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Photo Credit: Guilliana Bastien
RPSM Class of 2013
Palliative Care News
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Monte HOP update
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New Health-Themed Coloring Sheets for Kids
New! The Montefiore Relaxation Hotline
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Congratulations to the
RPSM Class of 2013
Family Medicine:
Himabindu Ekanadham, MD
Ullanda Fyffe, MD
Rafael Garabis, MD
Ernesto Guevara, MD
Conair Guilliames, MD
Bhavik Kumar, MD
Alisha Liggett, MD
Roona Ray, MD
Manisha Sharma, MD
Michelle St. Fleur, MD
Primary Care/Social
Internal Medicine
Chief Residents:
Diane Chang, MD
Samuel Cohen, MD
Swana de Gijsel, MD
Magni Hamso, MD
Joshua Lackner, MD
Noriyuki Murakami, MD
Arash Nafisi, MD
Amit Patel, MD
Hector Perez, MD
Cruff Renard, MD
Zachary Rosner, MD
Ruth Christoforetti, MD
James Huang, MD
Chief Residents:
Social Pediatrics
Juan Jose Lado, MD
Gabriella Paskin, MD
Chloe Turner, MD
Lauren Zajac, MD
Chief Residents:
Milani Patel, MD
RPSM Graduation
Haiku: 2013
In summer you came,
and now in summer you leave;
it’s been 12 seasons.
Not a lot of time;
one thousand- ninety five days;
but you made your mark.
You brought your hopes, dreams,
and deep commitment to serve;
The Bronx loved you back.
Marcus Bachhuber
Healers, caregivers,
students, teachers, warriors,
leaders, and servants.
Your patients love you,
we love you, we’re proud of you;
be good to yourselves.
You made a difference,
you mattered; you’ll do great things!
Be well, safe travels.
Behavioral Science
Michelle St. Fleur , MD
Swana de Gijsel, MD
Chloe Turner, MD
Peter Selwyn, M.D.
Chairman’s Research
Lauren Zajac, MD
“Secondhand Smoke Exposure in Multiunit Housing:
What's the Drift?”
Manisha Sharma, MD
Alisha Liggett, MD
“Engage. Educate. Empower.
Voting registration project at
2 Bronx FQHC sites”
Daniel C. Leicht Award
Himabindu Ekanadham, MD
“Mobile Produce Carts, Food
Deserts, and Urban Environments: From NYC Green
Carts to DC Fresh Carts”
Magni Hamso, MD
“Peer mentorship at a methadone maintenance treatment
program: developing selfefficacy through Project
Chloe Turner, MD
“Do Parents Read the Label?
An Assessment of Parents'
Use and Understanding of
Nutrition Labels”
RPSM 2013 Winning Abstracts
Chairman’s Research Award
Lauren Zajac, MD
“Secondhand Smoke Exposure in Multiunit Housing: What's the Drift?”
Limited data exist to compare secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure in public vs. private multiunit
housing (MUH). This study surveyed 60 parents in a pediatric clinic about SHS exposure in MUH.
Respondents reported that in the last 12 months, 62% had SHS drift into their home, 72% smelled
SHS in an indoor common area, and 77% in an outdoor common area. Public housing residents
were more likely than private housing residents to report SHS drift (OR=5.2, p=0.004), SHS exposure in indoor common areas (OR=4.9, p=0.02), and outdoor common areas (OR=7.9, p=0.01). 90%
would prefer to live in a smoke-free building, with no significant difference between public and private housing residents. These results suggest that indoor smoke-free policies may be accepted and
preferred by inner-city parents.
Manisha Sharma, MD and Alisha Liggett, MD
“Engage. Educate. Empower. Voting registration project
at 2 Bronx FQHC sites “
People who have a voice - whether they are in the exam
room or in a voting booth -- tend to be healthier. Voter
disparity and low voter turnout gives rise to a democracy unrepresentative of our society’s most vulnerable
citizens. This phenomenon can bias elections leading
to skewed policy outcomes. Community health centers
are one example of potential strategic locations in
engaging disenfranchised populations. Community
health centers have the credibility and trust among the
communities they care for, and have the unique opportunity and access to potential voters who not only have
been subjected to healthcare disparities, but also have
been underrepresented in the electoral process.
