The protocol in PowerPoint format

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The protocol in PowerPoint format
Famous People
I’m going to show you pictures of famous people.
I want to find out if you KNOW who they are.
SAY the name, or something that would give me a
if you can ...... BUT
You could WRITE it ...
OR give me GESTURE cues .....
OR ... if that doesn’t work, I will START
THE NAME and you can finish it.
Let’s practice. If I showed you this person
You could say or
write his name.
Or you could say or write
“The Duke”.
Or say or write the name of a movie he was in.
Or show me John Wayne shooting a gun.
If those things don’t work, I’ll start
the name for you.
Was he a talk show host?
Did he dance the Moonwalk?
Is he Michael Jackson?
Was she a child star?
Is she Shirley Temple?
Is she Judy Garland?
Are they The Rolling
Is one of them named Ringo?
Are they The Beatles?
Was she married to Joe DiMaggio?
Is her name Marilyn Lombardi?
Is she Marilyn Monroe?
Did he grow up in Memphis?
Did people call him “The King of Rock and
Is he Elvis Presley?
Did she star in Cleopatra?
Did she have a lot of husbands?
Is she Elizabeth Taylor?
Is he Kris Kristofferson?
Is he a Country-Western Singer?
Is he Willie Nelson?
Is she a comedienne?
Is she in Oprah Winfrey?
Is she Whoopi Goldberg?
Is he a talk show host?
Is he Dave Letterman?
Is he Jay Leno?
Did he star in the Dirty Harry movies?
Is he a dancer?
Is he Clint Eastwood?
Both of these are Clint Eastwood
He is young here.
What about here?
Find a person who is alive.
Find a musician who is dead.
Who sang “Love Me Tender”?
Do you remember a song from it?
Can you sing a bit of it?
Can you think of another one?
Who is
What did he want?
Who is this?
What did he want?
That’s the COWARDLY ______.
He wanted to be BRAVE.
Dorothy wanted to go home to Kansas. What did she say? Finish this: “There’s no place ___________”
World Figures
Is he Duke Ellington?
Did he say “I have a dream”?
Is he Martin Luther King?
Did he mastermind 9/11?
Is he Saddam Hussein?
Is he Osama bin Laden?
Is she Princess Grace?
Did she die in an automobile accident?
Is she Princess Diana?
Was he a Nazi?
Is he from Russia?
Is he Adolph Hitler?
Which one supported non-violent protest?
What do these two have in common?
Sports people
Is he Phil Mickelson?
Has he been having a lot of trouble?
Is his name Tiger Woods?
Does he have a brother named Eli?
Does he play football?
Is he Peyton Manning?
Was he once named Cassius Clay?
Is he Joe Louis?
Is he Muhammed Ali?
Did he play for Chicago?
Is he Kobe Bryant?
Is he Michael Jordan?
They are sisters. They are the __________ Sisters.
Are they cousins?
Are their first names Venus and Serena?
Are they the Williams sisters?
What sport does each one play?
Who said “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”?
Did he write the Constitution?
Was he president during the Civil War?
Is he Abraham Lincoln?
Was he married to Jackie O?
Did he serve 2 terms as president?
Is he John F Kennedy?
Is his picture on a dollar bill?
Was he the father of our country?
Is he George Washington?
Was he responsible for the invasion of Iraq?
Is his father named William?
Is he George W Bush?
Is he Ronald Clinton?
Was he ever Governor of California?
Is he Ronald Reagan?
Point to them in order -- first to most recent.
Which one freed the slaves?
What do these men have IN COMMON?
Tell me something about these two.
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