IBM MQ Monitoring QuickStart

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IBM MQ Monitoring QuickStart
IBM MQ Monitoring QuickStart
Gain visibility and improve the overall availability of your MQ infrastructure using IBM
Middleware Services.
Business Drivers
Offering Benefits
Key Deliverables
This offering will implement a bestpractices based solution for the
monitoring of IBM MQ. By leveraging a
repeatable process to instrument and
monitor queue management you gain:
The overall availability of the solution
will improve, and better visibility into
the environment is gained. More
specifically, the value to the business
Using IBM best-practices and an asset
based implementation, this offering
Understanding of your IBM MQ
deployment and its performance
Monitoring and automation which
follows industry, corporate, and product
specific best practices
Integration of IBM MQ into your
enterprise for end-to-end visibility and
correlation with existing fault
management tools
Complete end-to-end visibility into your
enterprise IBM MQ environment with
rapid instrumentation
Identification of performance issues
before they impact your business
services using best-of-breed
Reduced application outages and
mean time to restore (MTTR) by
utilizing proven best practices
Learning from Monitoring and MQ
Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) on best
practices for success
Integrated solution with existing fault
management systems for enterprise
Improved operational efficiency of your
IBM MQ infrastructure
Rapid time-to-value using an asset
based approach
Deployment and instrumentation of up
to 25 Queue Managers (whether
clustered, queues, or shared queues),
within a test and production
Rapid time-to-value. Using an asset
and best practice based approach,
IBM can deliver a fully deployed and
operational solution for IBM MQ
Implementation of key IT service
Management (e.g. metrics to be
measured, KPIs, application
instrumentation, correlation rules. and
best practice automation)
Content and functionality for key
stakeholders such as Operations,
CxO, Application Development, and
Business Service owners. This
includes pre-defined dashboards,
reports, performance, and trending
information based on your operational
Exception and event information to
your existing fault management
system for enterprise visibility and
Duration: 15 days
For more information regarding this or any Middleware Service Offerings, please contact your IBM Account Manager, Services
Sales Representative or visit our website.
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