Course Number: Palm Beach State College Course Syllabus – Classroom Course

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Course Number: Palm Beach State College Course Syllabus – Classroom Course
Palm Beach State College
Course Syllabus – Classroom Course
General Class and Course Information
Course Number: SON1814L Course Title: Clinical Education II
Term/Dates: Summer - May 16 Reference Number: 213106 Credit Hours: 3
Clock Hours: 24
Aug 9, 2016
hours per wk.
Days: Tues, Thurs, Fri***
Time: 8-4:30***
Room: Off- Campus
Course Description: A continuation of the learning by doing process where more responsibility in the form of decision
making regarding anatomical areas and resultant imaging is assured by the student being supervised.
*** Clinical days and times may change with clinical sites and/or rotations – ALL CHANGES MUST BE APPROVED BY
Professor’s Information
Name: Janet Jones, RT, RDMS,RDCS, RVT Clinical
Office Location: LC12
Patty Moraino-Braga, MS, RDMS,RVT,RDCS
Telephone: 561-207-5053
Email: [email protected]
Faculty Web Page:
Office Hours: As posted or by appointment
Information on REQUIRED Textbooks:
Color Atlas of Ultrasound Anatomy
Clinical online system http://www.trajecsys.com/
Edition Author
B. Block
Other Information on Textbooks and Materials needed for class:
https://www.trajecsys.com - Clinical online program
Course Learning Outcomes: As a result of taking this course, the student will be able to:
Perform as an ARDMS candidate sonographer at the entry level.
Demonstrate how to acquire and analyze date obtained using ultrasound and related diagnostic technologies.
Communicate effectively in the healthcare environment with patients, families and other healthcare professionals.
Use independent judgment and systematic problem solving methods to produce high quality diagnostic information.
Demonstrate and maintain ethical and professional values outlined in the SDMS Code of Ethics.
Template Date - July 2013
Palm Beach State College
Course Syllabus – Classroom Courses
Full Course Outline - Click on the following link: Course Outlines and enter the course number (no space between the
prefix and the number).
Class Information
Academic Dishonesty Policy and Penalty for Violation:
Academic dishonesty is defined in the Sonography student handbook and the section below. Any conduct deemed to be
academically dishonest will result in a zero grade for the assignment or exam..
Assignments, Tests, Quizzes and Final Exam Schedule, with percentage/points of grade:
Clinical instruction at various hospital sites. Clinical challenges and evaluations by clinical site, monthly and end of term.
Review by clinical instructor and/ or program director.
Clocking in and out on the online clinical system is part of your clinical experience. Keeping daily logs and filling reports
will all count towards your final grade. You are responsible for a certain number of days AND hours, this will be given to
you at the beginning of the course.
*******There will be a final scanning exam- – PLEASE READ THE GRADING REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS CLASS
Scanning final exam - 50% of final grade
Challenges,(Competency scores) – 30% of Final Grade
End of Semester Professional Growth & Progress Assesment-5% of Final Grade
* Attendance/Late – 5% of Final Grade
**Exam Competency Progress Score - 10% of Final grade
* Attendance starts at 100 with 5 points off for each excused absence an additional 10 points will be taken off for
unexcused absences.(*)
*Documentation of unexcused absence will result in an additional 5 points off final grade
**Exam Competency Progress Score - 10% of Final grade Any student receiving a D or below in Exam Competency
Progress Score will result in a F for the course regardless of other grades and dismissal from the program.
*******A grade of a D or below in the scanning final exam will result in an F for the course regardless of
other grades within the course and dismissal from the program.
*Late Assignment Policy – You are expected to be on time each day that you are to report for clinical, each
late clock in will result in one(1) point off attendance grade.
Grading: A copy of the grading report can be found in Trajecsys under Documents.
Letter Grade
Template Date – July 2013
91 - 84
83 - 75
74 - 67
Below 66
Percentage (if applicable)
Palm Beach State College
Course Syllabus – Classroom Courses
Letter Grade
Percentage (if applicable)
Class Policies
Attendance: Professors are required to take attendance.
Clocking in and out at the clinical sites must be done daily. Points will be deducted for repeated time exceptions in
clinical online system. A time change ratio of over 10% will count as 1 point deducted from FINAL grade. Every 5% after
the 10% will be an additional 1 point deduction up to 10 points. All clinical time must be made up by the end of
semester, unless other arraignments have been made by the program director or clinical coordinator
Electronic Device Use and Email Policy:
CELL PHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BE USED FOR ANY REASON IN CLINICAL (this includes texting). If you are caught
using your cell phone you will be sent home and required to make up the hours.
