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A Message from the Dean
A Message from the Dean
O n January 12, 200 7, it was my pleasure to update faculty and staff of me School
of Medicine on the state of the school and its future . As we ente r o ur 76m year, I'd
like to present some of ma t info rma tion to you.
Our school buildings are all open and occupied with two excep tions. 1542 Tulane
Avenue, m e oldes t building o n campus, will grad ually be reoccupied over me next few
months, This slow response is because of heavy damage and me lack of complete
architectural and mechanical engi neering drawings, not surprising in a buildi ng begun
in 1931.
The second exception is me first floo r of some buildin gs. We are still negotiating
w ith FEMA on how best ro rernedi ate th em to preve nt damage fro m some future
W e are we ll underway wi th several upgrades, including provision of better stu d y
areas for stu dents as well as better parking and lighting for thei r comfort and safety.
O ur plans to do a physical recon struction of m e Student Learning Center and its expansio n the Center for
Advanced Practice are we ll underwa y. We have alread y acq uired (th anks to yo ur gen erosity) all me replace ment
equi pment for m e Center and we are using it in tem po rary quarte rs.
Our budget is adeq uate and we have received a $4 .1 million gran t for faculty support and retention. O ur
resear ch ente rpri se continues stro ng .
With Charity Hospital and m e VA Hospital closed and University H ospital only recently re-opened, we are
planning for m e future. LSU and me VA have agreed to build a joint facility, each enti ty having its own beds but
sh aring common areas such as labs, x-rays, foo d service and laundry. From m e Louisiana Recovery Authority we
have received $78 million to secur e land and begin architectural planning; we hope to receive an additional
commitment of $222 millio n for hospit al cons truc tion . We anticipate mat m e facility will be located on Canal
Street between Galvez and Claiborne.
We have recruited three new department al chairs, Frank Culicchia in Neurosurgery, Chris W inter s (' 88) in
Urology, and Leonard Bok in Radiology. We are actively searching for Chairs in Pharmacology and
Our stu dent app licatio n pool is huge and of hig h quality. Our cur rent stu dents are do ing extremely well on
national tests. R ecent visits to our residency programs by accredi ting agenci es have yielded excellent results.
I closed my repo rt to me faculty with a q uo te from W inston Churc hiU: " Kites rise hig hest against me wind ,
not wi th it."
Your school will continue to rise hig her especially with you behin d it. Thank you.
('6 8)
LSUHSC School of M edicine
Caver photographs from th e October gala: Photo at top ofpage (left to }-ight): Paul Azar ('70) (left) , Alum ni Association President,
and Lee Monlezun ('69) (righ t) , Alwnni Association Preside nt-Elect, bribing Huey (T. P. de la H oussaye) to throw the
silent auction their way. Photo on }-ight (left to right) : Lois Breaux, Senator JOM Breaux, volun teer Yolanda Lund sgaard, and
volunteer Lindy Mills compare diamond rings. Senator Breaux was high bidde r on the diamond ring at the gala auction.
Photo at left: Jim Leonard ('63), Alwn ni Association Vice-President, and his wife Joyce look over the program at the gala.
Honor Roll 2006 / LSU Medicinews Spring '07 -
Combined Edition
Steering Committee
Th e Committee of100
- Ch amp ions of
Ex cellence was
established in 1983)
with Bern ard Samuels
(l57) & Cy Vaughn
(l58) as itsfiunding
m embers.
Members ofthe
C ommittee make a
pledg e of$10)000 01'
more to support chairs
and professorships.
Life M embers
pledg e $25)000 or
New Life Members
Rebecca L. Accardo ('82)
Charles Belleau ('57)
Robert T. Mazurek ('8 5)
Stephen B. Manak ('00)
N icholas J. Persich ('87 )
William K. Robinso n
(' 75) and Colleen
Ro binso n
Keith Van Meter, MD
New Double Members
P. Waverly Davidson ('59)
Marvin E. Stuckey ('59)
R egular members
pledg e $10)000)
usually $1)000 a
year fir ten yean
Contributions m ay
be ma de mon thly)
semiannually) or
yearly. Gifts may be
through donations
Ofappreciated stock
or other assets.
Double M embers
pledg e $20)000.
Fred H . Rodr iguez ('7 5) ­
Kenneth N . Adarto ('68)
Larry H . Ho llier ('68) ­
Mark Juneau , Jr. ('73)
Russell C. Klein ('59 )
Earl J. Rozas ('64 )
Mack A. Thomas ('62)
New Regular Members
Di anne J. Albrecht ('88)
and Jeffrey Albrecht
Murru za J. AJi ('01)
Barry J. Breaux ('93)
T. Neil Carmona ('56)
James K. Ellis ('9 1)
Luis M . Espinoza (,97)
Lisso Nachman ('6 1)
Life Members
(A pledge of$25,000 or more)
Nick J. Accardo ('80)
Rebecca L. Accardo ('82)
Kenneth N . Ada tto ('68)
Robert B. Akcnhcad ('76)
Robe rt G. Anding ('85)
Jack A. Andonic ('62)
David L. Autin ('78)
Paul J. Azar ('70)
David J. Bailey ('87)
Sidney L. Bailey ('75)
Robert L. Baird ('70)
David G. Baker ('76)
Robin J. Barry ('78)
Robert C. Batson ('7 1)
Charles D . Belleau ('57)
Gerald S. Berenson, lvlD
Terence Beven ('57)
Richard J. Bidstru p (,62 )
James H . Blackburn II
('9 0)
Terri Walker Blackburn
Robert P. Blereau ('6 1)
Daniel R . Bourq ue ('81)
Lynnwood J. Brassett ('53)
Joann e Brassett
Frederick.W. Brazda ('7 0)
Jack L. Breaux, Jr. ('7 6)
Joseph T . Brierre ('60)
Etienne R . Brown ('52)
H oward Buechne r ('43) *
Joseph D. "Jay" Busby, Jr.
Lou is R. Cabiran, MD
Peter D. Cabiran ('87)
D aniel 1. Caplan, MD
Janice S. Cap lan
Th addeus C. Caner ('68)
Dr. and Mrs. Charles ('7 5)
A. Cefalu
Andrew K. Chang ('94)
Bradley J. Chasrant ('83)
Stephen M. Chatelain ('7 6)
Isido re Cohn, Jr., MD
Mrs. Isido re Cohn , Jr.
Ewing W . Cook ('69)
Claude C. Craig head
(' 39) *
David N. Curo le ('74)
Eugene J. Dabezies, MD
Ro bert D . D'Am brosia,
George D . Davis, PhD
Bennett P. deBoisblanc
William J. DeFee III ('7 1)
Dr. O .R . ('42)* and Mrs.
DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc.
Robert E. Dilworth ('70)
Victor H . Di nh ('91)
Frank C. DiV incenti ('62)
Lee R. Do mangue ('76)
Mrs. Judith W. Drez
Docrors Io hn ('72 ) and
Lucie Elfervig
Darryl J. Elias (70)
Erwin H. Engert, Jr. ('63)
Kenneth B. Fallon ('89 )
Doctors Leo ('4 3 ) ~ and
Marc Fisher ('85)
Rodn ey S. Florek ('85)
Irwin L. Ponrenelle ('43)*
Cathi Fon teno t ('84)
Gerald L. Foret ('6 1)
Lynn E. Foret ('75) and
Sharon Foret
Cynthia C. Fox ('92)
John F. Fraiche ('76)
Dr. H arvey and Ave Maria
Daniel J. GalJagher ('90)
Patti Th omas Gaudet ('68)
Glynn A. Grange r ('7 0)
Danie l E. Gremillion ('7 1)
Joseph D. Guillory ('59)
Raymond E. H aik, Jr. ('79)
Dean F. H amm ond ('49)*
MarshalJ D . H arrison ('50)
Charles W. Hi lton ('76)
Deborah A. Hilton ('98)
Andrew H . H offmann , Jr.
Frank P. lncaprera ('5 0)
Richard C. Jarrell ('80)
M yron H . Jacobs ('69)
Edward E. Jeffries, Jr. ('72)
Harry E. Jones , ]r. ('56) *
Charles E. Kaufman ('75)
William H . Kinnard ('79)
R ussell C. KJein ('59)
David G . Kline, MD
AJan D. Lacosre ('75)
Fritz A. LaCour, Jr. ('69)
Bernard Lahasky ('49)*
Ro nald M. Lahasky ('90)
Ro bert J. Land ry (,76) *
Cha rles A. LeBlanc ('80)
W . Chapman Lee ('69)
James J. Leonard ('63)
Daniel B. Lestage, MD ,
MPH ('6 3)
Ed ward D . Levy, Jr. ('69)
Frank N . Low, PhD "
H erbert M . Loyd ('59)
The Lupin Family
Foun dation
Michael B. Lyons ('81)
N eil J. Maki, MD
Bernard Ma.nale ('64)
Stephen B. Manale (,00)
Cris V. Mandl)', MD
Ro bert L. Marier, MD,
Charles C. Mary ('6 1)
Ro bert T. Mazurek ('85)
Drs. Katherine S. ('77) and
Samuel G. McClugage
Paul W. McCormick ('7 5)
G. T ipton McKnight ('6 0)
Iohn E. McLachJan ('62)
Honor Roll 2006/ LSU Medicinews Spring '07 -
Combined Edition
www.medschoo /./suhsc.edu/a/umni_a ffairs
Marsha D. McNeese ('7 4)
Carl S. Merlin ('64)
Abe Mickal (,40)*
Weston P. Miller ('74)
James P. Mo ises ('94)
Barbara B. Mo rgan ('73)
Julius H. Mullins, Jr. ('76)
Julius H . Mullins, Sr.
Charles P. Murp hy ('82)
Carlo A. Musso ('86)
H arold Neirzschman ('65)
WiJJjam P. Newman III
('67) and Diane Newman
Iohn W. Nob le ('90)
Bennie P. N obles ('71) and
Nancy N obles
D aniel W . Nuss ('81)
Edward M. O'Bryan ('76)
Victor M. O liver ('73)
Dr. Richard M.* and Mrs.
Ronald N . Padgett ('62)
Sanford L. Pailet ('62)
Gerard F. Pefia ('82) and
Parricia Peiia
N icholas J. Persich ('87 )
Meade I-I. Phelps ('7 1)
Stuart I. Phillips ('59)
Karl J. Pizzolatro ('64)
Warren C. Plauche ('57)
Jimmy N . Ponder ('89)
Frederick A. Pa ll ('44)
Joseph L. Powell ('48)"
William M. Pusateri ('65)
John M. Rainey ('73 )
David J. Rau ('84)
Eric H . Rau ('93)
Frederick J. Rau ('79)
Paul M. Rees ('92)
Richard E. Robich aux, Jr.
('7 9)
William K. Rob inson ('7 5)
and Co lleen Rob inson
John R . Romero III (,70)
Earl J. Rozas ('64)
Ro bert E. R uel ('63)
Ro land F. Samso n ('58)
Charles V. Sanders ('64)
J. Lane Saws ('50)
Linda A. SchJumbrech t
Patricia M . Schneider ('7 4)
Henry M. Selby ('43)
Fayez K. Shamieh, MD
Phyllis C. & Irl Silverstein
Cornrn lL tttt<e<e <o>if Jl (0)(0)
P. Dou glas Slocum ('8 1)
Charles M. Smith ('55)
Smith and Nephew
Smith and N ephe w
Endosco py Division
Lehrue Steven s ('57)
Jack P. Strong ('51)
Patricia Powers Strong*
Roland J. Sylvester ('62)
Marvin D . Tark ('75)
John T. Thien ('89)
Mack A. Th omas (,62)
D r. Jackson and Nancy
D r. Cha.rles (,51) and Mr s.
Charlton R. Vincent ('51)
Keith Va n Meter, MD
Donald B. Williams ('37)
J. Kin abrew Williams ('59)
M arilyn L. Z imny, PhD "
The Committee of
100 - Champions of
Juliu s H. Mullins, Sr.*
(A pledg e of$20,000)
R ebecca L. Accardo ('82)
John N. Bickers, MD
Jack L. Breaux ('76)
J. Vance Broussard ('85)
L. O. Brou ssard ('55)
Mario A. Calonje ('59)
Cha rles A. Cefalu ('7 5)
Edw ard R . Chiasson ('7 8)
Kelvin J. Co ntreary ('78)
Vo nni Serbin Conrreary
P. Waverly Davidson (,59)
Richard P. Dickey, MD,
Donn R . Driver ('39)*
Frank L. Fazio ('76)
David J. Foreman ('84)
James H. French, Jr. ('75)
Joseph J. Frcnsilli, MD*
Paul Thomas Gaudet (,68)
R. Parker Griffith ('70)
Paul A. Guillory (,82)
William H. Gu llung III
('7 6)
James G. Hair ('64)
Marvin E. Stuckey ('59)
Doctors Leo ('65) and
Caro lyn Hebert
Boyd E. Helm ('67)
Michael J. Helm ('7 6)
Michael L. ('79) and
Cynthia Lifsey
Donald B. William s
Claude C. Craighead"
Donn R . Drive r"
In Memo ry of Forres t M.
Terr al
Abe Mickal?
Bernard P. Soehner" - In
Memory of Beatrice
In Memory of Ioseph B.
Alcenith V. Crawford"
Henry W . Jolly, [r ."
Fred erick A. Marx
O . J. Richardson *
In Mem ory of Celeste G .
Dr . O . R.* and Mrs. Depp
1943 -
1943 -
1. L. Fonrenelle"
Henry M. Selby
Frederick A. Pou"
H oward A. Buechner"
Leo Fisher"
Anon ymous
Lester A. Ancelet
Raymo nd J. Calecas"
Ro bert J. Ca.ngelosi, Sr.
Earl M. Eggers
George D . Lyon s, Jr.
Rob ert J. Turner III
James A. Freeman"
Roland F. Samson
James Stanford Shelb y
Cecil C. Vaughn
F. P. Bordelon"
William A. Yancey
J. D avid Burrross, [r. , MD
- In Memory of Joseph
Joseph L. Powell"
Edwin C. Simonton
Dean F. Ha.l11ITIond"
Bernard Lahasky"
Double M.embers
John W. N oble ('9 0)
John L. Pallin ('6 2)
Andrew Parker, MD
Stanley E. Pe ters, Jr. ('78 )
Fidelrna Rig by, MD , and
Peter Rigby, MD
Tom S. Ro berts, MD
Iohn A. Rock ('72)
Dale G . Salatich ('83)
John E. Salvaggio ('57)"
Dian H. Sanders ('66)
J. Stanfor d Shelby ('58)
Marvin E . Stuckey, MD
Lesley M. Warshaw ('85)
Renic k P. Web b ('83 )
Lctah Yang ('75
Gu y P. Ze ringue, Jr. ('7 0)
and Jane Zeringu e
Marshall D. Harrison
Frank P. Incaprera
Ralph Levin
Jam es Lane Sauls
Jack S. Zoller
Albert L. Bicknell"
James F. Bourgeois
Sarah M. Braud "
Th om as D . Davis
Raymond E . Horn, [r."
William M. Letson
Jack Peny Strong
Jack D. Summerlin
Jackson L. Thatcher
Dr. Charles and Mrs.
David J. Vial*
Charlto n R. Vincent
Jacquel yn S. Ancelet
Etienne R. Brown
Lynnw ood J. Brassert
Purnell W. Chopp in
W. J. H agen *
Mary Lou Applewhite
Lawrence O . Broussa rd
Robert C. Fo rtenbe rry
And rew H . H offm ann , Jr.
Alvaro T. Hunt
Jerr y D . Jord an
A. N eal McIn tyre
J. Ralph Meier
Felix G . Rabito
Charles M. Smith
Hel en K. VanFosse n
R . Luk e Bord elon
T. N eil Carmena
Donald T. Cro chet
Jack C. Geer
James W. Jackson, Sr.
