IBM Smarter Process Migration Assessment Workshop Business Drivers Offering Benefits Key Deliverables

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IBM Smarter Process Migration Assessment Workshop Business Drivers Offering Benefits Key Deliverables
IBM Smarter Process Migration Assessment Workshop
A clear path to migrate from your Teamworks environment to the latest IBM BPM product suites.
Business Drivers
Offering Benefits
Key Deliverables
Why Migrate to IBM Business
Process Manager?
Engages IBM Middleware Lab
Services best-in-breed
expertise for the Migration
Basic readiness review:
Thorough review of existing
customizations that may impact
the overall migration effort.
Works closely with IBM Product
Engineering team.
Helps to mitigate risk and
achieve faster time to market.
Produces a plan that can be
immediately implemented by
IBM, your team, or the coworking of both.
Detailed environment review:
Detailed assessment of the
physical/logical hardware,
application and solution
architecture, and processes in
development today.
Migration approach
development: Comprehensive
analysis on migration strategy,
key opportunities enabled by
new product features, and
prioritization of impacts.
Tailored migration plan:
Detailed documentation of all
findings and recommendations
per IBM guidelines including
migration activities, cutoff dates,
and test planning efforts.
Your decision on when and how
to migrate should be driven by
your organization's current
situation and specific goals
relative to several key factors.
Level of development activity:
How many applications do have
in development today? How
many will have in the next 6-12
Current applications in
production: What is the number
of active instances, durations,
and frequency of change?
Potential performance gains:
What is my current performance
bottlenecks? Is it due to solution,
system, or infrastructure?
New/Enhanced product
features: Will new product
features significantly improve
development productivity?
Current BPM application and
version: When is the end of life
support for my current
application version?
Expedites a timely project
Shares IBM’s best practices
and methodologies across your
Assists a cost-effective
migration from heritage
Lombardi products.
Takes advantage of new and
enhanced product features
provided in the latest version of
Duration: 2-4 Weeks
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