I. Executive Board Reports President – Sam Baker

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I. Executive Board Reports President – Sam Baker
SGA Exec Meeting Minutes
Day 11/24/2014
Executive Board Reports
a. President – Sam Baker ([email protected])
b. Executive VP – Spandana Induru ([email protected] )
i. Campus Safety Concerns Forum
c. VP of Community Service – Peter Casey ([email protected] )
i. Blood Drive went great!
ii. Tiger Run Committee
iii. Tiger Run – March 29th
iv. Tiger Run Fundraising
d. VP of Social Affairs – Abhita Reddy ([email protected])
i. Pelicans Basketball Game went great!
e. VP of Student Health – Jake Quinton ([email protected] )
i. LSMS Delegates to HOD 2015 – LSU New Orleans 6 delegates, 6 alternates
ii. Health Exchange enrollment as a CSE opportunity
iii. Health Policy Survey
iv. AMA Meeting Results
f. Treasurer – Manu Mysore ([email protected] )
g. VP of Student Technology – Jessica Chu ([email protected] )
i. Aesculapain Society: Survey Monkey Select Membership APPROVED
ii. UWorld Subscription for professors NOT APPROVED
1. Need to send survey to course directors to see how many professors are interested in
using the service
2. Will request of GME to fund for this if >50% of professors are interested
3. Committee would rather see fun go towards something that will directly benefit the
students. Will email UWorld, LLC. For group license discount and possibly use tech fun
towards buying students a 6-month subscription to Uworld.
iii. Ipad Updates
1. Will send out survey to L3s and L4s regarding ipad usage in the hospitals
iv. Oto/Opthalmo Simulation
1. Will do research, should we get a couple retinal simulations and one oto simulation?
v. Testing Software
1. Per Tech Department (Ms. Ozrenka), they are open to suggestions. We will just need to
do research on a software and provide them with that information. Maybe look into
vi. SLE Online Form – Pilot
h. Secretary – Leanne Free ([email protected] )
i. Cardiology Interest Group
ii. Students for Technology in Medicine
iii. Medical Students for Choice
i. Intramurals Chairs – Avi O’Brien Hahn and James Landreneau ([email protected]) ([email protected])
i. Flag Football – Winners: L1 Girls and PT 1st year guys
ii. Basketball – Winners: L1 Guys
iii. Coming up: Softball, Soccer, Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee Tournament, Volleyball Tournament
j. Yearbook Chair – Anna DiCarlo ([email protected] )
i. Send photos to your yearbook reps!
i. L4 President – Vilija Vaitaitis ([email protected])
Laura Peterson Memorial Blood Drive on January 5th
SGA Sponsored Match Week Event
Match Day March 20th! – 115 Days
Away Rotation manual and Interview question manual
j. L3 President – Erika Bisgaard ([email protected])
k. L2 President – Thomas Steele ([email protected])
Day with Docs Update - success!!
Necrotic Ball – January 16th (Friday)
PTP L1 + L2 – December 18th (Thursday) at Jax Brewery
l. L1 President – John Paul Miller ([email protected])
Cadaver Ceremony December 11th (Thursday)
m. Student Affairs Announcements
n. Student Announcements
o. Future Meetings
SGA meetings are tentatively planned for the 3rd Wednesday of every month
1. Wednesday, January 21st
2. Wednesday, February 18th
3. Wednesday, March 18th
4. Wednesday, April 15th
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