November 2011 - Mesa Public Schools

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November 2011 - Mesa Public Schools
Cougar News
Volume 7, Issue 1
Carson Junior High School
525 N. Westwood
Ray J. Chavez, Principal
A Message from the Principal
Dear Carson parents,
As you might know there have been many changes at Carson this year. These changes
include some new staff members, school leadership, and a new direction for our school.
The goal of these changes is for Carson to become, again, the school that our students and
the community we represent deserve. Achieving this goal demands a high level of commitment of all people involved. An unofficial motto we use is: “We are all in!” This simple phrase communicates the difficult and complex work that is required, but also that no
one person can achieve a goal like ours alone.
Inside this issue:
A Message from
the Principal
Parent Involvement
Events and Club
Department News 4
Teacher Advance- 5
ment Program:
7th Grade Honor 6
8th Grade Honor
One change that is easier than others to see has been making the front office area more
welcoming and efficient. Guided by our front office staff, this area has been transformed
into a place where parents and families can attend to business in a comfortable and inviting environment. In this area we also have computers with high-speed Internet, available
exclusively for parent use. I encourage you to join us at Carson and take advantage of the
facilities that are here for your use.
The many changes at Carson can best be seen in the hard work done by our teachers.
They are working very hard to meet the various educational needs of all students at our
school. I feel Carson has made good progress in a short time. Please continue to support
your child in his or hereducational experience by making attendance a priority and becoming involved in the various activities we are hosting for parents that are mentioned
elsewhere in this newsletter.
Thank you for allowing us the privilege of working with your child. We are all in!
Ray Chavez
A L !!
Cougar News
Carson Junior High School
525 N. Westwood
Ray J. Chavez, Principal
Un mensaje del director
Estimados padres de Carson,
Linda Gonzalez
Angelica Aguayo
Mary Fierro
Violeta Carriedo
Como es de su conocimiento se han realizado muchos cambios este año en Carson. Estos
cambios incluyen personal nuevo, liderazgo de la escuela y una nueva dirección para
nuestra escuela. El objetivo de estos cambios es hacer de Carson, nuevamente, una escuela con merecimiento para los niños y la comunidad que representamos. El lograr esta
meta pide un compromiso de alto nivel para todos los participantes. Un lema no oficial
que utilizamos es “We are all in!” (“Damos nuestra participación total”). Esta sencilla
frase comunica un trabajo difícil y complejo que se requiere, pero también que ninguna
persona individualmente puede lograr una meta como la de nosotros por si sola.
Un cambio visto fácilmente ha sido el lograr que la oficina principal sea una área de bienvenida y más eficiente. Guiada por el personal de oficina esta área ha sido transformada
en un lugar adonde los padres de familia pueden atender sus negocios en un entorno atrayente y cómodo. En esta área también tenemos computadoras con Internet, disponibles
exclusivamente para el uso de los padres. Les invito a unirse a nosotros en Carson para
usar las instalaciones, las cuales están aquí para el uso de ustedes.
Los muchos cambios en Carson y el más notorio es el arduo trabajo de nuestros maestros.
Están trabajando arduamente para cumplir las necesidades educativas de todos los estudiantes en nuestra escuela. Siento que Carson ha logrado un buen progreso en un corto
plazo. Por favor continúen el apoyo para su hijo en la experiencia educativa en el hacer
una prioridad la asistencia escolar y participando en varias actividades que patrocinamos
para los padres dadas a conocer en este boletín informativo.
Gracias por permitirnos el privilegio de trabajar con su hijo. ¡Damos nuestra participación
Ray Chavez
Para mas información
en español communicase al:
Parent Involvement
Pencil it in
For more parent involvement information please contact:
Para mas Información sobre padres envolucrados communicase al:
Linda Gonzalez
Family Support Specialist
[email protected]
Padres Envolucrados
The Parent Portal is an Internet–based program that
allows parents to access information about their
child. Access is granted using an activation key that
parents receive from the school office. Using
MyMPS, parents can review and monitor schoolrelated information such as attendance, grades,
class schedule, course history, and AIMS
test results.
El Portal de Padres es un programa con base en
el internet que permite a los padres el acceso a
información acerca de su hijo/a. El acceso se
permite utilizando ana clave de activación la cual
recibe en la oficina de la escuela. Utilizando
MyMPS, los padres pueden revisar y monitorear
información relativa a la escuela, tales como,
asistencia, calificaciones, horario de clases,
historial de los cursos y los resultados de los
CougART Club
Don’t forget to scan your VIP
card with the school’s barcode.
