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AArk Activity Report December 2009
AArk Steering Committee and colleagues
AArk Staff
AArk monthly activity report for December 2009
8 January 2010
Note: these reports document efforts that are underway; people seeking additional information should contact Kevin Z.
These monthly reports are archived online.
General updates from the amphibian community
• scientists genetically modify tadpoles to be better ‘canaries’
• pet frogs likely responsible for outbreak of human disease
• toxins biomagnify in frogs, pass to spawn
• Chester Zoo provides ‘surrogate mom’ for abandoned tadpoles of Critically Endangered frogs bred at
Conservation Needs Assessment Workshops and Taxon Management
• Santiago Zoo kindly organised and hosted an AARK Chilean Amphibian Conservation Needs
Assessment workshop from 3-5th December 2009. The workshop was partially funded by ALPZA using
a CBOT grant and further supported by AARK and by Chester Zoo and Africam Safari who provided
Richard Gibson and Luis Carrillo respectively, to facilitate the process. Fifteen amphibian specialists
attended the meeting representing universities, zoos and government departments and all 58 native and
introduced frog species were assessed. This resulted in 9 species being recommended for urgent ex situ
Rescue programs and a further 24 species being recognised as requiring urgent in situ conservation
activities. The full results of the workshop are available online.
• Conservation needs assessment workshops planned for:
- Guatemala in February 2010 (funding from Columbus Zoo, AArk)
- In planning: Argentina (funding needed), Caribbean (funding needed)
• Results from completed workshops are available on the Amphibian Ark portal.
Training Workshops and Other Capacity Building
• Training workshops planned for:
- Indonesia in March 2010 (Taman Safari)
- USA in April (AZA course) and May (Smithsonian course @ CRC) 2010
- In planning: Argentina (DWCT), Cuba (CAZA), Gabon (Smithsonian)
Facilitating Partnerships
• In an effort to further facilitate international partnerships to rescue species, we offer our partnership
database at www.AArkFrogMatchMaker.com - where frogs find their princes! Anyone who wants to
have their project included in this database should fill out the AArk conservation project data form and
return it to [email protected] This database is a great way to find projects that are worthy of
Amphibian Ark is a partnership among the IUCN/SSC Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG), the IUCN/SSC
Amphibian Specialist Group (ASG), and the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA).
support from your institution. Projects can be searched by country, region, species, $ required, and by
project type.
Research Guidance
• AArk partners should visit our Science and Research home page and ‘Amphibian Conservation
Research Guide’ online for reviews of the research needs of amphibian conservation breeding programs.
AArk Advisory Groups
• Population Management
- Given that only 9 of 49 species rescue programs started in the past 4 years report sufficient numbers of
founders, AArk staff are working on a document to remind partners of the importance of founder
numbers and raise awareness of our tools for calculating founders needs.
• Biobanking
- Rhiannon Lloyd (AArk Biobanking Advisory Committee (ABAC) Secretary) is planning a workshop
entitled “Towards a Biobanking Strategy for Amphibian Conservation”. The purpose of this
workshop is to bring ABAC-members; biobanking practitioners from traditionally separate disciplines
of Xenopus, fish and conservation research; and stewards of endangered amphibian populations (both
in situ and ex situ) all together for a series of presentations and demonstrations which will not only
provide the most up-to-date information on, as well as hands-on experience in, existing and emerging
biobanking methodologies but will also highlight promising techniques not yet applied to amphibians.
Anticipated outcomes include: a handbook detailing existing biobanking protocols, increased number
of individuals with hands-on experience in biobanking, interactive web-database detailing existing
repositories and the samples they contain and a first draft of the AArk Biobanking Strategy. Venue:
European Xenopus Resource Centre (Portsmouth, UK). Dates to be confirmed but likely to be early
July 2010.
• Biosecurity
- Draft manual from San Diego Zoo biosecurity workshop in preparation, expected to be available for
review soon
• Re-introductions
- Initial group leadership assembled to discuss: development of group, recommendations for Kihansi
spray toad program.
Communications and Development
• Please remind your members, visitors, employees, friends, etc. to become a member of the AArk!
• The December AArk Newsletter is here!
• The AArk website:
- 2006 hits: 939 (3 months)
- 2007 hits: 54,124
- 2008 hits: 482,705
- 2009 hits: 427,329
Working with Atlanta-based digital marketing company, Moxie Interactive, to redesign our website.
Network sites: Please pass the word to your contacts to join AArk in our Facebook Group and Cause as
well as on MySpace.
