DevOps Discovery & Deployment Planning Workshop

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DevOps Discovery & Deployment Planning Workshop
DevOps Discovery & Deployment Planning Workshop
(aka DevOps Solution Workshop)
Improve your software delivery - A cross-functional, collaborative session
addressing your organization's challenges with software delivery practices.
Outcome identifies and prioritizes improvement goals and delivers a practical
roadmap and architecture for adopting DevOps solutions.
Business Drivers
Offering Benefits
Key Deliverables
Organizations need to deliver more
applications and systems faster with
higher quality, at reduced risk and
expense. Downtime has become
untenable, and every second of time to
recovery equates to lost revenue.
IBM will collaborate with you to
understand your current situation,
goals and constraints, and make
specific recommendations for
improvement and implementation.
The workshop participants deliver a
presentation based on the workshop
outcomes that will include maturity
assessment, your goals, a prioritized
roadmap and recommended
Identify & Prioritize Challenges in your
Pipeline such as:
• Scheduled deliveries, manual
integrations and periodic builds are
resource intensive
• Backlog of errors and integration
challenges in SIT and QA
• Document driven waterfall
development practices
• Deployment and provisioning
processes produce inconsistent
environments inducing errors
• Little to no feedback from
monitoring and instrumentation into
• Stovepipe portfolio plans with little
project feedback
Address Mandates:
“We need to deliver our software faster
and more often to meet today’s needs of
the business and our customers!”
“We must improve our quality to stay
“We need to reduce our costs of software
“We always deliver late when the
requirements have lost their relevance"
Value Proposition:
• Accelerate software delivery – for
faster time to value
• Balance speed, cost, quality and
risk – for increased capacity to
• Reduce time to customer feedback
– for improved customer experience
Offering Steps:
Assist your team to complete a four step
process to start with DevOps
1. Assess Current Status - Examine
current practices, technology, pains
and challenges. Identify business
goals and success measures to focus
IBM recommendations
2. Determine Capability Priorities and
3. Draft Solution Improvement
4. Conduct Executive Sponsor Review
Duration: 2-4 weeks, 2-3 Days OnSite
Workshop Delivers:
• Specific findings and
recommendations for practice
improvements aligned to your
business goals
• Adoption roadmap based on proven
best practices and IBM adoption
framework, prioritized against your
business goals.
• Phased outline of plan for
preparation, pilot, and roll out, and
detail a plan for first win/pilot
• Initial and objective DevOps
solution architecture
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