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NYC RING Network
Institute for Urban Family Health
(Manhattan & Bronx)
Beth Israel Department of Family
Beth Israel Residency in Urban
Family Practice
Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center
Fulton Park Family Practice
Ogden Family Medical & Dental
Montefiore Medical Center
Montefiore Medical Group
-Castle Hill
-Comprehensive Family Care
Center (CFCC)
-Comprehensive Health Care
Center (CHCC)
-Family Health Center
-Fordham Family Practice
-Marble Hill Family Practice
-University Ave. Family Practice
-West Farms Family Practice
-Williamsbridge Family Practice
South Bronx Health Center for
Children and Families
North Bronx Healthcare Network
Health Care Center at Gun Hill
Healthcare Center at Tremont
Saint Joseph's Medical Center
Family Health Center (Yonkers)
Private Practice (Bronx)
Riverdale Family Practice (Morrow)
Diane McKee, MD, MS
Program Director
Paul Meissner, MSPH
Network Coordinator
Stacia Maher, MPH
Program Coordinator
Adelyn Alvarez, MA
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NYC RING Convocation
The 3rd Annual NYC RING Convocation
of Practices took place in the newly renovated Jacobi Conference Center, located
in building 4 on the Jacobi Campus on
Thursday, September 14th. The convocation was well attended by approximately
sixty NYC RING members from our partners and others in our community. This
year 36 informal poster presentations and
story boards were presented by teams
from participating sites and investigators
working in NYC RING practices. The
wide range of topics important to primary
care practice in the urban health setting
included coronary heart disease, asthma,
depression, obesity, HIV, diabetes, emergency contraception, literacy, employing
electronic medical records and distribution of pharmaceutical samples.
The presentations were a good mixture of
quality improvement and research projects. The poster session provided clinicians and researchers the opportunity to
discuss their work and formulate new
ideas about how they may collaborate to-
gether and build on their current work.
We were fortunate to have Jonathan
Tobin, PhD, President and CEO of the
Clinical Director’s Network, as our keynote speaker. Dr. Tobin’s presentation
was, “No Medication without Representation: How to Avoid the ‘Lost in Translation’ Syndrome”. He discussed the significance of practice based research in
addressing health and health outcomes of
vulnerable populations.
We are currently creating a book of selected presentations from the convocation. If you are interested in receiving a
copy of the presentation book please
contact Stacia Maher at 718-430-2749 or
at [email protected] Finally if you
would like a copy of Dr. Tobin’s presentation please contact Stacia Maher as
NYC RING Director
Diane McKee, MD, MS
Highlights from Current NYC RING Activities
Application to AHRQ
In August, NYC RING responded to a request for proposals (RFP) from the
Agency for Healthcare Research and
Quality (AHRQ). The RFP was a new
solicitation for task order contracts specifically targeting primary care practice
based research networks (PBRNs). Networks awarded master contracts will become eligible for task orders to be issued
over the next five years. The task orders
will be for quick turn-around projects (618 months) addressing questions related to
conditions commonly seen in primary
care, and/or the delivery of primary care,
in order to improve the quality of practice.
If we are awarded a master contract, we
plan to bid on task orders in those areas in
which our network has expertise. We will
approach clinicians from participating
sites and investigators working in NYC
RING practices to see if they have an interest in fulfilling an individual task order.
We would like task orders to be filled
across different NYC RING institutions
and practices. Working together to fulfill
task orders will strengthen our network
and allow us to better care for our urban
based populations. We hope to hear from
AHRQ regarding our application by mid
November 2006.