Health professionals can help their patients foster the relationship between health and democracy. As a health provider driven
project, we educated, engaged, and empowered our patient population on voting and their right to vote in our two health center
sites. The goal of this initiative was to address civic engagement as a social determinant of health among high risk non-voters.
RPSM 2013 Winning Abstracts
Daniel C. Leicht Award
Himabindu Ekanadham, MD
“Mobile Produce Carts, Food Deserts, and Urban Environments: From NYC Green Carts to DC Fresh Carts”
Washington, D.C. is an urban area of stark contrasts. Comparable to other urban areas around the country,
it contains “food deserts” defined as areas lacking adequate access to sources of healthy food, most notably
fresh fruits and vegetables. Based on the success of N.Y.C.'s Green Cart program, which serves to target
N.Y.C. food deserts as priority sites for vendors to sell affordable fresh produce on mobile "green carts", a
comparable program was designed on a smaller scale called "D.C. Fresh Carts" involving the sale of affordable fresh produce in the district's established food deserts within wards 5-8. The operating hypothesis driving this program idea was that fruit and vegetable consumption would increase for Washington D.C. food
desert residents via the D.C. Fresh Cart program. We drafted and presented a proposal to Washington D.C.
city council, and legislation for the piloting of D.C. Fresh Carts was passed in March 2012. Collaboration with
the non-profit organization, Daddy’s Corner, whose primary focus involves low-income and disadvantaged youth, has resulted in the
creation of 3 motorized trucks and vendor-training of individuals connected to Daddy’s Corner. Simultaneously, a needs assessment
was conducted in these wards to assess fruit and vegetable consumption behaviors. The primary conclusions reached were that 1)
the major self-reported barriers to adequate fruit and vegetable intake were cost and availability and 2) that provision of such produce
by mobile carts was something that the public believed would enhance their fruit and vegetable consumption. DC Fresh carts were
launched on March 18, 2013 by Washington D.C. mayor Vincent Grey and D.C. councilmember Mary Cheh. Repeat surveying of the
public is planned for 3 and 6 months into the program to assess for change in consumption behaviors.
Magni Hamso, MD
“Peer mentorship at a methadone maintenance treatment program: developing self-efficacy through Project
Background: Project GROW (Giving Resources and Options to Women) is an HIV prevention program serving women enrolled in methadone maintenance treatment programs (MMTP) in the South Bronx. The goal of
the peer-mentoring program was to create a cadre of female peers who could help engage other women in
treatment and HIV prevention activities. The purpose of this analysis was to assess how being a peer mentor might affect the women’s sense of self-efficacy, both inside and outside of the MMTP. Methods: All ten
current Project GROW peer mentors were invited to participate in a semi-structured interview. The interview
included questions about the women’s understanding of peer mentorship, their perceptions of self-efficacy,
their experience of methadone maintenance, and their attitude toward and engagement in high-risk behavior.
The interviews were audio-taped, transcribed, and analyzed using the principles of grounded theory. Results: The most prominent theme was the importance of peer mentorship in their lives. The women suggested that other clients and
staff saw them as peer mentors, rather than as clients and substance users. They defined their future around remaining peer mentors
and continuing to help others. Contrary to our expectations, women did not share increased frustration with the logistics of methadone
maintenance; instead, they were grateful for methadone, which had helped keep them substance-free. Conclusions: Participation in
a peer-mentoring program provided these women with an important identity as a peer mentor that superseded their identities as substance users and MMTP clients. This identity helped promote their self-efficacy to plan for the future and remain substance free.
Training to become a peer mentor may have important benefits for women enrolled in a MMTP, with regard to both functional and substance use related outcomes.
Chloe Turner, MD
“Do Parents Read the Label? An Assessment of Parents' Use and Understanding of Nutrition Labels”
Background: Nutrition labeling on packaged food is a population-based approach that provides information for consumers. Research suggests the mandated back-of-the-box Nutrition Facts label (NFL) is
difficult to interpret. Voluntary front-of-package labeling (FOP) is available on some products. The
study’s objective was to determine reported use of nutrition labels and assess comprehension using
NFL and FOP. Methods: A verbal questionnaire assessed parents’ use/understanding of nutrition labels (comparing NFL/FOP) among parents of pediatric patients in an inner-city academic practice in the
South Bronx. Data was analyzed using STATA. Results: Of 70 participants, 63% reported reading the
label, and 42% of those reported purchasing decisions changed based on label information. No significant demographic differences existed between groups. Parents were more likely to understand the
FOP vs NFL. Conclusions: Parents report reading nutrition labels when choosing food for their family
and demonstrated improved comprehension of label information when using FOP. Development of a
simple, standardized FOP system may help parents make more informed, healthier decisions when shopping for their families.
