Reggie McNeal - Virginia Church of the Nazarene

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Reggie McNeal - Virginia Church of the Nazarene
Virginia District
Reggie McNeal
Keynote Speaker
Break Out Sessions
October 5, 2013
Faith Promise is relevant Sue Brown - This workshop will conduct a Faith Promise event and present for discussion
ideas to use in your church.
Nazarene Disaster Response Steve Blankenship - Come and learn how your church can be prepared to minister in your
community in the event of a natural (or other) disaster. Glenn Grambo, our Virginia NDR Director, will be on hand to
give advice and answer any questions you may have relative to your church becoming involved in this vital ministry which is a part of NCM."
NMI 101 Bob Edelman – Felicidad Martinez - Spanish translator - Nazarene Missions International for beginners: What
you need to know if you are a new President or beginning working in Missions.
Repairing the Altar in the Church Mary Guizar - Rediscover the biblical call to corporate prayer as the vehicle for
renewal in the church and transformation in the city. This seminar (presented at General NMI Convention) will also
demonstrate the power of prayer to bring about the renewal of the holiness movement.
Giving Ministry Away Jerry Varner - Most leaders do more than they should while not knowing how to give ministry to
others. Come learn from Jesus' example and find the joy of drawing others into ministry.
How to Cast Vision and organize your ministry for maximum outcomes Steve Harper - In this workshop we will look
at some practical how to’s in creating your vision, organizing the ministry around the vision, setting the right goals for
success and communicating your results. You will be amazed in how the little things make a huge difference.
Connect the Dots Joshua Haney - Creating youth ownership within the church or "running the marathon" longevity in
journeying with students.
Developing a Youth Music Worship Team A.J. Silva – Worship and youth, Is this your passion? Come and share
mistakes and successes in developing a worship team in your youth group.
Children’s Ministry Lynn Riddle – “Let the Little Children come unto me.” ~Jesus. If Jesus and children are your
passion, come, learn and share ways to put their hands in the hands of Jesus.
How to reach the Black community in the USA Charles A. Tillman, Sr. - This workshop will explore strategies on
how to effectively reach Blacks in the USA; attention will be given to socio-cultural differences, worship & preaching
style and the unique role of the church in the Black community.
Integrating Discipleship, Fellowship and Service Camelot Shuff – Holy and Holistic Community requires intentional
vision and direction. Discuss ways to integrate fellowship and service into multigenerational discipleship.
Natural Discipleship within the Community Athan Burch - May His Kingdom come in you. Discover the untapped
paths of discipleship along the journey of the individual interests in your life. God has knitted you together for His
purpose; by being intentional, God will begin to bear fruit in your circles of influence.
Hispanic Ministries
El Plan de Maestro Rigoberto Acosta—En este taller se le dará importancia a los Retiros Espirituales en el Plan del
Maestro y la Oración, como su fundamento principal/ On this workshop will explore the importance of Spiritual Retreat
on the Master Plan and the Prayer as the principal foundation.
NMI 101 Bob Edelman (Traductor—Felicidad Martinez) - Misiones nazarenas internacionales para principiantes: lo que
usted necesita saber si usted es un nuevo presidente o el inicio de las misiones.
"Developing and Deploying Missional Followers of Jesus"
“Equipando y enviando a seguidores misionales de Cristo.”
Fly UP