How your ideas and observations become
NYC RING Projects
NYC RING Collaboration with Home
Care and Einstein DRTC to Target BP
In winter of 2006, NYC RING began developing an intervention to tackle clinical
inertia in management of blood pressure
for our patients with diabetes. It was
sparked by an idea presented by Zach
Rosen (FHC), and builds on efforts of the
Montefiore Home Care Agency to utilize
home telemetry of vital signs. NYC
RING submitted a proposal to NIH
(NIDDK) to develop an intervention to
overcome clinical inertia through innovative use of home BP and glucose telemonitoring. The original submission was
reviewed favorably, and based on this
feedback we were encouraged to resubmit the proposal with revisions. We resubmitted the proposal in October and
hope to hear back from NIDDK in Spring
2007. If funded, the project will link
NYC RING, the Diabetes Research and
Training Center, the Family Health Center, and Montefiore Home Health. Using
daily home telemetry of glucose and BP
to home health nurses, clinicians and patients will get feedback of BP and glucose to facilitate intensification of therapy for diabetic patients whose BP remains above targets.
Welcome New Leadership at Bronx
We would like to welcome Doug Reich,
MD to the NYC RING network. Dr.
Reich is the new Chair of the Department
of Family Medicine at Bronx Lebanon
Hospital Center. Dr. Reich and new faculty member Tony Lopez will represent
Bronx Lebanon on the NYC RING Steering Committee. We hope to collaborate
more closely with Doug and his staff in
the future. As always, we welcome any
input from the community of NYC RING
participating practices. If you have
thoughts or ideas for novel approaches to
improving patient, let us know!
Do You Have Any Ideas for Next Year’s Convocation?
Every year we try to make the NYC RING Convocation a useful forum for the exchange of information,
ideas, and learning among our network members. This year’s convocation was different from past convocations in that we tried to adopt a framework and nomenclature routinely utilized in quality improvement collaborative efforts and create an informal atmosphere to present completed projects, works-in
progress, and ideas in development at NYC RING practices. For those of you who did not attend we’d
like to know what we could do to make it more likely that you would be able to attend? For those of you
who did attend We would like to know what you thought of the way this year’s convocation was structured and if you have any suggestions on how the convocation can be improved for next year. Do we
have any specific questions that we want them to answer?? Like if you attended did you feel you had
enough time to speak with a poster presenter about the topic? For example, some of the feedback we
have received so far include: workgroups, holding mini-convocations more often in a less formal fashion
around topic areas. If you have any suggestions or feedback please contact Stacia Maher at 718-430-2749
or at [email protected]
Featured Clinician Collaborator-Donna Futterman
Donna Futterman is a clinician, educator, advocate and
researcher who for the past 15 years has been the Director of the Adolescent AIDS Program at Montefiore
Medical Center. In 2003, she was in the vanguard of
thinkers who felt it was necessary for more people to
know their HIV status and it was time to move past the
old paradigm which prioritized testing people based on
their risk to a more primary care integrated approach
that facilitated HIV testing as part of routine care.
Donna initially conceptualized her ACTS project as a
quality improvement and educational effort aimed at
providers. She secured AETC funding for it and then
realized that this effort had tremendous research potential. She approached Paul Meissner with whom she had
previously collaborated on HIV service programming
and the bridge to NYC RING was established. It is her
understanding and awareness that practice based research can influence and shape important national and
local policy debates that makes Donna such an effective advocate for meaningful change in our patient’s
lives. Three years later and the CDC and many state
and local health departments have come out with policy
recommendations in favor of routine HIV counseling
and testing. It is through NYC RING’s collaborative
efforts that the impact of these policy recommendations
can be realized. Dr. Futterman said, “In the end, if this
strategy of getting physicians to incorporate HIV
counseling and testing into their routine practice is
going to be successful, it is through data from practice
based research and the experiences we have in doing
this with NYC RING that will be what convinces
Futterman is a Professor of Clinical Pediatrics and the
Director of the Adolescent AIDS Program at Einstein
and an Associate Attending in the Department of Pediatrics at Montefiore. She has served on 35 government
and national medical society and research committees
and with 15 community service organizations. In
1996, POZ magazine named her one of the 50 Most
Innovative U.S. AIDS Researchers, and The Advocate
in 1999 called her one of "Our Best and Brightest Activists" in the health category. Recently, she was selected as a consultant to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) Global AIDS Project, and
she has been intensely involved in the Mothers-tomothers-to-be program, a mentorship program for
HIV-infected pregnant women based in Cape Town,
South Africa.