• The AArk blog
• AArk staff took over the FrogMatters blog in September, with a view to increasing visitation to the
site. Several posts have been made by the staff, and this has already seen visitation increase
somewhat. There has been a decrease in visits over the holiday period, but this is to be expected.
Visits to the FrogMatters blog, showing when AArk staff took over the blog.
Please consider using the new Amphibian Ark internet toolbar - once added to Internet Explorer or
Firefox, each time you search the internet or shop at more than 1,300 stores (from Amazon to
Zazzle!) a percentage of your purchase will automatically be donated to Amphibian Ark - at no cost
to you (and you may even save money as the toolbar provides coupons and deals as well!). The
toolbar also has a Yahoo! powered search box and each time you search the internet, about a penny
is donated to Amphibian Ark. You can track our progress here.
There has been an increase in donations to the AArk over the holiday period, with US$ 4,385 being
donated during the period. Some of these donations were the result of our increased presence on
various amphibian-related blogs and listserves, and others were donations made as gifts to others.
AArk credit cards are here! In November, we received 5 new
applications, and activated 1 new account bringing us to 38 total in
2009, with our year-to-date earnings now exceeding $2100!
AArk Coordination
• Zhang Gaofeng is the new AArk Steering Committee representative for the Chinese zoo association
(CAZG) community.
• Inactive Steering Committee members are being contacted to see if they still wish to hold their posts.
Funding needed by AArk Office
• For AArk officer support (institutions can also donate staff time, as do Antwerp, Brookfield, CBSG,
Chester, and Philadelphia)
• For conservation needs assessment workshops in China, Caribbean, Cameroon, Honduras, Tanzania,
Bolivia, Argentina.
• For husbandry workshops in Peru, China, Indonesia, Chile, Caribbean.
• see also http://www.amphibianark.org/funding.htm for further details, funding available, etc.
• Bronx Zoo seeks Curatorial Science Fellow, Herpetology
• two new PhD positions at Manchester being made available to UK and other EU nationals
• Effects of UV-B and dietary supplementation on fitness and behaviour of frogs in ex situ
conservation (CASE studentship)
• Environmental impacts on model and threatened frogs
• Graduate position studying effects of predators on the survival and life history of tropical frogs
• Multiple postings here http://parcplace.org/jobs.html
Travel and Workshop Schedule
This schedule changes frequently; contact the AARK Staff for further details.
Meeting Description
AArk Staff, SC member, affiliates
January 2010
Cambridge Univ. Vet/Zool. Society Cons. Med. Symposium
Cambridge, ENGLAND
February 2010
Guatemala conservation needs assessment workshop
March 2010
Indonesian husbandry workshop
Gagliardo, Odum
April 2010
AZA husbandry workshop
Toledo, OH, USA
Gagliardo, Odum
September 2010
Association of Zoo & Aquarium Docents
Chicago, IL, USA
Acknowledgements 31 December 2009
The work of AArk is possible due to the generous support of the following individuals and
institutions in 2009:
Marco Ferrigno
James Hang
Up to $250,000
Craig Henry
Sam Henry
EvaSara Kretschmar
Up to $50,000
Peter Lembcke
Jennifer Macke
Chester Zoo
Carlos Martinez Mira
Conservation Breeding
Neel Mehta
Specialist Group (CBSG)
Christopher Michaels
Philadelphia Zoo
Dawn Osselmann
Royal Zoological Society of
Jennifer Perez
Rodrigo Palacios
St. Louis Zoo
World Association of Zoos
Justin Reed
& Aquariums (WAZA)
Foster Reves
Zoo Leipzig
Sheila Robinson
