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A Message from the Dean
As the newly minted Dean of the LSU School of Medicine,
I want to sincerely thank all of you who have contributed so
generously to the School of Medicine during the past year.
These are exciting times for our School as we build on our
past successes and move forward in our mission of educating
the next generation of physicians that will care for the
citizens of our state.
Our goals here at the School of Medicine can be simply
stated. We want to be the best that we can possibly be in the
areas of research, student education, resident and fellow training,
continuing education for practicing physicians and patient care. We
want to be the Medical School of “choice” for our region. It is a goal
that we have worked for since 1931. It is a goal that we will continue
to strive for in 2008 and beyond.
In order to pave the way to tomorrow’s medicine we must be
innovative and creative and avail ourselves of the latest technologies.
The support of the alumni and friends of the School is vital to our
mission. This issue of The Honor Roll and LSU Medicinews amply
demonstrates your commitment to that mission and for it we are
extremely grateful.
Steve Nelson, MD
LSUHSC School of Medicine
Front cover: Scenes from the new Center for Advanced Practice. To read about it, see “From the Alumni Office,” on page 31.
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
Volume 25, No. 1
Kline Festschrift
honors Dr. David
Kline. See page 27.
From the Dean
Committee of 100
500 Club
Nobel Prizewinner Edmund
Fischer lectures
at the Neuroscience Center.
See page 27.
Where in the world is
Edward Maa (’01)?
To find out, see
Tigerlines, page 29.
6 $60M biotech lab, research center coming to Canal
$96M N.O. cancer center site selected
Matching funds for endowed chairs
Update on the History of the School of Medicine
Purple, Blues and Gold ¾ 2007 Gala grand success
The Kline Festschrift
Nobel winner visits the Neuroscience Center
Regular Features
LSU Medicinews Staff
Russell C. Klein (’59)
Virginia Howard
Staff Writers
Jo Ann Roloff
Carmen Barreto
Rusty Cowart
Jo Ann Roloff
Carmen Barreto
Christie Mintz
Virginia Howard
Faculty News
From the President
Address all correspondence to:
LSU Medical Alumni Association
533 Bolivar Street
New Orleans, LA 70112
(504) 568-4009/e-mail: ROA[email protected]
From the Alumni Office
LSU Medicinews, which is published twice a year, is
paid for entirely by your Alumni Association dues.
© 2008 by LSU School of Medicine, New Orleans.
Website: www.medschool.lsuhsc.edu/alumni_affairs
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
The Committee of 100
—Champions of
Excellence was
established in 1983,
with Bernard Samuels
(’57) & Cy Vaughn
(’58) as its founding
Regular members
pledge $10,000,
usually $1,000 a
year for ten years.
Contributions may
be made monthly,
semiannually, or
yearly. Gifts may be
through donations
of appreciated stock
or other assets.
Double Members
pledge $20,000.
Life Members
pledge $25,000 or
New Life
Gary R. Glynn (’74)
Rickey O. Ryals (’82)
New Regular
Members of the
Committee make a
pledge of $10,000 or
more to support chairs
and professorships.
Fred H. Rodriguez (’75)
- Chairman
Kenneth N. Adatto (’68)
Mark Juneau, Jr. (’73)
Russell C. Klein (’59)
Steve Nelson, MD - Dean
Earl J. Rozas (’64)
Mack A. Thomas (’62)
Ronald P. Bernadas (’82)
Fred P. Cerise (’88)
Pamela S. Darr (’81)
Andrea G. Espinoza (’00)
Timothy M. Gallagher
L. Leighton Hill (’52)
Richard C. Kline (’80)
F. Jefferson Liner (’76)
Elisabeth W. Schonlau
Roland S. Waguespack
III (’00)
Life Members
(A pledge of $25,000 or more)
Nick J. Accardo (’80)
Rebecca L. Accardo (’82)
Kenneth N. Adatto (’68)
Robert B. Akenhead
Robert G. Anding (’85)
Jack A. Andonie (’62)
David L. Autin (’78)
Paul J. Azar (’70)
David J. Bailey (’87)
Robert L. Baird (’70)
David G. Baker (’76)
Robin J. Barry (’78)
Robert C. Batson (’71)
Charles D. Belleau (’57)
Gerald S. Berenson, MD
Terence Beven (’57)
Richard J. Bidstrup (’62)
James H. Blackburn II
Terri Walker Blackburn
Robert P. Blereau (’61)
Daniel R. Bourque (’81)
Lynnwood J. Brassett
Joanne Brassett
Frederick W. Brazda
Jack L. Breaux, Jr. (’76)
Joseph T. Brierre (’60)
Etienne R. Brown (’52)
Howard Buechner (’43)*
Joseph D. “Jay” Busby,
Jr. (’75)
Louis R. Cabiran, MD
Peter D. Cabiran (’87)
Daniel I. Caplan, MD
Janice S. Caplan
Thaddeus C. Carter (’68)
Dr. and Mrs. Charles
(’75) A. Cefalu
Andrew K. Chang (’94)
Bradley J. Chastant (’83)
Stephen M. Chatelain
Isidore Cohn, Jr., MD
Mrs. Isidore Cohn, Jr.
Ewing W. Cook (’69)
Claude C. Craighead
David N. Curole (’74)
Eugene J. Dabezies, MD
Robert D. D’Ambrosia,
Lawrence J. Danna (’71)
George D. Davis, PhD
Bennett P. deBoisblanc
William J. DeFee III
Dr. O.R. (’42)* and Mrs.
DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc.
Robert E. Dilworth (’70)
Victor H. Dinh (’91)
Lee R. Domangue (’76)
Mrs. Judith W. Drez
Doctors John (’72) and
Lucie Elfervig
Darryl J. Elias (70)
Erwin H. Engert, Jr.
Doctors Leo (’43)* and
Marc Fisher (’85)
Rodney S. Florek (’85)
Irwin L. Fontenelle
Cathi Fontenot (’84)
Gerald L. Foret (’61)
Lynn E. Foret (’75) and
Sharon Foret
Cynthia C. Fox (’92)
John F. Fraiche (’76)
Dr. Harvey and Ave
Maria Gabert
Daniel J. Gallagher (’90)
Paul Thomas Gaudet
Gary R. Glynn (’74)
Glynn A. Granger (’70)
Daniel E. Gremillion
Joseph D. Guillory (’59)
Raymond E. Haik, Jr.
Dean F. Hammond
Marshall D. Harrison
Charles W. Hilton (’76)
Deborah A. Hilton (’98)
Frank P. Incaprera (’50)
Richard C. Jarrell (’80)
Myron H. Jacobs (’69)
Edward E. Jeffries, Jr.
Harry E. Jones, Jr. (’56)*
William H. Kinnard (’79)
Russell C. Klein (’59)
David G. Kline, MD
Alan D. Lacoste (’75)
Bernard Lahasky (’49)*
Ronald M. Lahasky (’90)
Robert J. Landry (’76)*
Charles A. LeBlanc (’80)
W. Chapman Lee (’69)
James J. Leonard (’63)
Daniel B. Lestage, MD,
MPH (’63)
Edward D. Levy, Jr. (’69)
Frank N. Low, PhD*
Herbert M. Loyd (’59)
The Lupin Family
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
Michael B. Lyons (’81)
Neil J. Maki, MD
Bernard Manale (’64)
Stephen B. Manale (’00)
Cris V. Mandry, MD
Charles C. Mary (’61)
Robert T. Mazurek (’85)
Drs. Katherine S. (’77)
and Samuel G.
Paul W. McCormick
G. Tipton McKnight
John E. McLachlan (’62)
Marsha D. McNeese (’74)
Carl S. Merlin (’64)
Abe Mickal (’40)*
Weston P. Miller (’74)
James P. Moises (’94)
Barbara B. Morgan (’73)
Julius H. Mullins, Jr.
Julius H. Mullins, Sr.
Charles P. Murphy (’82)
Carlo A. Musso (’86)
William P. Newman III
(’67) and Diane
John W. Noble (’90)
Bennie P. Nobles (’71)
and Nancy Nobles
Daniel W. Nuss (’81)
Edward M. O’Bryan (’76)
Victor M. Oliver (’73)
Dr. Richard M.* and
Mrs. Paddison
Ronald N. Padgett (’62)
Sanford L. Pailet (’62)
Gerard F. Peña (’82) and
Patricia Peña
Nicholas J. Persich (’87)
Meade H. Phelps (’71)
Stuart I. Phillips (’59)
Karl J. Pizzolatto (’64)
Jimmy N. Ponder (’89)
Frederick A. Pou (’44)
Joseph L. Powell (’48)*
William M. Pusateri (’65)
David J. Rau (’84)
Frederick J. Rau (’79)
Paul M. Rees (’92)
Richard E. Robichaux, Jr.
William K. Robinson
(’75) and Colleen
John R. Romero III (’70)
Earl J. Rozas (’64)
Robert E. Ruel (’63)
Rickey O. Ryals (’82)
Roland F. Samson (’58)
Charles V. Sanders (’64)
J. Lane Sauls (’50)
Linda A. Schlumbrecht
Patricia M. Schneider
Henry M. Selby (’43)
Fayez K. Shamieh, MD
Phyllis C. & Irl Silverstein
Charles M. Smith (’55)
Smith and Nephew
Smith and Nephew
Endoscopy Division
Lehrue Stevens (’57)
Jack P. Strong (’51)
Patricia Powers Strong*
Roland J. Sylvester (’62)
Marvin D. Tark (’75)
John T. Thien (’89)
Mack A. Thomas (’62)
Dr. Jackson and Nancy
Dr. Charles (’51) and
Mrs. Turner
Charlton R. Vincent
Keith Van Meter, MD
Donald B. Williams (’37)
J. Kinabrew Williams
Marilyn L. Zimny, PhD*
Richard P. Dickey, MD,
Donn R. Driver (’39)*
Frank L. Fazio (’76)
David J. Foreman (’84)
James H. French, Jr.
Joseph J. Frensilli, MD*
Paul Thomas Gaudet
R. Parker Griffith (’70)
Paul A. Guillory (’82)
William H. Gullung III
James G. Hair (’64)
Doctors Leo (’65) and
Carolyn Hebert
Boyd E. Helm (’67)
Michael J. Helm (’76)
Michael L. (’79) and
Cynthia Lifsey
John W. Noble (’90)
John L. Pallin (’62)
Andrew Parker, MD
Stanley E. Peters, Jr. (’78)
Tom S. Roberts, MD
John A. Rock (’72)
John E. Salvaggio (’57)*
Dian H. Sanders (’66)
J. Stanford Shelby (’58)
Marvin E. Stuckey (’59)
Lesley M. Warshaw (’85)
Letah Yang (’75)
Guy P. Zeringue, Jr. (’70)
and Jane Zeringue
Double Members
Julius H. Mullins, Sr.*
Abe Mickal*
Bernard P. Soehner,
MD* - In Memory of
Beatrice Soehner
In Memory of Joseph B.
Marshall D. Harrison
Frank P. Incaprera
Ralph Levin
James Lane Sauls
Jack S. Zoller
Alcenith V. Crawford*
Henry W. Jolly, Jr.*
Frederick A. Marx
O. J. Richardson*
In Memory of Celeste G.
Dr. O. R. * and Mrs.
Howard A. Buechner*
Leo Fisher*
I. L. Fontenelle*
Henry M. Selby
Frederick A. Pou*
The Committee
of 100 Champions of
William A. Yancey
Donald B. Williams*
J. David Buttross, Jr.,
MD - In Memory of
Joseph Buttross
Joseph L. Powell*
Edwin C. Simonton
Claude C. Craighead*
Donn R. Driver*
In Memory of Forrest M.
Dean F. Hammond*
Bernard Lahasky*
Albert L. Bicknell*
James F. Bourgeois
Sarah M. Braud*
Thomas D. Davis
Raymond E. Horn, Jr.*
William M. Letson
Jack Perry Strong
Jack D. Summerlin
Jackson L. Thatcher
Dr. Charles and Mrs.
David J. Vial*
Charlton R. Vincent
Jacquelyn S. Ancelet
Etienne R. Brown
L. Leighton Hill
F. P. Bordelon*
(A pledge of $20,000)
Jack L. Breaux (’76)
L. O. Broussard (’55)
Mario A. Calonje (’59)
Charles A. Cefalu (’75)
Edward R. Chiasson (’78)
Kelvin J. Contreary (’78)
Vonni Serbin Contreary
P. Waverly Davidson (’59)
Lynnwood J. Brassett
Purnell W. Choppin
W. J. Hagen*
Lester A. Ancelet
Raymond J. Calecas*
Robert J. Cangelosi, Sr.
Earl M. Eggers
George D. Lyons, Jr.
Robert J. Turner III
Mary Lou Applewhite
Lawrence O. Broussard
Robert C. Fortenberry
Andrew H. Hoffmann,
Alvaro T. Hunt
Jerry D. Jordan
A. Neal McIntyre
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
J. Ralph Meier
Felix G. Rabito
Charles M. Smith
Helen K. VanFossen
R. Luke Bordelon
T. Neil Carmena
Donald T. Crochet
Jack C. Geer
James W. Jackson, Sr.
Harry E. Jones*
Bernard L. Kaplan*
E. Ralph Lupin
Sylvan J. Manuel
C. Austin Meng
Joseph B. Pecot, Jr.
Adrien A. Stewart
I. C. Turnley, Jr.
Jack L. Winters
Charles D. Belleau
Terence Beven
Ernest C. Hansen, Jr.
Anthony A. Kattine
Raymond F. Kitziger,
Arthur Kleinschmidt, Jr.*
Alfred A. Olinde
Joseph G. Patton
Warren C. Plauché
Baer I. Rambach
John E. Salvaggio*
Bernard Samuels
Dr. Louis H. and Janice
Lehrue Stevens, Jr.
James A. Freeman*
Roland F. Samson
James Stanford Shelby
Cecil C. Vaughn
Mario A. Calonje
Robert V. Cazayoux
Milton C. Chapman
P. Waverly Davidson
Joseph D. Guillory, Jr.
Bryson D. Jones
Russell C. Klein
Herbert M. Loyd
Arnold M. Lupin
Stuart I. Phillips
Marvin E. Stuckey
J. Kinabrew Williams
Warren L. Gottsegen
Rodney F. Kalil
James J. Leonard
Daniel B. Lestage, MD,
Herbert K. Plauche
Robert E. Ruel, Jr.
Joseph T. Brierre
Patricia Smith Cook
Gary A. Dildy, Jr.
Travis J. Harrison*
G. Tipton McKnight
John D. Milam
David L. Scally
Clinton C. Aubert
Francis T. Cazayoux
Lester P. Dulitz
James G. Hair
Gary J. Lafleur
Ladislas Lazaro III
Bernard L. Manale
Thomas D. McCaffery,
Carl S. Merlin
Karl J. Pizzolatto
Albert C. Rees
Earl J. Rozas
Ralph C. Sagrera
Charles V. Sanders
Daniel R. Scullin
Robert P. Blereau
J. Michael Cage
Wayne G. Elliott
Gerald L. Foret
Hugh A. King, Jr.
J. Hugh Larriviere
Charles C. Mary, Jr.
George F. Monzingo
Lisso Nachman
Leopold Richard, Jr.
