Olive Hill Press This week: Associated Students of Cañada College

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Olive Hill Press This week: Associated Students of Cañada College
May 12, 2014
Volume 2, No. 14
Olive Hill Press
• ASCC / ICC Awards Night
• Arts & Olives Coordinator
• A Letter from the Coach
• PEP, Majors2Careers
By Larry Buckley, PhD
Associated Students of Cañada College
and Interclub Council Awards
This week:
May 13
ESL Recognition
Ceremony; 7:30pm; Bldg 3,
Main Theater
May 15
Recognition Ceremony;
4:00pm; Bldg 6, Rm 102
May 15
Graduation; 5:00pm
Skyline College, Bldg 14
May 17
Fashion Design
Recognition Ceremony;
5:00pm, Bldg 3 Rm 255
Fashion Design Program
Fashion Show; 7:00pm;
Bldg 3, Main Theater
Last Thursday afternoon, the
ASCC and Interclub Council
hosted their annual Awards Night
in Building 6. The night’s theme
was “Hollywood,” and many of the
attendees wore gowns and suits as if
they were attending a Hollywood
Premier. There was even a red
carpet greeting attendees and a photographer serving as the
“paparazzi” to capture pictures of
the revelers. Awards were given to
both individual students and clubs
for service, innovation, and
commitment to their fellow
students. Keeping with the
Hollywood theme, I captured an
“Ellen DeGeneres-like selfie.”
Mallory Stevens– Arts & Olives Coordinator
We welcome Mallory Stevens as our new Arts & Olives lead planning coordinator.
Mallory is a faculty member in CBOT and the CTE Transitions Program and has been an
A&O volunteer the past two years You may reach her at [email protected] should
you have questions or suggestions, or if you would like to volunteer. Our annual Arts &
Olives Festival is slated for Sunday, October 5, 2014. Mark your calendars!
May 12,
Volume 2,issue,
No. 14
A Letter from Coach Tony Lucca
Dear Cañada Community,
Thank you all for your continued support. The team and coaching staff fought hard, but it just
wasn't in the cards for us this time around. Baseball is a funny game, where you can do everything right
and still fall short or, in some cases, you do everything wrong and you come out on top. Sometimes, a
particular season can parallel all the "curve balls" we experience in life itself.
I am extremely proud of all of our student athletes in our program and all the hard work we put in
together throughout this season both on and off the field. Once the bad taste of this final defeat goes away
and all of our sophomores are set to move on, I’ll look back on the season and really appreciate what all of
us accomplished together during their individual and collective time here at Cañada College.
This season, like most, was filled with highs and lows. Leading into the playoffs, the Colts offense
was the leader of all Coast Pacific teams in hits, extra base hits, home runs, and runs batted in, while
landing four
players (Dylan Cook, Kyle Zirbes, Justin Gubser, and Chris Miguel) on the1st team all Coast Conference
Pacific. The pitching staff was equally impressive with ace Sam Alton leading the charge during an All
American season and earning the conference Pitcher Of The Year award, and turning in the one of the
finest seasons ever seen in our rich tradition. The pitching staff was second in hits given up behind league
champion Cabrillo while allowing the fewest amount of runs scored and posting a team combined 2.50
earned run average.
Other players receiving league honorable mention were outfielder Maurice Fuller, pitchers Ryan
De Gregorio, David Moody, Joe Marcucci, and Tyler Rios.
The team played hard, at times even played hurt. They made sacrifices of individual success for the
greater good of the teams’ overall success. The players wore our school name on their chests proudly and I
am happy to have had a front row ticket to all of it.
We all say thank you and good luck to our sophomores: Dylan Cook, Justin Gubser, Sam Alton,
David Moody, Maurice Fuller, Kody Barden, Dominic Defiesta, Matt Eastman, Sho Sato, Ryan De
Gregorio, Tyler Rios, Brendan Galindo, and Kyle Zirbes.
"In baseball you don't know nothing" (Yogi Berra)
Tom Mohr Co-Chairs Chamber Post
Former Cañada College President and current SMCCCD Trustee,
Tom Mohr, is also serving as Co-chair of the Education Committee
for the Redwood City Chamber of Commerce. The committee is comprised
of members of the business community, as well as education leaders, including President
Buckley. The committee meets on a monthly basis and serves to link the goals of local educational
institutions with businesses to foster teamwork meant to promote and improve our community.
Last Thursday, faculty, staff,
and students participated in
the Majors2Careers event held
in The Grove. ASCC
provided pizza and drinks to
those who attended. Students
had an opportunity to learn
about majors, career
pathways, and labor market
information associated with
specific careers, while faculty
and staff shared their
professional experiences.
Students particularly enjoyed
reading the labor market
information for specific career
pathways on the "What Will I
Make and What Does It
Take?" display.
2, No.date
Priority Enrollment
In collaboration with the STEM
center, The Welcome Center,
The Financial Aid Department,
The Counseling Department,
The EOPS Program and ASCC,
the Outreach Office has hosted 4
very successful PEP dates in the
last 5 weeks. Each event
welcomed between 35-40
students and 10 to 15 parents.
