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Inside Cañada
Inside Cañada
Featuring the people, programs, and activities that shape Cañada College
A Monthly Report for the San Mateo County Community College District Board of Trustees Free Tax Workshop for
Small Business Owners
The Center for
Opportunities is cosponsoring a one-day
workshop to help small
business owners and the
self-employed navigate
tax filings, small
business deductions and
other issues.
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Monopoly Tournament
Crowns a Champ
More than $1,000 is
raised for student
scholarships at the
annual event.
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Two Interior
Students Earn
Certification in
Cañada College interior design students Jean Dinkel
and Jillian Sherwood Butler are the first at the college to become Certified Green Building Professionals.
Both students passed a two-day training session in
October sponsored by the Oakland-based Building
it Green Organization. The intensive two-day training introduces students to the overarching principles of green building and the systems approach to
the design, construction and operation of residential
buildings. Upon completion of the course, students
develop an understanding of energy efficiency, resource conservation, water conservation, and indoor
air quality, and how they can effectively convey the
Cañada College Board of Trustees Report
Pelletier Coordinates
Statewide Effort to
Train Employees in ESL
Danielle Pelletier, an
ESL professor at
Cañada, is heading a
statewide effort to teach
employees English in
their workplace.
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MESA Students Chosen
for Leadership Training
A group of MESA
students is chosen for a
statewide leadership
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November 14, 2012
College Night, Transfer
Day Draw Students
Hundreds of students
learned how to navigate
the transfer process as
more than 60
representatives from
colleges and universities
around the country
attend the annual
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Bob Haick Hired to
Direct Career Center
Bob takes over the new
Career Center located in
the Grove. The new
facility offers more
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Cañada College offers a Certificate of Achievement
in Green/Sustainable Design that helps industry
professionals enhance their knowledge and skills in
green design. Courses focus on sustainable residential remodeling and renovation, residential design,
lighting design, materials and finishes, green/
sustainable design concepts, and residential and
commercial construction.
importance of these building principles to homeowners.
“I am very proud that two of our students were
willing to follow these steps to understand the importance of knowledge and education in the principles of green building and design,” said Elsa Torres,
assistant professor in Interior Design at Cañada.
Torres earned the same certification in 2007.
As part of the training, Dinkel and Sherwood-Butler
learned how to perform a comprehensive green
home analysis and the decision-making pathways to
upgrade and remodel homes. They learned how to
assess homes and determine whether they were
suited for an energy or green upgrade and educate
homeowners about the upgrade incentives provided
by local utilities.
“The classes at Cañada helped me pass the exam for
Build it Green and received the additional certification,” said Sherwood Butler. “What I really like
about the whole house approach is that, for myself,
it feels good to be able to assist my clients through
the process and get the most for their money and
inform them about any rebate programs that are
currently available. Also, if they receive rebates,
they can use the savings to add function and beauty
to their space and feel good about doing their part
in helping the environment.”
Dinkel said Cañada’s approach to educating students in green/sustainable design offers real world
experience. “My education was focused on real
projects that involved actual residential and commercial clients,” she said. “Going the extra step to
earn the title of Certified Green Building Professional allows me to be listed in the Build It Green
directory validating my education and training. It
also provides a network of professionals that I can
collaborate with in addition to training and education of new innovative technologies.”
Free Tax Workshop for Monopoly Tournament Pelletier Coordinates
Area Small Businesses Raises Scholarship $
ESL in the Workplace
The Cañada College Center for Entrepreneurial
Opportunities is teaming up with Housing and
Economic Rights Advocates (HERA) and the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center to offer a free tax
and accounting workshop for small business owners and the self-employed.
The workshop will be held Saturday, Nov. 17 from
10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Renaissance Mid-Peninsula, 1848
Bay Road, East Palo Alto. Registration is available
online or by calling (650) 321-1102 Ext. 1102 or by
emailing [email protected]
The featured speaker at the workshop will be Arnold Pinck, retired enrolled agent and counselor for
SCORE, an organization dedicated to helping small
businesses grow. Participants will learn:
• Accounting Principles
• Tax Record Keeping
• Business Deductions
• Employee/Independent Contractor Files
• And more...
The Center for Entrepreneurial Opportunities (CEO)
helps small business owners and budding entrepreneurs develop their ideas. The CEO offers courses
and workshops to fit the unique needs of small
businesses. CEO services include affordable webbased tools to evaluate business ideas, write business plans, conduct market research, test markets
through surveys, learn accounting and bookkeeping, website development and more.
Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center is a nonprofit
small business development organization dedicated
to helping women and men to traditionally lack
access to resources and information to achieve financial self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship.
Renaissance provides training, support services,
resources, and networks for business owners at
every stage of business development, from idea
feasibility through start-up, growth, and expansion.
HERA is a California statewide, not-for-profit legal
service and advocacy organization. It's mission is to
ensure that all people are protected from discrimination and economic abuses.
The Accounting Department’s annual Monopoly
Tournament held on Saturday, Oct. 27 in the Grove
drew 35 people and raised more than $1,000 for
student scholarships.
The tournament was open to everyone. Students
and seniors paid $10 to enter while the general public paid $15. Contestants vied for the title of Monopoly Champion in two 90-minute rounds.
Kristopher Windsor of Sacramento was eventually
crowned champion. He received a Kindle Fire. It
was his second appearance at the tournament,
which has been held the past three years.
“The tournament was a big success,” said Leonor
Cabrera, professor of accounting and event organizer. “This is our largest fundraiser every year for
student scholarship money.”
The annual tournament has now grown beyond
Monopoly, with participants bringing their favorite
board games. “We now have people teaching other
different board games and simply enjoying a Saturday morning of fun,” Cabrera said.
A popular game introduced this year was UNO
The history of the Monopoly board game can be
traced to the early 20th century. By 1934, a board
game had been created much like the version of
Monopoly sold by Parker Brothers and its parent
companies through the rest of the 20th century and
into the 21st.
International tournaments, first held in the early
1970s, continue to the present with the next world
championship likely scheduled for 2013.
By 1982, tournaments in the United States featured a
competition between tournament winners in all 50
states, competing to become the United States
champion. National tournaments are held in the
U.S. and U.K. the year before World Championships. The tournaments are now typically held
every four to five years, but Hasbro has not released
any statement regarding the timing of future championships.
Danielle Pelletier, ESL instructor, has been named
coordinator for the Teaching English in the Workplace for the California Teachers of English to
Speakers of Other Languages (CATESOL). Pelletier
has been serving in her new role since last spring.
"The primary initiatives of the CATESOL Teaching
English in the Workplace Interest Group is to make
sure that there is representation for those California
ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers who
teach English in the workplace," Pelletier said. "This
group is comprised of teachers who teach workers
at all levels. This could mean teaching basic English
to hotel employees or teaching presentation skills to
an executive at a bio-pharmaceutical company."
As the coordinator, Pelletier's primary responsibilities are to recruit, maintain, and develop membership so the group has proper representation. She
also works with the members to organize professional workshops in all parts of California. "The
workshops are designed to help our members continue with professional development between
CATESOL conferences."
Whereas most schools are cutting back on ESL
teachers, companies throughout California are realizing the value of having their employees feel confident about speaking English and understanding the
U.S. culture of business, Pelletier said. "The TEW
(Teaching English in the Workforce) group is fortunate to be in a field that is continually growing and I
feel fortunate to be coordinating this group," she
Pelletier has also been named President of English
League, a Translations and Workforce Language
Training company. The company started in 1995 in
Boston and moved to the Bay Area in 2002. Pelletier
has been with English League since 2000 as a Senior
ESL Instructor and Program Director, teaching in
companies such as Bose in Boston and Genentech in
the Bay Area. "I'm happy to be at the helm- a new
adventure for me - and will continue to provide our
customized English classes to international professionals all over Silicon Valley and the Bay Area," she
said. “It’s also exciting to be working with organizations in this global economy, providing translations
services. It’s a great new world!”
Cañada College Board of Trustees Report
Cañada MESA Students
Chosen for Leadership
A select group of seven Cañada College students
recently honed their leadership skills at a special
invitation-only conference in Sacramento for mathbased majors. The event was sponsored by PG&E
and six other companies.
mission’s longstanding support of the program.
Students also participated in a MESA Business Case
Challenge in which they presented a business solution to a panel of energy and utility industry leaders.
The Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) Student Leadership Conference held
last month offered extensive professional and leadership development through direct interaction with
industry mentors and speakers. The hand-picked
MESA students, all science, engineering, or math
majors, represented over 30 universities and community colleges from across the state, including
Cañada College.
Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) was a
major sponsor of the event. The company’s $40,000
grant allowed students from 20 Northern California
campuses to attend. PG&E employees volunteered
their time to work closely with the students during
the conference.
