Creating a Student Account and Registering for FIREFOX

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Creating a Student Account and Registering for FIREFOX
Creating a Student Account and Registering for
Biochemistry 03-232 - Spring 2015
Use FIREFOX for your browser (www.mozilla.com), to view course materials properly. Most IE bugs are minor,
but page formatting is poor.
i) Download the latest version of Flash player (http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer//)
ii) Java: You may have problems displaying Jmol because of Java incompatibilities. You can try setting the
Java security level to medium. You can also add the following sites to your “Exception site list”:
To view Jmol images on problem sets you may need to add
https://www.andrew.cmu.edu/user/rule/bc_oli/Pset/PS01 (/PS02, etc) to your exceptions list.
You will see the following message in Jmol windows: “ This plugin has security vulnerabilities. Click here to
activate the Java™ Platform SE 7 U plugin.” Simply click on the image to get the Jmol to load.
iii) You may need the mathplayer plug-in if the formula do not appear properly (IE issue)
Usage Tips:
 Some Jmols use image maps (e.g. amino acids, lecture 5), it may be necessary to click twice when first
using the map, the first click tells the system that you are using the map.
 Some Jmol scripts draw large molecular surfaces which takes 5-10 seconds. After clicking a button, if
nothing seems to be happening, move the curser over the Jmol window, if you see an hourglass then the
system is still working, be patient. Clicking multiple times will only cause the script to execute again, and
again, and again….
 There is a Jmol tutorial available at: https://www.andrew.cmu.edu/user/rule/bc_oli/jmol/jmol_tutorial.html
OLI Sign-up Instructions.
1. Go to the Open Learning Initiative (OLI) website: http://oli.web.cmu.edu
2. Below the login section, click the Carnegie Mellon Users Login Here button
3. You will be presented with a WebIso login screen, enter your Andrew ID and password. If you already
have an account created in the OLI system (i.e., if you have already taken an OLI online course at Carnegie
Mellon), skip to step 7.
4. On the “Create a New Account” page:
a. Your account ID is automatically entered for you.
b. Enter your first name.
c. Enter your last name.
d. Enter your complete email address.
e. Select “Submit”.
5. On the “Confirm Account Profile” page, review the account information you entered. If you wish to
make any changes, select “Back” to edit the information. If everything is correct, select “Continue” to go
to the next step.
6. Read the statements in the “Online Consent Form” and select “I Agree” then select “Submit”.
7. You will be presented with your OLI home page. In the My Courses section, enter the course admit code
in the Register for a course box and click on the GO button. The course admit code for this course is:
8. You are now on the final course registration page, review the course information and select “Continue”.
9. You will be taken back to your OLI home page. From this page you can enter the course by clicking the
“Enter Course” link (You will see a red arrow pointing to this link). From your OLI home page, you can
also read announcements from your instructor, send email to your instructor, send email to OLI-help for
technical questions, change your password or test the technical configuration of your system.
Prior to using the course for the first time, or any time you use a new computer to access the course, please select
the “Test and configure my system” link, located in the Help and Support area on your home page or at the top of
your course syllabus. On Test and configure page you can run an automated test and read instructions that will
assist you in installing the required software and configuring your system appropriately (this link may be broken).
Return visit: Now that you are registered in the course, you can access your course by going to
http://oli.web.cmu.edu at any time and clicking on the Carnegie Mellon Users Login Here button. Once you’ve
entered your Andrew ID and password in the WebIso login area, you will be taken directly to your OLI home page.
Some useful pages:
56 – Lecture schedule – Download lecture notes and navigate to particular lectures.
57 – Problem set page – Download the problem set and find links to Jmol problems.
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