George Sheets
Up to $10,000
Michael Shrom
Allwetterzoo Münster
Julie Strauss
Chicago Zoological Society
Sharon Tucker
Columbus Zoo
Jacquie Twahn
Daniel Weiner
Denver Zoo*
Dirk Giesebrecht
Janice Williams
Sue Williams
Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo
Zach Williams
Rosamond Gifford Zoo
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
The Living Desert
Como Zoo
Josie Lowman
National Association of
Up to $5,000
Biology Teachers
Al Ain Wildlife Park &
Paignton Zoo
Phoenix Chapter of the
Andrew Sabin Family
Rome Zoo
Samantha Attwood
Sedgwick County Zoo*
Brevard Zoo
Singapore Zoo
Bristol Zoo Gardens
Ryan Stauffer
Caudata.org Donations
Stiftung Artenschutz
Toledo Zoo
John Clare
Tremont Elementary 2nd
Kaysie Cox
Christine Dazley
Two Oceans Aquarium
Coen Deurloo
Zoo Zurich
Cory Emerson
*Sustaining Donors
Zoos South Australia
Up to $1,000
Samantha Attwood
Chesapeake Chapter of
Detroit AAZK
House of Reptiles
Neal Martin
Minnesota Zoo
Nordens Ark*
Parc Zoològic de Barcelona
Sacramento Zoo
Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo
Wildlife Conservation
Zoo Osnabrück
Up to $500
John Adams
Avonworth HS
Environmental Club
Lillian Babbie
Mathew Baldwin
Wagish Bhartiya
Bisbee Middle School
Bloomin’ Bog Water
Oliver Buttling
Central Illinois
Herpetological Society
Sarah Colwell
Dallas Jewish Community
Foundation – Parkhill
Middle School
Robert DeBellevue
Deviantart Members
Julie Di Lorenzo
Ron Gagliardo
Julia Hertl
Raelene Hobbs
Heribert Hofer
Brad Hudgens
Indianapolis Chapter of
the AAZK
Jon Coe Design
Max Kalef
Bernard & Nancy
Erin Kendall
Vivian Kesterson
Robert Lacy
Leon Zoo
Katie Lewis
Lion Country Safari
Elizabeth Lisiecki
Zoë Loos & Claudette
Hagan Marlin
Marian Van Eyk McCain
Alan McClelland
Melbourne Zoo
Irina Morozova
Nashville Zoo
Kanako Nishimoto
Sue O’Brien & Don
Leanne Paranik
Ocean Park Conservation
Potawatomi Zoological
Jenny Pramuk
Christiana & Ryan Reed
Claire Rosser
Stephanie Rubino
Julia Ruys
Kelly Seals
Jodie Siu
Vincent Sy
Barbara Taxier
Univ. of Liverpool 2009
Conservation Medicine
Jay VanBlaricum
Vancouver Aquarium
Alistair Ward
Shira & David Zeffren
Up to $100
William Ambler
Kade Ariani
Nick Arms
Robin Aronson
Angela Au
Stephany Burge
Burgess Elementary
Paul Burrowes V
Tamara Cook
Mark Craig
In memory of Teofil
Nate Flesness
Marvin Goldberg
Dr. Stephen & Diana Gray
Harlequin Nature Graphics
Irasburg Village School
Michael Lau
Mark Liebergall
Patti Little
Andrew Luk
Justin Machata
Erin Kelley McLay
Joseph Mendelson
Teresa Barrado MoralesIn
Memory of Martha Moran
Anthony Morham
Mother Green Design
Agency – Hurstville
Public School
Madeline Murphy
Carol Powers
Alice RandlettSerena
Scovill Zoo
Ceil Slauson
Gloria Svampa
Georgette Taylor
Kris Vehrs
Webster School PTO &
Webster Elementary
Cyrus Wirls
John Wirls
Zoological Society of
Bob Van Arnam
Amy Van Dyck
Angela Van Dyck
Lise Van Susteren
Jason & Mary Veysey
Paul Yetman for his son
Up to $50
Up to $25
Clark Allen
Craig Allen
Amy Asci
Bittner/Schwarte Family
Sandra Axelrad Boccara
Roman Bodinek
Laura Brauninger
Chris Carvalho
Helen Chappell
Ctrvtecni parta Olomouc
Patricia deGaston
Brooke Doverspike
Mary Anne Frisk
Frog & Toad Land Club,
Diemer Elementary
Frogs Are Green
Katie Holzer
Marilyn Hoyt & Dan
Kevin Johnson
Danny Kahler
Tracy Kofron
Jessica Llanas
William Metz
Miami Metrozoo Volunteers
& Docents
Christopher Michaels
Matthew Middleton
Deborah Philips
Marc Pruitt
Anya Rushing
Marie Sager
Beverly Smith
Lorraine Steffen
Jake Strzelecki
Ann Tiedeman
Ruth Turner
Angela Anderson
Lori Andrews
Amy Asci
Michelle Banks
Joyce Bernache
Rob Brunette
Carol Burdick
Onnie Byers
Carolyn Carlson & Linda
Bonnie Carr
Lee See Chan
