Traffic Systems Design Handoff Form

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Traffic Systems Design Handoff Form
Traffic Systems Design Handoff Form
169 Brick Store Landing Road, Smyrna, DE
Project Name: Contract/Project No.: Maximo No.: Designer Name: Date: Handoff To: Traffic Construction Project Type: Power Company Traffic Maintenance Other: Capital Traffic Pave & Rehab Pavement Markings Signing OIT Power Company Lighting Developer Other: Yes No ASAP High Permit Number(s): Description: Project Justification: Funding Approval: Funding Notes: Priority: Support Normal Expected Start: Communication/ ITS Needs: (i.e., fiber, CDMA, etc.) Special MOT Notes: (Time Restrictions, Ped MOT, etc.) Overhead Signing: Timesheet Status: Public Relations: Yes No Complete Pending Not Required Press Release None DelDOT PR lead: PCMS Other: Version: Original Revision Number: Comments: (e.g. special order items, decorative poles, APS, etc.) File Location: Attachments: Plans: Attached File Location: Estimates: Attached File Location: Other: Page 1 of 2
Form Date: 09/30/2014
Traffic Systems Design Handoff Form
169 Brick Store Landing Road, Smyrna, DE
Handoff Email Distribu on List
Signal Construc on
Mark Luszcz Denny Hehman Mel Peters Mike Havel Jack Hardy Frank Motley Will Newcomb Signing
Bob Hutson Connie Bainton Rick Tracy Lori Hutson Lee Benningfield (NCCo only) Tim Weishaupt (Kent only) Denise Coulbourne (Sussex only) Signal Maintenance
Jim Bun ng Rob Kern (NCCo only) Dan Schmeusser (Kent and Sussex only) North District
Bill Thatcher# Shelly Bailey# Gerard Mulderrig## Design
Monroe Hite III Max Sain l Mike Fleming Finance
Amanda Davis Central & South District
Jason McCluskey# Alastair Probert# # for ligh ng projects only
## for all ligh ng projects statewide Safety
Adam Weiser Jerry Nagyiski Wayne Hamilton (NCCo North only) Marvin Pedigo (NCCo Canal only) Rich Ross (Kent only) Dan Thompson (Sussex only) TMC/Opera ons
Gene Donaldson
Jim Clacher Silvana Croope OIT+
Dave Gray+ Rob Longhurst+ Denise Ksiazek++ Ron Galbreath+++ Jason Rashid U li es
Eric Cimo++ + only when project has ITMS communica ons involvement
++ only when project has fiber involvement
+++ only when project requires ITMS data circuit coordina on
with Verizon
++++ only when project involves CTF funds
Geri C. Smith++++ Rail
Bob Perrine Public Rela ons
Louise Holt
Architectural Accessibility Board
Dan Muterspaw Bridge Design
Jason Has ngs*
Jason Arndt* Nathan Draper* * for all projects with mast arms, or poles >60’ high Traffic Studies
Tom Meyer^ Ini a ng Staff Member ^ ^ only for projects ini ated by Traffic Studies General Note:
Power company ligh ng projects only need
to be handed off to the Power Company,
Design, Finance, and North District.
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