NYC RING Research Liaisons
Beth Israel Medical Center
Andreas Cohrssen, MD & Wendy Barr, MD
Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center
Doug Reich, MD & Tony Lopez, MD, MPH
Montefiore Medical Group Castle Hill
Frank Silagy, MD
Comprehensive Family Center Practice (CFCC)
Peter Bernstein, MD & Andrew Racine, MD
Comprehensive Health Care Center (CHCC)
Iman Sharif, MD & Galit Sacajiu
Fordham Family Practice
Marianne Dietrich, MD
Marble Hill Family Practice
Family Health Center
Zack Rosen, MD & Matt Anderson, MD, MS
South Bronx Health Center for Children and Families
Peter Meacher, MD
University Ave. Family Practice
Robert Clarick, MD
West Farms Family Practice
Clement Landanno, MD
Williamsbridge Family Practice
Noel Brown, MD
North Bronx Healthcare Network Health Center Tremont
Jean Burg, MD & Kim Painter, MD, MPH
Saint Joseph's Medical Center
Lori Weir, MD
STFM NE Regional Conference October 2006, Danvers, MA
Congratulations to all NYC RING members who presented their
work in the form of posters, papers and research presentations at
the STFM Northeast Regional Conference.
Poster Presentations:
Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center
• Fabienne Daguih, Mary Ann Carling, Rajya Yalla,
Rama Kompella: Perceptions of Family Medicine Faculty
and Graduating Residents Regarding Process Implementing
the ACGME Competencies
Institute for Urban Family Health
• Regina Ginzburg, Shibani Munshi, Marissa Harris,
Comparing Frequency of Medication Prescribing Errors
Pre-and Post Incorporation of Weight-Based Default Prescribing Directions
• Ruth Lesnewski: Responding to New Drug Warnings –
Depot Progestin and Bone Density
• Lauren Oshman, Sarah Nosal, Julia Helstrom, Andreas
Cohrssen Web Portal for Point of Care Information in
Family Medicine Residency
• Linda Prine, Noa’a Shimoni: IUDs: Dispelling the Myths
• Linda Prine, Lauren Oshman, Lindsey Maggi: Medical
Abortion Outcomes in Three Family Settings, Expanding
Montefiore Medical Center
• William Jordan, Peter Selwyn: HIV Prevention in a
Community Mental Health Setting
• Rebecca Williams: Common Resident Oversights in Prenatal Care
Research Presentations
Montefiore Medical Center
• Susan Rubin, Emily Godfrey, Marji Gold: Integration
of Early Adoption Services in Primary Care: Acceptability
Survey of Female Patients
• Karen Becker: An OSCE for Assessment of Information
Mastery Skills
Paper Sessions
Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center
• Rajya Yalla, Fabienne Daguih, Rama Kompella: Impact
of Continuity of Care on Cancer Screening: A Study of an
Inner City Family Medicine Program
Institute for Urban Family Health
• Linda Prine, Vanita Kumar, Julia Helstrom: Measuring
Resident Comfort with GYN Procedural Skills
Montefiore Medical Center
• Remigius Okea, Deborah Borne, Mary Anne Carling,
Mohammad Nasar: Patient-Centered Case Presentations
Our Mission
To define and strengthen the knowledge base and improve the practice of urban primary care by:
1. Identifying and addressing research and quality improvement questions important to primary care providers, patients, families, and
their communities
2. Defining and pursuing a research agenda focused on the specific health, disease, and health services issues of urban underserved
patients and communities, and
3. Providing a research resource for undergraduate and graduate medical education in primary and community health.
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