IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation (DNG) QuickStart

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IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation (DNG) QuickStart
IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation (DNG) QuickStart
Quickly Help a Project Team Collaboratively Define and Use Requirements
Effectively Across the Software Development Lifecycle!
Business Drivers
Offering Benefits
Key Deliverables
Organizations need to deliver more
applications and systems faster with
higher quality, at reduced risk and
expense. Requirements definition and
management across the lifecycle is a
core enabling capability.
IBM will collaborate with you on the
rapid adoption of DNG for a team,
based on one of the proven out-of-thebox patterns. IBM technical specialists
will assist and enable your team in the
installation, configuration, and use of
The solution includes training,
mentoring, and deployment of a
specific usage model on a well-defined
and proven infrastructure.
Can your team easily answer:
• Which requirements are addressed in
this release/iteration?
• What requirements do I as a
developer have to implement?
• Are all of the requirements tested?
• What components and tests are
impacted by a requirements change?
• What changes were made to
requirements since the last baseline?
Improving software delivery is
challenging. Common factors that
impact speed and success of an
• Lack of collaboration across silos
• Ad-hoc or heterogeneous
development practices
• Stakeholder misalignment and
unclear goals
• Distributed teams
• Adoption inexperience and resource
Adoption of development tools is an
organizational behavior change as much
as it is a technology upgrade.
IBM QuickStart helps you address key
elements of a tool adoption.
Value Proposition:
• Accelerate the deployment and
adoption of DNG
• Reduce the time to self-sufficiency
with DNG
• Lower the adoption cost by
leveraging IBM experience and
avoiding common pitfalls
• Reduce project costs through
clearer, better defined requirements
• Improve collaboration between
project stakeholders on requirements
QuickStart Delivers:
• Configured installation of Rational
DNG project area
• Requirements Definition Plan Captures how DNG will be used
• DNG Project Template - Re-usable
template to create DNG project
• Enablement material (softcopy)
• Summary of findings of the
requirements definition process
review and recommendations for
• Increased level of knowledge of
DNG within the analyst team
Offering Steps:
Assist your team in quickly starting to
use DNG
1. Plan deployment and validate prerequisite check list
2. Install DNG
3. Develop usage model and scenarios
based on your requirements
management needs
4. Configure DNG based on usage
5. Enable and mentor QuickStart team
6. Optimization review and wrap-up
Duration: 2-3 weeks
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