Carson’s CougART Club meets every
Thursday 4-6pm. We are in the process of painting a silhouette desert scene wall
mural in the cafeteria. We have about 12 participants. We also plan on doing some paintings on the walls outside the classrooms as
This barcode can be passed on to neighbors, relatives
and co-workers to assist our school in achieving our
goal. Our school can earn cash for things like new library books, field trips and equipment.
Title I News
What an exciting time for Carson Junior High. We are really zeroing in on
student learning needs to move our students ahead faster than ever. All of
our teachers are highly qualified in their content areas and are working
hard in content teams to make sure the instruction is rigorous and aligned
to the state standards.
We have also implemented some instructional programs to keep the learning momentum going. Many of our math students are using ALEKS in the
computer lab which customizes the practice to each individual student's
needs. The same individualized intervention is happening in the Read180
If you are interested in small group, after school tutoring for your child in
math or reading, please contact Linda Gonzalez at 472-2854. She has the
application forms and will send them to the district for approval.
Please let me know if I can answer any questions or provide information
about our curriculum goals or instructional practices.
Dr. Colette Bos 480-472-2883
School Improvement Specialist
TAP Master Teacher
Media Center News
Scholastic Book Fair
Buy One, Get One Free
Cheer Club
The Cheerlearders have been
working hard at our twice-aweek practices to prepare for
the up coming baseball and
softball season here at Carson. Cheerleading
practices are every Monday and Tuesday
from 4:00 to 5:15 p.m. During the baseball/
softball season, we will be cheering at
games on every Monday during the month
of November. Instead of practice, we will
have warm-ups from 4:00 to 4:30 and
games from 4:45--6:00 p.m. Thanks, parents, for all of your support, The cheerleaders could not be successful without you!
November 28, 2011 to December 02, 2011
Family Night
News from Student Council
Student Council meets on Tuesdays
and Wednesdays during CATT (Cougar Academic Tutor
Time) time. We are currently wrapping up all the details for
the Skateland field trip ( a trip for all the kids with ONLY A's
and B's on their 1st quarter report cards-250 kids). The field
trip is on Thursday, November 10th. As soon as the field trip
is over we will be focusing on the Penny Drive to raise money to purchase some high tech flashlights for the local fire department.
2nd Quarter Athletics Sports Schedule
Date & Time
@ Summit
@ Summit
@ Stapley
Mesa JR
Mesa Jr
@ Poston
@ Fremont
@ Fremont
@ Kino
City Tournament
City Tournament
City Tournament
Department News
girl who would be a good candidate,
We would also like to give a BIG Thank
You to Mr. Paul Moreno for being such
Currently seventh grade Social Studies
students are learning about the Civil War.
an outstanding mentor and guest speaker
seventh grade ELP students are starting
Three after-school programs for students in our AVID classrooms. He informed
to formulate ideas to create a project.
our AVID students about the Honors proCarson’s 8th graders are currently tack- to become involved in will take place at
gram that MCC has to offer and really
ling the ideas of U.S. Government and its Carson:
stressed the importance of a college edufunctions. Some of our 8th grade ELP
cation. Thank you for your words of
students have just completed an activity
that was centered around Citizenship and ◊ Peer Assistance and Leadership
Random Acts of Kindness.
~Ms. Candelaria, 7th grade AVID teacher
◊ Carson Hip Hop Dance Club
Mrs. Gallegos and Mr. Peckham are in
the process of selecting a group from
Carson AVID Students
Carson to attend the Washington D. C.
Start off a Great Year
Our 8 grade English classes have been
Close-Up Program in the spring.
AVID (Advancement Via Individual
working on a Gothic Literature Unit for
Determination) has just now entered its
the past three weeks. Students have read
Thanks to teachers for assisting in the
11th year at Carson Jr. High School, and short stories by Edgar Allan Poe, W.W.
completion of the ACT Explorer Testing the program is really reaching its full po- Jacobs, Roald Dahl, and Joan
and Acuity Testing. We are excited to see tential. Seventh graders are beginning to Aiken. They have used these stories to
study elements of literature, write a sumthe testing results.
mary, compile a compare and contrast
In November we will working with 8th
jundiagram, create a graphic summarization,
grade students to complete the Kuder
Navigator 4-year plan online. Additional- ior high, high school, and college. Eighth and use art to depict mood and atmosphere. Additionally, they will be writing
ly, we will be recruiting 7th grade Hisgraders continue implementing and imtheir own ‘scary’ story based on a realispanic girls and their mothers to participroving those same habits, and they are
tic experience they’ve had. There have
pate in this ASU program that prepares
been lots of chills and thrills, not to menHispanic girls and their mothers to attend
advotion learning, in this fun, theme-based
a 4-year university.
