Netcool/OMNIbus to Netcool Operations Insight Upgrade

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Netcool/OMNIbus to Netcool Operations Insight Upgrade
Netcool/OMNIbus to Netcool Operations Insight Upgrade
Realize improved operational visibility, event handling and advanced analytics provided by Netcool
Operations Insight using IBM’s rapid installation and asset based installation
Business Drivers
Offering Benefits
Key Deliverables
The aggregation and correlation
of events from a single or
multiple fault management
system is a core component of
any IT service management
(ITSM) solution. By leveraging a
repeatable process to instrument
and monitor business
applications you gain:
Using IBM best-practices and an
Asset based implementation, this
offering delivers:
This offering provides the following
functional deliverables:
Reduction in events by the use
of advanced grouping and
Reduction in time to identify the
actual root cause of events.
Embedded analytics to identify
hot spots, focal areas and
seasonal events.
Improved capabilities to move
from reactive to a proactive
event management service.
Integration with expert help to
reduce problem handling time.
Rapid time-to-value. Using an asset
and best-practice based approach;
IBM can deliver a fully deployed and
operational solution.
Implementation of key ITSM
intellectual capital to position you for
Integration with up to one supported
incident management system to
forward event information for
enterprise visibility and control.
Exposure to the OMNIbus server,
JazzSM, and IBM Operations
Analytics – Log Analysis
Knowledge and skills transfer of best
practices from IBM experienced
Netcool and event processing IBM
Installation and configuration of up to
two instances of Netcool Operations
(NOI) into a test and production
Installation of the following
components; OMNIbus ObjectServer
with a WebGUI / JazzSM dashboard
environment with customizable
Netcool Impact & Historical Event
Archive environment, to provide
Related Events and Seasonality
IBM Operations Analytics –Log
Analysis environment with the
OMNIbus Insight Pack, to enable
analysis of event data.
Migration of the existing essential
OMNIbus triggers, probe rules file,
and impact policies. (Conditions
On-site demonstration and training
sessions delivered by an expert IBM
Duration: 20 Days
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