How to Copy and Link Readiness Surveys

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How to Copy and Link Readiness Surveys
CELT Guide
How to Copy and Link Readiness Surveys
To copy the readiness survey, you will need to use Qualtrics which is available to IPFW
full-time faculty and employees. You must know your Career Account login information
to access this system.
By following this CELT guide, you will be able to:
copy the readiness survey that you want to use,
rename the survey,
make another copy of an existing survey,
share the survey with your students, and
view results of the survey.
Before getting started, please go to the CELT Online Teaching page. In the Student
Online Readiness section, there are two online readiness survey files. Click the
download link of the survey file you want to use and save it to your computer.
Part 1: Import the Readiness Survey File
1. Go to https://purdue.qualtrics.com/
2. Log in using your Purdue Career Account.
3. If you see a pop up notice window saying “The Qualtrics Insight Platform is Here!”,
click Dismiss to close it.
4. Click the Create Survey tab in the top left.
5. Click Quick Survey Builder.
6. In the box next to Survey Name, enter New Survey. Then click Create Survey.
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CELT Guide
7. In the top right corner, click Advanced Options.
8. In the drop-down menu, find and choose Import Survey.
9. Under the Import Survey tab, click the Choose File button.
10. Choose the survey file you downloaded before. Then click the Open button.
The file should be QSF format.
11. Click the Import button.
Now the online readiness survey is imported into your Qualtrics account as your own
distinct copy.
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CELT Guide
Part 2: Rename the Survey
After the survey is imported, it is recommended that you rename it to include the course
identification. This is especially helpful if you are teaching multiple online courses.
1. In the survey you want to change, click the survey name (see the image below).
2. In the box below the survey name, enter the new survey name, including the course
identification (e.g., NUR 3000 Online Readiness Survey).
3. Click the Rename Survey button.
Now you should have successfully renamed the survey.
Part 3: Make another Copy of the Survey
You can follow the same procedures above to create another distinct copy of the survey
and rename it. You can also follow the procedures below to make a copy of an existing
survey in your survey library.
1. Go to the Create Survey tab.
2. Choose Create from Copy.
3. Click the Choose button beside Survey to Copy.
4. Choose the existing survey you want to copy from.
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CELT Guide
5. In the box beside New survey name, type the new survey name.
6. Click Create from Copy.
3 ○
Now the new survey is created with the proper name.
Part 4: Activate and Share the Survey
1. In the edit mode of the survey, click on the Distribute Survey tab.
2. Click Activate your survey to collect responses.
3. Copy the anonymous survey link. You can add it to your Blackboard course site,
your syllabus, email or announcement to your students.
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CELT Guide
Part 5: View Survey Results
1. In your list of surveys, locate the survey for which you want to view results.
2. Click on the Results button on the right.
3. Survey results can be presented as summaries for each question.
Download dataset as SPSS,
excel or other file formats.
Click to see result summary
for each question.
4. Click on the Responses subtab.
5. Click on each Response ID to view individual responses.
This is the end of the CELT guide.
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