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21º CBECIMAT - Congresso Brasileiro de Engenharia e Ciência dos Materiais
09 a 13 de Novembro de 2014, Cuiabá, MT, Brasil
116-060 Sinterization of manganese ore tailings under natural air
Margarida Márcia Fernandes Lima
Lima, M. M. F.; Souza, L. G. P. R. M. F. /UFOP
The manganese ore has wide application in metallurgy. However, from each of three
hundred concentrations found, only one can be seen as a deposit. The aim of this
study was to obtain and characterize a sinter from manganese ore tailing. The tailing
was milled, classified (<400 #) and calcinated (800°C - 3600s). The mixture had 12%
moisture, 7 and 9% of activated charcoal. After homogenization, the sintering were
carried out at 1140, 1145 and 1150°C during 1800, 7200 and 14400s at natural air. The
sintered products were characterized by EDS analysis, BET surface area, apparent
density, X-rays diffraction and SEM/EDS. The mass loss was approximately 14% and
16% in the calcination and sintering, respectively, due to the elimination of volatile
products and water. The main phases characterized: SiO2, silicate with high content of
manganese in the matrix and other silicates with different proportions of Ti, Na, Mn,
Mg and Ca.
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