Together we can achieve excellence

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Together we can achieve excellence
Elite Athlete
Performance Centre
“Together we can achieve excellence”
Elite Athlete Performance Centre
Accommodation and Related Facilities
High Quality Education
Elite Performance Coaching
Personal Development
Pastoral Support
“Together we can achieve excellence”
Foreword by Jim Mutton, Principal of Loughborough College
I believe Loughborough is the UK centre for sport; For elite athletes over
19 years of age Loughborough has a superb portfolio of education and
sports development and coaching. The College probably leads the way
in the UK in providing ultra flexible learning programmes which allows
athletes to fulfil both their educational ambitions and their sporting
But for younger elite athletes, those between 16-18 years of age the
opportunities are much more constrained. We now have a unique
opportunity to start to address this weakness, an opportunity to put in
place a provision that will deliver more world class performers who will
also have had a superb education.
Our proposed Elite Athlete Performance Centre will specifically support
young elite athletes. Via the Centre and the College we will appraise
each individual, reviewing their specific needs and create a bespoke
scheme balancing training and competition alongside a workable flexible
education programme. Our new Centre will also deliver student
support, welfare, diet, recuperation and other services. And the results
will be elite student athletes who at 18, will be fulfilling their sporting
potential, achieving education qualifications and enhancing UK sporting
prowess and skills.
We have the ideas and the building. We know that there is both need
and demand for such a centre. We need your support and help to bring
this important and imaginative scheme to fruition.
“Together we can achieve excellence”
Elite Athlete Performance Centre
World Class
Loughborough College Offer
Loughborough College is committed to developing the
potential of elite athletes in a range of different sports and
is an integral member of the ‘Loughborough family’ that
encompasses Loughborough University.
Elite athletes studying at the College have access to world
class sporting facilities and coaching at the University.
Loughborough College works alongside the University to
offer a range of education programmes for learners from
the age of fourteen years through to adulthood and offers
extensive support to all elite athletes studying on full or
part-time and flexible learning programmes.
Loughborough College, working with a number of world
class partners, has established an elite pathway, within an
environment offering world class performance coaching,
outstanding educational provision and underpinned by a
dedicated support team.
Through shared goals with our elite athletes we will
provide a clear and transparent programme, one that
inspires those in our care to succeed above and beyond
their expectations.
“Together we can achieve excellence”
Accommodation and Facilities
There are many advantages of becoming an elite athlete at Loughborough College.
The benefits include:
High quality accommodation specifically targeted at elite sporting athletes.
Access to Loughborough’s World class performance coaching and facilities.
Lifestyle and sports science support.
High quality ‘flexible’ education.
Personal development.
Pastoral care and support.
Loughborough College has created a range of sport educational programmes that will allow elite
athletes to relocate from sixteen years of age to enhance their development. The accommodation
comprises a block of single en suite rooms in the centre tailored to meet the needs of these athletes
aged between sixteen and eighteen, with a warden in residence overnight. This accommodation is
within easy access of all of the major sporting facilities and support services. The facilities include:
Internet access.
• Laundry facilities.
• A common room for relaxing and a large kitchen where breakfast or evening snacks can be made.
• A dedicated member of staff available during College daytime hours.
Sports nutritionists / advisors are available throughout the year to provide guidance and support to all
elite athletes in identifying their individual catering requirements.
“Together we can achieve excellence”
Proposed Ground Floor Plan
Internet Cafe
Physio /
Dis. WC
Lobby Warden’s
“Together we can achieve excellence”
Proposed First Floor Plan
“Together we can achieve excellence”
Proposed Second Floor Plan
“Together we can achieve excellence”
Support from our International Elite Athletes and Partners
* Past and present Loughborough College Elite Athletes
* Liam Tancock
Steve Cram MBE
Dame Kelly Holmes
‘The Loughborough College Elite Performance
Centre will provide a legacy for future world
and Olympic hopefuls.’
‘There were times during my career when I wondered if I would ever fulfil my
Olympic dream. The Loughborough College Elite Performance Centre would have
been able to provide that support to elite athletes when they need it most.’
‘The Loughborough College Elite Performance Centre will allow
young talented athletes to access world class coaching two years
in advance of the competition.’
Former World 1500m Champion
Double Olympic Gold Medalist at 800m and 1500m
World Record Holder and World Champion at 50m
* Lloyd Gumbs
* Mel Marshall
* Sarah Adams
* Charlotte Best
‘ Being successful in sport and my education
requires a co-ordinated approach-Loughborough
College provides this quality service.’