H arry E. Jon es'
Bern ard L. Kaplan"
E. Ralph Lup in
Sylvan J. Manuel
C. Aus tin Meng
Joseph B. Pecot, Jr.
Ad rien A. Stewar t
1. C. Turnley, Jr.
Jack L. Winters
Charles D . Belleau
Teren ce Beven
Ernes t C. H ansen , Jr.
Anth on y A. Kat rine
Raym on d F. Kitziger, Jr.*
Ar thur Kleinschmidt, Jr.*
Alfred A. O linde
Joseph G . Patton
War ren C. Plauche
Baer 1. Ram bach
John E. Salvaggio '
Bernard Samuels
D r. Lo uis H . and Janice
Leh rue Stevens, Jr .
Honor Roll 2006 / LSD Medicinews Spring '07 -
Combined Edition
Mario A. Calonje
Robert V. Cazayoux
Milton C. Chapman
P. Waverl y Davidson
Joseph D . Guillory, Jr.
Bryson D . Jones
Russell C. Klein
H erbert M . Loyd
Arnold M. Lupin
Stuart 1. Phillips
Marv in E. Stuckey
J. Kinabrew Williams
Joseph T. Brierre
Patricia Smith Cook
Gary A. Dildy, Jr.
Travis J. Harrison
G. Tipton McKni ght
John D. Milam
Da vid L. Scally
Robert P. Blercau
J. Mich ael Cage
Wayne G. Elliott
Gerald L. Foret
Hugh A. King, Jr.
J. Hugh Larriviere
Charles C. Mary, Jr.
George F. Monzingo
Lisso Nachman
Leopold Richard, Jr.
James F. Stanford
Kenneth L. Veca
Jack A. And oni e
Richard J. Bidstrup
Louis G. Cucinotta
Frank C. Di Vincent i
Lester L. Du cote, Jr.
R. Bruce Jord an
John E. McLachlan
William A. Mixon
Ronald N. Padgett
Sanford L. Pailet
John L. Pallin
Roland J. Sylvester
Ma ck A. Thomas
M arrin A. Belanger
R ichard J. C lement
Erwin H . Engert, Jr.
Jacob B. Goff
Warren L. Gottsegen
Rodney F. Kalil
James J. Leonard
Daniel B. Lesragc, MD,
Herbert K. Plauche
Robert E. Rucl, Jr .
Ray J. Loustcau
Dian H . Sanders
Wal ter A. Scheuermann
Victor E . Tedesco II I
Kathleen T . Dunlap
Clyde E. Ellio tt
Boyd E . Helm
J . T homas Kilroy
W illiam P . N ewman III
and Diane Ne wman
Wilmot F . Ploger
John A. Thomas
Randy C. W atson
Clinton C. Aubert
Franc is T. Cazayoux
Lester P. Dulitz
James G . Hair
Gary J. Lafleur
Ladi slas Lazar o ill
Bernard L. Manale
Thomas D . McCaffery, Jr .
Carl S. Merlin
Karl J. Pizzolarro
Albert C . Rees
Earl J. Ro zas
Ralph C. Sagrera
Charles V. Sanders
Dani el R . Scullin
Kenneth N . Adarto
Thad C. Carter
Alan W . Da scomb
Paul T homas Gaudet
Ro y A. H crnelt"
Larry H. Hollier
James S. Lawton
Jack P. Murphy, Jr.
Newell O . Pugh, Jr.
Michael C. Turner
Joseph H . Bellina
C. Ed ward Fori
Carol yn S. Hebert
Leo P. Hebert, Jr.
Ch arles W. Kennedy, Jr.
Jimm y L. Ma ins
Larry J. Ma rroy
Harold Neitzschman, Jr.
W iUiam M . P usateri
Lind a Schlurnbrec ht
Janos 1. Voros
Roland S. Wa gu espack
Jerry R ay Wa tson
Robert Rex Applewhite
Gu stavo F . Car lomagno"
Joseph J. Cree ly, Jr.
Michael S. Ellis
Dexter A. Gary
R . Mc lver Hay
Trent L. [ames
Elliott B. Black
Lo uis C. Bland a, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Michae l
O'Donnell Bourgeois
Ew ing W. Cook, Jr.
Robert P . Greene III
James c. Ingram, Jr.
Myron H . Jacobs
Fri tz A. LaCour, Jr .
W. Chapman Lee
Edward D . Levy, J 1'.
Lee J. Monlezun, MD, and
Anne Monlezun
In Memory of Randy
William A. Rock, Jr.
Barry A. Shelby
Steven J., MD, and
Rebecca Snatic
Sidney W . Tate
Van M . Ardoin
Paul J. Azar , Jr .
Robert L. Baird
Frederick W . Brazda
John E . Cobb
Robert E. Di lworth
Darryl J. Elias
Glynn A. Granger
R . Parker Griffi th , Jr.
Orin F. Guidry
Pau l R . Has tings
Bryan C. McCann
Ar thu r H. Reif
John R. Romero III
D onna H . Ryan
Robert F. Ta rpy
Lester J. Vial, J 1'.
Philip O . W ilson
J. Nil as YOlU1g
Guy P. Zeringue, Jr . and
Jan e Ze ringue
Robert C. Barson
Christo pher E . Cen ac
William J. D eFee III
D aniel E. Gre millio n
Lester W . Johnson
Benn ie P. Nobles, Jr., MD,
and N ancy Nobles
M eade H . P helps
Willi am A. Rolsto n
F. W ayne Stromeyer
N eil Wolfson
Bradley C. Black
J. C harles Du gal
Th omas A. Edwards"
Dr s. John and Luc ie
James B. Godchaux
Edward E . Jeffries
Eugene M. Lo uviere
John A. Rock
Reginald P . Segar
John J. Wa rerrneier III
Phil ip A. Cole
Evelyn K. Hayes
J. V . Jones, Jr.
Mark [uneau, Jr.
D avid W. Krueger
R onald A. Land ry
Edward P. Lyo ns
Barbara B. Morgan
Victo r M . Oliver
Jon S. Palmintier
John M . Rainey
H a.rry S. Vor haben
Gene M . Barrie
Ch arles P. Bolot te
Jo seph Y. Bordelon
D avid N. Curo le
William J. Farrell
Ma son P. G ilfoil, Jr.
R . Bruce Golson
Wa rren W . Lambard
Ral ph Maxwell III
Marsha D . McNeese
Weston P. Miller III
Stephen M . Person
Austin G . Phillips, Jr.
Lawrence B. Schn eider
Pat ricia M . Schneider
T homas W . Sparks
Robert B. Akenhead
Davi d D. Alfery
David G. Baker
Robert W . Benson
Keith G . Bernard
Mic hael W . P. Boo s, Jr.
John B. Brant ley
E. Pau l Breaux ill
Jack L. Breaux, Jr.
Stephen M . Chatelain
Thompson J. Di etz
Lee R . Domangu e
Frank L. Fazio
Larry G. Fcrachi
John F. Fraiche
Cary F. Gra y
W illiam H . Gullung III
Michel E. Heard
Michael J. H elm
Don M. H emelt
C harles W . Hilton
William F. Krooss
* Robert J. Landry
Jorge A. Martinez
Julius H. M ullin s, Jr .
E. Michael O 'Bryan
Willian1 A. Pe rez
Ted Price
Roger D. Rholdon
Frank G. Rieger III
Sidney L. Bailey
Josep h D. "Jay" Busby, Jr.
D r. and M rs. Charles A.
"In Memory of Mary Ann
Gen co Cefalu"
Susan H . Day
Jacgues A. delaBre to nne
L ynn E . For et , MD and
Sharon For et
James H . French, Jr.
Michael S. Hanemann
Sanders F. Hearne
Cha rles E . Kaufman
Ronald S. Kob er
Steven D . Kraus
Alan D . Lacoste
Lawrence Levy
Alfred A. Mansour, Jr.
Thom as W . Mars h
Paul W . McCo r111ick
Ro bert E. Owens
Lee R . Pankey
William K. Robinson
and CoJleen Robinson
Fred H . Rodriguez
M ary Ella Sanders
Robert C. Schumacher
Marvin D . T ark
Dr. and Mrs. Richard W.
Brian C. W enzel
Kay Wolfson
Letah Yang
Honor Roll 200 6 / LSD Med ici news Spring '0 7 -
Combined Edition
www.medschool./suhsc.edu/alumni affairs
M ark H. Dawson
Maurice B. Faugot
Donald C. Faust
Thomas J. Kennedy
Katherine St. Am ant and
Samuel G . McClugage,
Dennis ('77) and Pri scilla
Occhipi nti
Barry W . Sartin
Randolph H. Taylor
Roger G . Wes t
Da vid L. Autin
Robin J. Barry
Francis J. Cardinale
Edward R. Ch.iasson
Kelvin J. Contreary
Edward W . Dauterive
Frank P. H enchy III
William H. Hines
,­ - ­
(Co)][]nU[]mlLtlt<e<e <odf Jl<O)(O)
Thomas K. Ju dd
Gerald E. (' 78) and Elena
Liuzz a
St anley E. Peters, Jr.
C ynthia J. Scott
E. Karl Ven tre III
Charles S. Walker
Luc y Bo rn e Walker
James B. Aileen
Wayne E. Breen
Charles W . Chapp uis, Jr.
R onald J. Daigle
Jo hn D. Frusha
Step hen P. Goodwin
Raymond E . H aile,Jr.
Stanley M . H all
William H . Kinnard
Philip J. Kur ica
R ichard M. Lau ve
Michael L., MD, and
Cynthia Lifsey
Joseph N . Macaluso, Jr.
J. David Mos er
Frederick J. Rau
Richard E. Robichaux, Jr.
Caro l W . Sartin
Mi chael J. Schutte
Leo D. Verlander
Nick J. Accard o
Bryan W . Amy
Lionel P. Bourgeois
Barry A. Bruggers
N. Joseph Deumite
Earl Jam es Garitty
Cynthia A. Glass
Michael J. Goodwin
Richard C. Jarr ell
Ra ndall D . Lea
Char les A. Leblanc
Thomas H . McCalla
Kir k M . Rousset
Anthony E. Savoie
Margie Stron g
Melvin L. Triay III
William F. von Al111en,
MD, and Madeline von
John E . Williams
D aniel R . Baker
C arl E. Blunck ill
Daniel R . Bourq ue
Vern on J. Carriere
Va nni Serbin Co nt reary
Benn ett P . deBoi sblanc
T inl E. Frederick
Richard J. G risoli
D avid Lee Hagen
Lloyd D . lUibert , Jr.
Joh n R . Landry
Michael B. Lyons
Robert J. (,8 1) an d Susan
D aniel W . Nu ss
W ayne J. Pharo
Steven E . Pillow
L inda L. Robin son
P . Do uglas Slocum
Jason L. Smith
Simon V . Ward ill
NOTE: The listing of profe ssorships in
previous H onor Ro lls is a sampling of
the generous giving for the betterment
ofLSU School of Medicine . We regret
any omissions. George H . Karam ('77),
the Paula Garvey Manship Professor of
Medicine , has pointed out that Mrs .
Manship's gift for the establishment of
the Paula Garvey Manship Chair for
Medical Educa tion has been matched by
the Board of Regents, and the endowed
chair that she established is now fully
funded at the $1 million level within the
Foundation of the LSUHSC.
Rebecca L. Accardo
William A. Anderson
Charles L. ('8 2) and
Elizabeth Beck
Bonnie A. Boyd
Paul A. Guillory
Micha el J. Jennings
Charl es P . Murphy
Mary Fazekas -May
Gerard F. ('82) and
Patricia Pcfia
Michael T. Perniciaro
William J. Prea u TIl
Rickey O . Ryals
Jame s R . Stenhouse
Leslie V . Walker
Jam es D . We lsh
Dr. a.n d Mrs. Ronald D.
Kenneth J. Champagne
Bradley J. Chast ant
Charles E . Coo k
Joseph W . Crookshank, Jr.
Oscar A. Del Portal
Mark S. Huffman
Christopher J. Rich
Dale G . Salatich
Renick P. We bb
Thomas E . Alost
Ch arles L. Brown ill
W . Andre Cenac
Jeannine Rozas Cook
Mary Ellen Corry
Cathi Fontenot
Ray Fontenot, Jr .
Da vid J. Foreman
Louis C. Hebert
Evelyn A. Kluka
William M . Lets on, ]r.
Samuel J. Lorenzo
Gar y P . M ayeux
Elizabeth A. McDonald
Chad W . Millet
Diane Cr ap anzano
D . Edward Neumann
D avid J. R au
Marshall S. St.Arnant
Dwayne A. Thomas
Gau lt H . T ownsend
Mic hael A. Wiedemann
Robert G. Anding
R . Graham Boyce
J. Vance Broussard
M'Liss Landry Crosier
('85) and D r. Jess Crosier
Marc A. Fisher
Rodney S. Florek
John F . H eaton
Brenda S. Kinard
Robert T. Mazurek
Cathe rine M . McCormick
Lesley M . Warshaw, Jr.
Robert G . Brousse
Ge rald A. Cviranovich
Jeffrey J. Joseph
Allyson B. M ayeux
Da vid J. M oreland
Ca rlo A. M usso
[aninc S. Parker
David C. Pe arce
Steven V. Scalia
D avid J. Bailey
Brian M . Barkemeyer
Peter D. Cabiran
Dr. and Mrs. Salem Da vid,
Iairnc R . Gar za and Lisa
T rail Garza
Gre gory J. Gelpi
M . Angela Mayeux
Cherie A. Nil es
N icholas J. Persich
Michelle J. Turnley
D iann e J. Albrecht
and Jeffrey Albre cht
R . Patrick Ceco la
E. Jean Dabezies
Patrick C. Hagen
Ratnamani Lingamallu
Kenneth L. Odiner, Jr .
Michael A. Seicshnaydre
George E . Turnley
Elizabeth D . Winters
Jack C. Winters
Stephen S. Wyble
Manor Roll 2006 / LSD Medicinews Spri ng '07 -
Combined Edition
www.medschool./suhsc .edu/a lumni_affairs
Kenneth B. Fall on
Paul L. Friedlander
Nancy R . Mellin
R ob in L. Pendleton
Jin1IDY N . Po nd er
Keith P. Samuels
John T. Thien
Lovick P. T homas VI
Wilso n T. Barh am
James H . Blackburn IT
T erri Walker Blackburn
Dia na K. Clavin
Daniel J. Gallag her
Christopher L. Ingram
Stephen P. Katz, MD, PhD
Ronald M. Lahasky
T ynes E . Mixon
Joh n W . Noble
Joseph A. Badeaux
Vieror H. Dinh
James K. Ellis
Keith P . Melancon
Paul L. Vaughn
[odv S. Brahney
James M . Bro wn ill , MD ,
and Rac hel Ch ua
Leslie T ho mas Chimento
Cynth ia C. Fo x
Jeffrey C . Houin, Jr.
John P. Ne ary
Paul M. Rees
C harles G. Schibler
Samir M . Sukkar
Jon G. Traxler
R . D ean Yount , Jr.
Josef Zoldos
19 9 3
Barry J . Breaux
Lou ise G . Collins
Michael W. Dole
Er ic H . Rau
Charles W . Thomas
T racie A. T raver
An dr ew K. Chang
Christopher M. Foret
<C lhl arnlP) iL<0>lnls
<0> if
James P . Moises
Edan D . Moran
R . Douglas Bostick III
Lu is M . Espinoza
Catherine M . Hebert
RandaU P. Mille r
Deborah A. Hilton
Bru ce V . Ouellett e
University Uospital reopens
T he LSU Health Care Services Division - Medical Center of Lo uisiana at New Orleans
reopened University H ospital at 202 1 Perdido Street on November 20,2006. Bearing a
new temporary name , per FEMA, LSU Interim H ospital now pro vides 85 beds for the
highest level of primary and specialty care and education for students in the health
professions .