James F. Stanford
Kenneth L. Veca
Jack A. Andonie
Richard J. Bidstrup
Louis G. Cucinotta
Frank C. DiVincenti
Lester L. Ducote, Jr.
R. Bruce Jordan
John E. McLachlan
William A. Mixon
Ronald N. Padgett
Sanford L. Pailet
John L. Pallin
Roland J. Sylvester
Mack A. Thomas
Martin A. Belanger
Richard J. Clement
Erwin H. Engert, Jr.
Jacob B. Goff
Joseph H. Bellina
C. Edward Foti
Carolyn S. Hebert
Leo P. Hebert, Jr.
Charles W. Kennedy, Jr.
Jimmy L. Mains
Harold Neitzschman, Jr.
William M. Pusateri
Linda Schlumbrecht
Janos I. Voros
Roland S. Waguespack
Jerry Ray Watson
Robert Rex Applewhite
Gustavo F. Carlomagno*
Joseph J. Creely, Jr.
Michael S. Ellis
Dexter A. Gary
R. McIver Hay
Trent L. James
Dian H. Sanders
Walter A. Scheuermann
Victor E. Tedesco III
Kathleen T. Dunlap
Clyde E. Elliott
Boyd E. Helm
J. Thomas Kilroy
William P. Newman III,
MD, and Diane
Wilmot F. Ploger
John A. Thomas
Randy C. Watson
Kenneth N. Adatto
Thad C. Carter
Alan W. Dascomb
Paul Thomas Gaudet
Roy A. Hemelt*
Larry H. Hollier
James S. Lawton
Jack P. Murphy, Jr.
Newell O. Pugh, Jr.
Michael C. Turner
Louis C. Blanda, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Michael
O’Donnell Bourgeois
Ewing W. Cook, Jr.
Robert P. Greene III
James C. Ingram, Jr.
Myron H. Jacobs
Fritz A. LaCour, Jr.
W. Chapman Lee
Edward D. Levy, Jr.
Lee J. Monlezun, MD,
and Anne Monlezun
In Memory of Randy
William A. Rock, Jr.
Barry A. Shelby
Steven J., MD, and
Rebecca Snatic
Sidney W. Tate
Robert E. Dilworth
Darryl J. Elias
Glynn A. Granger
R. Parker Griffith, Jr.
Orin F. Guidry
Paul R. Hastings
Bryan C. McCann
Arthur H. Reif
John R. Romero III
Donna H. Ryan
Robert F. Tarpy
Lester J. Vial, Jr.
Philip O. Wilson
Guy P. Zeringue, Jr.,
MD, and Jane Zeringue
Robert C. Batson
Christopher E. Cenac
Lawrence J. Danna
William J. DeFee III
Daniel E. Gremillion
Lester W. Johnson
Bennie P. Nobles, Jr.,
MD, and Nancy Nobles
Meade H. Phelps
F. Wayne Stromeyer
Neil Wolfson
Van M. Ardoin
Paul J. Azar, Jr.
Robert L. Baird
Frederick W. Brazda
John E. Cobb
Bradley C. Black
J. Charles Dugal
Thomas A. Edwards*
Drs. John and Lucie
James B. Godchaux
Edward E. Jeffries
Eugene M. Louviere
John A. Rock
Reginald P. Segar
John J. Watermeier III
Philip A. Cole
Evelyn K. Hayes
J. V. Jones, Jr.
Mark Juneau, Jr.
David W. Krueger
Ronald A. Landry
Barbara B. Morgan
Victor M. Oliver
Jon S. Palmintier
John M. Rainey
Harry S. Vorhaben
Gene M. Barrie
$60M biotech lab,
research center
coming to Canal Street
Construction will begin this summer on
the New Orleans BioInnovation Center,
a high-tech, $60-million state economic
development project designed to be a
cornerstone of the city’s post-Katrina
recovery. The state-of-the-art research
and office center, located in the 1400
block of Canal Street, is expected to
open in March 2009. The facility will
include a 65,000-square-foot wet lab
business incubator with offices and
conference rooms and a 10,000-squarefoot lab for the Louisiana Gene Therapy
Research Consortium and 2,000 square
feet of retail space on the ground floor.
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
Charles P. Bolotte
Joseph Y. Bordelon
David N. Curole
William J. Farrell
Mason P. Gilfoil, Jr.
Gary R. Glynn
R. Bruce Golson
Ralph Maxwell III
Marsha D. McNeese
Weston P. Miller III
Stephen M. Person
Austin G. Phillips, Jr.
Lawrence B. Schneider
Patricia M. Schneider
Elisabeth W. Schonlau
Thomas W. Sparks
Sidney L. Bailey
Joseph D. “Jay” Busby,
Dr. and Mrs. Charles A.
Cefalu “In Memory of
Mary Ann Genco
Susan H. Day
Jacques A. delaBretonne
Lynn E. Foret, MD, and
Sharon Foret
James H. French, Jr.
Michael S. Hanemann
Sanders F. Hearne
Charles E. Kaufman
Ronald S. Kober
Steven D. Kraus
Alan D. Lacoste
Lawrence Levy
Alfred A. Mansour, Jr.
Paul W. McCormick
Robert E. Owens
Lee R. Pankey
William K. Robinson,
MD, and Colleen
Fred H. Rodriguez
Robert C. Schumacher
Marvin D. Tark
Dr. and Mrs. Richard W.
Brian C. Wenzel
Kay Wolfson
Letah Yang
Robert B. Akenhead
David D. Alfery
David G. Baker
Robert W. Benson
Keith G. Bernard
Michael W. P. Boos, Jr.
John B. Brantley
E. Paul Breaux III
Jack L. Breaux, Jr.
Stephen M. Chatelain
Thompson J. Dietz
Lee R. Domangue
Frank L. Fazio
John F. Fraiche
Cary F. Gray
William H. Gullung III
Michel E. Heard
Michael J. Helm
Don M. Hemelt
Charles W. Hilton
William F. Krooss
Robert J. Landry*
F. Jefferson Liner
Jorge A. Martinez
Julius H. Mullins, Jr.
E. Michael O’Bryan
Ted Price
Roger D. Rholdon
Frank G. Rieger III
Edward W. Dauterive
Frank P. Henchy III
William H. Hines
Thomas K. Judd
Stanley E. Peters, Jr.
Cynthia J. Scott
E. Karl Ventre III
Charles S. Walker
Lucy Borne Walker
Mark H. Dawson
Maurice B. Faugot
Donald C. Faust
Thomas J. Kennedy
Katherine St. Amant,
MD, and Samuel G.
McClugage, PhD
Dennis (’77) and Priscilla
Barry W. Sartin
Randolph H. Taylor
Roger G. West
David L. Autin
Robin J. Barry
Francis J. Cardinale
Edward R. Chiasson
Kelvin J. Contreary
The Louisiana State University Board
of Supervisors have approved the
location and design of a proposed
$98-million cancer research center.
Dubbed the Louisiana Cancer Research
Consortium, the state-funded,
150,000-square-foot facility will be
located on a 2-acre site at the
intersection of Tulane and Claiborne
Avenues between LSUHSC-NO and
Tulane University Health Sciences
Center. It is expected to open in 2010
and create more than 300 jobs.
James B. Aiken
Charles W. Chappuis, Jr.
Ronald J. Daigle
John D. Frusha
Stephen P. Goodwin
Raymond E. Haik, Jr.
Stanley M. Hall
William H. Kinnard
Philip J. Kurica
Richard M. Lauve
Michael L., MD, and
Cynthia Lifsey
Joseph N. Macaluso, Jr.
J. David Moser
Frederick J. Rau
Richard E. Robichaux, Jr.
Carol W. Sartin
Michael J. Schutte
Leo D. Verlander
$98M N.O. cancer
center site selected
Nick J. Accardo
Bryan W. Amy
Lionel P. Bourgeois
Barry A. Bruggers
N. Joseph Deumite
Earl James Garitty
Cynthia A. Glass
Michael J. Goodwin
Richard C. Jarrell
Richard C. Kline
Randall D. Lea
Charles A. LeBlanc
Thomas H. McCalla
Anthony E. Savoie
Margie Strong
Melvin L. Triay III
William F. von Almen,
MD, and Madeline von
John E. Williams
Daniel R. Baker
Carl E. Blunck III
Daniel R. Bourque
Vernon J. Carriere
Vonni Serbin Contreary
Pamela S. Darr
Bennett P. deBoisblanc
Tim E. Frederick
Richard J. Grisoli
David Lee Hagen
Lloyd D. Klibert, Jr.
John R. Landry
Michael B. Lyons
Daniel W. Nuss
Wayne J. Pharo
Steven E. Pillow
Linda L. Robinson
P. Douglas Slocum
Jason L. Smith
Simon V. Ward III
Rebecca L. Accardo
William A. Anderson
Charles L. (’82) and
Elizabeth Beck
Ronald P. Bernadas
Bonnie A. Boyd
Paul A. Guillory
Michael J. Jennings
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
Charles P. Murphy
Gerard F. (’82) and
Patricia Peña
Michael T. Perniciaro
William J. Preau III
Rickey O. Ryals
James R. Stenhouse
Leslie V. Walker
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald D.
Kenneth J. Champagne
Bradley J. Chastant
Charles E. Cook
Joseph W. Crookshank,
Oscar A. Del Portal
Mark S. Huffman
Christopher J. Rich
Thomas E. Alost
Charles L. Brown III
Jeannine Rozas Cook
Mary Ellen Corry
Cathi Fontenot
Ray Fontenot, Jr.
David J. Foreman
Evelyn A. Kluka
Samuel J. Lorenzo
Gary P. Mayeux
Michael A. Seicshnaydre
George E. Turnley
Elizabeth D. Winters
Jack C. Winters
Stephen S. Wyble
Elizabeth A. McDonald
Chad W. Millet
David J. Rau
Marshall S. St.Amant
Dwayne A. Thomas
Gault H. Townsend
James C. Walker
Michael A. Wiedemann
Robert G. Anding
Marc A. Fisher
Rodney S. Florek
John F. Heaton
Brenda S. Kinard
Robert T. Mazurek
Catherine M. McCormick
Lesley M. Warshaw, Jr.
Robert G. Brousse
Gerald A. Cvitanovich
Jeffrey J. Joseph
Allyson B. Mayeux
David J. Moreland
Carlo A. Musso
Janine S. Parker
David C. Pearce
Steven V. Scalia
David J. Bailey
Brian M. Barkemeyer
Peter D. Cabiran
Dr. and Mrs. Salem
David, Jr.
Jaime R. Garza, MD, and
Lisa Trail Garza
Gregory J. Gelpi
M. Angela Mayeux
Cherie A. Niles
Nicholas J. Persich
Michelle J. Turnley
Dianne J. Albrecht, MD,
and Jeffrey Albrecht
R. Patrick Cecola
Fred P. Cerise
Patrick C. Hagen
Ratnamani Lingamallu
Kenneth L. Odinet, Jr.
Paul L. Friedlander
Nancy R. Mellin
Robin L. Pendleton
Jimmy N. Ponder
Keith P. Samuels
John T. Thien
Lovick P. Thomas VI
Barry J. Breaux
Louise G. Collins
Michael W. Dole
David B. Kaplan
Eric H. Rau
Charles W. Thomas
Andrew K. Chang
Christopher M. Foret
James P. Moises
Edan D. Moran
Wilson T. Barham
James H. Blackburn II
Terri Walker Blackburn
Diana K. Clavin
Daniel J. Gallagher
Christopher L. Ingram
Stephen P. Katz, MD,
Ronald M. Lahasky
Tynes E. Mixon
John W. Noble
R. Douglas Bostick III
Joseph A. Badeaux
Victor H. Dinh
James K. Ellis
Keith P. Melancon
Paul L. Vaughn
Zeb A. Stearns
Luis M. Espinoza
Catherine M. Hebert
Randall P. Miller
Deborah A. Hilton
Bruce V. Ouellette
Jody S. Brahney
Gerard J. Broussard
James M. Brown III,
MD, and Rachel Chua
Leslie Thomas Chimento
Cynthia C. Fox
Timothy M. Gallagher
Jeffrey C. Houin, Jr.
John P. Neary
Paul M. Rees
Charles G. Schibler
Samir M. Sukkar
Jon G. Traxler
R. Dean Yount, Jr.
Josef Zoldos
Andrea Girod Espinoza
Scott S. Habetz
Stephen B. Manale
Roland S. Waguespack
Murtuza J. Ali
Doctors Jack Andonie
(’62), Robert Hogan
(’77) and Eric Schultis
Faculty and
Mr. Coleman E. Adler II
Drs. Albert and Elba
Fred Allison, Jr., MD
Carl and Mary Jane Bauer
Bayer Pharmaceuticals
Gerald S. Berenson, MD
John N. Bickers, MD
Joanne Brassett
Walter H. Brent, Jr., MD
Louis R. Cabiran, MD
Daniel I. Caplan, MD
Janice S. Caplan
Paul G. Catrou, MD
Rachel Chua, MD
Richard M. Cirillo, MD
Mr. Ian J. Cohn
Mrs. Isidore Cohn, Jr.
Pelayo Correa, MD
Eugene J. Dabezies, MD
Robert D. D’Ambrosia,
Drs. Robert S. Daniels
and Vikki Ashley
Sarah B. d’Autremont,
George D. Davis, PhD
DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc.
In Memory of Nettie Lea
Richard P. Dickey, MD,
Charles D. Dietzen, MD
Gary A. Dildy III, MD
Mr. William J. Dore’, Sr.
Mrs. Judith W. Drez
Peggy and Fritz Eagan
Carmen G. Espinoza,
Frank J. Ferrin, MD
C. Edward Floyd, MD
Elizabeth T. Fontham,
Lauren Cohn Fouros
Joseph J. Frensilli, MD*
Dr. Harvey and Ave
Maria Gabert
Richard E. Gerard
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
Richard S. Gist, MD
Curtis M. Graf, MD
Greater New Orleans
Ob/Gyn Society
Clark Gunderson, MD
Al Hernandez, MD
Alfred Y. K. Hew, Jr.,
L. D. “Dee” Jennings,
Lester and Gloria
Andrew G. King, MD
David G. Kline, MD
Mr. Joseph G. Kopfler
James and Libby Kot,
William Leon, MD*
J. Lee Leonard, MD
Janis Gissel Letourneau,
Frank N. Low, PhD*
The Lupin Family
Neil J. Maki, MD
Gray T. Malcom, PhD
Greg Maletis, MD
Cris V. Mandry, MD
Irwin M. Marcus, MD
Robert L. Marier, MD,
Joseph M. Miller, Jr., MD
Mr. Chuck Morris
Mr. Raymond Morris
Francis C. Nance, MD
James L. Nelson, MD
Lee T. Nesbitt, Jr., MD
David C. Neuschwander,
In Memory of Hammond
Jerry G. Nicholson
Thomas E. Nolan, MD,
and Susan Nolan
J. Patrick O’Leary, MD
Dr.* and Mrs. Richard
M. Paddison
Andrew Parker, MD
John A. Racanelli, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Barry L.
