?
What is a mercado negro? What do we mean by that?
Is there a black market in other countries?
Do you know anything about El Salvador?
Take a guess: What do you think a pupusa is?
Capítulo 1, página 18-19
What name would you give a guinea pig?
What name does Pío Pista give the guinea pig?
Find Libertad on the map, knowing it is a puerto.
What would that city translate to in English?
What exactly do guinea pigs eat?
What sign does Pipi give Pío about where to find
Capítulo 2, página 19-20
Colones were the original money of El Salvador. What
was it named after?
What currency does El Salvador use now?
Who was the waitress?
Translate the note at the bottom of 19 (notice the use
of ustedes—to whom does that refer?)
Okay, who can act out the escape on page 20? We need
Pío and the “man with the black hat”.
Capítulo 3, página 21
Can anyone act out driving a Segway in class?
Find the line that says: “Is María safe?”
Who do you think is the man in the black hat?
How does Pipi show Pío the way to the Mercado?
Describe the scene at the market.
What is a pupusa?
Have you ever tried a jícama? What does it taste like?
Capítulo 4, página 22-23
What is the vendor offering Pío?
What precaution to Pío take before trying the jícama?
What does veneno mean?
What ends up happening with the jícama?
Does Pío suspect anything about the explosion?
What happens with the bean Pío tries to feed Pipi?
Okay, did anyone figure out the fart reference?
Capítulo 5, página 23-24
Why are all of these salesmen trying to give Pío free
Pío finally figures out what happens. What’s his joke at
the end of the first paragraph?
So, have you figured out what a pupusa is yet?
Have these conversations been in the formal (usted) or
informal (tú) form?
Capítulo 6, página 24-25
What does this mean? “¿Usted quiere comprar una pupusa,
pero usted no sabe qué es?”
What excuse does the salesman give for selling out of his car
rather than at the market?
So what is a pupusa?
What is the stuffing chicharrón?
Did Pío get a good deal bargaining for the pupusas?
How did the salesman say “look out”?
What’s the difference between caliente and picante?
Capítulo 7, página 26
Would you like to try a pupusa?
Find the word “sound” in Spanish.
What is Pipi doing and what assumption does Pío
Is the play on words funny?: Pipi es mi salvador en El
Is there more to this guinea pig than meets the eye?
Capítulo 8, página 26-27
Why is “calientes” in quotation marks? What’s funny about that
word in this context?
What is Potencia?
How do you say “I burp” in Spanish?
Note: pica should probably be pincha. A bird is more likely to picar.
In any case, this guinea pig seems to be too amazing . . . Right?
What does María claim?
María says “tú lo tienes pero no lo sabes” What do you think she
means by that?
How does María put Pío out?
Informe, página 27
Once again, what information does Pío hold back?
This report shows that Pío found out a few things that
he didn’t appear to understand in the mercado. What
does he now know (or seem to know)?
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