Accessing Disability Services

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Accessing Disability Services
Accessing Disability Services
Students with disabilities are given the opportunity to self-identify by completing the Registration Form
which is sent to all incoming students by the Admissions Office. Those students wishing to self-identify
are requested to indicate their specific disability, and provide The Center for Academic Success office
with current and appropriate medical, psychological, psychoeducational, or neuropsychological
documentation indicating their disability and suggested accommodations.
The form also provides a section where the student may give their signed consent authorizing The
Center for Academic Success staff to release information regarding the student to Alfred University
faculty and staff, as may be necessary and appropriate to provide the student with services.
Academic Consultants:
Upon determination of eligibility the student will be assigned an Academic Consultant (advanced
gracuate students in the School Psychology program) to work with them in arranging for responsible and
appropriate accommodations in identifying and utilizing the existing campus resources such as the
Writing Center, Tutoring Services, Health Care, and Counseling Center, and in developing self-advocacy
skills. The Academic Consultants will schedule individual sessions with students on a weekly or as
needed basis.
Questions? Contact the Center for Academic Success at [email protected] or (607) 871-2148
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