If you feel that you know a seventh grade cates on our Carson campus.
Social Studies
Teacher Advancement Program: TAP
Carson’s teachers have a great opportunity to enhance their professional skills with the TAP program. The Teacher Advancement Program is provided by the Milken Foundation and ASU. Teachers meet once a week for an hour to learn, plan, and share
with other teachers so they can constantly improve the quality of their instruction. This in turn helps students to learn more effectively and efficiently.
Teachers learn new instructional strategies or refine already great teaching. Students benefit from learning strategies that are research based and customized to their needs. Carson JHS and Kino JHS are the only two Junior High Schools in Mesa implementing this program during the next three years. At Carson we have already seen improved student achievement scores. Just
take a look at the long list of Honor Roll students during the first quarter! And we are looking forward to showcasing more of
our students’ successes in the coming months.
Thanks to all the teachers who are working very hard to bring the best possible lessons to all students every day.
Cougar News
Jose Montufar
Jesus Mora Hernandez
Gisselle Aguilar Nava
Joshua Morgan
Maria Aguilar
Stephanie Munoz
Anthony Allen
Katherine Navarro
David Alvarado Vargas
Brandon Nez
Raymundo Amaya Jr
Ervin Nockideneh
Amanda Baca Hernandez Ignacio Orozco
Alexander Baker
Tania Osrio Hernandez
Matthew Begay
Aliyah Pacheco
Nathan Byrne
Eric Palacios
Corbin Carpenter
Bryan Perez Nolasco
Annesa Castillo Gomez
Zackary Portz
Laura Castillo
Margarita Quezada
Danicza Castillo-Quiroga Jose Ramirez Garcia
Esmeralda Cervantes
Darcy Ramirez
Fernando Cervantes
Jonatan RamirezJesus Chinchillas Ortiz
Armando Cordova Jr
Ashley Rangel
Erik Coronado
Daisy Rayos Navarrete
Gloria De La Cruz
Anthony Reed
Mario Reyes Quijano
Luis Diaz Solis
Colton Ridgewell
Enrique Diaz
Avery Riena
Carlos Dirzo Santana
Dillon Russell
Damien Enriquez
Maria Saavedra Gutierrez
Yahaira Escobedo
Stephanie Selleck
Santiago Serna
Stefannie Estrada Palma
Daisy Sevilla
Fernando Fragoso Aguilar Garrett Smith
Kyle Freese
Jordan Stevens
Jasmine Gallardo
Cameron Stewart
Anthony Garcia
Shaun Tsosie
Elizabeth Garcia
Mitchell Ubaldo Ceron
Jennifer Garcia
Josue Valdez-Arce
Jenna Gerlaugh
Humberto Valenzuela
Denisse Godinez Soqui
Carlos Gomez Perez
Irvin Vargas Hernandez
Latisha Goodwin
Jorge Vera Rodelas
Anthony Gutierrez
Ceazon Williams-Still
Emily Hernandez
Riker Wilson
Hailey Hoekman
Shandiin Yazzie
Daniel Honahni
Honor Roll
Alison Ibarra Moraga
Rikki Jameson
Tania Ahumada Macias
Cayla Jarvis
Junior Ankien
Margaret Kukta
Lorena Ayala
Alejandro Lerma
Lauren Blau
Elena Lopez Mendoza
Marlene Bustamante
Mario Lopez
Claudia Lucero
Juan Bustamante
Victoria Luevano
Kevin Clark Lopez
Alexandra Martinez
Pedro Coronado
Jacob Marzano
Rodrigo Medina Vega
Katherine Corral
Alyssa Mellor
Magda Mendez Leon
Raechelle Cueva
Nizhoni Mendoza
Ezequiel Damacio
