The COLLEGIATE REVOLUTION Special Christmas Message

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The COLLEGIATE REVOLUTION Special Christmas Message
VOL. II No. 3
Special Christmas
The last social function of the year
(1967) is now being planned.
The Senior Class will sponsor a gala
Christmas Party to be held on December 13 at the Sheraton Carpenter Ballroom at 8:00 p.m. Donation will be
NHC's Anti Protesting
Violent Viet Nam Protestors
Crowd Police Station
Manchester, New Hampshire, December 4, 1967 — Hippies wielding
dangerous placards and holding babies
in their arms endangered the lives of
all people in the immediate vicinity of
Chestnut Street today. Due to the tremendous efforts of the Manchester
Police the enormous crowd of thirtyfive people was held at bay. At no
time were the innocent bystanders of
the city put in danger. The ratio of
protestors to police was nearly two to
It was very evident that the police
of our fair city were well prepared for
the violent actions on the part of
the protestors. They wielded their
billy clubs as if the security of the
whole state depended on their actions.
I would like to see just how the police would have reacted to a real
demonstration. They seemed to be
more interested with the innocent bystanders on the sidewalks.
They displayed open hostilities to
the members of the staff of this newspaper while at the same time allowing
other people to take pictures at their
What do we have to do to report
the news to the student body? Is it
necessary to obtain a permit to take
pictures of protestors who did not have
a permit to march themselves? These
protestors were members of our own
student body who were demonstrating
the presence of the hippies. The police would allow us to join our classmates, but would not allow two members of the staff to take pictures. We
were told to move along, and when
we did not respond immediately we
were given a look that made us tremble in our shoes.
It is the opinion of this reporter
that the police who handled these violent protestors were in no way mentally prepared to cope with this big
problem. Their mental attitude was
quite evident from their actions. Let's
all hope that Manchester remains free
of violent protests, the likes of which
we viewed today.
Our college will attain better Local,
Regional and National recognition. A
new Image will be created!
Suggestion ballots and boxes will be
placed throughout the college for your
By the Changing Name Committee.
At this time the teachers sold at the
slave auction will perform the skits
assigned by their masters. The TOWLE
HOUSE COOKIE will provide the
background music for the skits.
Santa Claus will be there to greet
all guests.
Boys, this is the last big affair before Christmas vacation. You won't
see that special girl of yours for three
weeks so give her a real nice Christmas present — give her the pleasure
of your company for an evening.
DANCE. Have a good time. Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Don't forget, there is a big portable
television to be given away that night,
too. The Charles will provide music
after the skits.
New Branch of Kappa
Sigma Beta Formed
at N H C
A new fraternity has been formed
at New Hampshire College. It is
known as Kappa Sigma Beta. It was
approved by the IFC on November 29.
This will bring the total to three fraternities on campus. Kappa Sigma
Beta has an established branch in
Boston and a new one being formed
in the state of Nebraska.
The basic purpose of this fraternity
shall be to instill in its members the
desire for self-improvement; to foster
high moral and ethical standards in
its members; to promote a charitable
attitude of its members towards the
community; to aid the social life of
the entire student body; to create a
Continued p. 3
December 4, 1967 was one of the
biggest days for Manchesterites since
the days of John Stark. In preparation,
our enforcers donned their gay apparel
to greet our heroic visitors. Equipped
with anti-jubilant rods of pine and
crowns of pure white, our men were a
spectacle in one. I often wondered, as
the protestors marched, who everyone
was looking at: the brave gentlemen
in blue or the meek society bent on
To escape the cold, I walked into
the mecca of good coffee across the
street from our main campus. There I
sat interviewing two prime advocates
of peace, while people walked in
staring with wide open mouths and
narrow minds.
The protest began at 5:30 a.m. with
three people of peace and thirty people of purpose, clad in blue attire, to
combat the impossible mission. The
people I talked to came to the Induction Center at 8:30 and no sooner
than they stepped from their bus they
were told to leave the country by the
blue officials. Could a more subtle
hint be delivered? Well, we must consider that our men averted a virtual
World War III within our own city
limits. Our men can't get it through
their thick helmets that these people
advocate and practice peace.