"University Hospital will offer all of the services available at Charity and Universi ty
H ospital before the storm, with the exception of psychiatry and inpatient
rehabili tation," said Don Smithburg, CEO LSU Hospitals, at the hospital's opening.
The $64-million renovations are being financed by the Federal Emergency Management
Zeb A. Stearns
Stephen B. Mana1e
According to Rod West, chair of the LSD Board of Supervisors, the hospital will
operate as an interim facility until construc tion of a new academic medical center in
New Orleans, in partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Murruza J. Ali
Doctors Jack An donie
('62) , Robe rt H ogan
('77) , and Eric Schul tis
Faculty and Friends
Mr. Coleman E . Adler II
Dr s. Albert and Elba
Fred Allison, Ir ., M D
Carl and Mary Jane Bauer
Bayer P harmaceuticals
Bayou Orthotic &
Prosthetic Center
Paul Beaudette, Kenneth
Bordelon, William
Gerald S. Berenson, MD
John N. Bickers, MD
Joanne Brassett
Walter H. Brent, Jr. , MD
Evalin a L. Burger, MD
Lo uis R . Cabiran, M D
Daniel I. Caplan, MD
Janice S. Cap lan
Pau l G . Catro n, MD
Rachel Chua, MD
Richard M . Cirillo, MD
Mr . Ian J. Co hn
Mr s. Isidore Cohn, J r.
Pelayo Correa, MD
Eugene J. Dabczies, MD
Robert D . D'Ambro sia,
Dr s. Robert S. Daniels and
Vikki Ashley
Sarah B. d'Autrcmont, MD
George D . Davis, PhD
DePuy O rth opa edics, Inc.
In Mem ory of Nettie Lea
Richard P . D ickey, MD ,
Charles D . Di etzen , MD
Gary A. Dildy III, MD
Mr. William J. Dore, Sr.
Mr s. Judith W . Drez
Peggy and Fritz E agan
Abby, Barry and Thomas
Carmen G. Espinoz a, MD
Frank J . Ferrin, MD
C. Edward Floyd , MD
E lizab eth T. Fontham,
La uren Co hn Fo u ros
Joseph J. Frensilli, MD*
Dr. Harvey and Ave Maria
Richard E . Ge rard
Rich ard S. G ist, MD
Curtis M . Graf, MD
Gr eat er N ew Orleans
Ob/Gyn Soc iety
Clark Gu nderson , MD
Al Hernandez, MD
Alfred Y. K. H ew, Jr. , MD
L. D . "Dee " Jennings, MD
Lester and Glo ria Kabacoff
Norm a L. Kearb y, MD
Andrew G. King, M D
David G. Kline , iVlD
Mr. Joseph G. Kopfler
James and Li bby Kat, MD
William Leo n, MD*
J. Lee Leonard, MD
Jani s Gissel Letourneau,
Frank N . Low, PhD*
The Lupin Fami ly
Neil J. Maki, MD
Gray T. Malcom, PhD
G reg Maletis, MD
C ris V. Mandrv, MD
Irwin M . M arcus, MD
Robert L. M arier, MD,
D. Thom pso n McGuire,
Joseph M. Mi ller, Jr. , MD
Mr. Chuck Morris
M r. Raymond M orri s
Francis C. Nan ce, MD
James L. Ne lson, MD
Lee T. Ne sbitt, Jr. , MD
David C. Neuschwander,
In Mem o ry of Hammond
N ewman
Ierry G . Nicholson
T homas E. Nolan, MD,
and Susan Nolan
J. Patr ick O'Leary, MD
D r. " and Mrs. Ric hard M.
Paddi son
And rew Parker, M D
Iohn C. Pritchard, M D
John A. R acanelli , M D
D r. and M rs. Barry L.
Riem er
Peter L. Rigby, MD, and
Fidelma Rigby, MD
Tom S. Roberts, iVlD
Robert Roskoski, [r. , MD,
Ross Laboratories
Rothschild Pediatric Group
M r." and M rs. H . Jam es
Rottsc hafer
Wallace R u bin, MD
St . Cha rles General
Hospital - Medical Staff
Thomas S. Samuelson, M D
Vicki J. Schnadig, MD
John B. Scofiel d
Fayez K. Shamieh, MD
Phyllis C. & Irl R .
Silver stein
C harles O . Slocu mb, MD,
and Alana Slocumb
Brig . Gen . Karl N . Smith"
Honor Roll 2006 / LSU Medicinews Spring '0 7 -
Smith and N ep hew
Smi th and N ep hew
Endoscopy Di vision
Mr. Tedd y Solomon , Sr.
Ricardo U . Sor ensen , MD
Patricia Powers Str ong*
Alfredo Suar ez, MD
J. Clyde Swartzweld er ,
PhD "
D r. Jackso n and N ancy
T ownsend
Ramamohana R .
Vadlamudi , iVlD
Keith Van Meter, MD
Larry D . Weiss, MD
Ronald A. Welsh , MD
Ch arles A. White, Jr. , 1\1D
Wyeth-Ayersr Lab oratories
Steven N . Za rzo ur, MD,
and Beverly Zarzour
Marilyn L. Zimny, PhD"
* Deceased Members
Combined Edition
www.medschoo/./suhsc.ed u/a /umni affairs
Members ofthe 500
Club) which supports
basic science professorships)
are listed below.
New Members
Stephen B. Manale ('00)
Robert T. Mazurek ('85)
Elizabeth A. McDonald ('84)
Nicholas J. Persich ('87)
Double Members
Dr. John and Senator Betty*
Charles N. Aprill ('67)
Hubert C. Ashman (,43D)
Leah Wilkinson Brockway
Thomas Campanella ('43M)
Robert S. Daniels, MD
Clyde E. Elliott ('67)
Robert C. Fortenberry ('55)
Jerry D. Jordan ('55)
Richard A. Keller ('86)
Alan D. LaCoste ('75)
J. Nelson Perret (,77)
Robert Roskosk.i, Ir., MD,
Brent D. Videau ('87)
Williams Davis Wall (,61)
Paul C. Young ('58)
Regular Members
James E. Ball*
Henry W. Jolly, Jr.*
Fred A. Marx
Simon V. Ward
William J. Dimattia
Henry W. McGowen
Barry A. Bruggers
Seldon J. Deshotels, Jr.
William F. von Almen III
Oren Depp*
Philip B. Watkins
1943 - March
Howard A. Buechner"
Thomas Campanella
Tillye Cornman*
William D. Bailey
F. H. Metz, Jr.
1943 - December
Edward M. Haile
Paul M. Mann
Hubert C. Ashman
Ignacio Medina
Leon Pordy*
Ross C. Tilbury
Charles L. Fellows
H. Thomas Ellender*
Edmond J. Leroux
Robert M. Alexander
Richard D. Marino
Bernard Samuels
Cecil C. Vaughn
Paul C. Young
Julius H. Mullins, Sr.*
Libeau J. Berthelot
Lynn E. Foret
Alan D. Lacoste
John Wesley Magee
Alfred A. Mansour
Michael D. Manuel
Alan E. Sheen
Marvin D. Tark
Don B. Williams
Kenneth L. Perego
Charles W. Hilton, Jr.
Alvin Stander*
Gerald L. Foret
Lisso N aclunan
Thomas G. Latour
Williams D. Wall IV
M. M. Thompson*
Richard J. Clement
Curtis R. Duplechain
Sidney G. Chetta
Manoj Narayanan
J. Nelson Perret
Leon C. LaHaye
Bruce M. Thompson
Charles S. Wallcer
Lucy Borne Walker
Honor Roll 2006 / LSD Medicinews Spring '07 -
J. Birdsall
Charles E. Ray
Leah Wilkinson Brockway
Bradley J. Chastant
Joseph W. Crookshank.
Robert W. Dugas
Samuel J. Lorenzo
Elizabeth A. McDonald
Richard A. Keller
Robert E. Ball
Robert T. Mazurek
Barbara B. Morgan
Walter H. Daniels
Thomas W. Graves
Robert C. Fortenberry
Jerry D. Jordan
Morton L. Levy*
Edmond K. Edelson
Charles N. Aprill
Clyde E. Elliott
William P. Newman III
and Diane Newman
Nicholas J. Persich
Frank A. Rosinia
Brent D. Videau
Barry J. Breaux
Mark L. Merlin
Stephen B. Manale
Faculty and Friends
Dr. John J. Andujar
Senator Betty Andujar*
Fred G. Brazda, PhD*
Robert S. Daniels, MD
George D. Davis, PhD
Jane Cagan Miller, MD
Emel Songu Mize, PhD
R. Ranney Mize, PhD
Robert Roskosk.i, Ir., MD,
H. Adele Spence, PhD
Marilyn L. Zimny, PhD*
Combined Edition
*Deceased Members
HOHor Roll
Mem b ers of the Committee of 100 are listed beginning on page 3.
Members of the 500 Club are listed on page 8 .
The fun ds of the Medical Alumni Associati on, Inc., are audited an n ually by E rickson K rente l and L a Porte, L.L.P. A co py of
th e audit is available on request to th e Office o f Alumni Affairs.
Donations received: 1/1/06
th rough 12/31/06
Donations received in 2007
will be aclmm vledged later.
Liles, William Burchall
Perret, Joseph
Rowe, Daniel
Selby, Henry
Signorelli, John
Briley, Wilfred
D avie, Robert
Luikart , C. Bryan
Spizer, David
Kamin sky, Dave
Black, Charles
Breaux Edgar
Mir opol, H arold
Alexander, Aubrey
Comeaux, Walter
H arris, Francis
Wells, Clay
Yancey, William
Young, Robert
Cain, Frank.
Dcas, Tho mas
Hartman, Sam
Marx, Frederick
Gaethe, George
Grieshaber, Frederick
Bagn etto, Ri chard
Denley, Malcolm
Leslie, James
Middleton , H enry
Purpera, Phillip
Wexler, Alvin
Cam panella, Thomas
Peek, Go rdo n
Robi chaux, Richard
Ashman, Hubert
Derman , Herbert
Eckart, Emile
Bultman, Leon
Burk, Kopel
French , James
In caprera, Frank
Levin, Ralph
McN eely, Th om as
Samue ls, Monroe
Sanchez, Rafael
Sauls, J. Lane
To uchy, Arrnanr
Zoller, Jack
Bourgeois, JaJ11es
Pollard , Ted
Pune ky, Molly
Ruli, Jack
Strong, Jack
T aqu ino, Maurice
Turner, Charles
Beachy, William
Currier, Mortimer
Dol an, Wilfrid
H amilton, Iohn
Richard , Loui s
Th ompson , Oscar
Fagan, Vernon
Finkelstein, Paul
H yman, Albert
Kahn , Lawrence
Stewa rt, WilliaJ11
Hines, Larry
Richmond, H arold
Simpson , W. Lucien
Buttress, J.
D avis, John
Fellows, Charles
Fisher, John
Ancclcr, Jacquelyn
Brown, Etienne
Chrism, Chris
DeR ou en, Ferdinand
Dilscncdctto, Robert
Domingue, Adonis
Griffin, Oscar
H ill, L. Leighton
LaSalle, Roy
Maur oner, N orman
Pope, Carl
Puyau, Francis
Smith, Geor ge
Stern, Charles
Barrett, O'Neill
Bourgeois, Geo rge
Brassett , Lynwood
Cho pp in, Purnell
Gahagan, Lawrence
Guidry, Iohn
H olden, Alfred
Isaacson, Julius
Perry, George
Smith, WilliaJ11
Williams, Joe
Ames, Beryl
Ancelet, Lester
Cange losi, Robert
Floyd , Iohn
Hi rsch, Michael
Jarrell, Robert
Kent , Glen
Lorio, James
Lyons, George
Mitchell, David
Mor eland, Joe
Roeling, Willialn
T ate, Darrell
Turner, Rob ert
Vines, Richard
Wiedemann , Alfred
H offpauir, Mor ris
Irwin, Alton
Jordan, Jerry
Lee, Joe
LoCoco, Santo
Mcl nty re, Archie
Rabito, Felix
Smit h, B. Glenn
Smith, Charl es
Toniette, Sallye
VanFossen, H elen
Voss, Harold
Wise, Wilhelmena
Ball, Robert
Baughm an, Charles
Boagni, Eth el
Bordelon, R. Lu ke
Carrnena, T. Neil
Crane, Edmund
Eggerton, Willianl
Geer, Jack
Godfrey, William
Jackson , James
Klein, Martin
Lupin, E.
Mack, Donald
McN eill, Ma ry
McPherson , Herbert
Nlil1er, Alexandre
M uller, Donald
Poche , Carl
Riddle, N . Brannon
Schm idt, Frank
Shorts, Paul
Stewart , Adri en
Tr awick, Wand a
Waggensp ack, Guy
Ward, Swan
Ziegler, Rich ard
Applewhite , Mary Lou
Broussard , Lawrence
Higgins, Lloyd
Hillman, Billy
Honor Roll 2006 / LSU Med ici news Spring '0 7 -
Combined Ed iti o n
www.medschoo/./suhsc.edu/a/umn L affairs
Alleman, Howard
Belleau, Charles
HOHor Roll
Beven, Tere nce
Carrington, Stewart
Cotlar, Alvin
DeMouy, Edward
Fife, J. Kingsley
Greenleaf, Myron
Guarino, Guy
Langford, Cha rles
Madere , Earl
McCord, Vernon
Michel, Richard
Michel, Richard
Moore, Joh n
Patton, Joseph
R.i ngrose, Elizabeth
Samuels, Bernard
Smason, Joel
Stevens, Lehrue
Thomas, Fred
Wh ite, Cha rles
Baquet, George
Bennett, Dale
Bergeron, Wilton
Conley, R ussell
Cummings, Charles
Dileo, Joseph
H aynes, Donald
LaCroix, Kenneth
Page, Larry
Samson, Roland
Waguespack, Hubert
'H yatt, H uey
Wyble, Merrick
YOlU1g , Paul
Batte , Gerald
Calonje, Mario
Cazayoux, Robert
Daniels, Walter
Davidson, Pleasant
Graves, Thomas
Guillory, Joseph
H ebert, Larry
Hi nes, Donald
Ieansonne, William
Jones, Bryson
Keller, Ger ald
Klein, Russell
Landry, Alphonse
Loyd, H erbert
Ph.illips, Stua rt
Polites , Demetri
Stuckey, Marvin
Walls, William
Afernan, Charles
Asseff, Walter
Beauregard, Wilbur
Brierre, Joseph
Casey, Jerry
Cefalu, Salvador
Chri stopher, James
Cook, Patricia
D ildy, Gary
Fulmer , Bobby
Gregory, Conrad
Griffon , Robert
McKnight , George
Meyers, James
Milam, Jo hn
Perego, Kenneth
Rose , H oward
Sommer, Hans
Willis, James
Blereau, Robert
Bourgeois, Melvin
Bourque, J. Gat-diner
Boylston, William
Brandt , Eugene
Cage, J. Michael
Fore t, Gerald
H ano, Jessie
Johnson, Wi LliatTI
Jo nes, Frank
King , H ugh
Kleinpe ter, Lawrence
Lar riviere, J. Hugh
LeVasseur, Justin
Lutschg, James
Ma ry, Charles
Medawar, Miche l
Mitchell, Oliver
N achrnan, Lisso
Nesorn, H erbert
Scurria, Samuel
Stanford, James
Trunzler, Basil
Veca, Kenneth
Wagner, Frank
Wall, Williams
Andonie, Jack
Bergeron, Jam es
Bert rand, Cha rles
Bro ussard, N icholas
Clause, James
Cucinotta, Louis
deiaBreto nne, Gasto n
D iVincenti, Frank
Falrerman, James
Fontenelle, Larry
Grafton, Warren
Heidingsfelder, Hilda
Joffrion, Don
Jordan, R. Bruce
Kloor, Morris
Laborde, Cliffe
Manuel , Wilbert
Mar tin, Jerard
Maure r, Robert
McLachlan, John
O'Nea l, James
Padgett, Ron ald
Pailet, Sanford
Pallin, John
Shemwell, Ronald
Singletary, Ben
Thibeaux, Albert
T homas, Mack
To dd, Chester
Warner, John
YOlmg, Delosa
Belanger, Mar tin
Bickham , Billy
Biles, Andrew
Blitz, Roge r
Cathe r, Jim
D uplechain, Curt is
Engen, Erwin
Fakouri, Michael
Giles, H atUlelore
Gottsegen, 'W arren
Hargis, Robert
Holdcraft, Jacquelyne
Hunter, D avid
Leonard, James
Lestage , Daniel
Liptak , Ric hard
Ma yer, Frederick
McBurney, [ames
Miller, D . Prescott
Miller, Gene
Norwood, Charles
N ovoselsky, Seth
Robin, Richard
Rue l, Robert
Smith, Donald
Spano, Joseph
Stirling, Carl
Tujague, Lawrence
Weilbaecher, Ro bert
Williams, C.
