Pío Pista - Charo y Lee

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Pío Pista - Charo y Lee
Pío Pista
El caso de la boda secreta
El caso del profe misterioso
Where did we leave off from the last case?
Where was María headed to?
What countries has Pío Pista been to so far?
What do you know about Argentina?
What was the last code color?
Do you know anything about the musical Evita?
Capítulo 1, página 38-9
What is the significance of code black?
Did Pío submit the disc of double agents to Mamá?
Ever been called to the principal’s office? What if the
principal was your mother?
So what’s the big surprise about the list of doubleagents?
How does Pío divert Mamá’s attention?
Capítulo 2, página 39
Translate the first line.
How does Pipi tell Pío where to run?
Find the line that says “the sun sets.”
Describe how Pío escapes.
How do you say “they shoot (guns)” in Spanish?
Has anyone here ever been on a jet ski?
Capítulo 3, página 40-41
Does Pipi “steer” the jet ski?
Find the line that says: Everyone is sleeping.
Are the places listed at the top of page 41 real places?
How does Pío eliminate the possibility he’s in Bolivia?
What does the Uruguayan flag look like?
Plaza Independencia
Teatro Solis
Catedral Metropolitana
Bandera de Uruguay
Capítulo 3, página 41
What does “peliroja” mean?
Why would this Uruguayan girl have German heritage?
Why is 8.000 written with a period rather than a
Calculate how fast the jet ski was going.
Capítulo 4, página 41-2
So who is Petra and what does she want?
Is María really an agent of LOCO?
Find the word for “faithful” in Spanish.
Pío keeps saying este . . . este . . . What is that?
What does Pío want from Petra?
What is a padrino (notice the word “padre” in it)?
Capítulo 5, página 42-43
Why is the godfather of LOCO in Argentina when the
headquarters is in a secret location?
Do you have a godfather? Ever seen The Godfather
Pío decides do go along. What is his plan?
What do you think? Did Petra really give Pío a real
Capítulo 6, página 43-44
What is a globo de aire caliente?
Have you ever been in a hot air balloon?
Why does Petra get a white balloon?
Why does Pío grab Petra in the balloon basket?
What reminds Pío of María?
How long did it take to travel from Uruguay to
Argentina in this special balloon?
Capítulo 7, página 45
What does Pío see in this plaza?
Are these real places in Argentina?
They stop at Café Evita. Who was Eva Perón?
Do you know the song: Don’t cry for me . . . ?
Pipi bolts and Pío runs after it. Trace their route.
Where did Pipi lead Pío?
Plaza San Martín
Eva Perón
Evita, the musical
Capítulo 8, página 45-46
Find the word for “veil” in Spanish.
In this case, novio would mean what?
Why didn’t the agents of LOCO stop Pío from
grabbing the bride?
Translate: “Bueno, Pío. Tenemos cien pistolas. Tú
tienes una pistola. ¿Quién va amorir primero?
Capítulo 8, página 46-7
Everyone starts laughing. What’s going on?
Who was the “Padrino”?
Who was the bride?
So what is Pipi really?
Find the line that says: That’s why you didn’t eat much.
What is implied with María’s last line?
Informe, página 48
Translate: Petra quería que yo trabajara para LOCO.
At first, Pío says that he and María are novios. But
then he says: No, somos marido y mujer. What is that?
What is implied with the last line?
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