Palliative Care Fellows 2013-2014
Dr. Jhosselini Cardenas
Originally from Peru, completed her Internal Medicine Residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center, Philadelphia.
During her residency she has
initiated and participated in numerous educational projects for
palliative care and pain management. She is passionate
and hardworking and we are
excited to have her join us this
year. Welcome Josey!
Dr. Natalie Furka comes to us
from the University of Medicine
and Dentistry, East Orange, NJ
where she completed her residency in Internal Medicine. She has
been actively involved with the
palliative care team at her hospital
and has presented a poster at the
19th International Congress for
Palliative Care in Montreal, Canada. We are excited to have her
join our team. Welcome Natalie!
Dr. Richard Ellsasser is currently
the Chief resident in Psychiatry at
Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx.
Prior to his Psychiatry Residency,
Rick has also worked in the field of
Business and co-founded a media
Company. He is compassionate
and innovative and looks forward to
bringing together the fields of Palliative care and Psychiatry to benefit
his patients.
Welcome Rick!
Congratulations to the graduating Hospice & Palliative
Medicine Fellows for 2012-2013.
Dr. Elizabeth Chuang will be joining our service here at Montefiore Medical Center and will be a
great asset to our program as a clinician and researcher.
Dr. Charlene Recto leaves us to join the Geriatric Department at Bellevue Hospital/ NYU in their
outpatient program with the goal of combining her specialties of Geriatrics and Palliative Care to
enhance the care of her patients.
Aleza Summit, MPH, is joining the department as Evaluation and Research Project Manager for Reproductive Health
Education in Family Medicine (RHEDI). She will be managing Dr. Marji Gold’s research and evaluation projects on
integrating abortion and family planning into family medicine.
She recently received an MPH from Columbia’s Mailman
School of Public Health, with a focus on sexuality and
health. Aleza’s work experience includes teaching workshops on women’s health topics to medical students around
the New York area, conducting qualitative research about
teen pregnancy and gender relations, and working as a Program Officer at the
Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS. Aleza is excited to be part of DFSM’s imJoe Murray, MSc, MA is a new Project Manager in the Office of Community and Population Health. Joe joined Montefiore in May 2013 to lead development of a new initiative
called the Bronx Campaign to Prevent and Control Obesity.
The initiative, which is a joint effort between Montefiore and
the NYC Health Department, aims to support a Bronx where
healthy eating and active living are made easier for everyone through strategic collaboration with key Bronx partners, coordinated resources and focused action to reduce obesity.
Gabrielle Mezochow joined us in July as our year-long
Community Health Fellow. In addition to assisting with ongoing research projects and programs, she will be working at
the Adolescent AIDS Program. Gabrielle received her Bachelor’s degree in History and Global Health from Dartmouth
College, where she was a research assistant for the Department of Surgery at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.
Prior to graduating from Dartmouth, she had the opportunity
to serve as a community organizing intern for Health GAP, a
non-profit organization that works to bridge the gap in access
to HIV/AIDS treatment and care. Gabrielle recently moved to
New York and is thrilled to join the Office of Community and Population Health at
Lauren Casey, BA is joining the department as the Program Assistant for Reproductive Health Education in
Family Medicine (RHEDI). She will be supporting Dr.
Marji Gold’s work to integrate abortion and family planning into family medicine. Lauren received her Bachelor's
degree from Hampshire College, where she studied
women's health and reproductive justice. Over the past
several years she has worked with the Civil Liberties and
Public Policy (CLPP) program where she served as a
lead student organizer and a Reproductive Rights Activist Service Corps intern. Lauren is very excited to move
to New York and begin her first post-grad position with RHEDI at DFSM.
Cara Herbitter, MPH,
CPH, bids farewell to
DFSM this summer to
start a PhD in Clinical
Psychology at the University of Massachusetts
Boston this coming fall.
Her research focus will be on LGBT
issues in psychology.
