ACCEFYN Junta Directiva:De izquierda a derecha: Margarita Perea

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ACCEFYN Junta Directiva:De izquierda a derecha: Margarita Perea
Short report presented to the Trienal
Conference and General Assambly of IANAS
Ottawa (Canadá) 2010.
Organization and Activities of ACCEFYN
Board of Directors
General Secretary
1- Changes to the ACCEFYN Statuts
(Approved in December 2009)
• Objetives:
• To bring up to date and to fix some contents from the
former statutes.
• Main Changes:
a) To increase to three per year the number of regular
members (Miembros de número o titulares)
b) It is included in the Board a correspondent member of
the Academy
c) Only two consecutive elections for members of the
Board are allowed.
New Board of ACCEFYN
Annual - PRIZES
August 18th, in the Formal
Statutary anual meeting, the
new Board of the Academy
took up their new charges
for 2010-2013.
*(Only a member was changed)
→There were awarded the
1- Life and work of a scientist
2- TWAS prize for young
colombian scientist (Area
2010: physics).
The Academy participated actively in the
discusion of new law about S,T&I
• Several organizations working in Science: Colciencias ACAC – Maloka – ACOFACIEN- ACCEFYN, etc, participated in
this discusion, promoted and boosted the approval of a new
law about S,T&I by the Colombian Congress.
→Dr Jaime Restrepo Cuartas, congressman and former
presidente of the Antioquia Univerty, and the senator Marta
Lucía Ramirez presented to the Congress the new law.
• This law was approved January 2009.
• Colciencias was converted to a “Departamento
Administrativo Nacional de Ciencia, tecnologia e
innovacion” (a kind of Secretaria de Gobierno). The
Diector takes part in the “National Council of social
and economics policies of government” COMPES.
• This law established a Fund to finance programs in
S,T&I. A Fund without a permanet budget (a weakness,
we hope to be corrected with a percent of royalities produced by
oil and others, as the new Government plans)
ACCEFYN – Board of ACCEFYN period 2008-2010:
From left to right: Margarita Perea Director of Library, Xavier
Caicedo Vicepresident, Moisés Wassermann formerpresidente, Miguel Angel Alario President of the Real
Academia de Ciencias Española (invitado), Jaime Rodriguez
Lara President, Inés Bernal treasurer, José Lozano Secretary,
Pedro Prieto Director of Publications, Juan Francisco
Miranda Director of Colciencias (Invited)
Internacional partenership meeting on select
topics of sciences:
• Objetive
• Performance of international seminar, each two years,
about specifics issues in exact, physical and naturals
sciences, where nationals and foreings scientists can
meet to establish nets for helping and sharing
knowledge, resources, and experiences. The event
has been organized with the assistence of ACOFACIEN
(Colombian Association of sciences faculties).
• The first of these seminars was realized in August
2008 on two subjets: Parasitology and Natural
chemistry products
• The second seminar will be realized in next
November 2010 on nanoscience.
ACCEFYN is participating en IANAS
programs :
• Science Education Program was coordinated by Dr, Jose
Lozano until 2010. Dr Lozano is the Secretary of ACCEFYN.
• ACCEFYN take part in the Pequeños Científicos program.
• America’s Sustainable Energy Proyect: ACCEFYN
participetes with the Academiciens Dr.Humberto Rodríguez
Murcia y Dr.Jose Maria Rincón.
• Scientific Women: participate the academiciens Dra.Angela
Camacho Beltran y Dra. Margarita Perea.
• In the water program ACCEFYN participates with academicien
Grabriel Roldan.
This is a short report of ACCEFYN 2007-2010
presented to the Trienal conference of IANAS
• We participated on
The IVº LA.Workshop
on ECBI (2008 La
Paz Bolivia).
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