Peter L. Rigby, MD, and
Fidelma Rigby, MD
Tom S. Roberts, MD
Matching funds for endowed chairs
LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans received
matching funds for endowed chairs for eminent scholars
and endowed professorships from the Louisiana Board of
Regents. A check in the amount of $1,080,000 in
matching funds from the FY 2006-2007 Louisiana
Educational Quality Support Fund was given to support
15 endowed professorships and one endowed chair. Their
total value is $2.7 million. The 60% base was raised with
contributions from the LSU Medical Alumni Association,
the Committee of 100, faculty, staff, family, friends, and
loved ones. The following chair and professorships were
The $1 million William H. Stewart, MD, Endowed Chair
for Pediatrics, honors William H. Stewart (’45), who
served as Surgeon General of the United States from 1965
to 1969, and later was Chancellor of LSU Medical Center
(1969-1974), Professor of Pediatrics, Secretary of the
Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, and Head
of the Department of Public Health and Preventive
Medicine at LSUHSC-NO.
Louisiana Board of Regents member Donna Klein
hands matching funds check to LSUHSC Chancellor
Larry Hollier (’68).
The $100,000 professorships include the Alan Robson, MD, Professorship in Pediatric Nephrology; the
Bollinger Family Endowed Professorship in Alzheimer’s Disease; the Eduardo Marvez-Valls, MD, Professorship
of Emergency Medicine; the John Ey, MD, Professorship in Hospitalist Pediatrics; the Nicolas G. Bazan, MD,
Professorship in Emergency Medicine; the Percy Rosenbaum, MD, Professorship of Pediatrics; the Richard M.
Paddison, MD, Memorial Professorship of Neurology; the Richard Ashman, PhD, Professorship of Physiology;
and the Louis R. Cabiran, MD, Professorship of Medicine.
The late Dr. Marilyn Zimny, beloved Professor of Anatomy, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and Interim
Vice President for Academic Affairs at the LSU System, created four professorships for the School of Graduate
Studies through her estate. The four $100,000 professorships include the H. Adele Spence Professorship of
Graduate Studies, the Herbert C. Dessauer Professorship in Graduate Studies, the L. Allen Barker Professorship
in Graduate Studies, and the Robert F. Dyer Professorship of Graduate Studies.
Two $200,000 double professorships were matched: the G. John Buddingh, MD, Professorship in
Microbiology and the Louis Levy II, MD (M’43) Professorship of Research Cardiology.
Robert Roskoski, Jr.,
Ross Laboratories
Rothschild Pediatric
Mr.* and Mrs. H. James
Wallace Rubin, MD
St. Charles General
Hospital - Medical Staff
Thomas S. Samuelson,
Vicki J. Schnadig, MD
John B. Scofield
Fayez K. Shamieh, MD
Brig. Gen. Karl N.
Smith and Nephew
Smith and Nephew
Endoscopy Division
Mr. Teddy Solomon, Sr.
Ricardo U. Sorensen,
Patricia Powers Strong*
Alfredo Suarez, MD
J. Clyde Swartzwelder,
Dr. Jackson and Nancy
Ramamohana R.
Vadlamudi, MD
Keith Van Meter, MD
Larry D. Weiss, MD
Ronald A. Welsh, MD
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
Charles A. White, Jr.,
Steven N. Zarzour, MD,
and Beverly Zarzour
Marilyn L. Zimny, PhD*
*Deceased Members
Members of the 500
Club, which supports
basic science professorships,
are listed below.
New Members
Vincent M. Galiano (’98)
Robert C. Witcher, Jr. (’91)
Double Members
Dr. John and *Senator Betty
Charles N. Aprill (’67)
Hubert C. Ashman (D’43)
Leah Wilkinson Brockway
Thomas Campanella (M’43)*
Robert S. Daniels, MD
Clyde E. Elliott (’67)
Robert C. Fortenberry (’55)
Jerry D. Jordan (’55)
Richard A. Keller (’86)
Alan D. LaCoste (’75)
J. Nelson Perret (’77)
Robert Roskoski, Jr., MD,
Brent D. Videau (’87)
Williams Davis Wall (’61)
Paul C. Young (’58)
Fred A. Marx
Simon V. Ward
Oren Depp*
Philip B. Watkins
1943 - March
Howard A. Buechner*
Thomas Campanella*
Tillye Cornman*
1943 - December
Charles L. Fellows
F. H. Metz, Jr.
Edward M. Haile
Paul M. Mann
H. Thomas Ellender*
Edmond J. Leroux
Barbara B. Morgan
Robert C. Fortenberry
Jerry D. Jordan
Robert E. Ball
Bernard Samuels
Morton L. Levy*
Walter H. Daniels
Thomas W. Graves
Julius H. Mullins, Sr.*
Kenneth L. Perego
Don B. Williams*
Gerald L. Foret
Lisso Nachman
Thomas G. Latour
Williams D. Wall, IV
Alvin Stander*
M. M. Thompson*
Richard J. Clement
Curtis R. Duplechain
Robert M. Alexander
James E. Ball*
Henry W. Jolly, Jr.*
Walter J. Birdsall
Cecil C. Vaughn
Paul C. Young
Edmond K. Edelson
Charles N. Aprill
Clyde E. Elliott
William P. Newman III and
Diane Newman
Hubert C. Ashman
Ignacio Medina
Leon Pordy*
Ross C. Tilbury
Regular Members
William J. Dimattia
Henry W. McGowen
Charles E. Ray
Leah Wilkinson Brockway
Bradley J. Chastant
Joseph W. Crookshank
Robert W. Dugas
Samuel J. Lorenzo
Elizabeth A. McDonald
Robert T. Mazurek
Richard A. Keller
Richard D. Marino
Nicholas J. Persich
Brent D. Videau
Libeau J. Berthelot
Lynn E. Foret
Alan D. Lacoste
John Wesley Magee
Alfred A. Mansour
Michael D. Manuel
Alan E. Sheen
Marvin D. Tark
Robert C. Witcher, Jr.
Charles W. Hilton, Jr.
Barry J. Breaux
Mark L. Merlin
Vincent M. Galiano
Stephen B. Manale
Faculty and Friends
Sidney G. Chetta
Manoj Narayanan
J. Nelson Perret
Dr. John J. Andujar
Senator Betty Andujar*
Fred G. Brazda, PhD*
Robert S. Daniels, MD
George D. Davis, PhD
Jane Cagan Miller, MD
Emel Songu Mize, PhD
R. Ranney Mize, PhD
Robert Roskoski, Jr., MD,
H. Adele Spence, PhD
Marilyn L. Zimny, PhD*
Leon C. LaHaye
Bruce M. Thompson
Charles S. Walker
Lucy Borne Walker
Barry A. Bruggers
William F. von Almen III
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
*Deceased Members
Members of the Committee of 100 are listed beginning on page 4.
Members of the 500 Club are listed on page 8.
The funds of the Medical Alumni Association, Inc., are audited annually by Erickson Krentel and La Porte, L.L.P. A copy of
the audit is available on request to the Office of Alumni Affairs.
Donations received: 1/1/07
through 12/31/07
Donations received in 2008
will be acknowledged later.
Dave Kaminsky
Gerald Beaullieu
Wilfred Briley
Elsie R. Broussard
Robert N. Davie
Gerard J. Frederic
C. Bryan Luikart
John E. Scott
George D. Tennison
Sidney L. Tiblier
Harold P. Chastant
Paul Finkelstein
Lawrence Kahn
William H. Stewart
Charles L. Black
Thomas F. McKellar
Joe Broyles
Frank A. Cain
Sam F. Hartman
David W. Aiken
Aubrey M. Alexander
Margaret W. Bridwell
Walter B. Comeaux
L. Glynn Cox
George Jacobson
Clay N. Wells
William A. Yancey
Frederick C. Grieshaber
1943 March
Gordon W. Peek
Richard E. Robichaux
1943 December
Herbert Derman
Emile P. Eckart
William Burchall Liles
Joseph M. Perret
Daniel H. Rowe
John J. Signorelli
Lawrence G. Bole
Thomas H. Casanova
Malcolm L. Denley
William C. Haile
Henry H. Middleton
Phillip F. Purpera
Clay A. Waggenspack
Alvin S. Wexler
J. D. Buttross
John J. Davis
Bernard DeHovitz
Milton G. Evangelou
Charles L. Fellows
John W. Fisher
Larry J. Hines
Irwin Hoffman
Robert M. May
Frank Normann
Nicholas J. Olivier
Harold W. Richmond
John E. Rockwell
W. Lucien Simpson
Amos L. Wedgeworth
James W. Wilson
Eugene Worthen
William Beachy
Mortimer F. Currier
Wilfrid G. Dolan
Evalyn S. Gendel
John M. Hamilton
Robert N. Helm
Ralph G. Mollerstuen
Louis E. Richard
Andrew J. Sanchez
Oscar M. Thompson
Ward Bellard
Leon D. Bultman
Kopel Burk
James H. French
Emmett L. Hebert
Frank P. Incaprera
Ralph Levin
Jorge Martinez-Lopez
Edwin D. McKay
Thomas L. McNeely
Monroe S. Samuels
J. Lane Sauls
Armant C. Touchy
Alvin Vignes
Jack S. Zoller
Richard W. Hughes
G. Fred Kelly
George L. LeBeau
Alton J. Morris
Joseph K. Perloff
Molly P. Puneky
Jack P. Ruli
Jackson L. Thatcher
Charles H. Turner
James M. Young
Edward Burleigh
Chris N. Christu
Ferdinand J. DeRouen
Robert L. DiBenedetto
Adonis J. Domingue
Heber C. Ethridge
Angelo J. Giorlando
Oscar R. Griffin
Ronald Hardey
L. Leighton Hill
Jacob R. Lahasky
Roy G. LaSalle
Norman L. Mauroner
David J. Mykoff
Joseph D. Persich
Carl J. Pope
Hilda Reynaud-Vallette
Vernon A. Voorhies
O’Neill Barrett
George C. Battalora
William P. Beatrous
George S. Bourgeois
Lynwood J. Brassett
Purnell W. Choppin
Reuben Eisenstein
John J. Guidry
Stephen J. Herbert
Julius E. Isaacson
George H. Jones
Anthony W. Scardino
William E. Smith
Kenneth G. Burton
Joe D. Crawford
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
Robert J. Cangelosi
Alvin Friedland
Michael J. Hirsch
Robert G. Jarrell
Emily L. Jones
Joseph G. Juracovich
Glen R. Kent
Raymond L. Landreneau
Albert J. Lauro
James W. Lorio
George D. Lyons
David J. Mitchell
Nan E. Robinson
William M. Roeling
Perry G. Sudduth
Darrell Tate
David Thibodeaux
Robert J. Turner
Richard Vines
Alfred G. Wiedemann
Mary Lou Applewhite
Lawrence O. Broussard
Gilbert E. Caillouet
David O. Childers
Jerry W. Crabtree
William C. Dunbar
Dyer J. Farley
Allan E. Green
Billy W. Hillman
Morris S. Hoffpauir
Alton R. Irwin
Jerry D. Jordan
Joe H. Lee
Santo J. LoCoco
Charles C. Matirne
Archie N. McIntyre
Richard M. Moon
Arthur A. Morel
Robert L. North
John C. Passman
Claude J. Patin
Daniel W. Sartor
Armand J. Scully
Charles M. Smith
Sallye J. Toniette
Jose E. Torres
Harold M. Voss
Edwin Walker
Jacqueline K. Winter
Wilhelmena Wise
Robert E. Ball
Joseph P. Barreca
Charles H. Baughman
Quinn H. Becker
Ethel H. Boagni
T. Neil Carmena
Edmund H. Crane
Joseph E. Dugas
Jack C. Geer
William E. Godfrey
James W. Jackson
Martin H. Klein
Herbert A. McPherson
Alexandre C. Miller
Donald J. Muller
Horace A. Nabers
A. Mark Parker
Carl J. Poche
Charles R. Reinninger
N. Brannon Riddle
James A. Rogers
Frank L. Schmidt
Paul F. Shorts
Samuel J. Stagg
Adrien A. Stewart
Vincent V. Tumminello
Guy J. Waggenspack
Richard W. Ziegler
Charles D. Belleau
William K. Brown
Stewart G. Carrington
Alvin M. Cotlar
J. Kingsley Fife
John E. Firestone
Myron C. Greenleaf
Guy J. Guarino
Ernest C. Hansen
Samuel S. Holladay
Frederick J. Kittler
Dominick M. Lago
Charles D. Langford
Earl J. Madere
Arthur A. Mauterer
Vernon L. McCord
Richard R. Michel
John L. Moore
Archie B. Osborn
Joseph G. Patton
Willard J. Pevey
Elizabeth R. Ringrose
Joseph A. Rojas
Joel B. Smason
Louis H. Stern
Lehrue Stevens
Boniface G. Trosclair
William J. Wetta
Charles T. White
John C. Williams
Herbert M. Loyd
Carol B. McCauley
Thomas A. Moore
Joseph E. Paysse
Stuart I. Phillips
G. D. Sagrera
Mickey L. Salmon
Marvin E. Stuckey
Verne L. Thibodeaux
Robert S. White
Dale E. Bennett
Wilton L. Bergeron
Joseph S. Bianca
Charles A. Borne
Burt M. Bujard
Daniel H. Buller
Raymond M. Catton
Russell R. Conley
Charles E. Cummings
Joseph S. DiLeo
Carlton S. Faller
Mary Ann Johnson
Thomas P. La Haye
Hayden E. Mayeaux
James E. Oertel
Larry K. Page
Robert N. Pavy
Hamp S. Pratt
Winston P. Riehl
Roland F. Samson
George M. Sturgis
Robert L. Trahan
Hubert J. Waguespack
James E. Weilbaecher
Kendall A. West
Huey P. Wyatt
Merrick J. Wyble
Charles J. Abdo
Gerald L. Batte
Donald R. Blocker
Donn E. Bowers
Mario A. Calonje
Robert V. Cazayoux
Walter H. Daniels
Johnnie M. Emanuel
Thomas W. Graves
Roy Gregory
Joseph D. Guillory
Michael F. Halphen
William O. Jeansonne
Gerald C. Keller
Russell C. Klein
Ernest J. Lorch
Charles E. Afeman
Edgar Anderson
Frank Fanancy Anzalone
Walter L. Asseff
Wilbur G. Beauregard
Gordon Bowers
Joseph Brierre
Jerry P. Casey
Salvador J. Cefalu
Patricia S. Cook
Gary A. Dildy
G. Dewey Dunn
John P. Epling
Hypolite Landry
William Marmande
George T. McKnight
James J. Murtagh
Roy G. Nation
Howard R. Rose
Phillip A. Schaeffer
Hans D. Sommer
Robert P. Blereau
Melvin G. Bourgeois
J. Gardiner Bourque
William H. Boylston
J. Michael Cage
Ray Cinnater
Gerald L. Foret
Richard A. Greene
Jessie E. Hano
William A. Johnson
Frank L. Jones
Lawrence M. Kleinpeter
James H. Lutschg
William A. Martin
Michel S. Medawar
Oliver Mitchell
Lisso Nachman
Charles Raborn
Alfred J. Rufty
Samuel P. Scurria
Daniel S. Sinclair
George R. Smith
To the Alumni Office
I am humbled and greatly appreciative to be
receiving the 2007-2008 Alcenith Veith
Crawford, MD, Memorial Scholarship. It is
such an honor to be chosen for such a
meaningful award, and I look forward to
returning the favor to LSU’s school of medicine
in the future. Thank you!