Vanesa Mendoza
Jordynn Erickson
Luis Montes Rosales
Jamilee Escalera
Scholastic Honor Roll
Scholastic Honor Roll
3.0— 3.4
Honor Roll
Principal’s List
Edwin Escobedo Garcia
Jose Felix Cisneros
Yadira Garcia Martinez
Brian Garcia Victoria
Federico Garcia-Pereda
Clarissa Gloria
Emily Guerrero Vizcaino
Damien Guzman
Brandon Hernandez
Timothy Holt II
Wayde Hopper
Alison Lachica Cardenas
Courtny Lanfor
Lillie Lewis
Christopher Linares
Diana Lopez Biviano
Yesi Lopez Godinez
Martha Lopez Mendoza
Rafael Lopez
Cathlyn Maroquin
Luna Martin-Martin
Sonia Meneses
Rosamaria Monjaras
Jhonatan Monjaraz
Chassity Morgan
Sujey Ortiz
Wendy Ortiz
Rachelle Osterhaus
Anllelo Padilla Gonzalez
Amber Paulley
Christina Reyes
Tyree Romero
Alexandro Ruiz Garibo
MaritzaSalazar Segura
Brailyn Sueing
Raenyce Tapia
Janell Torres
Keren Villalobos Mendoza
Michael Wood
Principal’s List
Joshua Abrahamson
Oliet Aispuro
Rosa Aldaco
Nallely Andrade
Israel Arellano Davila
Aly Arnett
Yessica Balcazar-Perez
Angelica Blanco
Marquise Bobo
Lance Bodine
MacKenzy Brinkerhoff
Tomas Carrazco Sandoval
Diana Cruz Morales
Jason Dandurand
Emily Daniels
Forrest Dennison
Catherine Denorio
Ernesto Felix Soto
Ronald Fiegel
Katrina Fitzhugh
Jordan Gloria
Maria Gomez
Aubriana Hansen
Chyna Harper
Gerardo Herrera
Darrik Hill
Leah Larsen
Thu Le
Maria Leal
Logan Lester
Marisol Lopez Reyna
Rachael Lunt
Cecelia Machuca
Angie Maldonado
Esperanza Matamoros
Anthony McCabe
Jordyn McGee
Madison McGraw
Maryuri Mendez Mejia
Gracie Merrill
Victoria Montoya
Micala Moreno
Larissa Negrete
Mallory Nelson
Hailey O'Crowley
Dallas Osuna
Kylee Overall
Gloria Pacheco Trujillo
Alexyiss Phillips
Sydney Prince
Ryan Reedy
Janet Romero
Stacia Seeton
Aidaly Semidey
Allison Sharp
Sarah Stinocher
Cameron Thomen
Brigham Tingey
Cooper Tingey
Alexander Uriarte Salazar
LuisaVerdin Maira
Karla Villatoro Ixcoy
Doung Vu
Phus Vu
Amber Whiting
John Wright
Riley Zuccato
Andrew Nelson
Amenda Nez
Christopher Alberts
Habigail Nonthe
Maria Arvizu Amaya
Antonio Arzaga Gomez Yudidt Nonthe Sanchez
Beau Becker
SergioOrtiz Parra
Valeria Bernardo Mejia Anahi Otero De La Cruz
Kelsey Berry
Rafael Otero-Hernandez
Kylee Bigelow
Rocio Penuelas Ramirez
Raymond Breitenbach
Katelyn Phillips
Angelica Butler
Ammon Prestwich
Martin Caro
Dimitri Puente
Josue Casarrubias
Illeana Ray
Jackson Reina
Viviana Casas
Mireya Reyes Bravo
Ignacio Chavarria
Scarlett Ridgewell
Mara Chavez
Paoloa Rodriguez
Genesis Chayrez
Jonathan Sanchez
Gisselle Contreras
Savannah Sanchez
Pamela Cornejo Gomez Maria Sandoval
Marco Cota
Chance Cotton
Jesus Sauceda
Thomas Culpovich
Carlos Sifuentes
Kayla Davis
Gabriella During
Samera During
Ebony Stewart
Zane Ellerman
Taani Taumalolo
Michael Ellis
Stephen Townzen
Eduardo Flores
Kadie Turley
Anisia Garcia
Martin Vasquez De La
Estalena Garcia
David Garnica
Luis Vega Gonzalez
Edgar Gavilanez Zepeda Ashley Wright
Josue Gomez
Caleb Wright
Darshae Hall
Monica Hankins
Honor Roll
Luis Hernandez
Jonathon Baez
Yulissa Hernandez
Stephen Carter
Julian Hurtado