Aver, Philip
Bailey, Myron
Barfield, William
Biundo, Josep h
Breaux , Charles
Dulitz, Lester
Fonte, Donald
Fow ler, Glenn
Giles, William
Hair, James
H utt on, Daniel
Irnahara, John
Joffrion , Van
Johnson, Darryl
Leatherman, Edward
McCaffery, Thomas
McCrary, Ro bert
Merlin, Alvin
Merlin, Carl
Od om, James
Peters, Calvin
Peters, Calvin
Pittman, E. Blaine
Pizzolatto, Karl
Rees, Albert
Ro zas, Earl
Sagrera , Ralph
Sanders, Charles
Troxler, R aymond
T urne r, Raymon d
Willis, Fred
Winokur, Samuel
Zehnd er, Paul
19 65
$7,100.0 0
Brooks, G. Gary
Collins, Ted
Davidson, N orma n
Haley, Ro bert
H aydel, Rob ert
H ebert, Carol yn
Hebert, Leo
Honor Roll 2006 / LSU Medicinews Spring '07 -
Combined Edition
ww w.me dsc hoo /./suhsc.edu/a/umni affairs
Kennedy, Charles
Leggio , Lou is
Maraist, David
Martinez, 1.
Milek, Michael
Ro dosta, Frederick
Rucker, George
Schlumbrecht, Linda
Sharp, Robert
Sibille, Paul
Sorre lls, John
VanDerV lugt, T heresa
Waguespack, Roland
Wheat-Carter, Margaret
Applewhite, Robert
Blanchard, Pierre
Clawson , Robert
Cohen, Gerald
Creely, Joseph
Gary, Dexter
Gilmer, William
Griffith , Thomas
H ay, R . Mclver
H ebert , Richard
Kiplinger, P. Reed
Levert , Samuel
Lipscomb, Kirk
Richi e, Joh n
Sand ers, Dian
Sorrells, Timothy
Sutto n, Fletcher
T edesco, Victor
Toups, Robert
Wexler, Na than
Williams, Du ane
Yount, Beverly
Aprill, Charles
Austin, James
Ayres, Hoyt
Bolin, John
Buckner, Geo rge
Elliott, Clyde
Evans, James
Fontenot, Charles
Friley, Michael
Fuselier, H arold
Greer, Carlton
Grigs by, Tobin
Guy, Robert
H abert, Edward
HOHor Roll
Helm, Boyd
Kelly, Roy
Kilroy, J. Thom as
Lewis, Ch arles
Madden, M ichael
Marrus, Ronald
Massey, Mitchell
N ewman, William
Ro binson, Joseph
Schneller, Sylvia
Thomas, John
W atson, Randy
Adatto, Kenneth
Albri ght, G. Havard
Andras, Ellis
Cunningham, F. Ga ry
D aspit, Sha ro n
Dean, H erschel
Futch, Kenneth
Gaudet, Paul
Gu idry, Floyd
H anchey, Ro bert
H aydel, Ric hard
H ebert , Harold
H ollier, Larry
Hoth, Jam es
Landrum, C lyde
Lawton, J. Sidney
Ledet , 'W alter
Lynch, Michael
MacGregor, John
McBurney, D onald
M cCaa, Willi am
Oli vier, Charles
O lsan, Richard
Pelletier, William
Pierce, J. Conr ad
R ando, Stephen
Savoy, Gregory
Strug, Bur t
Th om as, Cr aig
W inkler, Donald
And rews, Ma ry
Bourgeois, M ichael
Brown, Joseph
Coo k, Ewing
Cummings, Lewi s
Frem aux, Ric hard
Goldsby, Regin ald
Greene, Robert
Haile, Edward
Heidelberg, Stephanie
H ernard, Bryan
Hindelang, F. Michael
Ingram , James
Jaco b, Jack
Jaco bs, Myron
LaCour, Fritz
Lee, W . Chapman
Levy, Edward
Mat111, P . Mic hae l
Massony, Barba ra
McLemore, H en ry
Melton, Lee
Mick al, D on ald
Mo nlezun, Lee
Morrow, Robert
Ra balais, Philip
Roach, Christo pher
Rock, William
Shel by, Barry
Smith, R. M ichael
Stolfi, Joseph
T assin, A. John
Ardoin, Van
Azar, Paul
Baird, Ro bert
Bray, D avid
Brazda, Frederick
Britt, A. W ayne
Cottrell, John
Di lwo rt h, Robert
Elias , Darryl
Folse, Cr aig
Gr anger, G lynn
Guidry, Ori n
H astings, Pa ul
Higgins, Janet
Lee , Byro n
Leroux, Edmond
McCaru1, Bryan
Miceli, J.
Morgan, Mallan
Pa rou r, Cha rles
Ric hey, John
Richter-Ric hard, Mary
R omero , John
Sarde nga, Loui s
Tarpy, Robert
Vial, Lester
Walker, Jo l111
Wi lson, Phili p
Zeringu e, Guy
Abbott, Walter
Bande l, Philli p
Barnes, J. Robert
Carter, Richard
Danna, Lawr ence
D eFee , Willian1
DeMent, Leon
DiLeo, John
Fras er, Warren
Go ld, Melvin
H oward, Hall
Hughes, Frank
Johnson, Lester
M arino, Robert
Morgan, Lee
Nobles, Benn ie
Phelps, Meade
Pr ejean, Mic hael
Rush , Robert
Schwendimann, Robert
Strorneyer, F. W ayne
Tillingh ast, A. Judson
Tonore , J.
Varnado , Jin1111ie
Alexander, Robert
Black, Bradley
Boothe, James
Daniel, Wi lliam
Da vidson, Edw in
Day, Ar th ur
Elfervig, Jo hn
Fresh, C. Babson
Hollowa y, R . Ashton
Jeffries, Edward
Kessler, Michael
Klein peter, H ub ert
Kup lesky, Step hen
LaR avia, De nni s
Parks, Harold
Price, Steve
Radzikowski, Ron ald
Rag gio, John
Rock, John
Sabatier, Susan
TaI111er, Martin
W atermei er, JOlu1
Woessner, William
Bliss, Donald
Brown, Malcolm
Co le, Phi lip
Coles, Chester
Coogan, M ichael
Hall , Peyto n
Harris, D ouglas
Jones, James
Jun eau, Mark
Kirk, Ha rry
Kreh, Gustave
Landry, Philli p
Lea, J. Randall
Maho rney, Steven
Mire, L.
Mock, Tommy
M o rgan, Barb ara
N asca, Joel
N eum ann , Leonard
Oliver, Victor
Ott, Norm an
Palm inti er, Jo n
Schmulen, A. Ca rl
Scroggins, Joh11
Seyfer, Alan
T ennison , D ou glas
Vinci , Edmund
Vorhaben, H arry
Barlow, Carl
Bern ard , John
Black, William
Bolorte, Cha rles
Bom ber, Ronald
Bor delon, Joseph
Caffard , Randa l
Cose ntino, Douglas
D awson, Robert
DeB oisblanc, Rene
Faust, Barry
Fourrier, Da vid
Gewin, W illi am
Glynn , Ga ry
Hoffman, Eugene
Layne, Thomas
Leven thal, Bennett
M art in-Schneider,
P atricia
M axwell, Ralph
McNeese, Marsha
Phillips, Aus tin
Schn eider, Lawrence
Honor Roll 2006 / LSU Medicinews Spring '0 7 -
Combined Edition
www.medschool.lsuhs c.edu/alumni affairs
Sparks, T homas
Willi ams, Step hen
Zander, Richard
Andrus, Timoth y
Armstro ng , J01111
Bailey, Keith
Biggerstaff, James
Busby, Joseph
Cappel, Josep h
Cefalu, Charle s
Crouch, M . Steve
Dal1111es, Robert
Danna, Nicho las
deiaBreto nn e, Jacgues
DeSon ier, Keith
Dr ude, Richard
Foret, Lynn
French, James
Hearn e, Sanders
Hill, Jam es
Horowitz, Jay
Ko ber, Ronald
Kra us, Steve n
Lacoste, Alan
Leventhal, Lawrence
Magee, J, Wesley
Mansour, Alfred
Manuel, M ich ael
M arcello, Michael
Marcus, Randall
McCorm ick, Paul
Mo ntgome ry, Michael
Pankey, Lee
Robinson, William
Rodriguez , Fr ed
R olston , B. Steele
Ryan, Thomas
Sheen , Alan
Smith, D on ald
St. Amant, R o bert
Stein, Maureen
Tark, M arvin
T ho mas, Richard
T u rner, Patri cia
W agu espack, Richard
Wenzel, Brian
Williamson, W . D aniel
Yang, Le tah
Yellin, Steven
Akenh ead, Ro bert
Alfery, Da vid
HOHor Roee
Belsom, William
Benson, Robert
Bernard, Gordon
Bernard, Keith
Boos, Michael
Brantley, John
Bre aux, E.
Breaux, Jack
Buras, Floyd
Ch atelain, Stephen
Crouch, Rebecca
DeLine, Carol
Dietz, Thompson
Dillon, Iley
Domangue, Lee
Donner, E. Michael
Dorsey, Denise
Dupont, Jules
Dyess, Bonita
Eifert, Joseph
Falterman, Casey
Fazio, Frank
Friedman, Aaron
Gray, Cary
Gullung, William
Hall, Clifford
Harper, M.
Heard, Michel
Helm, Michael
H ernelt, Don
Henry, Clara
Hilton, Charles
Iglin sky, William
Iolissaint, Stephen
Jones, John
Knapp, Michael
Kokernor, John
Lawrence, George
Liner, F. Jeff
Martinez, Jorge
Mill er, Martin
Montegudo, Jessica
Montz, John
Moreno, Francisco
Mullins, Julius
O 'Bryan, E. Michael
Perez, William
Price, Edwin
Rholdon, Roger
Roberts, Floyd
Robertson, Kent
Stafford, John
Swan, Kirtland
Toney, Lee
Ursin , Susanne
Yongue, Marelle
Angelico, Blaise
Baumgartner, Richard
Claunch, Alan
Cotlar , M . Jack
D awson, Mark
Faugot, Maurice
Faust, Donald
Grieshaber, Robert
Guidry, Iohn
H alperin, Henry
H arper, Kenneth
Hutchinson, Jeffrey
Kennedy, Thomas
Landry, Edmund
McClugage , Katherine
M cD onald, Stephen
Narayanan , Manoj
Occhipinti, Dennis
Pitre, Wa yne
Sartin, Carol
Schultis, Eric
Streiffer, Richard
T aylor, Randolph
Vial , Wa yne
Barry, Robin
Bond, Jane
Borland, Thomas
Broussard, Jerome
Brown, Randall
Bruce, Melody
Capone, Kenneth
Ca rdin ale, Francis
Chiasson, Edward
Contreary, Kelvin
Cormier, Michael
Culbertson, H. Stanley
Culotta, Frank.
Dassey, Da vid
Dauterive, Edward
Dupont, Adela
Gallagher, Ruthanne
G al1aspy , Glenn
Gr emillion, Scott
Guerre, Eugene
Henchy, Frank.