— Geaux Tigers!
James F. Stanford
Eugene E. Taylor
Basil G. Trunzler
Kenneth L. Veca
Frank H. Wagner
Williams D. Wall
W. Juan Watkins
John Wright
Delosa A. Young
Jack A. Andonie
Dudley P. Baker
James R. Bergeron
James L. Clause
Gaston A. delaBretonne
Frank C.
Clem M. Doxey
James B. Falterman
Joseph L. Fontenot
Frank J. George
Frank J. Graffagnino
Warren D. Grafton
Hilda G. Heidingsfelder
Andrew F. Jobe
Don K. Joffrion
R. Bruce Jordan
Cliffe C. Laborde
Margaret F. Longo
Wilbert J. Manuel
Jerard R. Martin
Robert M. Maurer
John E. McLachlan
Ronald N. Padgett
Sanford L. Pailet
John L. Pallin
Robert Pflug
David B. Regan
Joseph B. Reynolds
Roy B. Sessions
Ronald E. Shemwell
Ben B. Singletary
Paul Snow
Mack A. Thomas
Chester L. Todd
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
Billy L. Bickham
Jim Cather
Curtis R. Duplechain
Erwin Engert
Crayton A. Fargason
Alan Farries
William T. Ferguson
Hannelore H. Giles
William L. Gill
Warren L. Gottsegen
Frances E. Hagaman
Benjamin Haley
Robert J. Hargis
Mary E. Hawkins
Jacquelyne Holdcraft
James J. Leonard
Daniel B. Lestage
Richard A. Liptak
James H. McBurney
Robert L. McManus
D. Prescott Miller
Gene C. Miller
Charles G. Norwood
Seth P. Novoselsky
Richard Robin
Thomas R. Robinson
J. Aaron Roy
Joseph G. Spano
Carl T. Stirling
James W. Teague
Lawrence E. Tujague
Robert G. Weilbaecher
C. E. Williams
Nancy L. Yarbrough
W. Max Yarbrough
E. Ratcliffe Anderson
Philip R. Avet
Joseph G. Babin
Myron B. Bailey
Joseph J. Biundo
James L. Bradford
Charles W. Breaux
William S. Bundrick
Lester P. Dulitz
Pierre Dupleix
Sarah E. Duvall
Glenn W. Fowler
William G. Giles
James Hair
Frank M. Houston
Daniel E. Hutton
John K. Imahara
Van C. Joffrion
Darryl L. Johnson
Alfred Krake
Edward H. Leatherman
Clinton G. McAlister
Robert H. McCrary
Alvin S. Merlin
Carl S. Merlin
Joe A. Morgan
Calvin R. Peters
E. Blaine B. Pittman
Karl J. Pizzolatto
Albert C. Rees
Ralph C. Sagrera
Charles V. Sanders
John Stubblefield
Enoch Toler
Lynn Z. Tucker
Raymond W. Turner
Herman E. Walker
Fred Willis
Paul R. Zehnder
Charles W. Baucum
G. Gary Brooks
John Chidlow
Ted Z. Collins
David H. Cummings
Norman L. Davidson
Lawrence R. Futrell
R. Charles Griffith
Robert E. Haley
Robert D. Haydel
Leo P. Hebert
Mark R. Jenkins
Bendel Johnson
Charles W. Kennedy
Hector J. LeBlanc
Louis W. Leggio
David V. Maraist
I. R. Martinez
Henry McGowen
Lawrence J. McManus
Andre K. Perron
John Piker
George D. Rucker
Linda Schlumbrecht
Robert F. Sharp
Paul J. Sibille
Edward F. Swan
Theresa VanDerVlugt
Roland S. Waguespack
Jerry R. Watson
Margaret T.
David Wisdom
Robert R. Applewhite
Pierre V. Blanchard
William V. Booth
Samuel Cade
Robert S. Clawson
Gerald Cohen
John Cooksey
Joseph J. Creely
Edward L. Domingue
Valentine A. Earhart
Abdalla Elias
William Gilmer
Thomas H. Griffith
Herbert G. Haydel
Harry E. Hoerner
P. Reed Kiplinger
Michael P. Landreneau
Samuel L. Levert
Kirk Lipscomb
Ronald W. Racca
John N. Richie
Dian H. Sanders
Judson Schoendorf
Timothy L. Sorrells
Jerry J. St. Pierre
Fletcher S. Sutton
Donald Taylor
Victor E. Tedesco
Robert M. Toups
January 1, 2007, through December 31, 2007
Alumni Office General Support
Committee of 100 Special Account
Dean’s Discretionary Fund
Isidore Cohn Chair
Claude Craighead Chair
David Drez Chair
Richard Fowler Chair
Harvey Gabert Chair
David Kline Chair
George Lyons Chair
Abe Mickal Chair
William Stewart Chair
Mervin L. Trail Chair
Gerald Berenson Professorship
Pelayo Correa Professorship
Harry Dascomb Professorship
Raja Dhurandhar Professorship
Charles Hilton Professorship
Alice Baker Holoubek Professorship
Brian Jakes Professorship
Henry Jolly Professorship
Russell Klein Professorship
Richard Paddison Professorship
Jim Lowenstein Professorship
William Rock Professorship
Kai and Earl Rozas Professorship
Charles Sanders Professorship
Richard Vial Professorship
Ronald Welsh Professorship
Marilyn Zimny Professorship
500 Club (Basic Science Professorships)
Fred Allison Scholarship
Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund
Alumni Merit Scholarship Fund
Angela Christian Scholarship
Clay Easterly Scholarship
Edgar Hull Scholarship
Shira Kansas Scholarship
Bobbie Millet Scholarship
William Bradley Memorial Fund
James O. Lilly Memorial Fund
Howard Randall Memorial Fund
Isidore Cohn, Jr., MD,
Learning Center Fund
Class of ‘76 Special Fund
Pathology Discretionary Fund
Physical Medicine and Rehab
Improvement Fund
Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund
2nd Annual Fall Gala
LSU School of Medicine History
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
$ 2,244,135.62
1,919 Alumni Donors
$ 1,040,381.21
177 Non-Alumni Donors
TOTAL $ 2,244,135.62
Nathan S. Wexler
Duane J. Williams
Beverly B. Yount
James R. Andrews
George H. Barbier
John A. Bolin
Baptiste W. Brunner
George S. Buckner
Kenneth G. Carter
Larry A. Cowley
Stephen J. Derbes
Alonzo N. Diodene
Clyde E. Elliott
W. Daniel Fife
Charles E. Fontenot
Michael D. Friley
Harold A. Fuselier
Elbert H. Goodier
Carlton R. Greer
Edward R. Habert
Boyd E. Helm
Numa C. Hero
J. Thomas Kilroy
Michael L. Madden
Garland E. McCarty
Alvin H. Meyer
John Nackley
William P. Newman
Charles H. Packman
Robert W. Palmer
Joseph M. Ribaudo
Joseph H. Robinson
John A. Thomas
Randy Watson
James P. Williams
Kenneth N. Adatto
G. Havard Albright
Raymond A. Armstrong
Edwin C. Augustat
William D. Bailey
Joseph F. Bianca
William C. Coney
F. Gary Cunningham
C. Phillip Daspit
Sharon G. Daspit
Herschel Dean
Fortune A. Dugan
Fred J. Duhon
Paul H. Fellers
Kenneth D. Futch
Paul T. Gaudet
Robert E. Hanchey
Richard M. Haydel
Harold J. Hebert
Larry H. Hollier
Edward S. Homan
Ward Hooter
James J. Hoth
Frederick R. Kirchner
Clyde E. Landrum
Walter P. Ledet
Russell Levy
Michael Lynch
John R. MacGregor
Herbert W. Marks
Andrew W. Martin
Donald McBurney
Allen D. Meisel
Rollin Morgan
Jack Murphy
Franklin Noles
Charles A. Olivier
Richard D. Olsan
William D. Pelletier
J. Conrad Pierce
Gregory M. Savoy
Burt S. Strug
Craig W. Thomas
Merlin R. Wilson
Donald A. Winkler
Mary U. Andrews
John E. Andrulot
Henry F. Bellaci
Kenneth M. Blue
Michael O. Bourgeois
Joseph W. Brown
Richard J. Campeau
James H. Cody
Ewing W. Cook
Lewis C. Cummings
Errol F. Genet
Reginald E. Goldsby
Robert P. Greene
Robert R. Gullett
Edward M. Haile
Stephanie Heidelberg
F. Michael Hindelang
James Holmes
James C. Ingram
Myron Jacobs
David L. Larson
W. Chapman Lee
P. Michael Mann
Barbara N. Massony
Elizabeth McBurney
Doris K. Medlin
Lee J. Melton
Richard M. Miers
Lee J. Monlezun
Joel H. Ory
Bernard E. Patty
Philip D. Rabalais
Christopher J. Roach
William A. Rock
Robert Romero
Barry A. Shelby
R. Michael Smith
Travis M. Spears
Arthur F. Sullwold
A. John Tassin
Van M. Ardoin
Paul J. Azar
Robert L. Baird
David M. Bray
Frederick W. Brazda
John A. Cottrell
Robert E. Dilworth
Robert Doepke
Darryl J. Elias
Craig P. Folse
Robert A. George
Glynn A. Granger
R. Parker Griffith
Orin F. Guidry
Janet B. Higgins
John W. Megison
William J. Mitchell
Stephen C. Pardys
Charles A. Patout
Thomas Quaid
Arthur H. Reif
John V. Richey
John R. Romero
Louis J. Sardenga
Raymond L. Sheppard
Robert F. Tarpy
Lester J. Vial
John A. Walker
Philip O. Wilson
Guy P. Zeringue
Walter R. Abbott
Phillip B. Bandel
J. Robert Barnes
Robert C. Batson
Glynn A. Bergeron
Charles L. Black
Russell Blaylock
Ray C. Boyer
Patrick H. Casey
Lawrence J. Danna
James P. David
Betty R. DeLoach
Leon N. DeMent
John L. DiLeo
Richard E. Fulton
Stephen E. Gano
Melvin H. Gold
Roger G. Grimball
Hall R. Howard
Frank B. Hughes
Lester W. Johnson
Roy G. Kadair
Emile A. Latour
Robert J. Marino
Lee R. Morgan
Bennie P. Nobles
Meade H. Phelps
Allen C. Richert
Robert K. Rush
J. T. Segura
J. Wayne Sessions
Lionel L. Smith
A. Judson Tillinghast
J. L. Tonore
Jimmie W. Varnado
Robert A. Alexander
Champ Baker
Louis Barbato
Bradley C. Black
Bert R. Bratton
Joseph C. Bremer
Theodore W. Burns
William E. Daniel
Edwin M. Davidson
Arthur Day
J. Charles Dugal
C. Babson Fresh
Jack L. Graham
Edward E. Jeffries
David L. Jones
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
Michael L. Kessler
Hubert E. Kleinpeter
Stephen Kuplesky
Dennis A. LaRavia
Richard P. LeBoeuf
Stephen M. Lindsey
Terrel Michel
Patterson W. Moseley
Harold S. Parks
G. W. Poche
Ronald A. Radzikowski
James T. Riley
William J. Ryan
Phillip V. Swearingen
James E. White
William J. Woessner
Luis A. Balart
Donald L. Bliss
Clarence Bolinger
Malcolm Brown
Chester C. Coles
Michael J. Coogan
J. Benton Dupont
Daniel J. Fourrier
Maurice J. Gremillion
Gary Guidry
Peyton R. Hall
Douglas B. Harris
Evelyn K. Hayes
Stanley M. Jackson
William J. Johnston
James V. Jones
Mark Juneau
Harry L. Kirk
Edward J. Lazarus
J. Randall Lea
Steven L. Mahorney
Laurence May
L. Glen Mire
Louis E. Mire
Charles F. Mitchell
Tommy M. Mook
Ricardo G. Mora
Joel D. Nasca
Victor M. Oliver
Carter D. Paddock
Jon S. Palmintier
John M. Rainey
A. Carl Schmulen
Alan E. Seyfer
Edward Skeins
Douglas K. Tennison
Edmund Vinci
Harry S. Vorhaben
James Weiss
Carl W. Barlow
J. Larry Barr
Gene N. Barrett
Gene M. Barrie
John G. Bernard
William G. Black
Charles Bolotte
Ronald Bombet
Joseph Y. Bordelon
Randal C. Caffarel
Douglas G. Cosentino
Stephen W. Cotlar
David N. Curole
Rene L. DeBoisblanc
Daniel G. Dupree
William J. Farrell
Stephen R. Gardner
William Gewin
Mason P. Gilfoil
Gary R. Glynn
William W. Harkrider
J. Lowell Haro
Gibson D. Kimberlin
Thomas A. Layne
Bennett L. Leventhal
Vance A. Marinello
Ronnie E. Mathews
Ralph Maxwell
James McBride
Marsha D. McNeese
Richard M. Olivier
Cynthia Peel
Austin G. Phillips
Monty J. Rizzo
Edwin B. Ross
Lawrence B. Schneider
Elisabeth W. Schonlau
Polly M. Sepulvado
Thomas W. Sparks
Gary Symkoviak
Owen R. Thompson
Michael R. Voth
Stephen M. Williams
Richard E. Zander
Timothy Andrus
John M. Armstrong
Sidney Bailey
Joseph D. Busby
Joseph W. Cappel
Charles A. Cefalu
M. Steve Crouch
Nicholas A. Danna
Jacques A. delaBretonne
Keith F. DeSonier
Richard Drude
Leslie England
John H. Finnan
Lynn E. Foret
James French
Louise Geary
Raul B. Guevara
Sanders F. Hearne
James R. Hill
Matthew C. Holden
Jay Horowitz
Robert Kendrick
Ronald S. Kober
Steven D. Kraus
Paul E. LaRose
Lawrence C. Leventhal
Alan Levin
Walter Levy
Larry Lipscomb
Gerald A. Louviere
J. Wesley Magee
Alfred A. Mansour
Michael D. Manuel
Randall E. Marcus
Paul W. McCormick
William M. Meyers
Michael H. Montgomery
William K. Robinson
Fred H. Rodriguez
Thomas B. Ryan
Alan E. Sheen
Kenneth Sherman
T. Lewis Sistrunk
Donald E. Smith
Robert P. St. Amant
Maureen W. Stein
Marvin D. Tark
Richard M. Thomas
Patricia Turner
Brian C. Wenzel
W. Daniel Williamson
Charles S. Wingo
Letah Yang
Tommy Yee
Steven D. Yellin
Robert B. Akenhead
Charles J. Aswell
Keith G. Bernard
Michael W. Boos
John B. Brantley
Jack L. Breaux
Floyd A. Buras
Stephen M. Chatelain
H. Jane Chihal
Robert C. Dart
Carol C. DeLine
Thompson M. Dietz
Lee R. Domangue
Denise L. Dorsey
Jules Dupont
Bonita H. Dyess
Joseph D. Elfert
Casey G. Falterman
Frank L. Fazio
Larry G. Ferachi
Tyrone T. Girod
Cary F. Gray
William H. Gullung
Clifford Hall
Michel E. Heard
Michael J. Helm
Don M. Hemelt
Charles W. Hilton
William L. Iglinsky
Stephen L. Jolissaint
John J. Jones
John J. Kokemor
William F. Krooss
Marie C. Lagarde
George E. Lawrence
F. Jeff Liner
Ellen McLean
Jessica R. Montegudo
John Montz
Francisco Moreno
Julius H. Mullins
E. Michael O’Bryan
William A. Perez
Roger Rholdon
Floyd J. Roberts
Kirtland D. Swan
Douglas A. Swift
Marelle Yongue
Richard Celentano
M. Jack Cotlar
Robert E. Deck
Carl M. Ditch
Donald C. Faust
Susan L. Glaudi
Kenneth R. Harper
Jeffrey T. Hutchinson
Thomas J. Kennedy
Elaine M.
