Call for Papers and Presentations Best Practices Conference: Innovation and

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Call for Papers and Presentations Best Practices Conference: Innovation and
Call for Papers and Presentations
Best Practices Conference: Innovation and
Creativity in the Community College Classroom
A Tri-State Conference Hosted by Bergen Community College
February 18, 2012
The Meadowlands campus of Bergen Community College, in conjunction with CITL, is
hosting a one day conference dedicated to presentations on innovative teaching methods
and creative approaches to student learning and assessment.
The goal of the conference is to provide community college educators, and those who are
considering community college teaching, with a forum to exchange the most successful
strategies for student learning. The overarching goal, therefore, is the improvement of
student learning outcomes, creation of more meaningful assessment techniques, and
introduction of new technology and approaches that will best meet the needs of our
community college students today.
Our hope is to provide not only exposure to new practices and methods, but also a chance
to work on a panel with other community college professors from across the various
disciplines and from a variety of regional community colleges.
This conference will allow discussion of creative methods and approaches to student
learning that might be adaptable to a variety of fields which will benefit all levels of
community college faculty, from the senior full professor, to the part time adjunct, to the
graduate students considering employment in community colleges.
Possible paper topics or presentations could include:
Independent or group project assignments
Use of technology and media as a teaching aid
Creative testing and assessment techniques
Team or Co-teaching approaches or courses
Theme courses and assignments
Interdisciplinary approaches to a field
Field Assignments, travel abroad programs, or Experiential Learning
Internships and Co-op options
Classroom management techniques
Creative Classroom exercises
Successful reading selections and class discussion pieces
Presentations can be given as traditional papers, powerpoint presentations,
teaching demonstrations, case studies, displays and discussion of student work,
or any other method of presentation deemed appropriate for the topic.
Abstracts for papers or presentations should be submitted as MSWord Document
attachments and should include presenter’s name, address, institutional affiliation, and
email, title of presentation or paper, full description of presentation, and any
media/technology required (all rooms will be “smart rooms”).
Both individual submissions and full panels of 3 presenters and a moderator are welcome.
Final papers and presentations should be no more than 20 minutes in length to allow time
for questions and comments from the audience.
Abstracts due by September 30 2011
Send all abstracts and communication to Dr. Sarah Shurts at [email protected]
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