While our blue boys were shaking
in their boots, they seemed to think
that violence was the only answer and
made use of their extra long sticks,
made just for such an occasion. Arrests were made at the Induction Center and at our community and neighboring "den of thieves". Arrests were
so arbitrary that a member of the college was an unfortunate victim. It
soon became evident that he was an
innocent bystander and therefor released.
The two standard bearers belong to
the "Citizens of Peace" in Henniker,
N. H. Other than attending various
functions and waving the olive branch,
their lives are comparatively dull and
unassuming. Their mission is obvious,
but their success seems improbable.
Considering the political and socioeconomic power in this country, they
will eventually have to face defeat. Defeat such as that of a child trying to
cry out his pain, while his parents
think it's only a mild discomfort. Children grow and such might their mis-
From t h e Co-Editor
I could use a few dictionary meanings here to tell about the word individualism; but I imagine we all have
a few basic ideas about this principle,
and that is the idea of self. Each individual has a responsibility to himself
to act, think, speak or not speak as
his own mind directs.
Some students attending NHC were
mildly shocked a few weeks ago when
the last edition of the Collegiate Revolution was issued. We meant not to
shock anyone but merely to inform the
student body of conditions that exist
and should be corrected. These conditions are as individuals see them, the
individuals who wrote the articles. It
is because of individuals throughout
history that changes occurred. Supposedly all of us here at NHC are individuals. I say supposedly because so
many students fall into the category
of jello; just add water, mix and put
into a mold to jell. I honestly believe
that a student cannot reap the full
benefits of a college education if all
he learns to do is nod his head, or
follow the group, or just sit here unquestioningly day after day.
Individualism should be something
to be proud of, it should represent
one's honest self. If the administration
issues a directive that we honestly believe it is wrong, if a faculty member
is grossly incorrect, if the student senate is guilty of gross negligence with
student funds, if the student newspaper
is guilty of being nothing but a gossip
sheet, then speak out. Don't whisper
in the crowd. Show others that you do
have a mind of your own. Print your
views in the school newspaper. If you
have a point of view don't be afraid of
being an individual just for once in
your life.
This newspaper staff is proud to
note that during the recent picketing
that took place by the Manchester Induction Center and the police station
that a few of our own individuals
formed a counter picket line to express their own points of view.
After reading the Kinsey report four
times, Salesman Sam has come to the
conclusion that women talk too much.
sion. But will we ever be able to reap
such a glorious fruit? Unlikely.
George Zottos
Letter t o the Editor
In the November issue of the Collegiate Revolution an article regarding
the placement office was published on
page three. In light of the fact that
there were some errors therein, I feel
it necessary to correct them so that
the facts may be known to all interrested students. Since early last spring,
a campaign has been carried on to interest as many companies in visiting
our campus for recruitment purposes
as possible. An extremely large number of letters, telephone calls, and personal contacts have been made to try
to interest these companies in us.
There are many, many reasons why
companies do not visit our campus,
among them are such things as: A. The
size of our institution. Many companies visit campuses with only an enrollment of three thousand or more.
B. Many companies do not have openings at this time in the field for which
we train our graduates. C. Many companies are interested in speaking with
our students but do not have on campus recruitment facilities. D. Many
companies have expressed an interest
in visiting our campus, but because
schedules are planned well ahead of
time, are not able to do so this year.
Any companies which have replied in
a completely negative way have in
contrast to what Mr. Lambert's article
said been followed up. Letters have
been sent, telephone calls have been
made, sometimes personal contact has
been established in order to persuade
these companies to change their mind
and visit with us. Again, for many of
the reasons mentioned above, they are
unable to do so. In this sense, therefore, the article was erroneous. We
have in addition to our personal efforts been in contact with professional
placement agencies to discuss the types
of services they might be able to offer
our graduates in assisting them to find
proper and profitable positions. It is
certainly true that more can and must
be done. We are making as much
progress as we can. We look to the
future and hope that each of our
graduates can find the kind of position he likes with a good salary and a
pleasant location. We are willing to
accept any types of suggestions for the
improvement of our placement office,
and we are pleased that the students
are interested enough to speak out
when the facts justify.
s/William E. Beane,
Coordinator of
4 Year Placement
Consumer and
Business Trends
By John H. Wood
Increase in postal rates has been approved by the House and is expected
to be approved by the Senate. This increase in postal revenues will be devoured by pay increases for postal
Expect to pay more into Social Security; both Houses have approved an
increase, the amounts of which has not
yet been decided.