Edmund C. Landry
Elizabeth M. Lewis
Kenneth E. McCarron
Stephen T. McDonald
Gary D. Menszer
Manoj Narayanan
James Neill
William C. Newberry
James S. Osterberger
Wayne M. Pitre
David W. Price
William B. Rogers
William E. Roniger
F. Clark Sauls
Dominick J. Scimeca
Randolph H. Taylor
Wayne C. Vial
Susan M. Weyer
Robert J. Young
Scott R. Zander
Robin J. Barry
Michael Basile
Jane P. Bond
Thomas A. Borland
Jerome M. Broussard
Randall L. Brown
Kenneth J. Capone
Francis J. Cardinale
Dennis D. Cech
Edward R. Chiasson
Kelvin J. Contreary
Michael E. Cormier
H. Stanley Culbertson
David E. Dassey
Edward W. Dauterive
Adela Dupont-Walker
Charles H. Faucheux
Thomas B. Ford
Ruthanne R. Gallagher
Glenn T. Gallaspy
Scott B. Gremillion
Ronald Hammett
Frank Henchy
William H. Hines
Mary D. Jones
Frances K. Killebrew
Leon C. LaHaye
John P. Miller
Kevin E. Mocklin
Frank J. Monte
Stanley E. Peters
Douglas Rankin
Robert Reisfeld
Alfred G. Robichaux
Patricia A. Rooney
Update on the History of the School of Medicine
The long delayed history of the School of Medicine (1931 – 2006)
is nearing completion. It is divided into three parts, a chronology of
events, biographical sketches of faculty important to the history of
the school and a section on important contributions made to
medicine, politics, literature, art, and military service (among others)
by our alumni.
We have gathered much information in all areas but if you have any
information to share about yourself or others write or email, please.
I can’t promise inclusion, but I can promise careful consideration.
Contact Russell Klein (’59) at the following address:
LSU Medical Alumni Association
533 Bolivar Street
New Orleans, LA 70112
(504) 568-4009/e-mail [email protected]
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
Charles Sale
Stuart Schultz
Cynthia J. Scott
Lawrence J. Sindel
Pramilla N. Subramaniam
James W. Wade
C. Lucy B. Walker
Charles S. Walker
Michael Williams
Thomas D. Price
Ann F. Reilley
Franklin Robinson
Michael J. Schutte
Brenda Seiler
Kenneth W. Stubbs
Donald P. Thibodaux
Jerry Thomas
Nancy J. Wagner
Sharon Anderson
Robin R. Bennett
Harold G. Bienvenu
James I. Bradburn
Burke J. Brooks
Joseph W. Cenac
David Chihal
Ronald J. Daigle
Diane J. Finley
John D. Frusha
Stephen D. Goodwin
Edward E. Graul
Raymond E. Haik
Stanley M. Hall
Susan G. Jeanfreau
Philip J. Karam
Kathryn Koelemay
Philip J. Kurica
Richard M. Lauve
Michael L. Lifsey
Michael D. Lusk
Keith R. Mack
Seth Malin
Robert E. McMichael
Michael R. Melancon
Ronald D. Menard
J. David Moser
Mary Neal
Jack C. Noble
Andrew J. Olinde
H. Whit Oliver
Steven D. Payne
Nick Accardo
Michael L. Alvarez
L. Clayton Andrews
Herbert J. Ashe
Colin Bailey
Philip Bellow
Bryan J. Bertucci
Lionel P. Bourgeois
Barry A. Bruggers
Terrence Burt
Anna M. Cannizzaro
Wayne Daigle
Richard H. Daniel
N. Joseph Deumite
Bradley M. Duplantier
C. Reginald Dupre
Steven Eggen
H. Sprague Eustis
W. Patrick Flanagan
Gary A. Frederick
Gregory Fusilier
Michael J. Goodwin
Alan B. Halle
Faith Hansbrough
Richard C. Jarrell
F. Allen Johnston
C. C. Jordan
Kenneth Karlin
Harold P. Katner
Deborah H. Kennedy
Baylen G. Kimball
Richard C. Kline
To the Alumni Office
I was extremely happy to learn that I had
earned the Bobbie Millet Scholarship for
2007-2008 for my hard work over the past
semester, and I am quite grateful that I was
chosen. I would also like to thank you for all
that you have done for our class and the many
classes that have come before us during your
thirty-plus years of service.
Thomas A. Krefft
Jeffrey J. Laborde
Paul C. Larson
Randall Lea
Charles A. LeBlanc
Ricardo Martinez
Douglas W. Marx
Thomas H. McCalla
Charles P. McKay
Gerald P. Miletello
George F. Nardin
Larry F. Nelson
Claude T. Nesser
Robert D. Normand
Glenn E. Peters
Charles D. Rice
Mark Rubin
J. Kevin Russ
Anthony E. Savoie
Jon V. Schellack
John Schutte
Ronald Spencer
Christopher Stowell
Melvin L. Triay
William F. Von Almen
Mark M. Walker
Kenneth J. Ward
Robert A. Welch
Barbara Ardoin
Jeffrey T. Baker
Kathleen M. Beuttler
Walter J. Birdsall
Eric L. Bloomfield
Carl E. Blunck
Daniel R. Bourque
Glen Cangelosi
Vernon J. Carriere
Vonni G. Contreary
George B. Cousin
Pamela S. Darr
Raul R. Diaz
Francis N. Donner
Randall C. Duplechain
Susan L. Edelman
Catherine T. Fitzmorris
Patricia Flynn
Frederick B. Gaupp
Susan K. Glade
Linda Groene
Mark E. Haile
Kim A. Hardey
Richard P. Heflin
Lester E. Hurrelbrink
Tim D. Johnson
Michael K. Judice
Frederick L. Keppel
Lloyd D. Klibert
A. Martin Landry
Bryce J. LeBlanc
Christopher M. Leveque
Linda Lipstate
Michael B. Lyons
Timothy P. Maher
H. Carson McKowen
John E. McMillan
Kenneth J. Moise
David O. Moore
Anthony Morales
Daniel W. Nuss
Marilu O’Byrne
Douglas W. Patten
Wayne J. Pharo
Steven E. Pillow
Andre L. Pinac
Wilfred O. Prados
Jere K. Price
Jonathan H. Ray
Linda N. Robinson
Robin A. Rougeau
Mary Sansing
James Silvestri
Carlos A. Sirven
Jason L. Smith
Ursin T. Stafford
Steven K. Staires
Michael Steinkampf
Stephanie R. Steinkampf
Simon V. Ward
Patricia Wheelahan
Robert F. Wood
Rebecca L. Accardo
William A. Anderson
Charles L. Beck
David C. Benson
Ronald P. Bernadas
William A. Beuttler
James C. Bienvenu
Bonnie A. Boyd
Clay N. Boyd
Edward F. Breaux
John H. Broocks
Gary D. Clark
V. Dale Coffman
Neal G. Comarda
Mary Lou K.
Robert W. Davis
Diana L. Dell
Donald Doucet
Robert A. Eddington
Bernard C. Fruge
Gregory A. Gagnon
Scott A. Greenberg
W. Scott S. Griffies
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
Timothy S. Honigman
Michael J. Jennings
Allen J. Lacour
Kim R. Malmay
Carol M. Mason
Michael H. Minoff
Charles P. Murphy
Joseph E. Murray
Robert J. Noveck
Richard G. Palfrey
Waylon M. Parker
Gerard F. Pena
Michael T. Perniciaro
William Preau
James A. Reeves
Gloria A. Richard-Davis
Harold Rodgers
Michael Rolfsen
Rickey O. Ryals
Felix H. Savoie
Christopher W. Slusher
James R. Stenhouse
Sam C. Tumminello
David Van
Leslie V. Walker
Richard A. Zelner
Ronald Alvarez
Kirk J. Banquer
Carolina Battles
Gregory S. Bienvenu
Keith A. Bourgeois
Walter L. Bringaze
William L. Case
William Cassidy
Stephanie F. Cave
Kenneth J. Champagne
Bradley J. Chastant
Charles E. Cook
Patricia A. Cran
Joseph W. Crookshank
William E. Davis
Oscar DelPortal
Michael L. Drerup
Regina W. Drueding
Robert E. Drumm
Robert W. Dugas
James W. Farrell
Susan M. Garcia
Michael Haas
Martha S. Hoag
Pamela Hymel
David J. Jewell
Larry T. LeBlanc
Steven E. Lee
Dolleen M. Licciardi
Toby Meltzer
Melissa M. Moen
Harry J. Molligan
Cheryl L. Neu
Frederick Nusbickel
David O’Bryan
Isabel L. Ochsner
Paul E. Peach
Charles Perniciaro
Paul Rachal
Kathleen B. Rockwood
Glenn G. Russo
David L. Schneider
Wayne A. Slocum
Carmen K. Steigman
Mark E. Stoker
C. V. Subramaniam
Steven H. Sykes
Arthur Tribou
Michael C. Ward
Glen Wyant
Gregory J. Ardoin
Brian C. Ball
James E. Brown
J. Gar Carter
W. Andre Cenac
George M. Charron
Jeannine R. Cook
Noel C. Estopinal
Cathi E. Fontenot
Ray Fontenot
David J. Foreman
Michael P. Guarisco
Gregory R. Gutgsell
Henry M. Haley
Karl Hanson
Renee S. Harris
Michael Hayward
Harold M. Henderson
Jonathan M. Joseph
Kevin L. Kilpatrick
Evelyn A. Kluka
Soon A. Kwark
Keith J. Landry
William N. Landry
Michael Lemieux
William M. Letson
Samuel Lorenzo
Elizabeth A. McDonald
Michael McElderry
Chad W. Millet
Terrance P. Murphy
D. Edward Neumann
Diane C. Neumann
Mark A. Parent
Marguerite B. Picou
Jess Power
Michael M. Quinn
David J. Rau
Margaret A. Roberie
Michael Sampognaro
Steven A. Scalco
James J. Schnabel
M. Wendy Schofield
Dwayne A. Thomas
Leon Tsai
Penny G. Viator
James C. Walker
James J. Walker
Benjamin F. Walton
J. Johnny White
Judith White
Michael A. Wiedemann
Terry L. Zellmer
Vincent R. Adolph
Gregory J. Allen
Robert G. Anding
Thomas E. Beatrous
Ronald L. Boudreaux
John A. Bourgeois
Ralph Bourgeois
Jennifer Boustany
John R. Breaux
Robert P. Colligan
D. Thomas Curtis
David G. Davila
Jeffrey A. DeMouy
Therese L. DeMouy
Neal J. Duhon
J. K. Duplechain
Rodger H. Elofson
Paul Failla
Robert Faul
Marc A. Fisher
Rodney S. Florek
Mark Forshag
W. Michael Gaar
John R. Gleason
Michael Graham
Melanie Haynes
John F. Heaton
Paul Ingraham
James R. Jachimowicz
Gwenn V. Jackson
Susan A. Jones
Ted P. Kemp
Michael P. Kennedy
Brenda S. Kinard
Donald A. Kuebel
Bernard A. Landry
Brian D. Lee
Charles E. Madden
Earl L. Mangin
Kristen P. Mangin
Francine Manuel
Robert T. Mazurek
Michael McLaughlin
Louis R. Minsky
Cecilia Mouton
John Newcomb
Charles E. Padgett
Bryan A. Picou
Marcia A. Picou-Marsh
Grace Pillari
Louis V. Puneky
Charles E. Reed
Russell J. Saloom
Shirley Schlessinger
Gerald N. Sims
Vera Soong
Steven C. Sotile
Cynthia R. Strohmeyer
Richard J. Sullivan
Vincent V. Tumminello
Vernon A. Valentino
Lesley M. Warshaw
Ellen S. Alexander
Gloria K. Anding
Glenn R. Aucoin
Peggy A. Battalora
John K. Boudreaux
Patty E. Boustany
Robert G. Brousse
David J. Brown
Gerald A. Cvitanovich
Brian Dearing
Nancy M. Dickerson
John A. DiGiglia
John E. Duplantier
Michael Ferry
T. Gerald Gates
Alan J. Graves
Steven T. Gremillion
Steven A. Guarisco
John B. Holland
Christopher R. Hubbell
William Johnson
Jeffrey J. Joseph
Rose L. Kennedy
W. B. Klein
Scott D. Lanoux
Nancy Layton
Benjamin L. Leggio
Andrew P. Mayer
Catherine A. McDonald
Quentin McMullen
Mary E. Moody
David J. Moreland
Peter K. Nelson
Lori L. Palazzo
Janine S. Parker
Bradford Patt
Richard A. Pecunia
Preston Sacks
Donna Salzman
Patricia D. Shearer
Rosalyn L. Slaughter
M. Patrick Stagg
Sandra Stine Dillon
Erin A. Sullivan
Kerry T. Thibodeaux
James Q. Touchy
Pamela A. White
Eric L. Abraham
Frank J. Andres
David J. Bailey
Brian M. Barkemeyer
Timothy A. Bella
Louis M. Bienvenu
Michelle T. Brumfield
Kirk A. Dantin
Salem David
Gregory J. Gelpi
Guerard P. Grice
Brian A. Guillory
Martin Hightower
Jodie S. Holloway
Emily M. Johnson
Marie Krousel-Wood
Gigi C. Lefebvre
Peter C. Mann
Carl A. Mayeaux
M. Angela Mayeux
Robert C. Menezes
Stephen E. Metzinger
Ann H. Modrcin
Rita Moorman
Michael G. Morgan
Cherie S. Niles
Nicholas J. Persich
Myra A. Reed
John N. Rhodes
P. Gregory Scalia
Deborah Simkin
Peeter Soosaar
Michael A. Springer
Michelle J. Turnley
Frederick J. Wehle
Susan D. Wyrick
Philip Bertucci
Katherine M. Biggs
David K. Caletri
Vanessa A. Camperlengo
Kathleen I. Castellanos
Paul F. Castellanos
R. Patrick Cecola
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
Frederick P. Cerise
Camille M. Colomb
Kevin F. Darr
Claro Diaz
Rebecca Doise
Allen Dupre
Adrienne Ferriss
Robert D. Haydel
Marie L. Haymon
Deanna F. Karl
Terren D. Klein
Judith Z. Kuebel
Craig Landwehr
Cynthia A.