She has enjoyed her years working in
the Department as the Evaluation and
Research Projects Manager for Reproductive Health Education in Family
Medicine (RHEDI) with Dr. Marji Gold.
She hopes to remain connected to her
former colleagues and family medicine
in the years to come.
We would like to congratulate Harini
Kumar, MD and Lisa Lapman, MD
on completing the Faculty
Development Fellowship!
Dr. Kumar will be joining the faculty at
Hoboken University
Medical Center
(affiliated with NY
Medical College),
where she will be
working on curriculum
development, resident and medical
student teaching, and patient care.
Dr. Lapman will be the
new Assistance
Program Director with
us here at RPSM/
Family Medicine. In
this role she will be
developing curricula
for existing rotations
and curricula/strategies to teach
PCMH to both faculty and residents.
—Ellen Tattelman
Molly FitzGerald
Bhavik Kumar, MD, is a graduate of Texas Tech Health Sciences Center School of
Medicine in Lubbock, Texas and completed his 3rd and 4th year of medical school at
the El Paso, Texas branch in 2010. Dr. Kumar completed his residency training at the
Residency Program in Family and Social Medicine here at Montefiore Medical Center
this past July, 2013. He is excited to be starting as an incoming Family Planning Fellow and looks forward to continuing to work with everyone.
Jennifer Amico, MD, is continuing as the second year Family Planning Fellow for the
Department. Before joining the department, Dr. Amico received her undergraduate
education at Harvard University, and then attended medical school at Robert Wood
Johnson Medical School in New Jersey. She completed a Family Medicine residency
at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. She is excited to continue her fellowship
training with Dr. Bhavik Kumar.
Dr. Tanya White- Davis was recently appointed incoming President of New York Association of Black Psychologists (NYABPsi) and will be confirmed in the position in
September. NYABPsi has been a vibrant organization since 1967 dedicated to promoting the responsible application of psychological constructs and intervention strategies in the Black Community, informing and educating the public concerning professional, social action and other service roles of Black Psychology itself, and support our
mission of "the liberation of the African Mind, empowerment of the African Character,
and illumination of the African Spirit". Through various programming and partnerships,
NYABPsi provides education, community outreach, and promotes mentorship. Whether it's our annual Kwanzaa events, Black History month celebration, jegnaship
(mentorship) programs, or Disaster Relief taskforce, NYABPsi prides itself on serving
and supporting the New York community.
Conair Guilliames, MD, has been selected as faculty development fellow for the
2013-2015 fellowship cycle. On July 1, 2013 she began the fellowship. Conair has
begun planning a comprehensive curriculum development project and is already
teaching at the medical school, residency and faculty levels. This month she will begin
taking courses through the University of New England to earn a certificate in Program
Development in Academic Medicine. Welcome Conair!
Montefiore Health Opportunities Program (Monte HOP) 2013
Suturing workshop with Dr. Fabienne Daguilh
Splinting workshop with Dr. JP Sanchez
Debate Club
Health Disparities and Affordable Health
Care Act with Dr. Hal Strelnick
The Montefiore Health Opportunities Program (Monte HOP) is in its 11th year. Our interns are early
educational students aspiring towards health professions. They participate in a myriad of activities,
such as workshops, lectures, and shadowing. In addition, students are assigned mentors to help
guide them throughout the program. We hope those relationships continue to flourish for many
years to come.
Monte HOP students are greatly appreciative of the time that everyone is taking to share their insights with them. Our students were given the opportunity to have hands on experiences in the suturing workshop with Dr. Daguilh and the casting workshop with Dr. Sanchez. Recently, the students learned more about the world of pathology by touring the lab with Dr. Sophia Rodriguez. During the tour students observed an autopsy of the brain and learned how to identify T-cell lymphoma
with a microscope. This is just one of the many tours the students have had the privilege of participating in.
We would like to thank all those who have and will continue to contribute to the continued success
of the Montefiore Health Opportunities Program, with particular appreciation to the RPSM Family:
Family Medicine, Pediatrics and Social Internal Medicine.
—Guilliana Bastien
Jennifer Molina
Angela Okonta
Mame Sourang
This year’s team Patrick Herron, MBE and Heather Archer-Dyer, MPH
submitted their grant proposal and just received notification of funding. The Grants for Excellence in Medical Education program is sponsored by the Office of Medical Education at Einstein. The purpose of
this program is to stimulate faculty to undertake long-term projects
that have the potential to effect significant change and improvement in
the education of medical students.