Participating Cañada students were: Moises Bautista, Norman Ettedgui, Juan Guevara, Jose Salgado,
William Berrios, Curtis Carpentier and Michael
PG&E Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer
Bill Harper encouraged students to continue in their
educational pursuits and awarded winners of the
MESA Business Case Challenge. PG&E has sup-
ported MESA since 1979 and was recognized its the
extensive support in helping educationally disadvantaged MESA students graduate in math-based
Other sponsors included Edison International,
Southern California Gas Company, Vanir Construction Management, Inc., Lawrence Livermore National Lab, San Diego Gas & Electric and the Sacramento Municipal Utilities District. The MESA Program at Cañada College is one of the
most successful in the state. It supports student
learning through a wide variety of programs including tutoring, clubs, etc.
Students participated in mock interviews, connected
with industry representatives from seven national
and California companies and heard guest speakers
such as former NASA astronaut Tammy Jernigan,
who also led a women in STEM panel discussion.
California Public Utilities Commissioner Tim Simon
was named the 2012 MESA Champion for the com-
Cañada College Board of Trustees Report
EmergenciPhone Opens Tuesday,
Nov. 11 and will run through Sunday,
Dec. 2 in the Flex Theater.
Women’s Golf Team Secures State Title Berth With
Third Straight Conference Title and NorCal Victory
College Night, Transfer Day Bring University Representatives to Campus to Help Students Transfer
Bob Haick, Former Assessment Test Director,
Hired to Direct Cañada’s New Career Center
The Cañada College Women’s Golf team continued
its stranglehold on the Central Valley Conference,
winning its third consecutive title and took it a step
further by earning a berth in the state championships with a convincing victory in the NorCal Tournament.
Two events aimed at exposing current and prospective students to the process of attending college
were held in October and drew large crowds to
Bob Haick, a long-time employee at the college and
a former counselor and instructor in the Career
Center and Matriculation, has been hired as the new
Career Center Director.
More than 60 university representatives attended
Transfer Day in the Learning Center on Oct. 24,
talking with current Cañada students about the
steps they should take to transfer. Issues such as
academic offerings, extracurricular activities, and
financial aid, were discussed.
Haick joined Cañada in 2004. He had previously
worked at Cyberia Inc., a software development and
consulting company.
The Colts led San Joaquin Delta by a commanding
14 strokes after the first day of play as Annika Nousiainen shot a team-leading 73, Sarah Rotter a 76,
and Mehreen Raheel a 77. Nousiainen and Rotter
were both in the top five.
On the final day, the Colts completely dominated
the field, firing a tournament-low 301 to total a 608
for the two days.
Nousiainen shot a 72 while Rotter shot a 75 on the
final day. Shannon Wong fired a 76 and Raheel
chipped in a 78.
The final team scores were Cañada 608; San Joaquin
Delta 650; Modesto 660, Sacramento City 664,
Fresno City 665, and Napa Valley 700.
Nousiainen, Rotter, Raheel and Wong all qualified
for the State Championships held Nov. 12-13 at
Temecula Creek Inn Golf Course.
“This team has the ability to win the state championship,” said Coach Rick Velasquez.
That night, many of the same university representatives moved to the Gymnasium where they met
with more Cañada students along with juniors and
seniors from the Sequoia Union High School District.
In addition to the usual “meet-and-greet”, workshops were provided on topics such as financial aid
availability, overview of university requirements,
and how to navigate the different college and university systems.
“Both events were very well attended and we received positive feedback from our university partners,” said Soraya Sohrabi, event organizer. “Both
programs have grown the last few years as more
and more students prepare to transfer.”
Haick was originally hired in April 2004 as the Division Assistant for the University Center. Almost
immediately after he arrived, he took on the extra
responsibility of assessment testing which in 2005
gave him the opportunity to assume the position of
Program Coordinator of Assessment and the Career
Before Cañada, Bob honed many of his skills over
the years in such capacities as regional restaurant
manager, elementary school teacher, regional manager of training development for Kinko’s in Southern California, and as a successful entrepreneur who
owned his own tech business.
In addition, he holds a bachelor’s degree, teaching
credential, and masters in counseling from San Jose
State University.
The new Career Center located in the Grove provides Bob with many programming opportunities
that he didn’t have when the Career Center was
coupled with Assessment.
Cañada College Board of Trustees Report
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