H in es, William
Jean sonne, Cornel
Jones, Mary
Judd, Thomas
Killebrew, Frances
LaHaye, Leon
LaIY, Michael
Liuzza, Gerald
M anion, Kernan
Miller, John
Monte, Frank
Pastorek, Joseph
Pearce, Ralph
Peters, St anley
Rankin , Douglas
Reisfeld, Robert
Ri zzo, Joseph
Robichaux, Alfred
Rooney, Patricia
Scott, Cy nthi a
Seegers, Robert
Smith, J. Michael
Thompson, Bruce
Wade, Jame s
Willer , C. Lucy
Walker, Charles
Brian, Gregory
Cefalu, William
Cenac, Joseph
Ch appuis, Charles
Daigle, Ronald
Frush a, John
Goodwin, Stephen
Gr aul, Edward
Haik, R aymond
Hall, Stanley
Hudson, Janice
Koelem ay, Kathryn
Kurica, Philip
Lauve, Richard
Lifsey, Michael
Lusk, Michael
Mack, Keith
McMichael, Robert
Menard, Ronald
Morvant, Richard
M oser , J. Da vid
N obl e, Jack
Ol inde, Andrew
Oliver, H . Whit
Oreck, Ste ven
Pr ice, T ho mas
R obinson, Franklin
Sartin, Barry
Schutte, Michael
Stubbs, Kenneth
Thibodaux, Donald
T ilyou, M ark
Tomkins, Ra y
Accardo, Nick
Andrews, L. Clayto n
Ashe, Herbert
Bruggers, Barry
Burris, Robert
Burt, T errence
Cefalu, Jo seph
Deumite, N . Jo seph
Eggen, St even
Gantry, E . James
Glass, Cyn th ia
Goodwin , Michael
Halle, Alan
Jarrell, Richard
Karner, H arold
Kline, Ri chard
LeBlanc, Charles
Madigan, Mi chael
Martinez, Ric ardo
McCalla, Thomas
McKay, Charles
Miletello, Ger ald
Pitard , Edward
Richard son, Marion
Rubin, Mark
Savoie, Anthony
Schella ck, Jon
Triay, Melvin
Von Alm en , William
Ward, Kenneth
Young, Charles
Anzalone, Fanancy
Bak er, Jeffrey
Beuttler, Kathleen
Bloomfield, Eric
Blunck, Carl
Bourque, Daniel
Carriere , Vernon
Co le, John
Collinsworth, Horace
Co rnrne do re, Emile
Co nt reary, V a n ni
D arr , Pamela
Di az, Raul
Donner , Francis
Donssan , Donald
Duplechain, Randall
Fitzmorris, Catherine
Flynn, Patricia
Godfrey, Ri chard
Honor Roll 2006 / LSU Medicinews Spring '07 -
Combined Edition
www.medschoo/ ./suhsc.edu/a/umni affairs
Hagen, David
Heflin, Richard
Hulett, Alan
Hurrelbrink, Lester
Jackson, Bryce
James, M ark
Johnson, Tim
Judice, Michael
Keppel, Frederick
Klibert, Lloyd
Landry, Barry
LeBlanc, Bryce
Leveque, Christopher
Lip srate, Linda
Lyons, Michael
Maher, Timothy
Martin, E . Edward
McGehee, D avid
Mild<-, John
Morales, Anthony
Murnane, M ary
O'Byrne, Marilu
Pharo, Wayne
Pillow, Steven
Price, Jere
Robinson, Linda
Rougeau, Robin
Sansing, Mary
Schuller, Hans
Simmons, Ann
Sirven, Carlos
Slocum, Paul
Smith, Jason
Spitzer, Peter
Stafford, Ursin
Steinkampf, Michael
Uddo, Joseph
W ard , Simon
Wheelah an, Patricia
Wood, Robert
Accardo , R eb ecca
Anderson, William
Beck, Charles
Ben son, David
Bernadas, Ronald
Beuttler, William
Bienvenu, James
Bo yd , Clay
Breaux, Edward
Brown, Kerry
Clark, Gary
Coffman , V. Dale
Cornwell, Janis
Courrege, M ary Lou
HOHor Roee
Frey, Daniel
Gibson , Keith
Goodwin, Mary
Greenberg, Scott
Griffies, W. Scott
Guillory, Paul
Honigman, Timothy
Loria , Philip
Malm ay, Kim
Minoff, Michael
Murp hy, Charles
Murray, Joseph
Osbu rn, Kevin
Oshan, Keith
Paddison, Patricia
Parker, Waylon
Peebles, Susan
Pena, Gerard
Perniciaro, Michael
Preau, William
Ray, Charles
Reeves, James
Rolfsen, Michael
Ryals, Rickey
Slusher, Chr istopher
Smith, Alan
Stenhouse, James
Tumminello, Sam
Vicari, Roberta
Walker, Leslie
Zeiner, Richard
Banquer, Kirk
Bienvenu, Gregory
Bourgeois, Keith
Branyas, N ancy
Brignac, Donald
Brockway, Leah
Case, William
Cassidy, William
Cave, Stephan ie
Champagne, Kenneth
Chasranr, Bradley
Coo per, John
Cran, Patricia
Crookshank, Joseph
Davis, William
DelPortal, Oscar
Drumm, Rob ert
Garcia, Susan
H aas, Michael
H oag, Martha
Jewell, David
Koder, Brett
LeBlanc, Larry
Licciardi, D olleen
Mayer, Diane
Moen, Melissa
Molligan, Ann
Molligan , H arry
N eu, Cheryl
O'Bryan, David
Ochsner, Isabel
Paulson, James
Rachal, Paul
Rich, Christopher
Ro bichaux, William
Rockwood, Kathleen
Romaguera, Gerard
Rusch, James
Russo, Glenn
Smith , Kirk
Smith, Lisa
Stoker, Mark
Tribou, Arthur
Brown, Charles
Brown, James
Charron, George
Fon tenot, Cathi
Fontenot, Ray
Foreman, David
Gutgsell, Gregory
Harris, Renee
Kluka, Evelyn
Kwark, Soon
Lorenzo, Samuel
Mayeux, Gary
McDonald, Elizabeth
Millet, Chad
Murp hy, Terrance
Petit, Brian
Picou, Marguerite
Rau, David
Schnabel, James
Schofield, M. Wendy
Speeg, Stephen
St. Amant, Marshall
Tabor, Roslyn
Thomas, Dwayn e
Tsai, Leon
January 1) 2006) throug h D ecember 31) 2006
Alumni Office General Support
Co mmittee of 100 Special Account
D ean's Discretionary Fund
Isido re Co hn Chair
Claude Craighead Chair
R ob ert D'Ambrosia Chair
Davi d Drez Chair
H arvey Gabert Chair
D avid Kline Chair
George Lyons Chai r
William Stewart Chair
Mervin L. Trail Chair
Fred Allison Professorship
Nicolas Bazan Professorship
Gerald Berenson Professorship
Jo hn Buddingh Professorship
Louis Cabi ran Professors hip
Pelayo Correa Professors hip
Roland Co ulson Professorship
H arty Dascomb Professorshi p
H enry Jolly Professorship
Albert Lauro Professorship
Richard Paddison Professorship
Bern ard and M arie Lahasky Professorship
Louis Levy Professorship
Jim Lowenstein Professorship
Eduardo M arvez-Valls Professorship
Sam McClugage P rofesso rship
1,000 .00
4,500 .00
9 50.00
101 ,11 6.66
9 75 .00
7,46 8. 00
10 ,000.00
2,0 50 .00
3,775. 00
2 ,999.96
3 1,64 8.60
Horatio E . Reily Professorship
William R ock Professorship
Charl es Sanders Professorship
Richard Vial Professorship
R onald Welsh Professorship
15 ,524. 92
50 0 Club (Basic Science Professorships)
6 ,940.00
Alumni En dowed Scho larship Fu nd
1,250 .00
Alumni Merit Scho larship Fund
Angela Christian Scho larship
10 0.00
Lynwood and Joanne B. Brassett Scho larshi p
2, 193.66
Shira Kansas Scho larship
69 3.66
Bobbie Mi llet Scholarship
250 .00
Keith M organ Scholarship
Admiss ions
William Bradley Memorial Fund
9 ,650 .00
Jam es O . L illy Memorial Fund
Howard Randall M em orial Fund
2,250 .00
Isido re Co hn , Ir., MD, L earnin g Center Fund 671 ,929.52
G . Gordon McHardy Award
25 0.00
Class of '76 Special Fund
50 .00
LSD Medicine Stu dent Affairs
25 .00
O phthalm ology Enrichment
Path ology D iscretionary Fu nd
15 ,41 5.28
Psych iatry Development Fund
2006 75 th An niversary Fund
4,000 .00
Hurricane Ka tr ina Reli ef Fund
Honor Roll 2006 / LSU Medicinews Spring '0 7 -
$ 1)55 0 715.37
Combined Edition
www.medschoo/./suhsc.edu/a /umnL affa irs
HOHor Roll
1457 Alumni Donors
$ 1,024,946.27
167 Non-Alunmi Donors
TOTAL $ 1,557,715.37
Walker, James
Walton, Benjamin
Ward, George
White, J. Johnny
White, Judith
Adolph, Vincent
Allen, Gregory
Anding, Robert
Boudreaux, Ronald
Bourgeoi s, John
Colligan , Robert
Curtis, D. Th om as
DeMouy, Jeffrey
DeMouy, Therese
Duhon, Neal
Failla, Paul
Fisher, Marc
Florek, Rodney
Gaar, W. Michael
Gleason , John
Heaton, John
Jackson, Gwenn
Kinard, Brenda
Mangin, Earl
Mangin, Kristen
Manuel , Francine
Mazurek, Robe rt
Murphy, Ph yllis
Padgett, Charles
Picou, Bryan
Pillari, Grace
Scott, Lisbeth
Silverberg, Joel
Silverberg, Marla
Sotile, Steven
Wallace, John
Warshaw, Lesley
Becker, Carol
Boustany, Patty
Brousse, Rob ert
Cvitanovich, Gerald
Dickerson, N ancy
Fer ry, Michael
Fouchi, Dana
Gates, T. Gerald
Gremillion , Brian
Gremillion, Steven
Hussey, James
Joseph, Jeffrey
Kanosky, Michael
Kenned y, Rose
Klein, W.
Laborde, Robert
Lan oux, Scott
Layton , Nan cy
Leggio, Benjamin
Mayeux, Allyson
McDonald, Catherine
Moody, Mary
Moreland, David
Musso, Carlo
Ogden, Samm y
Parker, Janine
Patt, Bradford
Pichoff, Bruce
Scurria, Philip
Shearer, Patric ia
Thibodeaux, Kerry
Weaver, Michael
White , Pamela
Bailey, David
Barkemeyer, Brian
Bella, Timothy
Burke, Benjie
Coats, John
Cruz, Oscar
Da vid, Salem
Gelpi, Grego ry
Grenier, Christopher
Hightower, Martin
Holloway, Jodie
Johnson, Emily
Khalaf, Rarniz
Krousel-Wood, Marie
Legrand, Milton
Lenox, Valerie
Matta, Luis
Mayeaux, Carl
Mayeux, M.
Menezes, Rob ert
Modrcin, Ann
Molthrop, D avid
Moorman, Rit a
Morgan, Glenn
Niles, Cheri e
O'Donovan, Sean
Persich, Ni cholas
Rhodes, John
Sassone, Randy
Scalia, P. Gregory
Simkin, D eborah
Turnley, Michelle
Videau, Brent
Wehle, Frede rick
Albrecht, Dianne
Bertucci , Philip
Bugg, Michael
Cecola, R.
Delsiieux, Peter
Dupre, Allen
Edwards, Byard
Ferriss, Adrienne
Hagen, Patrick
Haymon , Marie
Karl, Deanna
Klein, Terren
Larrison, James
Larrison, Sherlyn
Lingamallu, Ratnarnani
Maffei, Joanne
Mall, Gary
Martin, Laura
McCread y, James
Mooney, Timoth y
Nance , Michael
Odinet, Kenneth
Owen, Virgini a
Randolph, R ozalynde
Resweber, Scott
Rhodes, Kent
Ritchie, Mark
Seicshnaydre, Michael
TaIl, Tina
Tedesco , Victor
Travis, Joe
Turnley, George
Vaughn, Cecil
Winters, Elizabeth
Winters, Jack
Wyble, Stephe n
Younathan, Carol
Young , D avid
Abene, Michael
Archer, N oah
Carroll , Matth ew
Deavers, Michael
Frantz, Melind a
Guillot, Richard
Hong, Chu Shei
Joseph, Susan
Kadi, James
Lieux, T. Rich ard
Mellin, Nancy
Mendenhall, E. Marie
Morrison, Maury
Nunnally, Donna
Patterson, Ann
Pendleton, Rob in
Perez , Lisa
Petivan, Victoria
Pflug, Steven
Poche, Jerry
Ponder, Jimmy
Thomas, Lovick
Plessala, Kirby
Ritter, Therese
Samuels, Richard
St. John, Fayne
Tujague, Graham
Williams, Michael
Arias, Gerardo
Bateman , Dewitt
Bratcher , Christina
Brown, R. Tim oth y
Cabiran, Paul
Ellis, James
Friedman, Andrea
Gegg , Chri stopher
Guerin Palmer,
Hazel , R . Mark
Krieger , Sharon
Majoria , Ryan
Melancon, Keith
Roberts, Richard
Vaughn, Paul
Witcher, Robert
Won g, T. Peter
Barham , Wilson
Blackburn , James
Blackburn, Ter ri
Callaghan, James
Carey, Thomas
Christ, Elizabeth
Clavin, Diana
Co uvillon, Larry
Eckert, Jeanne
Fischer, Staci
Gallagher , Daniel
Grimm, Mary
Hanks, Michael
Hebert, Louis
Ingram, Christo pher
Katz, Stephen
Lahasky, Ronald
Lopez, Fred
MacCurd y, Joe
Martin, John
Murphy, Th eresa
Noble, John
Peltier, Henry
Pino, Rich ard
Plessala, Dene en
Aguillard, Paul
Aycock, Richa rd
Basco, William
Bellanger, Drake
Bowden, Th om as
Brown, James
Chimento, Leslie
Crapanzano, [ohn
Echt, Margaret
Flower, Ronda
Forte, Vincent
Gauthier, Craig
Granier, Steven
Hart, Rob ert
Houin, Jeffrey
Isabelle, Michael
Lo-Blais, Betty
Lucio , Daniel
McBride, Lori
Miller, John
Neary, John
Rees, Paul
Robertson, Kathleen
Savoy, Patrick
Schibler, Charles
Honor Roll 2006 / LSU Medicinews Spring '07 -
Combined Edition
www .medschoo/./suhsc.edu/a/umni_affairs
HOHor R,o(J(J
Sukkar, Samir
Traxl er , Jon
Weimer, Step hen
White, D avid
Yount, R . D ean
Zoldos, [ozef
Breaux , Barry
Burke, Mary
Collins, Lou ise
Dole, Mi chael
Fischer, Melissa
Granier, P atr icia
Kaplan, D avid
Little, Willi am
Merlin, M ark
Sachdev, Vishal
Stoll, Jam es
Ta ylor, Pami
W ight, Lura
Beyer, M atthew
Blais, Christopher
Brown, Leslie
Chang, Andrew
Chehardy, Ch arles
Dupre, Mi chael
Est opinal, C. T emple
Foret, Christo pher
H appel , Michael
LaCour, O wen
Luke , Celeste
Redmann , Jam es
Sharma, Anupama
Thompson, Craig
Weimer, M aria
Baumgarten, Kath erine
Brar, Pamila
Bratton, Clayton
Cho, Austin a
Clarke, Drew
Clarke, Lizabeth
Da vid, Lisa
Dowty, Bet ty
Dunn, Jame s
Eckert, Mi chelle
Edwards, Thomas
Gothard, Sand er
Guilbault, R obert
Le, Lisa
McCal1l1, Shawn
O cchip inti , An thony
Parker, Thomas
Pelitere, M argaret
Pisciotta, M ichele
Politz, Douglas
Politz, Laura
Rigol, Jason
Singleton-Ben , M ia
Tral1, KhaJili
Bar rios, D ave
Bostick, R. D ou glas
Byrd , Kenneth
Chadha, M oni sha
Da y, W arn er
Fambro, James
Fargason, D onna
Hoefle, Jeffrey
Hoefle, Stephanie
Landers, Joseph
Landry, Adrian
Luke, Lisa
Mary, Charles
Parrish , Jame s
Pfister, Irma
Schwab, D onald
Summer, Ross
T anious, Bonnie
Weilbaecher, Rob ert
Wilson-Pilibosian, Leslie
Barfield , Louis
Bragg, James
Cerri, Gianluca
Dei chmann, Laura
Espinoza, Luis
Givon, Lior
Hebert, Cath erine
Holton, Joanna
Marcantel, Kara
McCann, Darron
Miller, Randy
Mugford, Lesley
Nguyen, Tral11
Nicotri, Thom as
Oubre, Bent on
Ra ymond, Sidn ey
Rossi, Janet
Schruff, Lou is
Shane, Andrea
~ the Alumni Office
Having worked at LSUHSC as Head of
Perinatology and D epartment Chair) I
appreciategreatly the A lumni Association)
since I am a g raduate ofCanada. Y et you
produced a Chair/ Professorship in my name)
what an honor.
I am having a very difficult time dealing with
prostate cancer and other complications of
treatment. Regardless ofmy future status) I
will always remem ber LSU.