Patrick Herron, MBE
Project titled: Use of Digital Video for Distance Learning Faculty
Thanks to funding through the Grants for Excellence in Medical Education, the
project will be able to provide skills training for clinician educators to enhance
their teaching of students enrolled in our Introduction to Clinical Medicine program. Patrick Herron intends to research whether self guided video modules
can effectively impact clinical teaching and precepting of Einstein students. Traditionally the Introduction to Clinical Medicine program offers inperson faculty development workshops. He will be comparing the effect of the
use of online video modules demonstrating teaching techniques and skills versus the traditional model as well as examining the benefits of dual approach of
workshops to reinforce skills. Additionally, he is hoping this project will lead
towards future endeavors to help the ICM program offer faculty development to
a larger percentage of our participating clinical faculty who are representative of
almost all clinical departments and across all Einstein affiliate sites.
Heather Archer-Dyer, MPH
Project titled: Converting Family Medicine Community Project into
Longitudinal Community Health Intervention
The goals of the Grant for Excellence in Medical Education (GEME) program are
to convert the month-long service-learning community project experience within
the family medicine clerkship at Albert Einstein College of Medicine (Einstein),
into longitudinal community health interventions. We aspire to train medical students to work effectively to address health issues at the community level and
encourage student interest in working with underserved communities to reduce
health disparities.
By transforming our episodic community projects into community health interventions with a cyclical structure, we will better prepare Einstein students to
work collaboratively with community-based organizations in the hopes of improving the health status of client populations. We seek to provide enhanced instruction around the interface of health surveillance, community health agencies, and
health policy. We seek to increase student perception of having completed educational goals and personal reflection as part of structured service learning. It is
our hope that we will influence student career choice toward primary care, and to
increase student interest in working with medically underserved communities, by
providing the educational structure for student competency in addressing health
issues at the community level.
In The News
In Battle Against H.I.V.,
Using Facebook & Twitter
The New YorkTimes, July 3
Viraj Patel, M.D., M.P.H., Division
of General Internal Medicine, Residency Program in Primary Care/
Social Medicine, is quoted in this
article that profiles the sex word
project, a Montefiore and Einstein
program using social media to
educate an often hard-to-reach
audience about H.I.V. and AIDS
Read The New York Times Article
The Dangerous, Funny,
Thrilling, Sad, Uplifting Lives of
Norwood News, June 13
Ronit Fallek, director, Healing Arts
Program, is quoted in an article
about the storytelling performances by Montefiore nurses in conjunction with The Moth, a nonprofit
group dedicated to the art of storytelling, during National Nurses
Read the Norwood News Article
Montefiore Medical Center Uses
Hyperbaric Chambers to Make
Diabetes Treatment Enjoyable
News 12-Bronx, July 18
Anna Flattau, M.D., medical director, hyperbaric medicine, and Beatrice Gibson, MPA, program director, share information about Montefiore’s Hyperbaric Medicine Program, which treats diabetic wounds
with pure oxygen when traditional
therapies have failed. Last year, the
facility provided more than 5,000
treatments and anticipates growth
this year.
Watch the News 12 Interview
New Health-Themed
Coloring Sheets for Kids
We are pleased to offer a new free resource for
children coming to see their doctors at Montefiore: a series of 15 coloring sheets that provide a fun activity for children, while promoting
the important goals of healthy eating and physical activity. Owen Orange, Pauline Pineapple,
the Broccoli Brothers and other fruit and vegetables engage in physical activities such as running, jumping jacks and basketball. Doctor Owl,
our wise health expert, teaches healthy tips
through a fun quiz on each sheet.
The sheets are available at www.montefiore.org/
This web page is open to anyone so parents and caregivers can access them at home too. Please encourage your
health center to provide the sheets in the waiting room and feel free to let your patients know!
New! The Montefiore
Relaxation Hotline
Montefiore's new Relaxation
Hotline is available 24 hours a
day at 718-920-CALM
(2256). Take a moment in
your day to relax and recharge
with a choice of four brief relaxation exercises or gentle
music. You can also listen to
relaxation tracks online at
Ronit Fallek
Cary Andrews, PA-C presenting poster at Society of Advanced Wound Care and
Wound Healing Society meeting in Denver Colorado May 3, 2013 Poster
was "Key Issues in Developing a Medical Consultation Service for Patients with
Pressure Ulcers."
