IBM Statement on Trade Promotion Authority

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IBM Statement on Trade Promotion Authority
IBM Statement on Trade Promotion Authority
Washington, D.C. (May 13, 2015) – IBM today issued the following statement on U.S.
Senate deliberations over trade promotion authority and the Trans-Pacific Partnership:
“Trade plays a vital role in America’s economy. As the Senate works to resolve
procedural differences on debate and passage of the Bipartisan Congressional Trade
Priorities and Accountability Act, we urge its members to consider the power of trade to
drive not just growth, but future innovation. This bill is essential to finalizing the TransPacific Partnership, the first international trade agreement to include landmark
provisions designed to protect and promote the digital economy.
Estimates say the ‘Internet of Everything’ represents a $14 trillion business opportunity
over the next decade. Passing this legislation and closing the Pacific trade agreement
will give high-tech U.S. businesses a fair chance to compete in that massive market by
ensuring data can move freely across international borders.
Granting trade promotion authority is vital to aligning U.S. trade policy with the realities
of a data-driven global economy. We urge the Senate to pass this bill quickly so it can
be taken up in the House and sent to the President for signature. ”
- Christopher A. Padilla, Vice President, IBM Government and Regulatory Affairs
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