me puede traer una ensalada y un bistec con papas, por

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me puede traer una ensalada y un bistec con papas, por
Making Polite Requests
(Chapter 8)
In restaurant situations you should use the “Ud.” Form when addressing a waiter/waitress and
they should do the same when addressing their customers.
When making a polite request that someone do something for you (such as asking a waiter to
bring you something) you can say:
Camarero, ¿me puede traer una ensalada y un bistec con papas, por favor?
Using the Ud. Form of the conjugated verb, phrasing it as a question and using the
expression “por favor” all indicate that this is a polite request.
This exact same request can be made in Spanish using only the conjugated form of the
main verb. The request is still translated into English using “Can or Could” because
English requires the use of the auxiliary verb to ask a question.
Camarero, ¿me trae una ensalada y un bistec con papas, por favor?
Polite requests can be made using many different verbs, not just traer. By changing the
indirect object pronoun, you can change the person for whom the favor is being done.
By changing the conjugated verb, you can make the request of more than one person or
of someone with whom you are familiar. You can also use this construction to offer
someone help or assistance.
For example:
¿Me puede abrir la puerta?
Can you open the door for me?
¿Nos ayudan a limpiar la cocina, por favor? Can you (pl.) help us clean the
kitchen, please?
¿Les prepara una ensalada a los niños?
Can you prepare a salad for the kids?
¿Le puedo traer algo de postre o un café? Can I bring you some dessert or a
¿Me prestas un lápiz, por favor?
Can you lend me a pencil, please?
Restaurant Conversation
(Chapter 8)
Following are some common conversational exchanges you might hear in a restaurant
¿Qué vas a pedir?
What are you going to order?
Voy a pedir los camarones.
I’m going to order shrimp.
¿Nos puede traer el menú?
Can you bring us the menu?
Este plato está sucio. Necesito otro plato. ¿Me puede traer un plato limpio?
This plate is dirty. I need another plate. Can you bring me a clean plate?
¿Qué hay para tomar?
What is there to drink?
¿Me trae un vaso de agua, por favor?
Can you bring me a glass of water, please?
¿Qué le puedo traer?
What can I bring you?
Yo quisiera el bistec.
I would like the steak.
¿Desean algo más?
Do you want anything else?
¿Nos puede traer la cuenta?
Can you bring us the bill?
¿Cuánto es?
How much is it?
Son veinte dólares.
It’s twenty dollars.
¿Está incluida la propina?
No, no está incluida. Es aparte.
Is the tip included?
No, it’s not included. It’s separate.
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