Social Medicine in the Kitchen...
Balsamic Vinegar-Glazed Brussels Sprouts
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 pound Brussels sprouts,
trimmed and halved if large
1. Heat oil in large heavy nonstick skillet
over medium-high heat. Add Brussels
sprouts and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cook, stirring often, until Brussels
sprouts are browned, about 5 minutes.
2. Add broth to skillet and bring to boil.
Reduce heat and simmer, covered, until
Brussels sprouts are crisp-tender, about
8 minutes.
3. Add shallots and sugar to skillet; cook
over medium heat, stirring, until shallots
are wilted, about 3 minutes. Add vinegar
and cook, stirring, until liquid is reduced
and syrupy and Brussels sprouts are
glazed, about 2 minutes longer.
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup reduced-sodium
chicken or vegetable broth
4 large shallots, thinly sliced
(about 3/4 cup)
1 tablespoon sugar
1/4 cup good-quality balsamic
Weight watchers 360 cookbook-Turn Up the
flavor: 200 Delicious Recipes That Pack A
Grilled Vietnamese Chicken Thighs With Mango Relish
Finely grated zest an juice of 1 orange
1 jalapeño pepper, seeded and
3 garlic cloves, minced
2 tablespoon Asian fish sauce
1 tablespoon packed brown sugar
6 (1/4-pound) skinless boneless
chicken thighs, trimmed
1 large mango, seeded and cut into
small dice (about 11/2 cups)
1/3 cup chopped red onion
1/4 cup chopped fresh mint
1. To make marinade, combine orange zest and juice, jalapeño, garlic, soy sauce, fish sauce, and
brown sugar in large zip-close
plastic bag; add chicken. Squeeze
out air and seal bag; turn to coat
chicken. Refrigerate, turning bag
occasionally, at least 3 hours or up
to overnight.
2. Spray grill rack with nonstick
spray. Preheat grill to medium or
prepare medium fire
3. Remove chicken from marinade;
discard marinade. Place chicken
on grill rack and grill until instantread thermometer inserted into
thigh registers 165◦f, about 8
minutes per side. Transfer chicken
to platter and keep warm
4. To make relish, stir together all
remaining ingredients in serving
bowl. Serve with chicken
Weight watchers 360 cookbook-Turn Up the
flavor: 200 Delicious Recipes That Pack A
Publications & Presentations...
Bachhuber MA, Cunningham CO.
"Availability of Buprenorphine on the
Internet for Purchase without a Prescription." Drug and Alcohol
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Kuntz KM, Zauber AG, Kahle L, Schechter
CB, Feuer EJ. "Derivation of Background
Mortality by Smoking and Obesity in Cancer Simulation Models." Medical Decision
Making 33, no. 2 (2013): 176-197.
Publications & Presentations...
Leape Ahead: Leadership Development for Students & Residents. ACPE webinar. July 31, 2013. Sudhir
2013 Annual Meeting
Society of General Internal Medicine
Denver, CO
April 24-27
Sign-outs: quality differences between
primary and covering residents. Kevin
Hauck, Lauren Shapiro
Avoidance and Resilience in the Medical Encounter Among Persons Who
Stutter. Hector Perez, Joanna Starrels
Private for-profit opioid treatment
programs provide fewer
comprehensive services than nonprofit and public programs. Marcus
Bachhuber, William Southern, Chinazo
Fevers, rash and joint pain, Still?
Catherine Trimbur, Mayce Mansour.
The Evolving Role of Grass Roots
Emergency Medical Response in the
Occupy Wall Street Era: Hu rricane
Sandy and the People’s Medical
Reliefe , New York City 2012. Noriyuki
Murakami, Amit Patel, Magni Hamso, Jonathan Ross, Nathan Favini, Jonathan
Giftos, Martha Trimbur.
Prior incarceration is associated
with distrust in the health care system but not with trust in health care
providers. Aaron Fox, Joanna Starrels, Chinazo Cunningham
Development of a Hepatitis C Testing
and Treatment Linkage Program in an
Urban Primary Care Center. Zach
Rosner, Alain Litwin, Meredith Steinman,
Angela Jeffers.