Because of the devaluation of the
British pound, imports will cost less in
terms of dollars and there will be a
plethora of goods in the American
An increase in interest rates will be
in effect again, causing a tightening of
money, thus protecting the dollar and
preventing increased inflation.
If a tax boost is not realized by the
end of this year an increase can be
expected early in '68.
Shortly the students of NHC will be
purchasing books for next semester's
classes and nothing has been said by
the administration of a reduction in
the cost of books to the students. Will
there be anything done or will the
costs remain the same? Its up to you,
the students, to press this issue and
force the administration to reduce the
costs of books.
If you have a problem getting a job
after graduating from college try joining the service, they are due for an
increase in pay. Its better than nothing
and at the same time you can fulfill
your military obligation.
Continued from p. 1.
universal feeling of strength, courage,
and brotherhood throughout our college and to provide an association
among its members with the practicing
professionals of the business world.
Mr. George Larkin has agreed to
act as the fraternity's advisor. The
newly elected officers are as follows:
President, Mike DeSimone; Vice President, Frank Marino; Secretary, Jerry
Maturi; Treasurer, Tom Demchak. All
the chartered members are juniors at
the college. Kappa Sigma Beta will be
looking for its first pledges next semester.
by e e cummings
little tree
little silent Christmas tree
you are so little
you are like a flower
who found you in the green forest
and were you very sorry to come away
see i will comfort you
because you smell so sweetly
i will kiss your cool bark
and hug you safe and tight
just as your mother would,
only don't be afraid
look the spangles
that sleep all the year in a dark box
dreaming of being taken out and
allowed to shine,
the balls the chains red and gold
the fluffy threads,
put up your little arms
and i'll give them all to you to hold
every finger shall have its ring
and there won't be a single place
dark or unhappy
then when you're dressed
you'll stand in the window for every
one to see
and how they'll stare!
oh but you'll be very proud
and my little sister and i will take hands
and looking up at our beautiful tree
we'll dance and sing
"Noel Noel"
The six members of the NH College
Program Committee have designed for
you a program of speakers of current
prominence. This program is for you,
so we would like to see everyone at
these lectures.
The program schedule is as follows:
January 17, 1968 — Dick Gregory,
Comedian, Author, Lecturer, and Actor.
February 28, 1968 — Max Lerner,
Syndicated Columnist — New York
March 20, 1968 — Craig Spense,
War Correspondent — Viet Nam.
April 17, 1968 — Dr. Sidney Cohen, fourteen year researcher on LSD.
I would like to remind you again
that if your club or organization wishes to present a speaker, please contact
us so that we can coordinate speaking
engagements to avoid conflicts.
By Tom Martin, Chairman
Executive Club News
We were very pleased to have as
our last guest speaker Mr. Milton Machinist who presented us with a refreshing and informal discussion on
the importance of community involvement for the businessman. Mr. Machinist is very well qualified on his
topic and made our dinner meeting a
There is no planned dinner for December, but we have tentatively scheduled our next meeting for early January. Our speaker at this meeting will
be Mr. Vance R. Kelly, legislative assistant to Congressman Louis Wyman.
Mr. Kelly will address the group as a
non-partisan young representative of
government and speak about youth in
Mr. Kelly is 26 years old and a recent Political Science graduate of Iowa
University. He is a native of Manchester but most of his time is now spent
in Washington, D.C.
By Tom Martin
Ski Team News
The NHC Ski Team is in its advanced stage of preparedness for the
forthcoming season. Regular training
sessions have been held at Mr. Corsack's, Bishop Bradley, and the Jewish
Community Center.
Newcomers to the Northern Division include Brown, Princeton and
Belknap. Regulars in the Northern
Division include New England, Harvard, Bates, Nasson, St. A's, Hawthorne and Windham.
Hans Juager, the team's professional ski instructor, is looking forward to
a great season.
Class A racers include Wendy Neefus, Bob Coburn, John Vanstanvoord,
and Joe Plaza.
Class B racers include Tim Fletcher, Dave Pearson, Dave Myler, John
W. Hedon, Jeff Palmer, and Larry
New members include top racers
Bart Bossidy and Tom McAllister, former St. A's students, and Dave Mann
from Plymouth State, who will provide
additional power to the team. Additional sources of strength will include
Armand Roy, Chip Ford, Ron Price,
Jim Wilson, Malcolm Tibbetts, and
hopefully Earl Schubert.
