I. Executive Board Reports President – Sam Baker

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I. Executive Board Reports President – Sam Baker
SGA Exec Meeting Minutes
Day 04/22/2015
Executive Board Reports
a. President – Sam Baker ([email protected])
i. Congratulations to newly elected officers!
b. Executive VP – Spandana Induru ([email protected] )
i. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped out at Family Day!
c. VP of Community Service – Peter Casey ([email protected] )
i. Tiger Run went well. Let Peter know if your interest group still needs a check for your
d. VP of Social Affairs – Abhita Reddy ([email protected])
i. End of the Year Interdisciplinary Party at Nola Brewery
e. VP of Student Health – Jake Quinton ([email protected] )
f. Treasurer – Manu Mysore ([email protected] )
i. Interest groups will receive checks by the end of the week for their volunteer efforts.
g. VP of Student Technology – Jessica Chu ([email protected] )
i. UWorld Subscription Discount – we will be getting a final headcount in June and purchasing the
subscription there after
h. Secretary – Leanne Free ([email protected] )
i. Thank you to everyone for submitting their interest group audits
ii. Submit Gold Humanism Essays by Sunday, May 10th at 5pm
i. Intramurals Chairs – Avi O’Brien Hahn and James Landreneau ([email protected]) ([email protected])
i. If you observe unprofessional behavior be sure to contact us
ii. Soccer Champions – L3s
iii. Softball Champions – L2 men’s team
iv. Basketball Champions – Public Health
j. Yearbook Chair – Anna DiCarlo ([email protected] )
i. L1-L3s will receive yearbooks at orientation
ii. L4s will receive yearbooks at the Dean’s Reception
i. L4 President – Vilija Vaitaitis ([email protected])
i. April 30th – Zephyrs Game with the L4 class
ii. May 13th – Pre-Commencement
iii. May 14th – Commencement
j. L3 President – Erika Bisgaard ([email protected])
i. Thank you to Vil and the L4 class for putting together the L4 planning workshops
k. L2 President – Thomas Steele ([email protected])
Wish us luck on Step 1
L1 President – John Paul Miller ([email protected])
Camp Tiger Auction – raised over $100,000
Camp Tiger is May 18th-22nd
White Coat Ceremony will be at the Alario Center is Aug 1st
m. Student Affairs Announcements
n. Student Announcements
o. Future Meetings
SGA meetings are tentatively planned for the 3rd Wednesday of every month
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