Key Features Security is Complex. Patching with Microsoft System Center Shouldn’t Be.

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Key Features Security is Complex. Patching with Microsoft System Center Shouldn’t Be.
Patch Manager DeskTop
Security is Complex. Patching with Microsoft® System Center Shouldn’t Be.
Key Features
Users demand a host of 3rd party applications be installed on their endpoints to ensure
productivity – applications like Adobe Reader, Java JRE, and various browsers
like Chrome and Firefox. With these applications come more vulnerabilities –
in fact, recent data suggest that over 75% of all endpoint vulnerabilities are found
in these 3rd party applications. No wonder that 61% of IT administrators responding
to the 2015 State of the Endpoint report by the Ponemon Institute stated that staying
current on needed third-party patches is one of the most significant risks they face.
» » Streamlines 3 rd Party
Introducing Lumension ® Patch Manager DeskTop
Lumension ® Patch Manager DeskTop (LPMDT) plug-in is the only enterprise-class 3rd party
patching solution designed exclusively for Microsoft ® System Center environments that require
operationally efficient and reliable patching solutions for security and compliance.
The LPMDT plug-in provides simplified patching for the most at-risk 3rd party enterprise
applications on Windows® desktops from within your System Center environment. While
SC supports native Windows® applications well, the manual process for patching 3rd party
Application Patching for
System Center Environments
» » Provides Patch Content for
Most Prevalent and AtRisk 3 rd Party Enterprise
» » Automates Catalog
download, import, and update
selection, without the need
for manual use of SCUP
» » Increases Enterprise Patch
Deployment Reliability
» » Provides True Enterprise-
class Patch & Remediation
enterprise applications is cumbersome and time consuming. Lumension provides a broad
content catalog to easily extend SCCM capabilities for 3rd party enterprise application patching
using your existing, established workflow without requiring additional management overhead.
Organizations using Lumension ® Patch Manager DeskTop will improve security and compliance
for their SC environments.
Lumension® Patch Manager DeskTop provides
organizations using Microsoft® System Center with:
»» A streamlined process for patching 3rd party enterprise applications using existing
deployment workflow and existing Powershell automation, and without requiring
additional management overhead.
»» Reduced risk of targeted attacks by decreasing the attack surface through automated
patching of 3rd party enterprise applications across the SC environment – from Data Center
to Desktop.
»» Assurance that all endpoints have been properly patched and are fully compliant.
»» Reduced operational reporting and audit burden through security and compliance reporting.
»» Broadest coverage of the most widely adopted and highly targeted 3rd party enterprise
Windows applications.
Why Lumension ® Patch Manager DeskTop
»» Reliable: Lumension takes the guess work out of 3rd party patch management in
your System Center environment utilizing patent-pending Patch-Smart™ technology.
You will achieve greater 1st time patch installation success with Lumension ® Patch
Manager DeskTop, which delivers the most enterprise-class patch content coverage for
applications from Adobe, Apple, VMware, Citrix, and other at-risk 3rd party enterprise
Windows applications.
»» Flexible: With automated patching of 3rd party enterprise applications in Microsoft®
System Center, Lumension ® Patch Manager DeskTop uses only native System Center
tools. This gives you granular control when deciding which patches to deploy and on
what systems. LPMDT provides coverage for both business and consumer versions of
applications where applicable.
Key Benefits
»» Bridges the Gap between IT
Security and Operations
»» Ensures Compliance beyond
Microsoft ® OS and Native
»» Reduces patch deployment
time from hours to minutes
»» Reduces the need for rework,
improving both security and
patching TCO
»» Provides 3rd party enterprise
application Patching and
Reporting for System Center
Why Lumension ® Patch Manager DeskTop (cont’d)
»» Smart: With LPMDT, you spend less time deploying 3rd party patches, and less time
rebuilding failed patches. This means improved compliance, more time devoted to
other strategic initiatives, lower barriers to fully patching vulnerable 3rd party enterprise
applications, and ultimately a lower total cost of ownership. Plus, the in-depth security
information and other metadata not normally available with 3rd party patches – but
supplied by LPMDT – will result in better compliance and improved audit results.
System Requirements
» » Microsoft ® System Center
Configuration Manager
(SCCM) 2012 or higher
» » Microsoft ® Windows Software
Update Services (WSUS) 3.0
SP2 or higher
Key Features
Streamlines 3rd Party Application Patching for
System Center environments, bridging the
gap between IT Security and Operations.
Provides Patch Content for Most Prevalent
and At-Risk Enterprise 3rd Party Applications,
ensuring compliance beyond Microsoft ® OS
and native applications.
Delivers In-depth Enterprise Vulnerability
compliance and security reporting and
auditing needs.
Supports Specific Application Versioning,
allowing organizations to maintain compliance
with internal policy and external regulations.
Integrated Plug-in Automates 3rd Party
Application Patching for System Center
Environments, reducing manual processes
through auto content subscription and
synchronized scheduling via familiar SCCM
schedule options.
Utilizes Secure / Centralized Content Repository,
improving security and reducing the bandwidth
and time requirements on IT.
Increases Enterprise Patch Deployment
Reliability using the patent-pending PatchSmart™ technology, reducing IT burden and
overall cost.
Delivers Timely Visibility, reducing security
gaps through user-configurable alerts for
events requiring immediate attention (e.g.,
failed sync, update availability, etc.).
Supports Enterprise Versions of 3rd Party
Applications, providing the enterprise-class
patching required to ensure security and
Offers Multi-Language Content, supporting
global enterprises.
About Lumension
The leader in patch management,
Lumension is a Microsoft ® Gold
Partner and System Center
Alliance partner.
Assurance, improving
compliance by ensuring both patch applicability
and post-installation status.
Content Coverage
The Lumension® Patch Manager DeskTop content catalog has the broadest coverage
of relevant 3rd party applications used in enterprises today. While others may scan for
more products, if those products do not have vulnerabilities then it’s simply added burden
(time, system resource utilization, etc.). Some of the vendors / products covered include:
Contact Lumension
» » Global Headquarters
8660 E. Hartford Dr.
Suite 300
Adobe Systems
Acrobat, AIR, Flash Player (incl. ESR), Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop,
Reader, RoboHelp, Shockwave Player
Bonjour, iCloud, iTunes, Mobile Device Support, QuickTime, Safari
Citrix Systems
Online Plug-In (incl. Web), Presentation Server Client, Receiver (incl.
Enterprise), XenApp
Java SE Runtime Environment (JRE)
Player, Workstation
Chrome, Firefox (incl. ESR), and Safari
7-Zip, ImgBurn, RealVNC (server and viewer), TeamViewer, Ultra VNC
(server and viewer), WinSCP, WinZip, Wireshark (WinPcap)
[email protected]
Audacity, FileZilla (client and server), Foxit Reader (incl. Enterprise),
Inkscape, Notepad++, OpenOffice, Paint.NET, RealPlayer, Skype (incl.
Business), VLC Media Player, Yahoo! Messenger
Scottsdale, AZ 85255
[email protected]
» » United Kingdom
[email protected]
» » Europe
» » Asia & Pacific
[email protected]
Table does not necessarily include all covered vendors / products. Please contact your Lumension sales
representative for a complete current list.
Vulnerability Management | Endpoint Protection | Data Protection | Compliance and IT Risk Mgmt.
LPMDT DS-EN-01-31-2015
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