Region III Region III MRESA/CSPD Council Meeting

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Region III Region III MRESA/CSPD Council Meeting
Region III
Region III MRESA/CSPD Council Meeting
October 23, 2015
Deb Black, Billings Skyview High School; Alvin Buerkle, Sweet Grass County High
School; Denise DesJarlais, MBI Consultant; Scott Dubbs, Lewistown Schools; Rose
Dugi, MSU Billings (MSUB); Debbie Emett, Eastern Yellowstone Cooperative; Codi
Hansen, Harlowton High School; Dan Jamieson, Shepherd Schools; John Keener;
Montana Center for Inclusive Education (MCIE); Marci Krohn, Billings Head Start
Inc.; Sheila Lovato, MCCS Liaison; Kara McDonald, Laurel Public Schools; Tani
McKeever, Lavina Schools; Aubrey Miller; Harlowton Schools; Debra Miller, MCIE;
Monica Pugh, Stillwater Sweet Grass Special Services Cooperative; Chris Rice,
Central Montana Learning Resource Center Cooperative; Marsha Sampson, MCIE;
Christa Tescher, Early Childhood Intervention; Shannon Toney, Hardin Intermediate
School; Karen Underwood, Yellowstone West Carbon County Special Services
Cooperative (YWCCSSC); Chris Wanner, Roundup Public Schools, Cheryl YoungPelton, MSUB. Guests included Julia Cruse, Office of Public Instruction, Rene Rosell
Yarbrough, MCIE; Anne Brucker, Billings Public Schools and Tracy Piltz, Billings
Public Schools.
Welcome and Member Sharing
The participants introduced themselves and stated what school or organization they
Karen Underwood reported that the YWCCSSC is offering a Functional Behavior
Assessment Data Collection and Behavior Plans training with Doug Doty and the new
Montana Autism Education Project trainers/consultants on November 18 & 19, 2015
and administrator training with Dick Trerise and Dale Kimmet on December 8, 2015
from 8:00am-11:30am in the MSUB College of Education Building, Room 122. If you
are interested in attending either of these trainings, please contact Karen.
Regional Education Service Area (RESA) Update: Julia Cruse
Julia reported that almost all of the fifty states have a RESA or similar programs in
their states. There are five Montana RESA programs that serve the same areas as
CSPD. See attached Montana’s RESAs Power Point presentation for more information
on RESA’s mission statement and services provided.
Regional Council Procedures Review
The council reviewed Region III CSPD’s Regional Council Procedures Template form
and approved the form without revisions. The council also reviewed the revised CSPD
Member and Chairpersons Responsibilities list. Deb reported that OPI is revising the
CSPD Stakeholder Manual and that it will be distributed to council members when
OPI and State Committee Updates, and Council Member Sharing
Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA): Monica reported that Mark
Mahnke and Sally Sjaastad presented on the new WIOA funding to her cooperative
board and that it was very helpful for the board to receive the information.
Marsha reported that MCIE will be contracting with the Rural Institute for
Inclusive Communities to provide technical assistance to schools on developing
work plans for Vocational Rehabilitation’s WIOA funding.
Project REAL 2.0: Shelia and Denise will be liaisons for the new State Personnel
Development Grant (SPDG) REAL 2.0 which started on October 1, 2015. The
grant will continue working with co-horts one and two from the previous grant and
will begin working with districts in the spring. Small schools, Class C, will be
added next year. The grant is also working with the Montana Digital Professional
Learning Network (MDPLN), see attached handout, to develop high quality
professional development. More consultants will be hired to do on site coaching.
Montana Partnership for Professional Learning Network (MPPLN): Sheila reported
that all trainings sponsored by Montana’s professional development organizations
will be posted on the MPPLN website. If you would like your trainings posted, you
can email the information to Tara Steinke, OPI, at [email protected] or add the
information to the calendar yourself at www.mtplportal.org. The nine MPPLN
Liaisons have been attending the Montana Association of School Superintendents
(MASS) meetings to determine local needs and assist in finding resources to meet
those needs. Deb distributed a CSI updates newsletter with additional information.
Para Consortium: Monica reported that several administrators are interested in para
evaluation tools. If you are using an evaluation tool, other than the one posted on
the OPI website, please send it to Deb to forward to the Para Consortium.
MEA/MFT is looking for individuals who are MEA/MFT members that are
interested in becoming para trainers for the PASS Program. MEA/MFT will pay for
the training for selected individuals.
Twenty three Para Academies are now available. Two para academies are now
available on Moodle, Orientation to Special Education and Behavior Management;
the Autism Para Academy will be posted soon.
The Para Consortium is sponsoring a train the trainer workshop next June in
Helena for individuals that want to become Para Academy trainers. The workshop
will be one day and will be free of charge. The Para Supervision Academy is being
offered at the MCEC conference.
Rose reported that she used to offer a class, How to Handle Extra Hands in the
Classroom, on Saturdays for preservice teachers.
