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Le regioni d`Italia - Mayfield City Schools
Un Viaje a España
Primera parte (en grupos)
• Working in groups of 2or 3, plan a 5 day trip to España!
– It can be any time within the next year. Dates are flexible.
• You have €1000 ($1125)
• You must:
– get yourselves to Spain from Cleveland
– visit at least 2 different areas in the country represented by your
group members
– travel between the 2 areas (train, bus, car, plane)
– spend a minimum of 2 days in each area
– find a place to stay in each area (one hotel per area)
– plan a minimum of 2 culturally relevant activities per day (10 total
Segunda parte(individual)
• Write a letter to me in español describing your
• Tell me where you went, what you did, what you
ate, and what your impressions and opinions
about the various things you saw and did.
3 products to turn in
• Organized itinerary in English detailing
your trip. (One per group.)
• PowerPoint “slide show” of your trip, with a
brief oral presentation in español. (One
presentation per group, All group members
• Letter in español. (One per person,
individual work.)
Requirements for the itinerary
• Flight details:
– airline
– flight number(s)
– dates
– price in euros
• Hotel details
– name
– address
– phone number / email address / website
– price per night in euros
– why you chose this hotel
Requirements for the itinerary (continued)
• Inter-regional travel plans
– bus or train schedule with ticket prices
– car rental details
• (You can teleport within your region)
• Daily activities
– 2 culturally relevant and important activities per day
(10 total)
– Location (address)
– Price (in the currency of your country)
– Brief description in Spanish: what is it? why are you
going there? why is it important?
– Time is flexible. You do not need to plan your times for
• However, you can have the opportunity to
“earn” more money for your trip by doing
various activities
• See handout.
• Just a slide show of pictures
• No words
• Imagine you’re showing pictures from your trip to
a friend
• At least one picture per daily activity (minimum
10 pictures)
• You can include city/hotel/restaurant pictures but
they are not necessary
• Pictures must be high-resolution, not stretched,
and appropriate
Segunda Parte:
Respond to my message
• I’ve written you a message, you need to
write back.
Querido alumno,
• Escuché que visitaste a otro país. ¡Qué chiva!
¿Cuándo fuiste? ¿Dónde fuiste? ¿Qué
hiciste allá? ¿Con quienes fuiste? ¿Cómo era
el tiempo? ¿Cuál fue tu cosa favorita para
hacer? Siempre he deseado para ir allá.
¿Qué pensaste de cada actividad? ¿Podrías
recomendarme cuales lugares eran los
mejores para visitar con mi familia? ¿Te
gustaría volver algún día? ¿Por qué o por
qué no?
Señor Deaton
• Your reply should include a greeting and
a closing and should respond to all the
questions and requests in the message.
• In your reply, you should also ask for
more details about something
mentioned in the message.
La carta
• Use the preterite and imperfecto correctly.
• Try to use object pronouns instead of repeating
the names of things.
• 1 día para corregir de un/a amigo/a en la clase:
– Content, verbs & overall grammar and structure
Itinerary sites
• travelocity.com
• expedia.com
• kayak.com
• cheaptickets.com
• orbitz.com
• xe.com/ucc
• aviewoncities.com
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