Jacob Cecil
Corbin James
Mitchell Clark
Tanner Kartchner
Leslie Cruz San Juan
Alma Lopez Mendoza
Emmanuel Lopez Rafael Garison Dunn
Tyler Ervey
Alicia Lopez Ramirez
Cade Farar
Jose Lopez Salazar
Jesse Flores
Mazzy Lund
Tiffany Ford
Alejandra Mancinas
John Fuller
Elisa Gil
Alexander Manjarres
Davnely Godoy Garcia
Benjamin Mattison
Gustavo Miguel Manuel Gabriel Gutierrez
Amanda Huon
Alonzo Miguel
Avery Johnson
Andrea Miller
Heydi Miranda Gastelum Colton Landrum
Destiany Lockett
Jonathan Montanez
Genesis Lopez Aragon
Xavier Montiel
Citally Marquez
Destiny Mull
Odalis Murrieta Morales Alexa Yorleny Martinez
Scholastic Honor Roll
Scholastic Honor Roll
3.0— 3.4
Honor Roll
Principal’s List
Rosa Hernandez Moya
Caleb Huffman
Addie Jackson
Dequan John D
Hayden Jones
Tanner Leavitt
Denice Ledezma
Cassandra Little
Jesus Macias
Brendon Martineau
Clayton May
Estefania Medina Vega
Emily Merrill
Sarah Nava Peru
Emily Nelson
Joy Okeze
Jacob Oliphant
Cynthia Pacheco Galindo
Kianna Patterson
Annalise Pedersen
Mason Peterson
Nicholas Phair
Principal’s List
Zaira Quiroga Bejarano
Nancy Reynoso-Arroyo
Jesse Acuna
Angel Rodriguez
Keilani Agustin
Isabelle Ruiz I
Claudia Alvarez
Rami Saeed
Alysa Sanchez
Aitzya Alvarez
Lizeth Marlet Santos
Nicholas Arambul
Vanessa Barrera Aguilar Yajaira Santos Gamez
Mackenzie Biggs
Cesar Sauceda-Leon
Makena Booker
Colton Seaman
Kassandra Castillo
Jamileth Soto Coronado
Jose Cerrito Ramirez
Karla Ubaldo
Esmeralda Chavez
Roberto Valenzuela
Jonathan Villada
Lorenzo Chavez
Esmeralda Villalobos
Tristen Cleveland
Miriam Villegas
Elisa Corral Olivas
Riley Ward
Samuel Coulter
Hailey Wisniewski
Tate Dale
Jessica Zamudio Gonzalez
Evangeline Dodgen
Jeremy Egger
Lizbeth Estrada Flores
Houston Fernandez
Marissa Fornof
Adalberto Garcia
Ethan Gardner
Carla Garibay
Tonatzing Gonzalez
Isabel Grasser
Hannah Gray
Kirran Griffitts
Rebekah Hansen
Pedro Hernandez
Ethan McGuire
Giselle Mendoza
Ashley Miller
Esmeralda Oliva
Jace Overall
Marielena Quintero
Nichole Ridgell
Andrew Rivera
Rene Rivera
Deysi Salazar
Sindy Sanchez
Paola Sanchez
Cassandra Starr
Enisilina Taufa
Destiny Thompson
Jose Villa Garcia
Fernando Villalva
Alexa Wermuth
Kylan Yazzie
Carson Junior High School
Important Dates to Remember
No School Days
Veterans Day — November 11, 2011
Thanksgiving Break— November 24 - 25, 2011
Winter Break— December 21, 2011 - January 3, 2012
Shadow Day — November 19, 2011
Early Release at 1:50 pm — November 19, 2011
Advanced Band Performance with Westwood and Kino at Westwood 5:30-7:00pm– November 22
Band Concert 7:00pm— December 5, 2011
Orchestra Concert 7:00pm— December 7, 2011
Guitar Class field trip/performance at Desert Banner Hospital at 9:30am—December 9, 2011
Advanced Band field trip/performance at Friendship Village 1:00pm—December 9, 2011
Choir Concert 7:00pm—December 12, 2011
Early Release at 1:50 pm — December 20, 2011
Mesa Public School
Carson Junior High School
525 N Westwood
Mesa, AZ 85201
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