ITC-CSCC2013, YEOSU, KOREA ITC-CSCC 2013, Yeosu, Korea

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ITC-CSCC2013, YEOSU, KOREA ITC-CSCC 2013, Yeosu, Korea
ITC-CSCC2013, Yeosu, korea
June 30—July 3, 2013
ITC-CSCC 2013, Yeosu, Korea
International Technical Conference
on Circuits/Systems, Computers and
Communications (ITC-CSCC) has
aged 28 years old and focused on
the area as stated on the conference
name. This conference has been set
and rotated in three countries: Korea,
Japan and Thailand as shown below.
1995: Kumamoto, Japan
2000: Busan, Korea
1986: Seoul, Korea
2001: Tokushiman, Japan
1987: Tokyo, Japan
2002: Phuket, Thailand
1988: Seoul, Korea
2003: Phyongchang, Korea
1989: Sapporo, Japan
2004: Matusima, Japan
1990: Jeju, Korea
2005: Jeju, Korea
1991: Hiroshima, Japan
2006: Chiangmai, Thailand
2010: Pattaya, Thailand
1992 Gyeongju, Korea
2007: Busan, Korea
2011: Gyeongju, Korea
1993 Nara, Japan
2008: Shimonoseki, Japan
2012: Sapporo, Japan
1994: Gongju, Korea
2009: Jeju, Korea
2013 (Present): Yeosu, Korea
1996: Seoul, Korea
1997: Okinawa, Japan
1998: Sokcho, Korea
1999: Sado, Japan
Conference Venue: The Ocean
Resort, Yeosu, Korea
ITC-CSCC 2014, Bangkok, Thailand
The 29th of ITC-CSCC has been
set in Bangkok, Thailand in year
2014. ECTI Association has organized this conference in Thailand for the 4th time and next
year it will be held in the capital
of Thailand, Bangkok known as
“the City of Angles”. Topics are
categorized into three areas (1)
Circuits and System (2) Computers (3) Communications however for the scholars who work in
the niche area with other colleagues can propose the new
Inside this issue:
topic to the Special Session
Chair or the secretary by email:
[email protected]
Visit Official Website:
Special points of interest:
Conference Overview
ITC-CSCC 2013 is the 28th
Technical Program
Best Paper Awards
452 papers were submitted and 331 papers
were accepted in the regular session
4 plenary talks were included while another 4
workshops in attractive fields such as medical image processing, high efficiency video
coding, physical layer security technologies
and terahertz electronics were provided
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Conference Overview
VIP Committee Welcome Dinner
The 28th ITC-CSCC was
held in Yeosu, Korea.
Yeosu is a coastal industry city and known as a
city of royalty where the
Iron-clad battleship defended the country 420
years ago. Yeosu also
hosted EXPO 2012 considered as one of the 3
marjor global events
along with the Olympics
and the FIFA World Cup.
ITC-CSCC has been established in 1986 as the
premier forum to share
the results and progress
in the field of Circuits/
System, Computers and
The Plenary Talk was
given by 4 distinguished
lecturers and renown
scientists from the industrial part . The first talk
was given by the Japanese legend, Prof.Shoji
Shinoda,Professor Emeritus of Chuo University.
The second talk topic was
“Next Generation DTV
Broadcasting” by
Dr.Kook Yeon Kwak, the
Vice President of LG
Electronics. The 3rd talk
was given by
Prof.Prayoot Akkaraekthalin in the topic of
“Metamaterials and their
applications for communication and Devices”
The 4th talk was “Vision
and Key Features for 5th
Generation Cellular” by
Dr.Kyungwhoon Cheun,
Senior Vice President of
Samsung Electronics
DMC, R&D Centre.
Technical Program
“ Nothing
could be
without worldwide
about ITC-CSCC
2013” Cheon
Won Chai, TPC
More than 452 papers
were submitted from
Korea, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, USA,
Vietnam, and Malaysia.
331 papers were presented in regular sessions and 56 papers in
special sessions.
Moreover, there were 4
tutorials available in
the field of (a) Introduction to Medical Ultra-
sound Imaging Systems (b) Overview of
High Efficiency Video
Coding Standard (c )
Overview of Physical
Layer Security Technologies (d) Introduction to Terahertz Electronics Technology and
Those regular sessions, special sessions
and workshop had interestingly ignited the
interest from the participants and students
for the whole conference period.
Statistical Data on Technical Papers
“Next Generation DTV Broadcasting” by Dr.Kook Yeon
Kwak, the Vice President of LG
TPC chair had nicely
displayed the statistical
data on technical papers being submitted
and accepted in the
conference and shown
them on the slide.
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Academic and Social Network
Several social events
were prepared for both
academics and informal
interactions between the
participants such as the
welcome reception, the
banquet associated with
Korean Traditional culture
mixed with modern music
so called “Fusion Music”
and several historical
Banquet Night
Best Paper Awards of ITC-CSCC 2012
10 papers were selected for the best paper among of 398 presented papers at ITCCSCC 2012. The best
paper awards were
presented on the Banquet of ITC-CSCC
2013. One of the best
paper awarded is from
KMITL, Thailand.
ITC-CSCC 2014, Bangkok, Thailand
The next host of ITC-CSCC
in year 2014 is ECTI Association. The venue is in
Bangkok, Thailand
Asst.Prof.Chiranut Sangiamsak, the General coChair was presenting the
next year venue.
ECTI Representatives as
the next host of ITC-CSCC
in year 2014, Bangkok,
The banquet night while
ECTI representative was
making an announcement
on ITC-CSCC 2014
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