Behind every beautiful woman there
is a beautiful behind.
Thoughts Concerning the Athletic Program
Unfortunate as it may be, each college sponsoring athletic teams is faced
with the possibility that in one year
or another or in one season or another
that the team may not be able to win
more games than it loses. It is never
enjoyable to sponsor a team with a
losing record. It is even less enjoyable
for those who participate on that
team. We must never forget, however,
that those who do participate, even
though they may lose, give all they
can to the team and to the college. If
they behave like gentlemen and if they
conduct themselves on the field or on
the court in such a way that does
credit to the college, then they have
performed the task they set out to accomplish. There is a trite saying that
goes "You can't win all the time, and
you should be a good loser." None,
perhaps, likes to accept this, but there
is certainly an element of truth in it.
During the Fall of this year, our soccer team with many inexperienced
players, some of whom had never participated in the sport before, faced the
prospect of rebuilding after having experienced two winning seasons in a
row. The team did not do as well as
it would liked to have done, but certainly many lessons were learned, and
with the prospect of losing, none
should be a great deal more successful on the one lost column.
Since the beginning of our intercollegiate program, NHC has been
more fortunate than most by not having experienced losing seasons in any
of the major sports. We have faced,
however, an uphill battle in achieving
the kind of support that teams during
any season deserve. School spirit is on
the upswing. The recent trip the basketball team took to Boston is certainly an indication of this. It therefore,
becomes disturbing when comments
are made and overheard by outsiders
as well as those who attend the college
that are derogatory and insulting to
those who participated in the various
sports. It is particularly upsetting to
hear remarks made about a team by
students who perhaps participate in
other sports at the college.
The fact that the Soccer team did
not have a winning record should be
no reason for the types of comments
which have been heard throughout the
corridors and in various spots around
the campus. Every team, whether it
wins or whether it loses, deserves our
full fledged support. It speaks poorly
for the man or woman who cannot
give that; particularly when things are
not going as well as we would like
them to go.
The time and the effort, very often
at the expense of grades and jobs and
social life that members of the team
put in, deserve all the applause we can
give it whether or not that team manages to win every game in which it
participates. None can see into the future, and certainly while we hope to
win, there is never that guarantee.
"Let us all, then, make an effort to
see that we support every team, win
or lose, that represents NHC." They
carry our name, let them carry our
best wishes.
As you all know November 21 was
the night of the Faculty Slave Auction. On this night one of the most
disgusting incidents I have ever seen
took place. It was one of the skits
that was a take-off on the Dating
Game. When the "female" was introduced to her three mystery males that
was funny because "she" was dressed
funny. "She" wore orange opaque
stockings, a pink miniskirt, a blue
jersey sweater, and a black "zulu"
wig. When asked to produce her questions "she" lifted "her" skirt and
reached inside the girdle fishing for
questions, and then reached inside
"her" jersey and felt around for the
questions which "she" obviously did
not have. At this point "the lady" was
dragged off the stage.
I would like to ask the fraternity
why they allowed a pledge who was in
that condition to go on to the stage
in the first place. I'm sure the fraternity
knew that the faculty and administration would be present but did they
also realize that we had guests from
different colleges? I'm wondering what
they must think of us. Why didn't the
big brothers have more of a control
over their pledges?
If this is going to be criteria for future skits, then I feel the college does
not need them. No person should be
subjected to sit through such an obnoxious scene. I hope that in the fu-
Dear Zelda:
I have a boy problem. What to do
about a boy who continually lies to
you for no reason whatsoever. I simply can't figure him out. When we go
out he is as sweet as you would want
him to be, but when we talk he twists
things that people say so that it comes
out as a vicious and malicious lie.
Zelda, I need help! What should I do?
Stay with him and see what happens or
dump him?
Lied To
Dear Lied To:
If he is as bad as you say, dump
him, for it seems to me his whole romance with you is one big lie.
Dear Zelda:
My problem is the girls at NHC. I
was always brought up to believe that
guys are the aggressors in the world.
Well since I have been up here it
seems that it is the other way around.
Everywhere I go the girls are always
after the guys. Each one is trying to
corner one for their very own, with
one thing in mind, marriage. A shy
guy like me doesn't have a chance.
What should I do?