- Dr. Harvey A . Gabert
Berntson, Gail
Galiano, Vinc ent
H ilton, D eb or ah
Johnson, Kr istin
Klein , W . Jeffery
Lirette, Alicia
Loup, Chad
Loup, Mi chelle
Mary, Mignonne
Moncada, Lainie
Ouellette, Bru ce
Yan, Jiong
Berry, Angelle
Brooks, Derrick
Canas-Polesel, Adriana
Charbonn et, Nicole
Clark-Gulino, Samantha
Di etrich, Damon
Funderburk, Jason
Gallina, Claudio
Go dchaux, Jame s
H arr is, Mi chael
H oran, R . Clinton
Manuel, Nicholas
Marino, Mark
Naquin, Ch ristopher
Parrino, Suzanne
Shannon, Amie
Shannon, Sean
Stakes, Kearney
Stearns, Zebediah
Yerger , Edward
Achee , Christopher
Campagnaro, Eri ca
Collins, Keith
Craig, Lucius
Daigle, Rodd
Espinoza, Andrea
Espinoza, Gabriela
God chaux, Joel
Manale, Stephen
Marx, jennifer
McCrossen , John
McGoey, Robin
Occhipinti, Robert
Rabalais, Erika
Rabalais, Robert
Val1 Hook, Kri stin
Vu, Quang
Ali, Murtuza
Avegno, Jenni fer
Bayonne, Harold
Beauchamp, Marg ie
Booth, Ashley
Canales, Benjamin
Centeno, Sarah
Copeland, Leslie
Foret, Edison
Garaudy, Andrea
Go rn bako -Am os, Lo uise
Honor Roll 2006 / LSU Medicinews Spring '0 7 -
Combined Edition
H arshman, Heather
Hutchinson, Jeanne
Koch, Da vid
Layman, T odd
Lemann, Rebekah
N guy en , Hinh
Pickens, Shannon
Riche, Kevin
Roberts, Laura
Santanilla, Jairo
Schmeeckle, Kellie
Stuckey, Ashley
Sumich, Andrew
Ta ylor, James
Granger, Christopher
Hebert, Harold
Ka rge, Michael
N ewman, William
Ryan , J. Coogan
T enn ey, Justin
Babineaux, Kelly
Chia, Jessica
Odom, Patrick
Thomas, Patricia
Canlas, Christopher
Henry, Miyoshi
H olman, Sta cey
Jami son, SUZal1l1a
Kiefer , Todd
Lawrence, Julie
Ryan, Sarah
Tetzlaff, Mary
Vorhaben, Aim
W iltz, Scott
Gilbert, Er in
Goswami, Joyee
Lalonde, Chrissy
Landry, Jason
Hill , Eric
Dear Alwnns:
The current LSD Medical Alumni Association is a volunteer organization organized
in 1980 and has served the LSD Medical School with the extraordinary efficiency
for the last 26 years. In 2004 to improve operations, it became a 501 (c)3
corporation. The secret to our Alumni Association has been its management. We've
been blessed with outstanding advisors, officers, board and staff. Associate Dean
Russell Klein, Chancellor Larry Hollier, and our board and executive committee
have provided us with a stable and competent backbone for success. Since the
disastrous hurricanes of 2005, we are finally back to a home site at 533 Bolivar
Street. It's good to be home .
Our mission has not changed. We are dedicated to supporting the school and to
excellence in student, resident, and practicing physician education. We do this in
part by participating in special projects on a regular basis. Tiger RW1 is the LSD
students first opportunity for clinical medicine and its funds support the Homeless Clinic. Camp Tiger
supports a summer camp for special-needs children , run by the students.
LSD Medical Alumni Association has established chairs, professorships, lectureships and scholarships for
the past 26 years. This has kept our education at a level of one of the finest in the country. We get regular
requests from all levels of our school for help and we respond. Our financial success has been from alumni
donations and from other private sources including drug and device manufacturers, foundations and from
fundraising events.
In September 2005 we began the new mission of hurricane relief. Living expenses, books, supplies,
simulation equipment and even meals were provided while our students were on the Baton Rouge campus
during the rebuild of the New Orleans Campus. In doing this we exhausted all of our accumulated reserves,
which we are slowly building back.
Another primary mission is continuing medical education with our subsidiary 501 (c)3 organization the
Institute of Professional Education. In the LSD Lions Building, we are renovating the sixth floor student
learning center for medical students. This gives our medical students access to the finest level of computer
based simulation programs . The fifth floor will be rebuilt for the Center for Advanced Practice. This center
is to serve the practicing physicians and residents with virtual reality, animal surgery, or cadaveric surgety
training. They will be provided with an opportunity to learn and perfect new and current procedures. In
addition, we have a host of in-house and other CME courses.
LSD School of Medicine is the heart and soul of the state's system of medical education and care for the
underserved. We are the primary center for advanced resident education. Charity Hospital in New Orleans
as we know it is gone. We do know that we will rebuild a better and more efficient system of education
and healthcare . As physicians, we have public approval. Poll after poll we are ranked among the most
trusted professions. We can strengthen our position and authority being advocates on issues like the
uninsured, healthy lifestyles, and preventive medicine. This can only be done by hard work and medical
education. Please join the ranks of the many alumni who are helping LSD Medical Center build a better
future for our sons and daughters and friends in the coming generations.
What can you do? You can do a lot. You can donate your time and money. You can join the Committee
of 100. You can give at your level of financial capabilities. We ask you to inquire and attend our CME
courses. Please communicate with the Medical Alwnni Association . On June 8 and 9,2007, reunions for
the classes of '46, '47, '52, '57, '62, '67, '72, '77, '82, '87, '92, and '97 will take place, and on June 9 we
have an outstanding CME program with CME credits available and all alumni can attend. Call (504)
568-4009 for details. Malee plans for June 2007 to join us and fellow alumni for a real good time .
"Laissez tes bons temps router!"
President LSD Medical Association, 2006-2007
Honor Roll 2006 / LSU Medicinew8 Spring '07 -
Combined Edition
October Gala for the Diamond Jubilee
t was billed as ''The First Day of School For The Next 75 Years"
and was the final celebratory event of our Diamond Jubilee year
2006. The site was the Astor-Crowne Plaza Hotel. The date was
October 7, 2006, an auspicious day since the school opened for
business on October 1, 1931, and for the 448 attendees it was nirvana
in the "The Big Easy."
Featuring a silent auction of over 160 items and a live auction of five
luxury items including: a trip to Las Vegas and a diamond ring, the
evening began with cocktails, then dinner, and ended with dancing. Also
featured was the dedication of three professorships and an appearance by
guest auctioneer, the Honorable Huey Pierce Long (John Paul de la
As a fund-raiser the Gala was a huge success, raising $250,000 to
Senator John Breaux receives a Diamond Jubilee poster
reconstruct and reequip the Learning Center. As the capstone of the
Larry Hollier ('68), Dean ofLSU School of
Association's efforts in 2006 it was even more wonderful and
meaningful given all the adversity caused by Hurricane Katrina . The
program cover featuring "Mike the Tiger" striding across a pool of
water from the purple haze of night to the golden dawn of a new
day. Okay, so we used a little computer enhancement for the
background but it was the real tiger wading in his real pool. The
effect of the evening continued with all the guests receiving
tiger-stripe lanyards for their name tags, and gold tiger book marks
as souvenirs. The theme continued with purple and gold flowers and
diamond decorations on each table set atop a tiger stripe runner.
With napkin rings made to resemble large gold diamond rings, it was
purple gold and diamonds to wretched excess .
Paul Azar ('70) (left) and Keith Van Meter, MD (center)
congratulate Nicolas Bazan, MD, PhD (right) .
It was also Senator John Breaux acting as Honorary Chairman
accompanied by wife Lois welcoming everyone, followed by System
President, Dr. William Jenkins , and LSUHSC Chancellor Larry
Hollier (,68). It was the dedication of the Nicolas Bazan, MD, PhD,
Professorship of Emergency Medicine, the Eduardo Marvez-Vails,
MD, Professorship of Emergency Medicine and the Brian P. Jakes,
Sr., Professorship of Rural Health Care. Dr. Bazan is the Director of
the Neuroscience Center of Excellence. The Late Dr. Marvez-Vails
was a long-time faculty member of the Section of Emergency
Medicine. Mr. Jakes is the
long-time director of the
Southeast Area Health
Education Center based in
Hammond, LA.
It was hundreds of donors,
dozens of volunteers, a
bow to the past, and a look
to the future. It was a
glorious close of a
remarkable year.
Photo, left: Lee Monlezun
('69) , Diana Hollier (center) ,
and Anne Monlezun. Anne was
responsible for designing the
decorations for the event.
Honor Roll 2006 / LSU Medicinews Spring '07 -
Beverly and Brian Jakes, Honoree of
Professorship, dancing at the gala
Combined Edition
October Gala for the Diamond Jubilee
Items of the silent auction await bidders.
Vo lunteer Yolanda Lund sgaard discusses a painting with
A. J. Friedm an ('76) at the Silent Auction
Left to right: Donn a Klein, D iana H ollier, Mihoko Stro ng, and Pat Magee
P aul Azar ('70) (left), Pamela H alter, and E. Ralph
Lupin ('56 )
Left to right: Stewart Niles
[husband of Cherie N iles ('87) ],
Charles Schibler II ('92) , Beth
Schibler, and Bo Sande rs ('64)
Ilonor Roll 2006 / LSU Medicinews Spring '07 -
Combined Edition
October Gala for the Diamond Jubilee
Speaker Keith Van
Meter, MD, Chief of
the Section of
Em ergency Medicine
Left to right: Larry Hollier ('68); Diana H ollier; Susan McSherry,
MD ; and Bob Batson ('71)
T ete atete
discussion between
Bill Roeling ('54)
and volunteer Pam
Lyon s, daughter of
George Lyons
Loi s and the Honorary Chair John Breaux with Anne
Monl ezun,
Dr. H aydce Bazan, dancing with hon oree , Dr. Nicolas
Dr . R ob ert Daniels, emeritus dean of the Schoo l of Medicine, with
Joy O sofsky (Professor of Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Public
H ealth, Head, Division of Pediatric M ental Health) and Howard
O sofsky, MD (Chair, Department of Psychiatry), and Dr. Vikki
Honor RoJI 2006 / LSU Medicinews Spring '07 -
Combined Edition
NIU grant to link researchers
First certified in PRM in
M aurice Sholas, MDy PhD,
becomes first physician in
Louisiana to be board
certified in Pediatric
Rehabilitation Med icine
Maurice Sholas, MD, PhD, Assistant
Profe ssor of Medicine in the Section of
Physical M edicine and Rehabilitation
and Director of the Pediatric
R ehabilitation Program , has become
th e first physician in Loui siana to be
board certified in Pediatric
R ehabilitation Medicine and one of
only 103 with this credential in the
United States.
Dr. Sholas' singular achievement will
improve the qu ality of care for
Louisiana's children. In addition to
rigorous educ ational and clinical
experience requirements, cand idates for board
certification in this sub specialty mu st be
recomm ended for admissibility to sit for the
Dr. Bert Quintan a receives
two honors for post-Katrina
The N ational In stitutes of Health has awarded
a $ 10.6 million grant to scient ists at four
Louisiana univer sities to support reseaerch in
the neur osciences and to link promising faculrv
members with mentors, Dr. Ni colas Bazan,
Di rector of the Neuroscience Center at
LSUHSC and the principal author of the
grant, hailed it as a step forward for ~,'ou ng
scientists and for the economy of downtown
New Orl eans. Although the projects at the
four un iversities (LSU HSC, Tulane, Xavier,
and Ni cholls State) will be independ ent of one
another, the research ers will meet regularly at
LSU to exchange ideas. The scientists will also
have access to equipment and resources at LSD
that might not be available at their own
The introduction of this new subspecialty is
further evidence of the Health Sciences Center's
leadership and innovation in bringing high
caliber services and signature programs to
Evacuating hero honored
Two New Orleans-based
LSUHSC scientists have
beennamed to
positionsin thefederal
g overnment
Because he kept the Loui siana State
University's residency program in child and
ado lescent psychiatry going after Hurricane
Katr ina, Dr. Bert Quintana of the Department
of Psychiatry has received two honors. The
American Academy of Child and Adolescent
Psychiatry has named him a recipient of its
Catcher in the Rye Award, and the
Accreditation Co uncil on Graduate Medical
Education has given him one of its ten Parker J.
Palmer Courage to Teach awards.
After evacuating LSU's Health Sciences Center
in Ne w Orleans, Quintana wo rked with the
Eaton Rouge Mental Health Center and
hospitals in Lo uisiana's capital to set up
rotations for residents and set up a clinic. He
also restarted his clinical research trials, using
his own money to eq uip the clinic.
Lifetime Achievement Award
Dr. Lee J. Nesbitt, the Henry Jolly, MD,
Professor and Chairman, Department of
De rmatology, has received the Lifetime
Honor Roll 2006/ LSD Medicinews Spring '07 -
Achievement Award from the Medical
Dermatology Society.
LSU scientists selected
Tw o New Orleans-based LSUHSC scient ists
have been named to health -related advisory
po sition s in the federal government . ~1ic h~1
Jazwinski, a professor of molecul ar biology and
biochemistry wh o is co-director of the Center
on Aging at LSU Health Sciences Center, has
been appointed to the National Advisory
Co un cil on Aging. His four- year term started 111
Janu ary 2007. Co uncil members evaluate
applications for research and training and
recommend appropriations for promising
Elizabeth Williams, an associate professor of
clinical laboratory sciences at the School of
Allied Health Pr ofessions , was on e of 55
consumer reviewers asked to help evaluate
prop osals submitte d to the Defense
Department's Breast Cancer Research Program.
John Rock (' 72) , former chancellor of
LSUHSC, has been named the founding dean
of Florida International University's Medical
School in Miami. Acco rdin g to a statement
from the university, he will take office in
Janu ary 200 7, and classes are scheduled to start
in 2009. It will be Florida's fifth medical
school. Dr. Rock, who became chancellor of
LSUHSC in October 2002, stepped down in
Janu ary 2006 to rerum to teaching, research ,
and treating patients.
Combined Edition
www .medschoo/./suhsc.edu/a/umnLaffairs
LSUUSC awarded AURQ grant for simulation
research to improve patient safety
heila W. Chauvin, MEd, PhD,
Director of th e Office of Medical
Education Re search and
D evelopment at LSDHSC, has been
awarded a half-million-dollar grant to
evaluate the influence of simulation on
enhancing teamwork and a culture of
patient safety in the operating room
environment. The project was funded by
the DS Department of Health and
Human Services' Agency for Healthcare
Re search and Quality. Dr. Chauvin's
project takes interdisciplinary team
training to the actu al hospital leaders and
staff to enhance teamwork and patient
safety in the surgical setting.
of Anesthesiology, have contributed
substan tially to this innovative training
model. Based on our review of the field,
our LSDHSC team appears to be the
first to accomplish this unique
com binatio n of teamwork and patient
safety training strategies."
The Institute of Medicine estimated that
medical errors are the eighth leading
cause of death among Americans.
Medical simulation involves scenarios in
which real-life medical situations are
re-created so that health care providers
can practice new procedures and
techniques before performing them on
patients and potentially placing them at
''This project builds upon our previous
risk. "Equally important, this project will
developments in the Isidore Cohn, [r.,
focus on examining the pr ocess of
Student Learning Center targeting
change and improvement and how the
teaching and assessment with
transfer of training to everyday pr actice
high-fidelity patient simulation," notes
is influenced by individual and
Dr. Chauvin. "Specifically, we will be
organizational features within the acrual
evaluating a highly innovative training
hospital sett ing," says Chauvin. "By
model that combUles realistic
focusing on both the process and
mannequin-based sim ulation and patient outcomes of training effectiveness, there
will be potential for making sense of
scenarios and a mobile mock operating
how successful and long-lasting change
room with interdisciplinary teams at
can be achieved."
their own hospital site. Dr. John Paige ,
Assistant Professor of Surgery, and Dr.
The Isidore Cohn, Jr., Learning Center
V aleriy Kozrnenko, Assistant Professor
was located on the first floor of a
Cassidy wins Senate race
William Cassidy ('83) was
elected to the Louisiana State
Senate, in a special election
recently, besting three-term State
Representative William Daniel
and another candidate to win a
south Baton Rouge seat. Dr.
Cassidy will represent District 16,
which covers much of so uthern
East Baton Rouge Parish. Dr.
Cassid y is the third alumnus to
serve in tile state legislature and
Dr. Cassidy
the first faculty member of the
School of Medicine to do so. Dr. Cassidy specializes in
gastroenterology and teaches at Earl K. Long Hospital in
Baton Rouge .
building on LSD Health Sciences Center
at New Orleans' campus. This new -era
education and training facility was lost to
the flooding following Hurricane
Katrina. The LSD Medical Alumni
Association is working with corporate
partners and seeking donors to rebuild
the uniquely configured and expanded
Center. Charles Hilton ('76) is in
charge of all the Center's programs.
As LSUHSC rebuilds its nationally
recognized virtual learning center, it is
using software developed by LSUHSC
ph ysicians that sign ificantly improves tile
realism and the teaching capability of the
METI human patient simulators. These
next-generation simulators are alread y in
use teaching LSUHSC medical students
and residents.