Perspectives on suffering in the primary care setting. Martha Trimbur,
Timothy Quill, Sally Norton
GHACS: The Global Health/Clinical
Skills Faculty Development Fellowship
at Montefiore. James Grigg, Shwetha
Iyer, Erin Goss. Linea Capps, Darlene
A Belly Full of Jelly. Ashwin Sridharan, Marcus Bachhuber, Patrick
A plumber's dream. Jordan Turk,
Aman Shah, Lauren Shapiro
A tap TB reckoned with. Jean
Mensz, Kevin Hauck, Robert
Goodman, Lauren Shapiro,
Update in Addiction Medicine. Adam
Gordon; Joanna Starrels; Jeanette M.
Tetrault; Alexander Y. Walley; Nicolas
Prevention of condyloma with
quadrivalent HPV vaccine of older
men who have sex with men A
noncncurrent cohort study. Kristen
Swedish, Stephen Goldstone
Patient-Centered Care for Recently Released Prisoners.
Sarah Wakeman; Ingrid Binswanger; Emily
Wang; Alexander Walley; Aaron Fox
Improving Resident Counseling
Competence: A 5As Skills-Based
Obesity Curriculum. Shwetha Iyer,
Hillary Kunins, Angela Jeffers, Sheira
Sign out: a brief educational intervention and analysis. Kevin Hauck, Lauren
Building a Therapeutic Alliance with
Patients with Chronic Pain.
William Becker; Daniel Tobin; Joanna
Starrels; Erin Krebs; Matthew Bair
photo Credit: Marc Alexander
Palsies as Harbinger: Diagnosis of
acute HIV in a patient with polycranial nerve palsies. Stella Safo,
Mental Health – Substance Abuse.
Magni Hamso, Hillary Kunins, Melissa
Stein, Janet Smith.
Clinical decision making after portable
chest xrays with retrocadiac infiltrate in
adult in patients. Sam Cohen, Calle
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photo Credit: Marc Alexander
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Mark Einstein, MD
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Belinda Ostrowsky, MD
"How to Make A Good Physical
Therapy Referral"
“Controlling Hyperglycemia in
Recent-Onset Diabetes: A Comparative
Effectiveness Trial"
“Office Spirometry in the Management
of Asthma”
"Allowing Our Patients to Teach Us
How to Act"
“Recognizing and Intervening in Child
Abuse and Neglect”
“Assessment and Treatment of Sleep
Disorders in the Elderly”
“Managing the Abnormal Pap Smear:
2013 Guidelines”
“Prevention and Management of
Full time position for an Internist or Family Practice physician
at a large Montefiore Medical Center affiliated substance
abuse treatment clinic in the Bronx, NY. Dynamic opioid
pharmacoptherapy site provides on-site primary medical
care, including HIV care, integrated with substance abuse
treatment and psychiatric services. Role includes direct
ambulatory care, participation in quality improvement
activities, medical staff oversight and opportunities for
teaching and research. Ambulatory care schedule is Monday
through Friday with minimal on call coverage. Electronic
medical record at both the clinic and hospital level, including
electronic prescription writing. Colleagues include a great
group of physicians and physician assistants dedicated to
providing high quality care to an underserved, urban patient
population. Full benefit package including malpractice
coverage, health insurance, life insurance and retirement
plan. Must be board eligible or certified. Experience in
substance abuse treatment and HIV care preferred. Spanish
speaking a plus.
Contact Person:
Jonathan Lee, MD
Medical Director, SATP
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science
[email protected]
fax: 718-652-3523
Faculty Practice
Full time position for internist
at our St. Luke's Medical
Group Faculty Practice Site
on 147th street and Frederick
Douglass Blvd in
Manhattan. Dynamic, level 3
Medical Home provides full
range of primary medical
care integrated with our Care
Management program
focusing on high risk patients.
NHSC designation.
Committed, collegial
physician and support staff.
Direct patient care and
participation in Medical Home
and quality improvement
activities as well as
opportunities for teaching.
Experience in ambulatory
care essential. Spanish
speaking a plus. Board
eligibility required.
Contact Person:
Roy Cohen, MD
Chief Section of Ambulatory
Division of General Medicine
St. Luke's - Roosevelt
Hospital Center
1000 Tenth Ave, Suite 3A
New York, NY 10019
[email protected]
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