Late Assignment Policy:
Assignments are expected to be turn in on time. No exceptions. All Daily logs are to be completed before start of next
clinical week, failure to do so will count as a 1 point deduction from final grade.
Monthly evaluations not done will result in 5 points off of final grade.
Make-up Exam Policy:
Make up exams will be given only in cases where a student is absent with documented, justifiable (i.e. medical, legal,
intercollegiate activities) cause.
Withdrawal Policy:
This course follows the college policy for withdrawal, see below.
Failure to wear the required Diagnostic Medical Sonography uniform at clinical will result in you being sent
home – you will be required to make up the hours.
Changes may be made to the syllabus at any time during the term by announcement of the professor. It is the responsibility of
the student to make any adjustments as announced.
Please refer to the Sonography Program Handbook for policies that apply to all SON courses.
College Policies and Web Information
Academic Dishonesty
Academic dishonesty includes the following actions, as well as other similar conduct aimed at making false representation with
respect to the student's academic performance:
(1) Cheating on an exam, (2) Collaborating with others on work to be presented, if contrary to the stated rules of the course,
(3) Submitting, if contrary to the rules of the course, work previously submitted in another course, (4) Knowingly and intentionally
assisting another student in any of the above actions, including assistance in an arrangement whereby work, classroom
performance, examination, or other activity is submitted or performed by a person other that the student under whose name the
work is submitted or performed, (5) Plagiarism.
Please refer to the Palm Beach State College Student Handbook (www.palmbeachstate.edu/current for link to the student
Template Date – July 2013
Palm Beach State College
Course Syllabus – Classroom Courses
Classroom Etiquette and Student Behavior Guidelines
Students will demonstrate respect for professors and fellow students. Behavior that is disruptive to a positive learning environment
reported by the professor will result in a warning on the first instance; the second instance might result in expulsion from the course
or campus.
Computer Competency Component
Each student will, to the satisfaction of the professor, demonstrate a fundamental understanding of basic computer operations
through various professor-determined exercises and/or assignments.
Disability Support Services
Students with disabilities are advised, in compliance with federal and state laws, that accommodations and services are available
through the office of Disability Support Services (DSS). It is the student's responsibility to contact Disabled Student Services Advisors
and to submit appropriate documentation prior to receiving services. Please see the website at www.palmbeachstate.edu/current
for web address for Disability Support Services.
Eating, Drinking and Smoking
Eating and drinking are confined to areas designated on the campus. Smoking is not permitted in any College building and only in
areas designated at each campus.
Final Course Grade Appeal
The evaluation of academic work is the responsibility of the faculty member/instructor. The method for assigning the final course
grade is established by the faculty member/instructor. Per Board Rule 6Hx-18-3.191, faculty/instructors shall communicate the
grading policy of the course to their students in writing. If this policy changes during the term, students should be notified of any
changes in writing. The method to determine final course grades must be given to students in a course syllabus at the beginning of
the class. Should a student have a question about a final course grade, please follow the procedures as outlined in the student
handbook: www.palmbeachstate.edu/current.
Mid-Term Grade Reporting
Within one week after the close of the mid-term grading period, mid-term grades will be made available to all students for each
class by either written notification or individual conference.
Student Responsibility Policy
When a student attends the College, s/he becomes subject to its jurisdiction. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a
responsible manner, in all areas of campus life. By enrolling, they pledge to obey the rules and regulations of the College and are
responsible for observing all College policies and procedures as published in the student handbook, the College catalog and other
College publications. The student will be responsible for preparing for class, participating in class, and completing assignments on
Palm Beach State Websites of Interest
Please see this web page (www.palmbeachstate.edu/current) for a list of web addresses for students.
Withdrawal Policy for Individual Courses
The last day to withdraw from a College course with a "W" grade in this course is July 11, 2016. It is the responsibility of the student
to use the PantherWeb system or visit a campus Registrar’s office to withdraw. An official withdrawal entitles the student to a grade
of "W" in the class.
Other Information from your Professor:
Please refer to the Sonography Program Handbook for policies that apply to all SON courses.
Department Contact Information
Name: Dr.Bob Van der Velde
Telephone: 561.207.5416
Job Title: Associate Dean
Template Date – July 2013
Office Location: SC 160
Email: [email protected]
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