Through its innovative use of
technology, development of
improvements to that technology, and
unparalleled training initiative, LSD
Health Sciences Center in New Orleans'
School of Medicine is recovering its
position as a national leader in virtual
medical education and patient safety
LSU to treat immunodeficiencies
A center for treating children and young adults with
primary immunodeficiencies has been established at LSD
Health Sciences Center.
The Jeffrey Modell Diagnostic Center for Primary
Immunodeficiencies, underwritten with $150,000 from
Baxter Healthcare, will be part of a 30-center network
dedicated to treating and investigating tile condition,
which makes children and young adults have infections
that recur often and are hard to cure. According to the
Jeffrey Modell Foundation, as many as 500,000 Americans
suffer from one of tile 100 known primary
immunodeficiency diseases, which include immune
deficiency and lie inabili ty to produce antibodies to
combat infections.
The foundation was started by a New York City couple in
memory of their son, who was 15 when he died of lie
condition in 1986.
Honor Roll 2006 / LSU Medicinews Spring '07 -
Combined Edition
Tiger Cubs - 2005
Just two weeks before Katrina altered the Medical Schoon plansfor thefall 2005 semester) the Freshman Reception
welcomed new students to the School. Pictured hereare the Tiger Cubs of2005) with theirfamilies.
left to right: David Alfery ('76). Jann a (Cub ). and
The Heinen family (left to right) : Cor a, Firmen, Gabriel, Anne, Joseph (Cub),
Brian Heinen ('70), and Jennifer.
Jalma E. Alfery
Fath er: David Alfery ('76)
Elizabeth A. Ball
Fath er: Brian C. Ball ('84)
Mother: Pamela A. White ('86)
David E. Baumgartner
Fath er: Richard Baumgartner ('77)
Jason D. Bourque
Fath er: Daniel Bourque ('81)
Erin E. Capone
Fath er: Kenneth J. Capone ('78)
leftto1'ight: Rhonda, David (Cub), a.nd Richard
Ryan P. Chastant
Fath er: Bradley Chastant ('83)
Baumgartner ('77)
Gina L. Cosentino
Fath er: Douglas G. Cosentino ('74)
Barry F. Faust, Jr.
Fath er: Barry F. Faust, Sr. ('74)
Joseph N. Heinen
Father: Brian N. Heinen ('70)
R yanM. Helm
Fath er: Michael
Ro ss E. Mc Carron
Fath er: Kenneth E. Me Carron ('77)
Mother: Lynn G. Lastrapes ('80)
Matthew S. Matherne
Fath er: Brian Matherne ('74)
Ray Cod y Ma yo III
Mother: Elisabeth Schonlau ('74)
Grandfather: James Schonlau ('39) [deceased]
J. Helm
Andrew Nakamoto
Fath er: Dr. Tetsuo Nakamoto (faculty )
Michelle Troendle
Fath er: Mr. David Troendle (faculty)
Justin A. Walker
Fath er: Charles S. Wallcer ('78)
M other: Lucy Borne Walker ('78)
Benjamin F. Walton IV
Fath er: Benjamin F. Walton III ('84)
Nicholas Zea
Fath er: Dr. Arnold Zea (faculty)
left to right: Brian Ball ('84), Elizabeth (Cub), and
Pamela White ('86)
Honor Roll 2006 / LSU Medicinews Spring '07 -
Combined Edition
Tiger Cubs - 2005
left to right: Benjamin Walton III ('84), Mary,
Benjamin (Cub), and Rosemary.
left to right: Justin (Cub), Lucy B. Walker ('78), Claire,
Charles Walker ('78).
k" -,
Jason (Cub) (left) and Daniel Bourque
F: ··
left to right: Kelly Trail Zea, Nicholas (Cub), Dr.
Arnold Zea (faculty)
Mr. David Troendle (faculty) and
Michelle (Cub)
left to right: Denise, Barry, Jr. (Cub), and Barry Faust,
Sr. ('74)
left to right: Chris, Lynda, Dr. Tetsuo Nakamoto (faculty), Andrew (Cub)
Honor Roll 2006 / LSU Medicinews Spring '07 -
Combined Edition
www.medschool.lsuhsc.edu/alumni affairs
The Freshman Reception in 2006 welcomed new students to the School)
now home again. Tiger Cubs of2006 and theirfamilies arepictured here.
Mr. Fred K. Kirchgraber, D irector of Busine
Development for LAMNUCO, congrarularc­
LAMlvlICO Scholarship winne r Kat her ine
Celeste Faust
left to right: Brian, Gerard Peiia (,82), Sarah Frances (Cu b),
T risha, and Alex
left to right: Debbi, Sarah (Cub), William Brooks
left to right: Mary Kenned y, David (Cub ), and
T ho mas Kennedy ('77)
left to right: David Curole (' 74), Jennifer
and Mary Ellen Cur ole
left to right: Gwendo lyn, Benjamin (C ub) , Jorge Martinez ('76) ,
Krista. Not pictured : Grandfather, Jorge Martinez-Lopez (' 50)
Honor Roll 2006/ LSU Medicinews Spring '07 -
Combined Edition
left to right: Bruce Gordon (,71), Nathaniel (Cub),
and Michelle
left to right: Patricia Guidry, ('97), Lisa
Guidry Morse ('03), Benjamin (Cub),
Allison Guidry Clark (L4), and John
Guidry ('77)
left to right: Donald C. Faust ('77),
Katherine (Cub), and Mary Kay
Eleonore Clare Bernadas
Father: Ronald Bernadas ('82)
Sarah Brooks
Father: William Brooks ('79)
Jennifer Nicole Curole
Father:: David Curole ('74)
Edward Weeks Dauterive III
Father: Edward Weeks Dauterive, Jr. ('78)
Katherine Celeste Faust
Father: Donald C. Faust ('77)
Nathaniel Gordon
Father: Bruce Gordon (,71)
Benjamin Guidry
Father: Iohn Guidry (,77)
Mother: Patricia Guidry ('97)
David Patrick Kennedy
Father: Thomas Kennedy (,77)
Zachary Liner
Father: F. Jeff Liner ('76)
Benjamin Martinez
Father: Jorge Martinez ('76)
Grandfather: Jorge Martinez-Lopez ('50)
Gary Paul Mayeux, Jr.
Father: Gary Mayeux ('84)
Mother: Allyson Mayeux ('86)
Sarah Frances Pefia
Father: Gerard Pefia ('82)
_L ------i__......_
left to right: F. Jeff Liner ('76), Zachary (Cub), and
left to right: Donna, Edward (Cub), and Edward Weeks
Dauterive, Jr. ('78)
Honor Roll 2006 / LSD Medicinews Spring '07 -
Combined Edition
www.medschoo/./suhsc.edu/a/umni affairs
Tiger in the News
Charles Black, Shreveport, LA - "1
celebrated my 90 th birthday in
Zimbabwe, East Africa, on August 23 ,
2003 . I want to tell you about an
interesting person. In 1958 I operated in
this hospital - Sanyati Baptist Hospit al.
While there I met a 10-year-old girl who
had tuberculosis of the thoracic spine
and was receiving treatment. Today she
has recovered from the disease and is in
charge of the laboratory. She brought
me a present. "
Fred Marx, Monroe, LA - "1 had a
wonderful telephone conversation with
Si Ward ('41) last week. My son Don
Marx ('70) is 62 today . Party time!! "
Keith Stratford, St. George, UT - "1
am still alive and will be 90 on
December 6 (19 16). I came to LSU
because B. 1. Burns, who was a teacher
at the University of Utah. He asked if
anyone was going to medical school.
Paul Jones, Ynez Eskelson, and I all
raised our hands and he said he was the
new dean and we were accepted. I
graduated February 14, 1942, and gOt
married the same day. We have 5
children, 17 grandchildren, and 31
great-grandchildren. Myrtle and I are in
good health and plan on driving to
Alaska next summer."
R. E. Robichaux, Raceland, LA ­
"About to retire. Advise two things: 1)
Set your retirement age 10 years beyond
current desire. 2) Continue the fight to
decrease Mal-practice Cap ."
Wilfred Briley, Opel ousas, LA­
Graduated 1944 - Internship Charity
Hospital - Army - 1 year rotating
residency began practice in 1948 ­
Continue full practice general practice at
this time.
o EI,
Display case a/Dr. Dolan's medical instruments
Charles Stern, Dallas, TX - Relocated
to Dallas, TX, from Natchez, MS.
Retired from practice of ophthalmology
in January 2000 .
Wilfrid Dolan ('49) , one of the
founding physicians of Women's &
Children's Hospital in Lafayette ,
LA, donated some of his personal
medical instrumentation for display
in the hospital's aquarium lobby.
Dr. Dolan originally conceived the
idea of having a women's and
children's hospital in the Acadiana
area in the early 1970s, and worked
for many years to make the hosp ital
a reality. He was a practicing
OB/GYN in Lafayette for 39 vears.
honorees presented to Tiger Stadium
crowd prior to LSU vs Alabama gan1e
that Saturday night.
Darryl Johnson, Ruston, LA ­
Semi-retired. "T ravel and fish a lot . Life
is good. "
L. J. Brassett, Baton Rouge, LA - "Still
hanging in - although slowed down a bit '65
by COPD, asthma, and emphysema.
Margaret Taylor Wheat-Carter,
Miss you guys and gals but hop e to
N atchitoches, LA - "Three of rnv four
make next reunion."
children are physicians who graduated
from LSU Medical Center in Shreveport.
I am still working part-time as an
Robert Cangelosi, New Orle311S, LA­ ophthalmologist. "
"Post-Katrina have returned to my
practice of ophth almology in Gentilly,
where I have practiced since 1958 with
Baptiste Brunner, River Ridge, LA ­
son Glen Cangelosi ('81). "
"Katrina flooded our three offices in
New Orleans. Practicing urology part­
Emily Jones, Shreveport, LA - Retired
time in Covington, LA, now with mor e
time to enjoy our high school son's
football games and wrestling tourna­
ments and our high school daughter's
James Jackson, Thibodaux, LA - "T he
basketball games. "
75 d1 year celebration and our class
James Evans, Buffalo, NY - President
50 d1_year reunion were great. Thanks to
Staff for 2007 - 2008 at
all responsible for the hard work
Dan Lestage, Orange Park , FL ­
Inducted into LSU "Cadets of the Ole
War Skule" Hall of Honor at
Ceremonies at LSU parade grounds
Veterans Day, 11 of November 2006 in
Baton Rouge. Dr. Lestage and other
A. Wayne Martin, Abita Springs, LA­
"Completely Retired! Enjoying the
Northshore. Worked at St. Tammany
Radiology Group for three years after
leaving Terrebonne General Radiology
Group and working the "Bayou area" for
Honor Roll 2006 / LSU Medicinews Spring '07 -
Combined Edition
30 years. Sadly missing my best friend ,
Joe Supple ('68). He passed away
summe r of 2006."
Iohn Kokernar, N ew Orle ans, LA - "I
am serving on the Physician Strategy and
Steven Eggen, Palm Bay, FL - "Still
Advisory Committee, which is working
doing general pediat rics. Granddaughter
with Ochsner Executives to plan and
due in Mar ch 200 7. So proud of those
implem ent the re-opening of Baptist
New O rleans Hurricane heroes!"
Hospital, form erly Memorial Medical
Center. I will be serving as Departm ent
Randall Marcus, Cleveland, OH - The
of Medicine Chairman of the new
Charles H. H erndon Professor and
medical staff. My prim ary care practice is
Chairman, D epartm ent of Orthopaedics,
still quite busy."
Case Western Reserve Un iversity,
Donald Mickal, Lafayette , LA - Still in University H ospitals Case Medical
full-tim e O B/Gyn practice. Married 44
Center, Cleveland, Ohio . President-Elect
years, with SLX children and eight
Streiffer, New Orleans, LA ­
of the American Board of Orthopaedic
grandchildren .
the academic year on a
Surge ry.
sabbatical, wo rking with Departm ent of
Alfred Mansour, Alexandria, LA ­
Health and H ospitals on healthcare
redesign, particularly aspects of gradu ate
David M. Bray, Bainbridge Island, WA
- "Working half-time, enjoying
grandchildren and playing in a bluegrass
23, 2006. Alfred is a Pgy2 in
band ."
Orthop aedics at Vande rbilt. Marge tta
Steven L. Oreck, Madison , WI ­
and I and our three other children are
Promo ted to Clinical Professor,
doing well and continue to enjoy central De partment of Orthopedic Surg ery &
Iohn Rainey, Crankton, LA - "Still
Loui siana. We look forward to our next Rehabilitation Medicine, University of
marri ed to SuSu . Grandparents of one
Wisconsin School of Medicine & Public
boy. Matt's a senior in medical schoo l in reunion (35 years) in 2010 ."
Health . Reti red from U.S . N aval
New York. Scott just got married in
Reserve in Decembe r 2006 at National
September. Leonard's a senior at LSU in
Museum in N ew Orleans. Retired
Baton Rouge. Working hard, but taking
(Medical Corp) USN (FMF) .
a little mor e time for family. All well and
billet - gro up surgeon, 4 d1
in good health ; however, old age seems
around the corn er."
Randal Caffarel, Mobile, AL ­
"Congratulations to Dr. Klein! Th anks
for your hard work."
- - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - Bryan Bertucci, Chalmette, LA ­
Ti ers in the News
"Continuing to practice Famil y Medicine
in Chalmette and working for a hospital
in our Parish. Also, Coroner of St.
Louisiana State Medical Society elects officers, gives award
Officers and District Councilors of the Louisiana State Medical Society were
elected in October 2006. New officers include the following LSUSM-NO
Board of Governors: W. Juan Watkins ('62), President; Floyd A. Buras, Jr.
(,78) , Immediate Past President; Trenton James II ('66) , Vice President;
Gregory Sossaman ('96) , Vice-Speaker, H ouse of Delegates; Russell C.
Klein ('59) , President -Elect; and Vincent Culotta, Jr. ('74) , Chair, Council
on Legislation.
Board of Counciwrs: M. Ragan Green ('74 ), Fourth D istrict ; Richard Guillot
('89) , Tenth District; and Anthony Blalock ('98), Youn g Physician Member.
Board of Governors Alternates include Dolleen Licci ardi ('83) , Second
District ; Barry Landry ('81) , Third District; Donald Texada ('60) , Fourth
D istrict; Iohn Coats V ('8 7) , Fifth District; and Jo an Curtis ('74), Te nth
During the meeting of the LSMS, Russell C. Klein ('59) received the
Co ntinuing Med ical Edu cation Award from the Society for pro moting CME in
Honor Roll 2006 / LSD Medicinews Spring '07 -
Ann Simmons, Calais, ME - "Practicing
pediatrics in rur al Maine since 1986.
Medical director of a middle schoo l ­
high school health cent er - those
adolescents keep me on my toes!
Husband of 33 years, D avid, is retiring
from practicing internal medicine to
wor k full-time as the director of Maine's
Physician H ealth Program, Daughter
Erica graduated from Stanford with
degrees in archeology and geology and is
employed in the San Francisco area by
the County Op en Spaces Commission.
Wilfred Prados, Tyler, TX - "I have
taken a position as staff anesthesiologist
Combined Edition
www.m edschool.lsuh sc.edul alumni_ affairs
t!}- ~ - ~ ~I-f;.~. .
at Trinity Mother Frances H ealth System
in T yler, TX. N ow that the kids are
grown Chere has gone back to wo rk
part-time as a medical technologi st. We
are enjoying bein g T exans."