Ratnamani Lingamallu
Joanne T. Maffei
Gary Mall
Darlene L. Mashman
James McCready
Archie L. Melcher
Timothy J. Mooney
Michael L. Nance
Scott Neusetzer
Leslie J. Newman
Kenneth L. Odinet
Virginia S. Owen
Kathryn Quarls
David Raphael
Kent M. Rhodes
Carl W. Scherer
Michael A. Seicshnaydre
Tina Q. Tan
Stephanie M. Taylor
Victor E. Tedesco
Joe T. Travis
George E. Turnley
Cecil C. Vaughn
Carol M. Younathan
Samuel Alexander
Theresa J. Bolus
Cynthia A. Bonis
Charles Bramlet
Eric W. Bridges
Frank L. Chappetta
Timothy Courville
Michael T. Deavers
John K. Dudek
Wade Estopinal
Melinda M. Frantz
Anna L. Fu
Earline F. Gadow
Alison Galvan
Peter Galvan
Bradley J. Gawey
Elizabeth A. Gawey
Michael Halle
A. Joy Hilliard
Chu Shei Hong
Charles A. McIntosh
Nancy R. Mellin
Susan J. Monahan
Al J. Moore
Maury K. Morrison
Neal O’Connor
Joni L. Orazio
Robin L. Pendleton
Lisa A. Perez
Steven F. Pflug
Jerry M. Poche
Jimmy N. Ponder
Felix G. Rabito
Keith P. Samuels
Susan D. Taylor
Lovick P. Thomas
Wilson T. Barham
Margaret J. Bishop-Baier
James H. Blackburn
Terri Blackburn
Thomas A. Blessey
Carl S. Boagni
Timothy N. Booth
Brian E. Bozelka
James W. Callaghan
Thomas E. Carey
Diana K. Clavin
Vick Dicarlo
Jeanne Eckert
Andrew P. Fontenot
Daniel J. Gallagher
Mary D. Grimm
Stephanie B. Hanson
Christopher Ingram
Stephen P. Katz
Stephanie A. LaFontaine
Ronald M. Lahasky
Fred A. Lopez
James W. Lowe
John Martin
Theresa R. Murphy
John W. Noble
Henry M. Peltier
Vincent J. Pisciotta
Camille C. Pitre
Deneen T. Plessala
Kirby J. Plessala
Kevin D. Reed
Therese L. Ritter
Richard Samuels
Michael J. Simmons
Patricia A. Toups
Graham E. Tujague
Michael H. Williams
John Winterton
William D. Zollinger
Anthony M. Alleman
Paul S. Cabiran
John T. D’Antoni
Minh C. Dao
Harold C. Dufour
Michael F. Dzeda
James K. Ellis
Gary H. Field
Frederick D. Foti
Christopher A. Gegg
William A. Gregoire
Madeleine Guerin Palmer
Jacques L. Guillot
Robert F. Hayden
R. Mark Hazel
Thomas J. Heigle
Ryan N. Majoria
Carol B. Melancon
Keith P. Melancon
Joseph E. Miller
Richard G. Roberts
J. Anthony Stephens
Scott K. Sullivan
Louis C. Thibodeaux
Joy B. Tsai
Sang-Ting Tsai
Paul L. Vaughn
Anne L. Walker
Robert C. Witcher
T. Peter Wong
William T. Basco
Jody S. Brahney
Gerard J. Broussard
James and Rachel Chua
Leslie T. Chimento
Kelly Clements
Jeffrey D. Filiberto
Timothy M. Gallagher
Craig M. Gauthier
Diane Gonzales
Steven J. Granier
Jeffrey C. Houin
Michael E. Isabelle
Meyer Kaplan
Rod G. Krentel
Suzanne C. Ledet
Abbey A. Lewis-Gallien
Lori A. McBride
John P. Neary
Paul M. Rees
Kathleen Robertson
Patrick S. Savoy
Charles G. Schibler
John Sibille
Laura G. Sporl
Samir Sukkar
Stephen M. Weimer
David White
R. Dean Yount
Channing K. Sanders
Marykutty Thomas
Craig R. Thompson
Maria B. Weimer
Katherine L. Williams
Jane A. Angel
Thomas R. Avonda
Cheryl L. Braud
Barry J. Breaux
Mary M. Burke
Eric D. Chapman
Uyen B. Chu
Mark A. Craig
Kraig S. DeLanzac
Michael W. Dole
Stephen C. Duplechain
Donald C. Falgoust
Gerard E. Farris
T’Lane M. Folse
Daphne A. Glindmeyer
Douglas M. Gonzales
Patricia M. Granier
David B. Kaplan
Leanne L. LeBlanc
William R. Little
Juan C. Mena
Mark L. Merlin
Cherie Oertling
Robert Oertling
James D. Stoll
Pami J. Taylor
Charles W. Thomas
Lura L. Wight
Norman A. Zaffater
Nathalie Barnes
Matthew G. Beyer
Heath Broussard
Y. Yoko Broussard
Andrew K. Chang
Charles Chehardy
Kevin B. Clement
Alejandro J. Correa
Brian J. Cospolich
Robert D. Cummiskey
Michael W. Dupre
Deborah Fletcher
Christopher M. Foret
William T. Freeman
Mary Ingram Long
Owen LaCour
Carlos E. Martinez
Eric J. Melancon
Darryl J. Aguilar
Lonnie N. Albin
Katherine L. Baumgarten
Clayton Bratton
Andrea B. Brown
Gregory T. Ciaccio
Andrew F. Clarke
Lizabeth F. Clarke
Larry C. Couvillon
Amery J. Creighton
James S. Dunn
Thomas B. Edwards
Melvin A. Ferlita
Sander J. Gothard
George F. Isa
Lisa K. Le
Shawn E. McCann
David A. Myers
Christopher T. Nichols
Michele Q. Pisciotta
Jason Rigol
Khanh C. Tran
Jeanie D. White
Robert J. Albrecht
Dave J. Barrios
R. Douglas Bostick
Christopher Buddendorff
Kenneth J. Byrd
James E. Fambro
Donna B. Fargason
Yvette S. Folse
Nicole M. Gagliano
Allison C. Hargrave
Kevin Hargrave
Maureen J.
Jeffrey D. Hoefle
Stephanie Hoefle
Stephen Hudson
Susana Irias-Donaghey
Earl J. Kilbride
Elizabeth Le
Christopher Lege
Mary A. Miranda
Steven Ragusa
Donald P. Schwab
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
Gregory N. Sossaman
John M. Sturgeon
Ross Summer
Leslie E.
Lamenda N. Blakeney
Mary Caire
Gianluca Cerri
Sara N. Chauvin
Jean M. Cornell
Luis M. Espinoza
Paul Farabaugh
Philip Gachassin
Lior Givon
Patricia B. Guidry
Catherine M. Hebert
Darron McCann
Randy Miller
Anh T. Nguyen
Clayton J. Overton
Dawn W. Pennebaker
Sidney H. Raymond
Louis M. Schruff
Adam B. Smith
Dawn G. Barrient
Gail K. Berntson
Anthony P. Blalock
Margaret F. Carter
Vincent Galiano
Deborah Hilton
Kristin S. Johnson
W. Jeffery Klein
Chad L. Loup
Michelle E. Loup
Mary E. McKinley
Tiffany A. Merriman
Lainie Moncada
Bruce V. Ouellette
Tonya H. Sheppard
Leni Sumich
Liza D. Thomas
Jiong Yan
Angelle L. Berry
Christopher E. Cenac
Nicole M. Charbonnet
Ashley A. Cowart
Krista M. DeSensi
Damon M. Dietrich
Shawn E. Donelon
Jason G. Funderburk
Scholarship recipients
Shown below and to the right
are 20 of the 53 alumni scholarship recipients for 2007.
ABOVE— Dr. Klein
presenting a scholarship
to Jason Eastlack (L2)
ABOVE — Dr. Klein
presenting a scholarship
to Camille Gunderson
PHOTO ABOVE — Seated, left to right: Zhenia Tarasenko
(L1), Katherine Faust (L2), Kayla Fontenot (L2), Katie
Wolfe (L1), Lisa Credo (L3), Alice Williamson (L2), Liz
Baldwin (L4). Standing, left to right: Francois Trappey
(L2), John Haas (L1), Brandon Lopez (L1), Matthew
Matherne (L3), Jeff Melancon (L3), Adam Mellis (L3),
Torijaun Dallas (L3), Eric Schmidt (L1), Matthew Mutter
(L2), John Krieg (L1)
James B. Godchaux
Michael E. Gregory
R. Clinton Horan
David L. Joseph
Laura H. Lee-Zeiller
William K. Lo
Nicholas Manuel
Christopher D. Naquin
John W. Rogers
Amie B. Shannon
Sean E. Shannon
Zebediah A. Stearns
Carlos J. Vital
Angela B. Wingfield
Steven C. Zeiller
Christopher J. Achee
Gretchen G. Brown
Danielle M. Calix
Keith A. Collins
Corey Ann H. Conn
James L. Connolly
Lucius Craig
Rodd L. Daigle
Christopher D’Ambrosia
Natalie Dishman
Mitchell G. Dugas
William T. Elliott
Andrea N. Espinoza
Gabriela M. Espinoza
William E. Fitzgerald
Joel M. Godchaux
Craig C. Greene
Scott J. Habetz
Merrill O. Hines
Mary-Alice Johnson
Jane J. Kang
Jonathan L. Kaplan
John K. Lawson
Keith M. Lechtenberg
Stephen B. Manale
Jennifer A. Marx
James E. McNally
Lisa M. Menuet
Robert L. Menuet
Kenneth Paris
Erika B. Rabalais
Robert D. Rabalais
Alan C. Schroeder
Quang T. Vu
Roland S. Waguespack
Murtuza J. Ali
Jennifer L. Avegno
Beau J. Bagley
Harold J. Bayonne
Marc D. Bingham
N. Dawn Bingham
Ashley E. Booth
Sarah J. Centeno
LEFT — Dr. Klein
presenting a scholarship to
Jennifer Bruggers (L4)
Regina M. Conrad-Foret
Christopher A. Cougle
Leslie S. Elkins
Cathy W. Engle
Gerald S. Falchook
Brian B. Farrell
Edison J. Foret
Samuel B. Foster
Scott P. Gardiner
Heather A. Harshman
Charles J. Mentel
Arlanna N. Moshfeghi
Bindu M. Nayak
Roger “Field” H. Ogden
Trevelyn J. Olive
Christine H. Philpott
Laura L. Roberts
Scott B. Schuber
Jay R. Silverstein
Ashley R. Stuckey
Andrew I. Sumich
James A. Taylor
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
Mark J. Wegmann
Mandy L. Boudreaux
Christopher L. Granger
Albert J. Gros
Harold J. Hebert
Ann Marie Heikkinen
Matthew A. Mittelbronn
William P. Newman
Misty D. Norman
Brian A. Saunders
Russell J. Wardlaw
Jakeen E. Williams
Kelly L. Babineaux
Dean P. Chauvin
Jessica Chia
Anne-Marie D. Kaulfers
Alan F. Lobo
Stephen Mannino
Katie C. O’Reilly
Georgina R. Richard
Julie M. Talavera
Lori S. Taylor
John Texada
P. Elizabeth Thomas
Kristi A. Boudreaux
Christopher L. Canlas
Markella M. Christakis
Stacey L. Holman
Brett A. Hutchinson
Suzanna C. Jamison
Nita Kohli
Anhtuyet B. Lee
Scott D. Mayers
Maria C. Mosquera
Stephen L. Richey
Paul J. Rochon
Noemie B. Safford
Brian J. Schiro
Leslie E. Sisco-Wise
Jason A. Thomas
Andrea P. Toomer
Terrence M. Truxillo
Smitha Warrier
Scott A. Wiltz
Matt T. Bernard
Andrew L. Foret
Erin W. Gilbert
Joyee Goswami
Jason D. Landry
Alfred A. Mansour
Sara K. Rankin
Deborah E. Tender
John F. Termini
Lauren C. Anderson
Justin M. Ardoin
Karyn L. Brown
Christina M. Cannizzaro
Samuel C. Danna
Ryan T. Foret
Benjamin P. Frischhertz
Eric J. Hill
Louis Le
Mandy F. O’Leary
Bret J. Rothaermel
Blane A. Sessions
Ka-Yan Tong
Parents &
Robert Ackerman
Kiki Adatto
Lilyan Adatto
Darryl and Cynthia
Zeeshan Ahmad, MD
Drs. Albert and Elba
Alexander, MD
Juzar Ali, MD
Fred Allison, Jr., MD
David & Linda
Wayne L. Backes, PhD
Nicolas G. Bazan, MD,
Mr. and Mrs. W. Douglas
Gerald S. Berenson, MD
Donald R. Bergsma, MD
Melinda Bernard
Bernard and Marie
Lahasky Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard R.
Pearl Bourgeois
Walter H. Brent, Jr., MD
Ron Brownstein
John B. Burke
Campus Federal Credit
Stephen A. Champlin,
Dr. Ollie G. Christian
Rachel Chua, MD
Dr. Richard M. Cirillo
Christopher D. Claudel,
Maria Clavell, MD
Dr. & Mrs. Isidore Cohn,
Ian J. Cohn
(Butcher and
Conoco Phillips
Pelayo Correa, MD
Sue Cortese
Gregory Cromer, MD
Dorothy Davis
George D. Davis, PhD
Russell Davis
Dr. Dennis L. De Decker
Mark Deutsch, MD
Dr. Nina Dhurandhar
Richard P. Dickey, MD,
Bonny L. Dickinson, PhD
Mukund Dole, MD
Martin J. Drell, MD
Duplantier and Meric
Architects LLC
Dan Elfert, MD
Dr. Helene V. Erickson
Estate of Dr. Joe E.
Family Practice
Fidelity Investments
Florence Mauboules
Charitable Trust
Harvey A. Gabert, MD
Richard E. Gerard
Joel L. Gleason, MD
Peter J. Goertz, MD
Graduate Medical
School of Medicine
Luther W. Gray, Jr, MD
Greater New Orleans
Foundation for the
Isidore Cohn Chair
Bryan Griffin
Larry Griffin
Michael T. Griffin
Amparo Gutierrez, MD
Earl R. Hackett, MD
Elizabeth B. Hahn
R. Edward Hamrick, MD
Dr. Ernesto O. Hoffmann
Jerry L. Hudson, MD
Devin and Catherine Hull
In Memory of Nettie Lea
Jewish Endowment
Kappa Sig Mom’s Club
Frederick H. Kasten, PhD
Andrew G. King, MD
John and Carol Kirkikis
Cheryl M. Klenow, MD
David G. Kline, MD
Donald Langenbeck, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert
John Leaveu
Kim E. LeBlanc, MD,
J. Lee Leonard, MD
Janis G. Letourneau, MD
Michael G. Levitzky, PhD
Dorothy Levy
James Linsky
Chong Liu, MD
Alfredo Lopez, MD, PhD
Louisiana Medical Mutual
Insurance Company
Louisiana Rural Health
Services Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J.
Lowenstein Professorship
Dr. and Mrs. Cedric W.
LSU Medical Alumni
LSUHSC Foundation
Lupin Foundation
Nell Mabry
Neil J. Maki, MD
Gray T. Malcom, PhD
Cris Mandry, MD
Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Shirley R. Masinter
Gloria L. Mayer
Edwin J. Mazoue, Jr.