Lost Lamb in the Woods
Dear Lost Lamb:
An Open Letter
On behalf of Sigma Kappa Epsilon
Fraternity, I would like to apologize
to the Administration, Faculty, student
body and their guests for any embarrassment suffered by them as a result of the skits put on by the Pledges
of EKE at the Slave Auction. We
realize that although this type of humor may be accepted at a burlesque
house there certainly is no place for
it at our college.
Once again our sincere apologies.
Paul Bilicki,
President EKE
ture they will think before they act.
In ending I would like to congratulate Vinnie Hughes and the pledge
who acted as the Master of Ceremonies for the Dating Game for
handling the situation so tactfully.
A Disgusted Student
in the Audience
Joe Ray craft drops in the first of the two
Our NHC basketball team opened
the 1967-68 season in impressive fashion over the first weekend in December. They split a series with Loyola
College of Montreal, but very begrudgingly I might add.
The Penmen were defeated in the
Friday night encounter by the score
of 100-94 in an overtime thriller.
Freshman Jay Lane sparked the Penmen on the comeback trail, but it fell
short to the powerful Loyola attack.
Saturday night was an entirely different story. Co-captain John Jordan
returned to the line-up after recovering from an ankle injury. Jordan carried some of the load on the defensive
boards and also contributed 15 points
to the offense. The final score was 10587 in favor of NHC. Freshman Dick
Beauchesne led all scorers with 27
points and pulled down 30 big rebounds. In Friday's game Beauchesne
had an equal amount of rebounds. It
appears that Coach Lou D'Allesandro
has come up with a real prospect in
this Freshman Beauchesne. If he continues at this pace he may be up with
the leading scorers and rebounders in
the country.
Editor-in Chief
Gary Levesque
Tony Lambert
Reporters and Feature Writers
Joe Bukowski, Paul Bilicki, John
Wood, Ed O'Connor, Allen Cohen,
Dorothy Kotarba, Belinda Hayes,
Henry Pristawa, Larry Lemay, Ken
Gloade, George Zottos
Prof. Robert Buckley
Balanced Team Effort
Key t o Basketball
This year's basketball team could
prove to be one of the most potent
clubs in the history of NHC basketball history. If you were to ask Coach
D'Allesandro to name his starting five
he would surely answer that there is no
such animal. So far this season he bas
used an average of ten players per
game. This only shows the great versatility that exists on this year's squad.
Led by Co-Captains John Jordan
and Bob Cruz, the Penmen have such
other great players as Joe Raycraft,
Wally Rozmus, Sam Lewis, Dave
Fredricks, Dan Hannagan, Ken L a
Pointe, George St. John, Jerry Quintal,
and sensational Freshman Dick Beauchesne.
The season home opener for the
Penmen is December 14 at Bishop
Bradley High School. It should prove
to be a very exciting season, the toughest yet in all NHC Basketball history.
Throughout the semester, a classmate
of mine continually cut Finance Class,
knowing that one of his friends would
respond "present" for him when roll
was taken, for the Professor kept his
eyes on the attendance sheet as he
rattled off *he 30 names.
One day, however, when the overcut
student strolled in after class had
started and looked apologetically toward the front of the room, the professor solemnly said, "Don't worry,
Flemming, your answering service has
taken care of you."
The 1967 soccer season at NHC
ended on a happy note. After a slow
start at the beginning of the season
the squad gained some momentum
that lasted until the last game. This
year's squad had to overcome inexperience and the lack of playing time
together. It was only a matter of time
before the squad began to jell and
some hard earned victories won.
The sweetest victory of the season
came in the post-season tourney. The
Penmen defeated Belknap College by
a score of one to nothing on the field
of Western New England College, the
host team. They were defeated by
Western New England in the tourney
final. The Penmen thus gained second
place in the tourney.
Along with placing second in the
tournament, NHC gained added recognition by having three of its players on
the All-Tourney team. Dave Barstow,
Sal Rizzo and Bob Ruszala were
named to the All-Tourney team.
I might add that these three veterans will return to next year's squad.
In addition the whole soccer team will
be returning. Things are now looking
up for soccer here at NHC. Next seaseason should prove to be very successful.
Did you know that it was a German
who invented the mini-skirt, his name
was Seymour Hine.
George St. John prepares to
shoot over Emerson
Fly UP