Tiger in the News
Dr. Charles Belleau receives Distinguished Service Award from Louisiana
State Medical Society
Charles D. Belleau ('5 7) is the recipient o f
th e Lo uisiana State Medical Soc iety's
Di stin guished Service Award tor
exceptio nal and meritorious service, Th e
award was presented at the medi cal society's
annual meeting in Bato n R ouge .
Kathleen Rockwood, New Braunfel s,
TX - "Daughter Sheldon is no w
married, living in Austin and pr acticing
emergency medicine . Nelson is in NYC
and Martha will jo in him w hen she
gra duates in May from U _T. Doesn't
anyone wan t to move here? It's great and
we need primary care doctors! "
Terry Murphy, Ann Arb or, MI - "After
much enco urageme nt from the
D epartment, I fin ally agreed to give up
my outpatient pos ition and becom e a
General Pediatric Hospitalist at C. S.
Mott Children's H ospital (UM ich) in
An n Ar bor. I miss having my own
patients/families, but I really enjoy
teaching th e medical stu den ts and
Charles D. Belleau ('57) (rig ht )
receives the Louisiana State Medical
Society's Disting uished Service
Award from Floyd Bur as ('76) (left)
at the Louisiana Stat e Medical
Society's annual meetin g in Baton
D r. Belleau , a retired B aro:
anes thes iologist. was presiden t o r me
Louisiana State Med ical Socien.. in
1990- 1991, and w as Ch airman o r the
Co uncil on Legislatio n. ;:he poncio.}]
lobbying arm of the L
Me dical Soc ierv. tor nn
H e also served to r 15 »;
Patient Co mpensario r; F'J
Board, an ap poin tme nt ,:"
successive g oycm ors . H
Louisiana Stare x
Fame in 2003_
"I o pened th e Anti-Agi ng and Laser
Clinic in 2005 at 613 Wi lliams
Boulevard in Kenner. We enjoy
enhancing the beauty of our patients.
"My daughter, Chantel, is in pre-med at
the Franciscan University of
Steu benville, OH. She will attend in
Austria 08/07 for one year."
Dana Fouchi, Kenner , LA - "We
op ened the Ri ver Region H ospice in
2000 and the 14 -bed Ri ver Region
H ospice House in 200 5. This beautiful
inpatient hospice hospital is in Ri ver
Ridge at 507 Upstream Street. Co me
visit any time!
"n' " ......1 thr ee
~: .'.
i to the
H all of
D r. Belleau , wh o was in private medical practice in Bat:
2 003 , led the Louisiana Society of Anesthesiologis ts as pr
was pr esident of the East Baton Rouge Parish ~led ic .l ! <
James Schnabel, Oklahoma City, OK­
"I've been Ch airm an of Pathology at
Integris-Baptist H ospital since 200 3, and
have been on staff there for 16 years.
Wife Carol, and sons Stephen 14 , and
Daniel 6, are all do ing well."
Carol Becker, Lafayette, LA - "M uch
th anks to D r. Jam es Falterman ,
UMC-Lafayette for alJowing many of the
fo rmer LSU radiology residents to
cont inue their training at UMC in th e
months followi ng th e flooding in N ew
Orleans. If not for th is, co nt inuing in
reside nt education, gra duation and
successful completion of core ro tatio ns
for radiology residents required to
transfer might not have been
-!u i r of th e
well- cele
John Coats, Bastrop, LA - President,
Morehou se Parish M edic al Soc iety ;
Member, D istrict 5 - Alternate D ist rict
Co uncils; Member, Co unc il of
Legislato r, LSM S; M ed ical Executive
Committee, Morehouse General
Hospital; C hairman Utilization Review
Committee, Morehouse Ge neral
H ospital; Head of Pediatrics, M o rehou se
General H ospital; Me dical D irector,
Lillian Louis Adolescent Behavioral
Hospital, Bastrop, LA. "My childr en :
John Fox is 18-year-o ld freshman at
ULM in Monroe, Catherine is a
sopho mo re in high school, sta rring
varsity basketball; Becky and I are doin g
Honor Roll 2006 f.LSU Medicinews Spring '07 -
Combined t dition
.1n - 111
- - -- - - - - -- - - -- - - -- - - - - -- - - - -- - Phil G ach assin, Lafayette, LA - "Jessica
Tiger in the News
and I are celebrating the arrival of
Jacques, born June 14, 2006 ."
Arlanna N . Moshfeghi (,01) , MPH, joined the pediatric ophthalmology
practice at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute of the Uni versity of Miami Miller
School of Medicine, at the institute's newly opened Palm Beach Gardens
Jeff Klein, Brentwood, TN - Recently
relocated to N ashville. "My wife Ton ia
and I welcomed our first daughter,
Eleanor Rose, i.n N ovember."
Dr. Moshfeghi has a dual academic and clinical
mission with the nation's top-ranked eye hospital,
serving as an assistant professor of clinical
ophthalmology and pediatric ophthalmology.
After graduation at LSU SM-N O , D r. Moshfeghi
received a master of public health degree from the
H arvard Schoo l of Public Health. She com pleted
her ophthalmology residency at St. Vin cent's­
Catho lic Medica l Center at Ne w York Medical
College in N ew York City and a pediatric
ophthalmology and adult strabismus fellowship at
Bascom Palmer Eye Institute.
The Institute's Palm Beach Gardens camp us ope ned
in the summer of 2006 .
Christopher Naquin, Ri ver Rid ge, LA
- Private practice in Kenn er. "Dawn and
I have a 2-year-old son, Dylan, and are
expecting child # 2 in April 200 7."
Samantha Clark Gulino, Prairieville,
LA - "Started a new practice with
friend/classmate Ashli West (,99) in
Prairieville, LA, just a few months befo re
Katrina. So lots of patients who were
evacuees became perm anent neighb ors. I
also go t married this year!"
1/.~ "r;4pl; .fA
Dr. M oshfeg hi
director. Life is short, the kids are happy,
still running."
Vishal Sachdev, Tupelo, MS - "God
Bless everyone in New Orl eans. Our
prayers and good wishes are with you."
Christopher Gegg, Windermere, FL ­
Pediatric neurosurgery in Orlando, FL.
"Live in Windermere, FL, with three
children: Gabriella, Ni cole (N icky),
Sophia, and wife Karla. Play golf when
we can!"
Paul Cabiran, Highlands, NC - General
dermatology in H ighlands, NC.
Vincent Forte, Monroe, LA - Private
practice as an Inte rventional Pain
Specialist in Monroe, LA, since 200 l.
Recently opened new office, Louisiana
Pain Care, and a new Surgery Center in
Janua ry 2006. Served as President of
Ouachita Medi cal Society during
2004-2005. "Lana and I have been
married for 13 years and have two
handsome boys: Michael, 9, and James,
5. Both are proud T iger fans. Look
forward to the next reunio n."
Ted Hart, Greely, CO - "Julie and I are
still living in Greeley, CO (one hour
north of Den ver.) We love the climate
except for the occasional
snow-shoveling ! H ope to see everyone at
our reunion in June. Geaux Tigers!"
Warner Brent Day, Washing to n, D C­
Recently transferred with Kaiser
Perrnanente from Maui, HI, to
Washington, DC.
Lior Givon, Cambridge, MA - "I am
practici.ng general psychiat ry at
Cam bridge H ospital and I ho ld an
academ ic position at Harvard Medical
School. I love my practice as well as
teaching the medical students and
Stephen Manale, Gonzales, LA ­
Finished residency in general surgery at
University of South Alabama, July 2005.
Opened a solo general surgery practice in
Gonzales, LA, in August of2005.
Anne-Marie Dore K aulfers, Mason ,
OH - "In 2006, I started a pediatric
endocrin ology fellowship at Cincinnati
Children's Hospital in Ohio."
Adam Smith, Columbus, MS - N ow in
solo practice - internal medicine i.n
Columbus, MS .
Gianluca Cerri, Worcester, MA­
Graduated fro m LSU(Lafayette Internal
Medicine 2000. Practiced five years.
Resident at UMass Worcester, MA ­
Emerge ncy Medicine July 2005 -June
2008 .
Honor Roll 2006 / LSU Medicinews Spring '0 7 -
Adriana Canas-Polesel, Festus , MO­
Married and in private practice in a
suburb of St. Lou is, MO. "My husband,
Tom, and I also welcomed our first
baby, Anth ony, in June of2006. "
Suzanna Jamison, Roanoke, VA­
Halfway through internal
medicine-psychiatry residency
(graduating 200 9)!
Combined Edition
www .medschool .lsuhsc.edulalumnLaffairs
1935 Thomas Delaureal
1937 Don B. Williams
1938 John L. Kro n
1941 Frank A. Cain
1942 John Tobin
19431'1 Byron J. Casey
Kay K. Edwards
Irving Levin
George J. Zib ilich
1944 David Spizer
1946 Sidney Bullard
1948 David Eubank
Joe M. MacCurd y
1950 Marshall Harrison
1951 Maurice Taquino
Shirley M. McCluer
Th omas C. Monr oe
George W. Wright
H arold B. H olden
Joe B. Williams
John C. Floyd
Joe A. Moreland
James F. Huff
Clem G. Fo rrest
Mo nica McGauly
Ru ssell T. Ribando
Richard L. Colson
James O . Lilly
Sidney Strickland
William McMahan
LSU System
Emmet P. Guillot
Glen D . Luker
Ph ilip Rogers
Carl F. Iory
Joseph Supple
Lynn E. Posey
Kathleen M.
Jennifer K. Casey
Bruce E. Pichoff
Th omas D . Jewell
John Dr ouilhet
William L. Jenkins, DVM, PhD
LSU Uealth
Sciences Center
Larry H. Hollier ('68)
D ean) SchoolofMedicin e
Medical Alumni Association
Board of Directors 2006-2007
Paul J. Azar, Jr. ('70)
Lee J. Monlezun ('69)
r,y, In Memoriam ..m
DR. CAlli- AD ATTO , a psychiatrist ,
educator, and faculty member at Louisiana
State Uni versity School of Medicine for man y
years, died at his home in N ew Orl eans in
November 2006 at the age of 89 . Dr. Adatto
practiced general psychiatry for decades while
teaching at LSU , and until recently continued
to see a few patients at his hom e-office near
Audubon Park, according to his son, Kenneth
Ad atto ('68). H e 'was also a well-known
psychoan alyst
psychoanalysts through the N ew Orlean s
Psychoanalytic Institute, where he held
emeritus status.
A native ofSeattle, he came to New Orleans to
train as a surgeon at Charity H ospital early in
World War II . Later, as a Navy do cto r in the
Pacific, he treated Mar ines coming off lw o
Iima for battle stress. Th e experience steered
him toward a new career path in psychiatry
He taught at LSU SM-NO from me 1950s to
me 1980s, and served for a time on its
admissions committee. Two professorsh ips in
psychiatry at the Medical School are nam ed in
his hon or.
James J. Leonard ('63)
DR. WALTER BURDETTE was a faculty
memb er of the Departm ent of Surgery from
1946 - 1952 . He left to become chair of the
department of surgery at the University of
Missouri, and from there became chair of the
department of surgery at the University of
Utah Schoo l of Medicine.
SecretaryI T reasurer
JOE E. COWARD, PhD , Associate Professor
of Microbiology at LSUHSC-NO, died at
Och sner Fou ndati on in N ovemb er 2006. He
received Ius PhD in microbiology from the
Univ ersity of Mississippi Medical Center, and
did postdoc toral and staff at the Columbia
Uni versity Co llege of Ph ysicians and
Surgeons. A donation in memo ry of Joe E.
Coward, PhD, may be sent to LSU Medical
Alumni Association , 533 Bolivar Street, N ew
Orlean s, La. 70112.
Russell C. Klein ('59)
Fred H. Rodriguez, Jr. ('75)
Representative) Com m ittee of100
Lee R. Domangue ('76)
N ortbshore Regional R epresentative
Lynn E. Foret ('75)
Calcasieu R egional Representative
Kenneth L. Odinet, Jr. ('88)
A cadiana Regional R epresentative
Henry M. Peltier ('90)
T errebonne R egional
Stanley E. Peters ('78)
Baton Roug e Regional R epresentative
Members at La1lJe
A friend of the Medical
School's history retires
At his retir ement party in 200 6, John
Leydecker, maintenance supervisor in
th e LSD Physical Plant, received a
fram ed copy of the commemorative
poster celebrating the School of
Medicine's Diamond Jubilee. Mr.
Leydecker had been instrumental over
the years in saving man y record s and
artifacts from the early days of the
Scho ol of Medicine.
Vice President
Honor Roll 2006 / LSD Medicinews Spring '07 -
R. Douglas Bostick ('96)
Patrick M. Dennis ('03)
Lester W. Johnson ('71)
Evelyn A. Kluka ('84)
Joseph N. Macaluso ('79)
Elizabeth A. McDonald ('84)
Gerard F. Pella ('82)
Charles G. Schibler II ('92)
Charles W. Thomas ('9 3)
Larry H. Hollier ('68)
D ean) School ofMedicin e
Janis G . Letourneau, MD
Associate Dean f lff Faculty Affairs
Cherie A. Niles ('87)
Past President
Combined Edition
www.medschoo/./suhsc.edu/a/umni affairs
I'm from the Government and I'm "ere To Help You
In the aftermath of Katrina, many agencies came to help us at LSUSOM. High on
my list would be groups like the National Guard and the Department of Wildlife
and Fisheries . FEMA would rank lower down, not so much because of bad intent
but more because they are bound by rules, lots of them. Kings of red tape.
They try among other things to rernediate your loss. Th at's a good thing. They
also try to consolidate a lot of projects into one. Good thing? The jury is still out.
One of their projects is the remediation of the Student Learning Center, the
physical location , not the stuff inside. We already have new stuff, thanks in no
small part to you. It's up and running. Not nearly as nice a location but fully
The Isidore Cohn [r., MD, Student Learning Center will return. Finally, I believe, we have convinced
FEMA to let us move it to a new higher location so it doesn't flood again, ever. Up to the sixth floor of
2020 Gravier Street. When will they start construction? Well, as I said, we have all the stuff and it's up
and running.
The Center for Advanced Practice is another, hopefull y, happier story. Just before Katrina, your Medical
Alumni Association planned to build a state -of-the-art expansion of the Cohn Learning Center. It would
give our residents and pr acticing physicians a more advanced virtual-reality way to sharpen their skills
and \earn new procedures.
We had $2,000,000 to cover the cost, which post-Katrina was used to take care of what were more
pressing needs, like saving the School from extinction. Since then , through your incredible generosity we
have raised $1,000,000 of that $2;000,000 back and plan to do the project, 20,000 sq. ft., on the fifth
floor of 2020 Gravier.
There is only one tiny problem. In post-Katrina New Orleans construction costs have increased,
dramatically increased. Our $2,000,000 project is now an estimated $3,300,000 project.
So, once again, hat in hand, we ask you to give what you can to our (by now endless) Learning Center
campaign. Your help, which literally saved our school in the past, is really appreciated and needed .
Please let it continue.
Back cover photographs from the Octobergala: Center: Table setting featuring purple tablecloths , "diamond" napkin holders,
gold flowers, and tiger-striped table runners. Clockwise) starting with photo at top right: (1) Volunteer Christie Mintz is ready
for the Silent Auction to begin. (2) Leslie Stokes (jar left) (wife of Board of Regents member, Dr. Hal Stokes), Donna Klein
(second from left), (wife of Russell Klein ('59) , Associate Dean of Alumni Affairs), and Marianne Cohn (jar right ) (wife of
Dr. Isidore Cohn, Jr.) escort Huey into the Grand Ballroom. (3) Stephen Pollet ('80) and Mary-Nell Anderson ('83) (4)
Wirrning bidders for the trip to Las Vegas, Cheryl and Dennis Booth ('95)
Honor Roll 2006 / LSU Medicinews Spring '07 -
Combined Edition
Fly UP