Samuel G. McClugage,
D. T. McGuire, MD
Anthony Melancon
Joseph M. Miller, MD
Blane A. Mire, MD
Drs. Ranney & Emel
Joseph M. Moerschbaecher
David G. Morrison, MD
Carol Adatto and Eric
Steve Nelson, MD
David C. Neuschwander,
Baron B. Newton, MD
Meri Nisimova, MD
Thomas E. Nolan, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Tom D.
Dalton S. Oliver, MD
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen
Our Lady of the Lake
Regional Medical
Dr. and Mrs. Kitti K.
Andrew W. Parker, MD
Pedram Parva, MD
Peoples Health Network
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
Patricia Perry
Pfizer Foundation
Matching Gifts
PPC Mechanical Seals
John A. Racanelli, MD
Dr. and Mrs. James
J. Reed
Dr. Michael Reid
Dr. and Mrs. Barry L.
Thomas S. Roberts, MD
W. M. Robertson
Lisa J. Rosenbaum
Betsy and Lee Rosenberg
Rozas Ward Architects
John R. Ruby, PhD
Thomas S. Samuelson,
Mary B. Scheps
John B. Scofield
SE Louisiana Area Health
Education Center
Foundation, Inc.
Jimmy T. Sessions
Smith and Nephew, Inc.
Ricardo U. Sorensen,
H. Adele Spence, PhD
Spencer Law Firm
Dr. and Mrs. Harold M.
Stryker Endoscopy
Stryker Orthopaedics
Dr. and Mrs. J. C. Suares
Succession of Dr.
Marshall D. Harrison
Dr. Mohammed Suleman
Dr. William J. Swartz
c/o Martha Fitzgerald
The Holoubek Family
Harold M. Thomas
Patricia Thompson
Ann H. Tilton, MD
Touro Infirmary
Dr. Louis Trachtman
Dr. Kurt J. Varner
Stephen Vial
David W. Walker, MD
David W. Walker, MD
Laura Sue Waltrip, MD
Larry D. Weiss, MD
West Jefferson Medical
Dr. Ted G. Weyand
Dr. Peter J. Winsauer
Sandra Wyatt
Robert J. Young III, MD
Dear Fellow Alumni:
Since our last letter, we have a new governor and new legislature. Change is
in the air, especially in the months to come. Governor Jindal states that he is
committed to building the LSU VA Teaching Hospital in New Orleans.
The Isidore Cohn Jr., MD, Student Learning Center was destroyed by the
hurricane. Through your generosity, the equipment was replaced and our
students have enjoyed the benefits of simulation. The Student Learning
Center will be rebuilt soon on the sixth floor of 2020 Gravier Street.
We are going through a transformational change in medical education from
strictly knowledge-based to competency-based education and evaluation.
The Cohn Learning Center made it possible to go from reliance on
multiple-choice tests to competence-based education and evaluation with the
patient simulator.
This year’s project is the Center for Advanced Practice, i.e., CAP. The Center for Advanced
Practice is located on the 5th floor, one floor below the Cohn Learning Center and
comprises 20,000 square feet. It presently is 98% complete. It will also house the new
Dean’s Office and our own Alumni Office. The target audience will be residents and
physicians in practice and the focus is the use of all educational modalities incorporating
evolving technology into medical practice in all specialties.
Doctors who must employ these advances in real patients can’t afford to be less than
completely familiar with the technology. But how will we learn this and who will assure that
the physicians have the chance to learn these new techniques in an unbiased and (almost
certainly to become) accredited setting?
This is the real advantage of the Center for Advanced Practice. We are poised like no other
site in the United States, and perhaps the world, to teach use of emerging technologies into
actual practice. A major device manufacturer, who has just completed a learning center in
the corporate headquarters, stated that our new center of advanced learning makes their new
center practically obsolete.
Once again, it was Medical Alumni who answered the call, secured the financing to start and
to finish the project. It was your Alumni Board and supporters who sponsored the Second
Gala, an evening that was enjoyed by all and raised greater than $180,000 for CAP.
June 13 & 14, 2008 – Alumni Weekend – our Chancellor, Larry Hollier (’68) has
authorized the dedication of the Center for Advanced Practice. The center will be directed
by Charles Hilton (’76) with the intent and purposes for which it was built.
As history has recorded in the 1940s and 1950s, New Orleans was one of the most
prominent graduate medical education training sites in the United States. We had
something no one else had – Charity Hospital. Due to the generosity and foresight of the
LSU Medical Alumni Association, we now stand at the threshold of reclaiming that position
with the continuing evolution of our competency based, technology driven center for
medical education. The Center for Advanced Practice is a crucial part of this evolution as we
can and will embrace the entire continuum of learners and techniques.
Your support and financial generosity has made all of the above possible.
Thank you.
Lee J. Monlezun (’69)
LSU Medical Alumni Association
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
Purple Blues and Gold
2007 Gala Grand Success
t was listening to the warm up provided by Alex Pena’s musical group. It was dancing
to the music of Irma Thomas and her band. It was silent auction. It was live auction.
It was food and drink and fellowship of 800 faculty, alumni and friends of LSU School
of Medicine. It was the result of hundreds of hours of staff and volunteer efforts.
It was “Purple Blues and Gold” the Alumni Association’s Second Annual Fall Gala. All
event proceeds, $180,000 were earmarked for the Center for Advanced Practice, but more
than that it was another opportunity for the large and extended family of the School of
Medicine to have a good time.
Perhaps a letter from the “Faculty Assembly” said it best: “In our discussion of the event
Irma Thomas and her band add to the
at our most recent meeting, the Faculty Assembly delegates praised the event as a
festive mood.
wonderful evening and opportunity to contribute to an important cause. Occasions such
as this are also of tremendous value in the post Katrina era where faculty and staff are
incredibly busy and dispersed to numerous locations. This event brought our faculty and many students together for fun, food,
and terrific music.”
Your Alumni Association is already planning to stage its Third Annual Gala on October 18, 2008.
At the Patron Party...
At the Patron Party (left to right): Cathi Fontenot (’84),
Gray Stream, Anne Monlezun, and Lee Monlezun (’69)
The Rozas family, left to right, daughter Jeannine
Rozas Cook (’84), Earl Rozas (’64), and Beth
Leslie Stokes and Dr. Harold Stokes
Dr. Steve Nelson, Dean, LSU School
of Medicine, and his wife Julie
Curtis Duplechain (’63) and Donna
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
October 2007 Gala
At the Patron Party...
Diana Hollier (left), wife of Chancellor
Larry H. Hollier (’68), and Anne
Monlezun, wife of Lee Monlezun (’69),
President of the Alumni Association
Joyce and Jim Leonard (’63), PresidentElect of the Alumni Association.
Fred Rodriguez, Jr. (’75) (left), Representative of
the Committee of 100 in the Alumni Association,
Susan Rodriguez, and Lee Monlezun (’69),
Alumni Association President
Dr. Gerald Berenson, left, and Joseph Biundo (’64)
George Lyons (’54), left, Betty Lyons, and John Lombardi,
President of the LSU System
At the Gala...
At the Gala (left to right):
Marianne Cohn; Dr.
Isidore Cohn, Jr.; Susan
McSherry, MD; Robert
C. Batson (’71); and
Diana Hollier, wife of
Chancellor Larry H.
Hollier (’68)
Cherie Niles (’87) and Stewart Niles
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
October 2007 Gala
John Lombardi, President of the
LSU System, speaks at the Gala
LSUSM-NO medical students enjoying the fesivities at the
Gala (left to right): Jordan Romero, Andrew Nakamoto,
Janna Alfery, Toby Nageotte (guest), Erika Vogel
Russell Klein (’59), Associate
Dean for Alumni Affairs and
Secretary/Treasurer of the
Alumni Association, speaks to
the attendees at the Gala.
Blanche Frances and Dr. Norman Frances,
President of Xavier University.
Jim Leonard (’63) (left), President-Elect of the
Alumni Association, with Jennifer Peltier and Henry
Peltier (’90)
Candice Leduff Knight (L4) and F.
Collins Knight, MD
Gotta dance!
Dancing couples, left to right:
Diana and Larry Hollier (’68);
Susan and Fred Rodriguez
(’75); Elizabeth Hall and
Domenick Grieshaber; Haydee
and Nicolas Bazan
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
Irma Thomas and her
band set toes to tapping.
October 2007 Gala
The Silent Auction...
The Gala’s Silent Auction was enriched by an
impressive array of artistic works created by alumni,
LSUHSC employees, and family members. Those who
contributed their own work, and the pieces up for
auction, were as follows:
A pirogue, custom-made by Harold Bienvenu III (’79)
was one of the more unusual items available in the Silent
Fred Lopez (’91)
(left) with Leslie
Tenney and Justin
Tenney (’02)
Left to right: Mack Thomas (’62); James D. (Buddy)
Caldwell, new Attorney General of Louisiana, and W.
Chapman Lee (’69).
Harold Bienvenu III (’79): cypress and mahogany
pirogue, custom-made, 18-1/2 feet long, with
epoxy laminate.
Burt Bujard (’58): “Happy Cross of Life” (wood and
brass cross on stand)
Bradley Chastant (’83): hand-turned rare kingwood
Laura Cressy, mother of former pulmonary resident,
David Cressy, MD: “LSU Tiger Lily"
(hand-painted silk floral arrangement)
Mary Ann deBoisblanc, mother of alumnus, Ben
deBoisblanc (’81): “Acadiana Wedding Scene”
(mixed-media-on-board painting, elaborately
A. J. Friedman (’76): “Storm Trees” (mixed media
Jeffrey Joseph (’86): “Can't Hold That Tiger” (mixed
media painting)
Donna Klein, wife of Alumni Director, Russell Klein
(’59): “Mike V in His Den” (two artist-signed
framed 16" x 20" photographs)
Diego Larguia, husband of GME staff member, Kelly
Sherman: “Daisies” (framed oil on canvas painting)
Nell K. Mabry, mother of student, Carl Mabry (’10),
“There's Still Next Year” (acrylic on canvas
Joe Wascome, brother-in-law of alumna, Jessica
Montegudo (’76): handmade wooden bowl from
an old Metairie pecan tree that fell due to Hurricane
Warren Plauché (’57): “The Olde Absinthe House"
(matted pen and watercolor: French Quarter Series
#3 - Aug 2001)
Ulysses “Hank” Stoer (’43), three paintings:
“Enchanted Rock” (framed and matted watercolor
painting); “Magnolia Leaves” (framed and matted
watercolor painting); and “Croton Leaves” (mixed
media painting)
Sharon N. Weilbaecher, wife of alumnus, Bob
Weilbaecher (’63): “Madewood Plantation”
(framed ten-color original signed and numbered
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
Dr. Helm
Recent Appointments:
Dr. Christopher Baker
Chair, Department of
Dr. John England
Chair, Department of
Dr. Augusto Ochoa
Director, the Stanley S. Scott
Cancer Center
Dr. Frank Opelka
Vice Chancellor
for Clinical Affairs
Dr. Christopher “Chip” Baker, a
Harvard Medical School graduate,
has become chairman of the
department of surgery as LSUHSC.
He had been serving as a professor
of surgery at his alma mater, and
directed the residency program in
that specialty there, but when he
was offered the LSUHSC surgery
chairmanship this year, he was eager
to move to New Orleans even
though it meant leaving the
resource-rich Harvard environment
for a medical sector struggling to
recover from a historic flood. “My
wife and I got excited about getting
involved in the process of
rebuilding,” Baker said. He succeeds
the retired J. Patrick O’Leary, MD.
Edward Helm, MD,
Associate Dean for
Community and Minority
Health Education at
LSUHSC New Orleans’
School of Medicine, is
this year’s recipient of the
Association of American
Medical College’s Group
Dr. Helm
on Student AffairsMinority Affairs Section
(GSA-MAS) Service Award. The award, which is
presented at the AAMC annual meeting in
Washington, DC, is the most prestigious honor
made to an individual who has provided
substantial contributions to the Minority Affairs
Section and its educational mission. The Minority
Affairs Section first presented the award in 1975.
Dr. John England has returned to New Orleans
as chairman of neurology at Louisiana State
University Health Sciences Center. He was a
member of LSUHSC’s medical faculty from
1992 to 2001, when he moved to Montana to
become chairman of neurology and medical
director of neurosciences at the Deaconess
Billings Clinic. He earned his medical degree at
West Virginia University and is a member of
two scholastic honor societies, Phi Beta Kappa
and Alpha Omega Alpha.
Records initiative, national quality assurance
efforts, and physician performance
measurement and standards.
Nicolas Bazan, MD, PhD, Boyd Professor,
Ernest C. and Yvette C. Villere Professor at
LSUHSC, New Orleans, and Director of the
Dr. Bazan receives grant
LSUHSC Neuroscience Center of Excellence,
from the EENT Foundation.
has been awarded $850,000 by the EENT
Foundation to purchase two Mass
Spectrometers and related equipment for use in
scientific research and development at the
Dr. Augusto Ochoa has accepted the position
Neuroscience Center, particularly Dr. Bazan’s
as Director of the Stanley S. Scott Cancer
work in retinal degeneration. Dr. Bazan’s
Center. With this appointment, Dr. Ochoa will research has led to significant advances in the
Dr. Helm is recipient of the be responsible for the research, teaching and
understanding of retinitis pigmentosa and
GSA-MAS Service Award. administration of the Cancer Center and for
age-related macular degeneration. Among his
shepherding the clinical and translational
most recent findings is that a substance
research opportunities that arise in conjunction discovered in his laboratories, neuroprotectin
with the Section of Hematology/Oncology in
D1, protects against damage to retinal pigment
the Departments of Medicine and Pediatrics, as epithelial cells. Over the past several decades,
well as other departments. Dr. Ochoa has
Dr. Bazan has attracted more than $100 million
served as Interim Director of the Cancer Center in grants from the National Institute of Health.
since 2006.
Dr. Fontham named
president-elect of the Dr. Frank Opelka was appointed Vice
Elizabeth “Terry” Fontham, MPH, DrPH,
American Cancer Society Chancellor for Clinical Affairs in December
professor and dean of the School of Public
2007. His previous position was Professor of
Health, LSUHSC, has been named
Surgery and Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
president-elect of the American Cancer
in the School of Medicine. Dr. Opelka will help
Society. Dr. Fontham has been
integrate clinical activities, both public and
volunteering for the Society for more than
private, with the statewide Electronic Health
25 years.
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
The Kline Festschrift
he Kline Festschrift, an International Symposium
on Nerve, honoring Dr. David G. Kline, was
held October 19-20, 2007, at the
Neuroscience Center for Excellence. Organizers
and Chairs for this event were Frank Culicchia,
MD, Professor and Chairman of the Department
of Neurosurgery at LSUHSC, and Nicolas G.
Bazan, MD, PhD, Director of the Neuroscience
Center of Excellence. The event was well
attended, with more than 100 participants from
around the world.
Dr. David Kline savors a
Dr. Kline, Boyd Professor, headed the
delicious moment at the
Department of Neurology from 1972 to 2006.