Corenlia Chen
Helen Cooney
Angi Dahl
Jared Emerson
Maria Ferrante
Valrie Fingerman & Stephen
Mark Harris
Tracy Hicks
Brett Hill
Patrick Honan
Brian Horne
Mary Korte-Johnson
Baada Johnson
Kimberly Jones
Rory Jones
Robert & Jo Ann Jopek
Michael Jorisch
Max Kalef
Irene Kravitz
James Krieger
Jim Labisko
Dorothy Lippert
Linda Millemaci
Karen Mittelman
Donna Moreno
Robert North
Jake Odem
John Pittman
Sian Richards
Nick Richwagen
Steve Roberts
Jessica Ruen
Michele Scurria
Thomas Shadle
Jessie Tarves
Lisa Thunström
Carole Tobey
Megan Tracey
Kathleen Trigg
The Wheelers
Lucy Wirtz
Malgorzata Wojcik
William & Jennifer Wright
in Memory of Mentes
Up to $10
Kescia Baer
Scott Barolo
Christopher Bednarski
Detroit Zoo
Lee Hall
Gordon Ing
Teresa Krejci
Matthew Kurland
Joseph Layden
Olivia Li
Dennis Lis-Sette
Donna MacGonegal
John Marciniak
Brenda J. Martin
Michelle Paul
Shelley Petillo
Claudia, Eleanor, & Emma
Jeff & Andrea Pierson
Angie Schoen
Foster Waters
And through contributions
in memory of beloved
Mary Sughrue Rabb:
Gerald Adelmann
Jill Allread & Pamela Freese
Terry & Sharon Anthoney
Kathryn Appelbaum
Anne Baker
James Ballowe & Ruth Ganchiff
R. Lou Barker
Joyce Barloga
Jill Bhatia
William & Patricia Braker
Marilyn Catalanello
Diane Cavalieri & Peter Patton
Arie & Ida Crown Memorial
Defenders of Wildlife
Lawrence & Vicki DeMar
Peggy & Michael Devlin
Amy T. Dickinson
Russell Evans
Conrad & Carol Fialkowski
Morgan L. Fitch Jr.
Stanley & Helen Freeman
Friday Docents of the Brookfield
Jacquelyn Toscas Fuchs
Richard Fuchs
Ronald Gagliardo & Paul Huggett
P.A. Galloway
Aiden Gonzalez
R.P. Gwinn
Corwith Hamill
Margaret & Julian Harrison
Paul & Lynne Harvey
Loline Hathaway
Charles & Marilyn Hoessle
Lucy Hutcherson & Jeffrey
Illinois State Museum Society
Illinois State Museum Staff
L. Jessica Jagielnik
Arthur Janura
Dale & Davida Kalina
Ken Kawata
Lillian Kowalski & Wendy P.
Robert Lacy
Aaron J. Lebovitz & Donna T. Myers
Mary C. Leisner
Joan D. Levin
Thomas Lovejoy
Peter & Susan Margulis
Nancy & Ed Maruska
R. Bruce & Virginia McMillan
L. David Mech
Thomas Jr. & Nancy Merritt
Thomas & Adelle Miller
Oliver Pergams & Valerie Morrow
The Philadelphia Zoo
George Rabb
Tom & Sue Rice
James & Phyllis Ritt
James & Andrea Ross
San Diego Zoo
Carol D. Saunders & Amy B.
Karen Sausman
Louis F. Schauer
James & Kathryn Slivovsky
Betsy Snyder
Mardi Solomon & Gene Myers Jr.
Kenneth & Valerie Spale
C.E. & Ann Spears
Harold & Laura Stover
Bonnie & Thomas Styles
Guerry & Michelle Suggs
Robert & Joan Tantillo
Joe & Caroline Tecson
Miguel Vallejo & Michelle Uting
Nicholas Vega
Cynthia Vernon & Monta Potter
David & Marvalee Wake
Mark Warneke
Lynn Weis
Michael D. Wiant & Grace Eckert
Karen & Randall Witter
Kevin Zippel & Lynn Kirkland
And contributions in honor
of George Rabb and his
tenure as
Chairman of the Illinois
State Museum Board:
James Ballowe & Ruth Ganchiff
R. Lou Barker
Illinois State Museum Staff
Judith Lloyd Klauba
Liberty Prairie Conservancy
Meredith Mahoney
Bonnie Styles
Guerry & Michelle Suggs
Sarah Surroz
Karen A. Witter
And contributions in memory
of pioneering biochemist and
amphibian biologist John Daly
Ronald Gagliardo & Paul Huggett
Vicky Poole
Kevin Zippel & Lynn Kirkland
And contributions in memory
of naturalist and teacher Dr.
Julian R. Harrison III
Gail & John Black
George Rabb
And contributions in memory
of amphibian husbandry
specialist Julia Beth Kaylock
Ron Gagliardo & Paul Huggett
Antoni Grech
Jaye Holly & Judy Yeckley
Alicia Kaylock
Peter Kaylock
Joseph Mendelson
P.J. & Chad Miller
Sylvia Moy
Vicky Poole
George Rabb
The Family of Doreen & Stuart Ross
Dale Scott
J.J. & L. Scott
Kevin Zippel & Lynn Kirkland
Fly UP