Cañada College Committee for Student Equity

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Cañada College Committee for Student Equity
Cañada College
Committee for Student Equity
Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, March 26, 2014
12:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. - Building 5, room 108
I. Approve agenda
II. Approve minutes of 3/12/2014
III. Progress reports and discussion of the activities outlined in the Student Equity Plan:
(Items listed and the schedule for reports on them are on the CSE web page in the document,
D: Anniqua Rana, David Johnson (continued from 2/26/14)
The Committee for Student Equity recommends establishing a fund for individual faculty (or
small groups of faculty) to research specific areas of student equity in their programs or
courses and to seek ways to innovate in curriculum and pedagogy to improve Student Equity
in their areas. This program could be implemented through the Center for Innovation and
Excellence in Teaching and Learning.
1.2b: Anniqua Rana, David Clay (continued from 3/12/14)
Work with CIETL to use Focused Inquiry Network (FIN) to assist in the project. (See 1.2a:
Establish an Access/Success Equity Work Group to identify the barriers of access for Black
and White students.)
2.1d: David Johnson, Anniqua Rana
Research possibilities of mandating certain course-taking patterns to improve success of new
3.1a: David Clay, David Johnson, Robert Hood, Maria Huning
Using the data collected by the Access/Success Equity Task Force for Activity 2.1b (course
success), identify ways to improve persistence for Black students.
4.1c: David Johnson, Anniqua Rana & Kay O’Neill
Contextualize curriculum for career relevance when possible.
IV. Progress report and discussion of implementation of the Men of Color Initiative David Clay, David Johnson
VI. Committee membership
Meeting Dates: January 22, February 12 & 26, March 12 & 26, April 9 & 23, May 7
Committee Membership:
Administration representatives
David Johnson (Co-Chair)
Upward Bound Coordinator
Workforce Development Representative
Faculty representatives
Basic Skills Representative
Dean of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness
Classified Representatives
Student Representative
Student Life and Leadership Manager
Robert Hood
Maria Huning
Kay O'Neill
David Clay
Lucia Olson
Hyla Lacefield
Anniqua Rana
Chialin Hsieh,
Paul Gaskins
Jonathan MacSwain
Giovanna Moreno
Jessica Loi
Misha Maggi
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