‘Loughborough College provided me with a
flexible education that allowed me to fulfil
my potential in my swimming career!’
‘The opportunity to live in a world class
environment would really benefit my all
round development.’
‘Loughborough continues to have the wow factor and
is continually looking at ways to develop itself. The Elite
Athlete Performance Centre is one such development.’
European U23 400m Hurdles Champion
Britain’s most decorated Swimmer
GB International at 400m Hurdles
GB International 1500m, World University
Games bronze medalist
* James Dasaolu
‘Having the opportunity to live in the heart of the
Loughborough environment at 16 would be an
opportunity not to miss out on.’
GB International and runs the 100m in
* Sarah Stevenson
‘You only get one chance to live your dreams in
sport. The Elite Performance Centre at
Loughborough College would really benefit
young athletes in terms of training and
Olympic Bronze Medal at Taekwondo
* Louis Kwakye
* Emily Gray
‘The support that will be made available
will benefit the elite athletes in a
positive way.’
‘I could not compete at international level without the
support of the College. Having that support from aged
sixteen would have helped me progress more quickly.’
GB and Gahanian International
Sprinter at 100m and 200m
England International at Lacrosse
“Together we can achieve excellence”
Support from National Governing Bodies
Alan Buzza
Loughborough is a truly inspirational place to be involved with sport. The buzz of elite performance is contagious.
Strategic Manager, [Performance Sport] Loughborough University.
David Ralph
I feel that Loughborough College’s proposed Elite Performance Centre would be an exceptional opportunity for elite hockey players that would surpass
anything else on offer to them in the UK. The opportunity to train with other elite young athletes in hockey (as well as other sports) across the Loughborough
area, as well as the access to exceptional facilities and experts would provide the environment required to help those athletes reach their potential.
Men's Hockey Coach, Loughborough University.
George Predescu
This is a brilliant idea. We can talk about your LCPC, because my “East-European" coaching past was mainly spent in national centres. The entire idea was
to put together athletes, coaches, accommodation, education, medical supervision, etc., in order to ease the athletes’ life but increase the performances in all
the domains of their life.
I think that an Elite Performance Centre could open up possibilities for offering elite support and provision to athletes from the age of sixteen and introduce a
culture of sporting excellence combined with education. For this to happen in Loughborough is a great opportunity.
Head Coach, Gymnastics, Loughborough University
George Gandy
The growth and ongoing success in recruitment and performance record of the College has long been very impressive indeed, and reflects a broadly-based
commitment to quality in academic, sporting, and social contexts, as the high level of competence of its staff, several of whom graduated through
programmes in which I have had personal involvement.
I am pleased to commend Loughborough College as a specially meritorious, and often under-rated, institution which has contributed hugely to sporting
success on the Loughborough campus and possesses great potential for doing so in a more formally recognised and externally supported capacity.
Former University Director of Athletics & currently UK National Athletics Coach for Endurance.
“Together we can achieve excellence”
We are keen to explore a wide range of opportunities and invite you to consider becoming
one of our privileged sponsors and partners.
Sponsorship Opportunities
Naming rights of the Elite Performance Centre and sponsorship of each suite.
High profile placement of the Sponsor’s names on the Honours Board in the Elite Performance Centre.
Sponsor’s details in a commemorative brochure.
Sponsor’s details will appear on all marketing literature.
Framed certificate of sponsorship association.
Media, PR and Marketing
Extensive media coverage for naming rights and all sponsors.
Continual PR opportunities, (local, regional, national and international)
Advertising and marketing opportunities.
Branding opportunities.
Website links.
Links to the community at large.
Social corporate responsibility programmes and opportunities.
Additional Opportunities and Benefits
Elite athlete association, ie. photo opportunities, event appearances.
Elite athlete appearances at sponsor’s premises and meetings with the workforce.
Invitation to see elite performers in action, ie. training and competition.
College Facilities
Provide training for company management and staff.
Use of College facilities for conferences, seminars and events.
Gym membership for management and employees.
Sponsors invited to apply for College procurement and tender lists.
Educational project opportunities.
This list of opportunities is not exhaustive and we would be pleased to discuss your individual and business requirements.
“Together we can achieve excellence”
Elite Athlete Performance Centre
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