April 2016 - Cielo Vista Charter School

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April 2016 - Cielo Vista Charter School
 Christine J. Anderson, Ed.D., Superintendent 650 Paseo Dorotea Palm Springs, CA Jennifer Geyer and Devlinn Clinton, Co-­‐Principals (760) 416-­‐8250 Fax: (760) 416-­‐8253 April 2016
Citizenship: We understand the importance of contributing to our school and community. We show
compassion and kindness towards others. We show humility and consider the needs of others as we
contribute to the community as a whole.
Dear Parents,
Welcome Back! We hope you and your children enjoyed the time off. We are gearing up for our final
push for the school year. Please make sure that your child is here on time everyday because the end of the
school year is approaching quickly and we have so much more to accomplish. Please make sure that your
child is getting to bed early and primed to learn all that they can each and every school day. The growth we
see in these last few months is amazing and we don’t want to see anyone miss out!
State testing will begin the last week of April with our 5th graders leading the way with their Science
CST. Followed by all 3-7th graders beginning their Language Arts and Math tests the following week. State
testing will run the full month of May and attendance is incredibly important to the success of your child as
they prepare for and take these tests.
Parents thank you for being roll models of good character as you drop off and pick up your students
each day. We know that with construction occurring on our neighboring streets the traffic may be frustrating
but little eyes and ears are always watching and listening. As we focus on citizenship this month we appreciate
your support in continuing to exemplify the qualities of character counts in all situations.
We have completed all of the GATE testing for the year and we will be receiving the results sometime in
June. You will be receiving a letter regarding testing along with the specifics dates and times of testing. Please
try to make any appointments on days that your child is not testing.
The new safety plan is done and will be available in the office for anyone to read. Attached you will find
the CVC Board Elections Timeline-2016.
Congratulations to Yvonne Rawlings, our Teacher of the Year!
April 5
CVC Board Meeting- Library
April 6
Wednesday Minimum Day
Dismissal at
Character Counts Assembly
TDAP Clinic for 7th graders
April 8
Spring Pictures- Free dress
April 11
April 12
Board Meeting- PSUSD
April 13
Wednesday Minimum Day
Dismissal at
Walk to School Wednesday (meet at Demuth Park)
Kindergarten Field Day
April 15
2016-17 new student enrollment packets DUE
PTG Meeting- Room 17
April 19
Board Election Public Forum in Library
April 20
Wednesday Minimum Day
Dismissal at
Parent University –State Testing
April 22
April 26
School Site Council Meeting
6th & 7th grade Spring Concert (PS Pavillion )
Board Meeting- PSUSD
April 27
Wednesday Minimum Day
Dismissal at
Walk to School Wednesday (meet at Demuth Park)
April 28
Awards Assembly- Kindergarten and 1st grade
4th and 5th grade Spring Concert (PS Pavillion)
April 29
Awards Assembly- 4th and 5th grade
Awards Assembly- 1st & 2nd grade
Board Election Ballots go home
CVC Board Elections Timeline 2016 Cronologia de las Eleciones de la Junta Directiva de CVC 2016 February 2: The SSC Chair (AKA Election Coordinator) attends the regular Board meeting for reading
and review of the bylaws concerning Board elections. (At the Board’s discretion, the Board may appoint
someone other than the SSC Chair to be the Election Coordinator.) Section 4:
2 de febrero: El Presidente del Concilio Escolar(Coordinador Electoral) asiste la reunión ordinaria de la Junta para leer y revisar los estatutos sobre las elecciones de la Junta. (A la discreción de la Junta, la Junta podrá nombrar a otra persona distinta de la presidencia del SSC que sea el coordinador electoral.) April 5: The SSC (or appointed Election Coordinator) attends the regular Board meeting and presents
selections for members of the Election Committee and the Election Schedule.
5 de abril: El Concilio Escolar (o Coordinador Electoral designado) asiste la reunión ordinaria de la Junta y presenta las selecciones para miembros del Comité Electoral y Agenda Electoral. April 6-12: 5 day window in which Election Committee membership and the Election Schedule will be
posted on school bulletin board(s) and on the school website. (This information will also be published in
the school’s April newsletter.)
6-­‐12 de abril: Dentro de un periodo de 5 días en cual la membresía del Comité Electoral y la Agenda Electoral será publicada en el boletín(es) y en el sitio web de la escuela. April 6-April 26: Filing period for potential candidates for three Board positions
6-­‐26 de abril: La Agenda Electoral (citada arriba) incluye la fecha para que el for publico pueda conocer a los candidatos que sera dentro de este periodo. April 19: The Election Schedule (above) will include the date of a public forum to meet the candidates
to take place within this window. [The Public Forum is scheduled for April 19, 2016 at 6:00 PM.]
7 de abril-­‐2 de mayo: Plazo de presentacion de candidatos potenciales. April 29: Ballots are distributed.
29 de abril: Distribución de boletas. May 2-6 (8 AM – 3:15 PM): Poll is open (supervised by office staff).
2-6 de mayo (8 AM – 3:15 PM): Votacion esta abierta (supervisado por el personal
de la oficina).
May 6: After 3:15 PM Ballots are counted by 2 or more members of the Election Committee.
9 de mayo: Despues de las 3:15 PM Votos son contados por 2 o mas miembros del Comite Electoral. Votacion termina a las 3:15 PM el 9 de mayo May 13: By 8:00 AM Election results are posted on the school bulletin board(s)16 de mayo: Para las 8:00 AM Resultados estarán publicados en el boletín(es) de la escuela. By May 13: Election results are posted on the school website. Para 16 de mayo: Resultados de la elección son publicado en el sitio web escolar. June 7: At the regular Board meeting, the Board votes on approval of Election results. 3 de junio: En la reunión ordinaria de la Junta Directiva, la Junta Directiva vota sobre la aprobación de los resultados de la Elección. July 1: New Board members begin term of office. 1 de julio: Nuevos miembros de la Junta Directiva inician mandato. 
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