Higher Education Consortium (HEC): Cheryl reported that the HEC meets next
month in Bozeman. They will be discussing IRIS Modules and how they can be
used in college courses. There are a wide variety of modules including
differentiated instruction, response to intervention, behavior and classroom
management, early intervention/early childhood, etc. The modules include case
studies, assessments, activities, additional resources, etc. IRIS resources and
materials are primarily designed for use by college and university faculty,
professional development providers, and practicing educators and are free.
The Montana Autism Education Project (MAEP): Cheryl reported that more MAEP
providers are now available to help students and schools. The Relias Learning
modules (formerly Autism Training Solutions) are being offered through the
MAEP and can be taken for college credit.
Rene’ reported that Dale Kimmet is the coordinator for OPI’s new Behavior
Consultant project. The project will work with schools/teachers that serve students
with disabilities, other than autism, that are receiving IEP services and will include
coaching for schools on the Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA) process. The
ten new trainers, six from Region III, attended their first training on October 20 th.
Dale will advertise the project when it is available. Students with autism will be
served by the MAEP project.
Chris mentioned that Dale Kimmet is offering a 1½ day Mandt training and a ½
day Mandt certification training in Lewistown. The YWCCSSC has also had Dale
present the training for them. Karen feels that educators need more information on
behavior management and what is allowable in the classroom.
State CSPD:
Deb distributed a handout explaining a four year Preschool Development Grant that
OPI received last year. The project will utilize five OPI regional specialists and five
DPHHS specialists. The project is developing a kindergarten entry assessment and a
guideline document to accompany the assessment. They are also developing a website.
Professional Development Updates
 Deb encouraged members to submit nominations for the 2016 Paraeducator,
Para/Teacher team, and Leader of the year awards and the Yes I Can! Award.
Nominations are due December 14th. The winners will be recognized at the CEC
Conference on February 11th (changed from February 4th). Monica and Debbie
volunteered to be on the award selection committee.
 Deb announced that MSUB Professor Tessie Rose Bailey moved to Texas this
summer and will be done teaching for MSUB at the end of the semester.
 Deb distributed a handout listing all of CSPD’s planned and proposed 2015/2016
 John told the council that RESA3 is offering three WebEx and one face-to-face
trainings on Gifted and Talented topics. John also reported that MSUB
professional development credits (college credits) are available for attending the
Wired Wednesdays workshops, 1 credit is available for those that attend 6 sessions
and 2 credits are available for those that attend 12 sessions.
 Scott Dubbs told the group that Lewistown is offering a Google Fest Conference
with Beyond the Chalk on January 18, 2016. Space is available for an additional
70-80 participants.
 Deb asked for suggestions for activities to meet Indicator 6B: Percent of children
with IEPs, ages 3 through 5, attending a separate special education class, a separate
school, or a residential facility.
o Increase the capacity to deliver special education and related services in
kindergarten settings to reduce the number of 5 year olds in the early childhood
special education settings by providing technical assistance focusing on
kindergarten-focused communication, social-emotional-behavioral, and literacy
o Increase technical assistance support for special educators who teach, consult,
or mentor in Head Start settings or other early childhood settings beyond the
public school
Marci told the council that the Billings Head Start Inc. is seeing an increase in
behavior problems with their 3-5 year old students and is interested in behavior
intervention training.
Denise told the council that MBI has an early childhood strand that focuses on
strengthening the capacity of childcare, preschool, and Head Start programs and
that they use The Great Eight Effectiveness Practices. Amy Wolferman, University
of Montana, and Becky Beckner, University of Missouri, are good presenters for
The Great Eight Effectiveness Practices. Marci stated that Friday is the best day for
Head Start to attend trainings and that they often have their trainings in the First
Interstate Bank. Deb will check on costs for Amy and/or Becky and if feasible,
arrange with Head Start.
Karen recently attended a United Way Graduation Matters/Best Beginnings
meeting; one of the topics discussed was kindergarten readiness. From the
discussion it was evident that there is a wide range of what constitutes kindergarten
readiness, which sets some children up for failure. The Best Beginnings Council
has established an action plan and several work groups to address this issue. The
Best Beginnings Council is also working with Newman School on a pilot project.
 Christa reported that ECI and STEP will collaborate with Region III CSPD to
sponsor follow up webinar trainings with Shelden and Rush on early intervention
and coaching as it relates to natural learning opportunities in the home setting.
 The council would like to continue to pursue a UDL Training with either John
Mundorf or the trainer that the CEEDAR grant has selected.
Technology Trainings – Get Your Geek On!: Anne Brucker and Tracy Piltz
Billings Public Schools, the Montana Center for Inclusive Education, and RESA3 are
collaborating to bring the first Google Sanctioned event to Montana, Google Fest, on
October 31st. Anne Brucker and Tracy Piltz, Billings Public Schools Technology
Integration Specialists, www.bpstis.org used Flippity.net to entertain the council and
provide them with information regarding the upcoming Google Fest.
2016 Meeting Dates
 January 15, 2016
 May 13, 2016
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