Also, due to the high demand of
students enrolling for PEP, we
have added one additional date,
May 15, which is already full to
The PEP events feature the
Please encourage students to
follow up with Robert
Haick in the Career Center for
any career related questions or
for assistance. Our second
annual Majors2Careers
event will be held this fall
on Wednesday, September
On Thursday, awards were
bestowed on deserving students
in the Humanities and Social
Sciences Department. The
ceremony took place in the
Lobby of Bldg 3 and some 24
students were honored for their
achievements. Congratulations
Faces of Cañada College
Motivational Video
of Financial Aid
Counseling Services
Brief Tour led by
The Welcome Center
Parent Presentation by
Kim Lopez
FREE Dinner for all
students and parents
(the food has been
sponsored by the
Financial Aid
The Olive Hill Press, a campus newsletter for faculty and staff, is published
fairly regularly whenever I have sufficient time and stories to put it together. I
hope you’ve been enjoying its new format. It’s my hope that the OHP will
become a more collaborative project, and as such, I encourage any and all to
submit entries for inclusion. Please email me your stories, photos,
announcements, etc. It is wonderful to share with all the campus what you’ve
been up to and how wonderful a faculty, staff and student body we have.
~ Larry
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Volume 2,issue,
No. 14
Assemblyman Gordon Addresses Students
California State Assemblyman Rich Gordon was a guest of the
Cañada College Political Science Department this past
Thursday afternoon. Gordon, a long-time friend and supporter
of the college, shared with students and community members
his inside perspective on the workings of the Assembly and
State government. A panel of students posed a variety of
questions to Gordon in an open question and answer segment.
He provided a host of answers and thoughts about pending
legislation, his own political philosophy, and his concerns for
our region’s future. He also discussed his personal background
and told the audience that among the jobs he has held that
taught him the most about the value of serving others, was
working at Disneyland during his college years. He said that it was there that he learned to treat everyone
as if they were his guest.
Sue Eftekhari to Retire
A retirement party for Sue Eftekhari was held on Wednesday in Building
8. Sue has been the Program Services Coordinator for the Early
Childhood Education program since 2005. In this capacity, she was
responsible for sharing direction and information with students on their
career paths in Early Child Education meant to enable them to get their
certificates and degrees and begin new and fulfilling careers She has
spent the majority of her own professional career in the areas of
education and administration with a focus on intercultural
communication. Sue’s last day will be June 30th. We thank her for her
service to the college and for all she does for our students.
All-Russian Program for Redwood Symphony
Bay Area pianist Daniel Glover will share the spotlight with Redwood Symphony on
June 7 when he will play the supremely difficult pinnacle of the piano repertoire,
Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 3, made famous in the movie “Shine.”
The Redwood Symphony concert will begin at 8 p.m. in the Main Theater of Building 3.
Maestro Eric Kujawsky will give a pre-concert lecture at 7 p.m.
In a program for Russophiles, Rachmaninoff’s voyage into modern music will be paired with Shostakovich’s bold
First Symphony and Alfred Schnittke’s “(K)ein Sommersnachstraum (Not a Mid-Summer’s Night Dream)”.
Tickets for the concert range from $10-$30. Children under 18 are admitted free with an adult, and parking is free.
Further information is available at RedwoodSymphony.org.
May 12, 2014
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Volume 2, No. 14
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Lessons from the Museum of Tolerance
By David Johnson, PhD
Two weeks ago, I traveled to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles with four
of my Cañada colleagues and fifteen other district employees. While I had heard
a great deal about MOT from those who had been there, I was eager to have my
own experience—even if it would mean reassessing some of my assumptions
about the world in which we all live. As I reflect upon my time there, I am
troubled by the ways in which we have been—and continue to be—cruel to each other. But more than
that, I am inspired and awe-struck by the indomitable human spirit. I came away with a deeper
appreciation for the good that still exists in the world, and hopeful that everyone can play a significant
role in ensuring that respect for human dignity will ultimately prevail.
The Museum offered many compelling exhibits but three presentations proved to be particularly
powerful. We were treated to Kick, a one-woman play that poignantly explored the social implications
that attend the appropriation and popular representation of Native American imagery. We were also
introduced to Tim Zaal and Matt Boger, who taught us the true meaning of repentance and
forgiveness. Tim is a former skinhead who now dedicates his life to warning others of the danger,
violence, and prevalence of the white racist movement. Matt shared with us the emotional and physical
pain he endured while living on the streets at a young teen. His mother kicked him out of the house after
he shared with her that he was gay—he was just fourteen years old. To hear these two men share their
experiences and learn how they ended up coming together at the Museum of Tolerance was nothing
short of extraordinary. Finally, we had the honor of meeting
Anne Frank’s only surviving direct relative, Mr. Bernhard
“Buddy” Elias. He vividly recounted the time he spent with his
younger cousin Anne and her older sister Margot, and regaled
us with stories of an adulthood spent as an actor and ice skater
(among other things). We were all impressed with his energy
and cheerfulness despite the loss his family had experienced.
I want to thank Cañada for affording me the opportunity
to have this amazing experience. I am grateful to work at an
institution that places such a great value on personal
development and cultural enrichment.
Welcome the newest member of
our Cañada family! Baby Vito
was born on May 1st. He and
mom, Dance and Fitness
Instructor Ana Miladinova, are
home and doing well.
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