9.2.1 #1 Side Lengths and Triangles 9-56. Homework

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9.2.1 #1 Side Lengths and Triangles 9-56. Homework
9.2.1 #1 Side Lengths and Triangles
9-56. The two triangles at right are similar.
a. How do you know they’re similar?
There are two equal angles, the right angle and the
b. Find x. Show your strategy.
x = 6 cm
c. What is the scale factor?
d. Find the area of each triangle.
small = 27 cm2, large = 192 cm2
9-57. Jenna is working with three squares. Their areas are 16 cm2, 9 cm2, and 36 cm2. She
thinks they will make an obtuse triangle. Do you agree? Explain your reasoning.
Yes, an obtuse triangle will be formed
9-58. Complete the following table.
a. What is the rule? y = −3x – 2
b. What is the slope? -3
9-59. Write an equation to represent the situation below, and then answer the question.
Ella is trying to determine the side lengths of a triangle. She knows that the longest side is
three times longer than the shortest side. The medium side is ten more than twice the
shortest side. If the perimeter is 142 cm, how long is each side?
x + 3x + (10 + 2x) = 142. Sides are 22 cm, 54 cm, and 66 cm
9-60. Cisco was looking at a table of values from a silent board game of y = x2. She said, "This
table contains (0, 0), so I think it shows a proportional relationship.” Is Cisco correct? Why or
why not?
Cisco is not correct
9-61. Solve these equations for x. Check your answers.
a. 2(x + 4.5) = 32
x = 11.5
b. 6 + 2.5x = 21
x = 45/16
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