Because of his expertise in his specialty, his
worldwide reputation and his teaching and mentoring skills, LSUHSC is
recognized as a world leader in neurosurgical research, training and patient
care, especially in the area of peripheral nerves, Dr. Kline’s major interest. In
2005, an endowed chair in neurosurgery was established in his name.
Honoree Dr. David Kline, center, is flanked by the
program’s organizers, Drs. Nicolas Bazan (left) and
Frank Culicchia, newly appointed Chair of
Neurosurgery at LSU (right).
Left to right: Bernadette Moerschbaecher, Jane Sumner, Austin Sumner,
Haydee Bazan, Nicolas Bazan, Joseph Moerschbaecher, Perry Rigby,
and Roger Smith
Nobel-winner Edmond Fischer
visits Neuroscience Center
In November 2007, Dr. Edmond Fischer, recipient
of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, 1992,
presented the Chancellor's Award Lecture in
Neuroscience. The title of the lecture was “The
Origin of Cellular Regulation by Protein
Phosphorylation.” Pictured in the photograph,
right, are (left to right): Nicolas G. Bazan, MD,
PhD, Director Neuroscience Center of Excellence;
Joseph Moerschbaecher, PhD, Dean of Graduate
Studies, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs; and
Edmond Fischer, PhD, Nobel Laureate, Physiology
or Medicine 1992 and Professor Emeritus of
Biochemistry, University of Washington, receiving a
plaque as Chancellor Award Lecturer.
Dr. Fischer, far right, receiving plaque (see text, left, for complete details).
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
Charles Black, Shreveport, LA – “I
passed the 94th birthday in August and
have just come out of hospital for
removal carcinoid cancer from small
intestine. Seven lymph nodes out of
twenty were positive for the cancer. I am
improving and realize what patients
must experience. I had tuberculosis at
age 38 - 46, which made me understand
patient’s suffering.”
Robert Cangelosi, New Orleans, LA –
“Will return to Granada, Nicaragua, to
run ophthalmology clinic the week of
March 1st, 2008, for the fifth year with
the Sovereign Order of Malta.”
John Davis, Mandeville, LA – “Moved
to the New Orleans area (Mandeville)
after surviving Hurricane Katrina!”
Mary Lou Applewhite, New Orleans,
LA – Recently honored in Baton Rouge
at the National Philanthropy Day
Awards Luncheon for a gift to the
College of Basic Science – LSU Baton
Joseph Patton, Alexandria, LA – “Kiki
and I now live in Alexandria, LA. We
really enjoyed the 50th Reunion! After 10
years of retirement we are still enjoying
Paul Snow, Cumberland, MD –
Semi-retired; still the county medical
Tiger in the News
In September 2007, Joe Biundo
(’64) was given a national award as
Distinguished Clinician by the
American Academy of Physical
Medicine and Rehabilitation. The
Distinguished Clinician Award is
presented by AAPM&R to honor
individual physiatrists who have
achieved distinction on the basis of
their scholarly level of teaching and
their outstanding performance in
patient care activities.
Sam Andrews (’66) was named the
Clinical Endocrinologist of the Year
2007 by the American Association
of Clinical Endocrinologists. AACE
is an organization of over 5000
reunion in June. It’s amazing how after a
couple of drinks this terrific group seems
to start acting like it did 40 years ago.
Hope to see you all again in 2012.”
James Evans, Buffalo, NY – Named to
Board of Directors – Western New York
Health System created by merger of
Quinn Becker, San Antonio, TX – “Still Kaleida Health and Erie County Medical
able to ski! This is our 50th season.”
Center. Also, President of Medical Staff
Wilfrid Dolan, Lafayette, LA –
“Presently and since 1996 I have been
the Medical Director of the local plasma
center, now TALECRIS, after two
previous national worldwide owners.
The position keeps me physically and
mentally active. If possible, I recommend
that physicians stay active in the medical
profession after normal retirement.”
Martha Haley Pope, Baton Rouge, LA
– “My husband and I celebrated our 50th
wedding anniversary in October – with
our fun family – two new grandsons in
the past two years! I enjoy working two
days per week at the Child Development
Center of Baton Rouge and the School
Clinic in St. Francisville.”
Tiger in the News
Mary Hawkins, Flora, MS – Faculty
member at University of Mississippi
Medical Center in the Department of
Ob/Gyn – supervising the Out-Patient
High Risk OB and Gynecology Clinics.
“Looking forward to the 45th Reunion in
June 2008.”
Sharon Daspit, Atlanta, GA – “Finally
retired this year. Moved to Atlanta to be
closer to family here. Two beautiful
granddaughters. Hope to see everyone at
the Reunions.”
Richard Miers, Lafayette, LA – “Back
in Lafayette for 10 years now, a staff
radiologist at Our Lady of Lourdes
Hospital. Still married to Catherine (38
years) and proud parents of Adrienne,
age 35; Anne, age 32; Alyce, age 25; and
Rick, age 24. Proud grandparents of
Nicolas, age 3; and Aimee, age 3 (both
oldest daughter, Adrienne’s children.)”
Jon Palmintier, Richmond, VA – “My
Seth Novoselsky, Hendersonville, NC –
wife Joan and I will be returning to
“Born August 9, 2007, a grandson,
Louisiana to settle after retirement in the
Preston James Novoselsky in Atlanta,
next two years. We will live in Lafayette
and will hopefully give some part-time
help to LSU Medical Center there. We
David Maraist, Lafayette, LA – “My
son, David Jr., DPM will return to
Lafayette in July 2008 to begin his
practice of podiatry.”
Larry Cowley, Blacksburg, VA – “Great
seeing so many turn out for the 40th year
CORRECTION from last issue of
Michael Manuel (’75), Alexandria,
LA — “enjoying having son
Nicholas (’99) practicing radiology
in Alexandria since 2005.”
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
love fly-fishing, birding, photography,
traveling and rooting for the Tigers.
Three kids and three grand kids. Life is
Tiger in the News
Charles Cefalu, Slidell, LA – Professor
and Chief of the Section of Geriatric
Medicine at LSUHSC in New Orleans.
Was one of nine national experts who
served on a Positive Beers Panel to
review and recommend appropriate
drugs for the elderly at the Philadelphia
College of Pharmacy on November 8th,
2007. The original Beers Criteria for
inappropriate drug use in the elderly was
developed by Dr. Mark Beers,
geriatrician, also on the panel. This list
includes those drugs considered to be
inappropriate for use in the elderly,
which was published in the Archives of
Internal Medicine in 2003. Dr. Cefalu is
the author of numerous national journal
articles and book chapters on Geriatric
Dr. Rao
Chris Rao (’92) has been focusing on AgeManagement Medicine and Aesthetics the past seven
years as CMO and CEO of Unison Pro-Youth
Institute in Florida (unisonproyouth.com). He gives
lectures nationwide, has his own radio show, and is
due a trip to Italy. He recently published a
revolutionary book The MidLife Health Guide for
Men, available through bn.com. He reports, “My
wife of 13 years and my two children, ages 11 and
7, are doing fine. I miss the old gang from 1992 and
wish them all well!”
school this spring - waiting on all the
college applications. Matthew is a
sophomore in high school. No
retirement for this tiger. Geaux Tigers!”
Joseph Cenac, Hot Springs, AR –
Fifteen years of doing Primary Care
Pediatrics in Hot Springs, AR.
Carl Blunck, Mobile, AL – “Daughter
Hallie, 23, at UAB Medical School, U23
Triathlon Finalist; son Hans, 21, is a
senior at Auburn; son Conrad, 18, at
Birmingham Southern starting OLB on
football team as freshman; wife Chris,
Southeastern USA Triathlon Grand
Masters Champ 2007.”
Al Mansour, Alexandria, LA –
“Maryetta and I continue to enjoy life in
Alexandria as I begin my 25th year in
practice here. Alfred III (’05) is in third
year Ortho at Vanderbilt. He and
Danielle have two sons, Cole and Cade.
Second son Aubrey is in real estate in
New Orleans; third son Ashton is a
freshman at LSU Medical School; and
daughter, Margaret is a senior in high
Rob Akenhead, Huntsville, AL – Still
practicing Radiology in Huntsville.
“Linda and I celebrate 30th anniversary
this April. Michael graduates from high
Cub condo available
From Jay Collinsworth (’81)
[[email protected]]: “Need a place
for your cub to live? My cub is a
film-maker and we are selling his
Metairie condo. Let me know if
you’re interested. Gotta buy that
film equipment on a pediatrician’s
salary! Go Tigers! See ya at the
Dome in January!”
Edward H. Maa (’01), Denver, Colorado, Completed his neurology residency and
epilepsy fellowship at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in June 2007.
He married Skye Barker Maa, on July 7, 2007, honeymooned in South Africa for the
next month, and returned to take a faculty position at Denver Health and Hospitals. He
created the business proposal for this county hospital to develop an epilepsy surgical
program to treat patients with refractory seizures. Oh, about the picture… Dr. Maa
reports: “The picture is from our ‘second’ marriage, at a Zulu village during our
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
Richard Dawes
1943 March
Thomas Campanella
Gordon W. Peek
Calvin W. Hoffpauir
Joe H. Lee
Travis J. Harrison
Sidney L. Tiblier
Stephen J. Mathes
Matthew Huff
Seldon J. Deshotels
Ward Bellard
John F. Hensleigh
Bradley Banks
John E. Garcia
Susan Garcia, New Orleans, LA – “My
father, John E. Garcia (’38), died on
November 7th, 2007. Many of you from
my class probably remember seeing him
at his house for our Xmas parties and at
our class reunions. One of the last true
‘LSU Med’ originals! He was 92 years
Brett Koder, Shelby, NC – Still
practicing in Shelby, North Carolina at
ENT Carolina. “Married 28 years to
Elaine. Daughter Morgan is an active
high school junior and great athlete.”
Cheryl Leger Neu, Lafayette, LA
–August 10th, 2007, marked 20 years of
private practice. “My oldest son, Jason
started LSU and loves it. Jacob is in 10th
grade. Just celebrated 24 years of
marriage to Jay!”
Kathleen Rockwood, New Braunfels,
Texas – First grandchild – Cameron
Elisabeth Long just arrived. Looking
forward to the Reunion in June 2008.
Tom Curtis, Rayne, LA – Approaching
20 years in family practice in Rayne.
“Amanda and I are really blessed. Our
oldest of four boys will be applying for
medical school soon! Best wishes to
Allen Dupre, Montgomery, AL –
“Debbie and I (and four teenagers) are
doing well in Montgomery, AL. It’s
tough being around all these Alabama
and Auburn fans. I even have one child
attending the University of Alabama. We
hope to make the reunion this summer
to see all of you.”
Quentin McMullen, Ann Arbor, MI –
“Our work is described at Steiner
Health.org. Imagine the conundrum of
being both a Tiger fan and living a mile
from Michigan Stadium! My son Samuel
is an irretrievable Wolverine, but he
knows better than to ask who I’m
rooting for late in the season.”
Milton Legrand, Chicago, IL –
Practicing Academic General Internal
Medicine at Loyola University Medical
Center in Chicago for the past seven
years. “Believe it or not, I have become
accustomed to the cold weather and
really enjoy the Windy City.”
Jimmie McCready, Panama City, FL –
“Looking forward to June. Enjoyed
Auburn with Mike Seich and Kevin
Darr. Needed aspirin and nitro up in
Tuscaloosa. Geaux Tigahs!”
Patrick Savoy, Oakdale, LA – “All is
well in the South. Peyton Cole Savoy
starts pre-k this fall.”
Maria Weimer, New Orleans, LA – Still
on faculty at LSUHSC/Children’s
Hospital for Pediatric Neurology. “Steve
(’92) and I have a son, James (born
7/25/07). It’s great being parents.”
Brett Hutchinson, Baton Rouge, LA
–Joined the Lake Primary Care
Network’s Pediatric Medical Center on
Bluebonnet Blvd in Baton Rouge in
August 2007.
LSU System
John V. Lombardi, PhD
LSU Health Sciences Center
Larry H. Hollier (’68)
Steve Nelson, MD
Dean, School of Medicine
Medical Alumni Association
Board of Directors 2007-2008
Lee J. Monlezun (’69)
James J. Leonard (’63)
President Elect
Gerard F. Peña (’82)
Vice President
Russell C. Klein (’59)
Fred H. Rodriguez, Jr. (’75)
Representative, Committee of 100
Andy P. Blalock (’98)
Acadiana Area Regional Representative
Lee R. Domangue (’76)
Northshore Regional Representative
Lynn E. Foret (’75)
Calcasieu Regional Representative
Henry Peltier (’90)
Terrebonne Regional Representative
Stanley E. Peters (’78)
Baton Rouge Regional Representative
Members at Large
Lester W. Johnson (’71)
R. Douglas Bostick (’96)
Charles W. Thomas (’93)
L. J. Mayeux (’77)
Charles G. Schibler II (’92)
Elizabeth A. McDonald (’84)
Evelyn A. Kluka (’84)
James M. Brown III (’92)
Stacey L. Holman (’04)
Resident Representative
Larry H. Hollier (’68)
Chancellor, LSU Health Sciences Center
Janis G. Letourneau, MD
Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Paul J. Azar, Jr. (’70)
Past President
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
They Voted With Their Backsides
By the time you read this, activities in the new Center for Advanced
Practice will be occurring regularly. And if the emails from Facility
Planning in Baton Rouge can be believed the resurrection of the
Isidore Cohn Jr., MD, Student Learning Center will have started.
Facility Planning has the final sign off on the plans and they tell me
they have signed off and given the contractor the go-ahead.
Great news! Two and one half years post-Katrina we are looking at
being made whole by the feds, who designed and built the levees that
failed during the hurricane and thus became responsible for the
remediation of the flooded Cohn Learning Center.
The Alumni Association, not bound by federal regulation and facing fewer
requirements from the state, was able to move forward on its long-cherished dream of
a Center for Advanced Practice, a training ground for residents, fellows, and practicing
physicians to compliment our student education.
Construction began in the spring of 2007, moved along well, and in my meetings with
architects and builders I was pleased with the project. The “punch list” was recently
drawn up to correct any perceived defects with a view toward “beneficial occupancy,”
the day when we could begin to actually use the facility.
Students, faculty and staff regularly wandered through as construction wound down,
always asking when it could be used. “Soon” was always my answer. That is until one
recent day when I was asked to look at a minor issue on the site. Walking into the
supposedly unoccupied Center, I heard voices and then saw that one of the labs was
occupied by “Katrina,” a pregnant mannequin fully exposed, if you catch my drift. The
voices were coming from the nearby large conference room.
Opening the door, I found every seat occupied by students and residents of the
Ob/Gyn Department. I stared open mouthed at the instructor. “We needed a place,”
he said. That was as clear a vote for “beneficial occupancy” as one could require.
“Good” I said, closing the door. That’s why we built it. Or to be more exact, that’s
why you built it. Thanks.
Russell C. Klein (’59)
Associate Dean
Back cover — photographs from the October 2007 gala. See pages 22-25 for complete coverage of the
event. Visit our website at http://www.medschool.lsuhsc.edu/alumni_affairs/ to view many more photographs
from the gala and the patron party. The links to the photos are at the top of the left-hand column.
Honor Roll 2007 / LSU Medicinews Spring ’08 — Combined Edition
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