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Heather Streets-Salter Curriculum Vitae
Heather Streets-Salter
Curriculum Vitae
Department of History
249 Meserve Hall
Northeastern University
Boston, MA 02115
Phone: 208-669-0477
Email: [email protected]
History Department Chair
Associate Professor and Director of World History Programs,
Northeastern University
Director, Undergraduate Program in World Civilizations at Washington
State University
Associate Professor, Washington State University
Director, Graduate Program in World History at Washington State
Assistant Professor, Washington State University
Ph.D., Modern Britain/British Empire, Duke University
M.A., Modern European History, Duke University
B.A., American History, Duke University
Co-authored with Herb Ziegler and Jerry Bentley (deceased). Traditions and Encounters: A
Global Perspective on the Past, 7th edition. McGraw-Hill, forthcoming 2014.
Co-authored with Trevor Getz. Modern Imperialism and Colonialism: A Global Perspective.
Pearson-Longman, August 2010. (New edition with Oxford University Press, 2014)
Co-authored with Jerry Bentley and Herb Ziegler. Traditions and Encounters: Brief Edition, 3rd
edition. McGraw-Hill, December 2013. Second edition September 2009. First edition
September 2006.
Martial Races: The Military, Race, and Masculinity in British Imperial Culture, 1857-1914.
Manchester University Press, 2004. (reissued in paperback in Fall, 2010)
Monograph in Progress:
Beyond Empire: Southeast Asia and the World During the Great War. In discussion with
Cambridge University Press. Contact person at CUP: Michael Watson.
Streets CV, January 2011
Edited Books and Volumes:
Editor-in-chief, Commodities, Culture, and History: The Products that Changed the World,
Volumes I-II. Facts On File, forthcoming, 2014. Responsibilities: solicitation, review, and
editing of 125 essays, author of introductory essay, overall conception of project.
Senior editor, Oxford Encyclopedia of the Modern World, Volumes I-VIII. Oxford
University Press, 2008. Editor-in-chief, Peter N. Stearns. Responsibilities: one of eight senior
editors; solicitation, review, and editing of 230 articles in geographic area of Britain and
British Empire.
“Anti-Colonial Movements,” in Antoinette Burton and Tony Ballantyne, eds. World Histories
from Below: Disruption and Dissent, 1750 to the Present (Bloomsbury Academic UK).
10,000 words.
“The Noulens Affair in East and Southeast Asia: International Communism in the Interwar
Period,” Journal of American East Asian Relations 21 (2014). 11,000 words.
“The Local Was Global: The Singapore Mutiny of 1915,” Journal of World History 24:3
(August 2013). 16,718 words.
“Writing for Student Audiences: Pitfalls and Possibilities,” Special Issue of Historical
Reflections/Reflexions Historiques (June, 2012). 6161 words.
“Becoming a World Historian: Training, Topics, and Goals,” in Douglas Northrup, editor, A
Companion to World History (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012). 7159 words.
“World History at Washington State University,” in Patrick Manning, editor, Global Practices in
World History (Marcus Weiner Publications, 2007). 5000 words.
“Military Influence in Late Victorian and Edwardian Popular Media: The Case of Frederick
Roberts,” Journal of Victorian Culture 8:2 (2003), pp. 231-256. 9200 words.
“The Imperial Turn in The Classroom: Academic Discourses Meet Student Response,” in
Antoinette Burton, editor. After the Imperial Turn (Duke University Press, 2003), pp. 5769, 5000 words.
“Identity in the Highland Regiments in the Nineteenth Century: Soldier, Region, Nation,” in
Steve Murdoch and Andrew Mackillop, editors, The Scottish Military Experience, c.
1600-1800. (Brill Academic Press, 2002), pp. 213-236, 7440 words.
“The Rebellion of 1857: Origins, Consequences, and Themes,” Teaching South Asia, Vol. I,
number 1 (Winter 2001), http://www.mssu.edu/projectsouthasia/tsa/VIN1/Streets.htm.
6850 words.
Other Publications and Reviews:
Review of Emily Rosenberg, editor. A World Connecting: 1870-1945. In the American Historical
Review, forthcoming 2014.
Review of Satoshi Mizutani. The Meaning of White: Race, Class, and the ‘Domiciled Community’ in
Streets CV, January 2011
British India 1858-1930. In the Journal of British Studies 52:3 (July 2013).
Review of Jon Davidann and Marc Gilbert, Cross-Cultural Encounters in Modern World
History. In World History Connected: the Ejournal of Learning and Teaching. Volume
10:1 (February 2013).
Review of Edmund Burke II, David Christian, and Ross Dunn, eds, World History For Us All:
The Big Eras: A Compact History of Humankind for Teachers and Students. In Journal of
Global History. Spring, 2011.
Review of Kelly, Christine, ed, Mrs. Duberly's War: Journal and Letters from the Crimea. HAlbion, H-Net Reviews. September, 2008,
Review of Jessica Harland-Jacobs, Builders of Empire. In Social History, Fall 2008.
Review of Edward Spiers, The Scottish Soldier and Empire. In Journal of British Studies 47
(January 2008): 232-233.
“Empire and Imperialism: Overview,” “Indian War,” and “Gender and Empire,” in Oxford
Encyclopedia of the Modern World (Oxford University Press, 2008). 4000 words, 1500
words, 3000 words respectively.
“Martial Races,” in International Encyclopedia of Men and Masculinities, 1 Vol., eds. M. Flood,
J.K. Gardiner, B. Pease, and K. Pringle. (Routledge, 2007). 1000 words.
“Ever-Changing Perspectives,” historiographical essay in ABC-CLIO Encyclopedia of World
History (ABC-CLIO, 2007). 3000 words.
Review of Philippa Levine, editor, Gender and Empire. In Journal of British Studies 44:1
(January, 2005).
“Global Imperialism and Gender,” in William H. McNeill, editor, Berkshire Encyclopedia of
World History. (Berkshire Press, 2005). 3000 words.
Review of John R. McNeill, Something New Under the Sun: An Environmental History of the
Twentieth Century World. In World History Connected: the E-journal of Learning and
Teaching 1:2 (May 2004),
Review of Peter Stearns, Cultures in Motion: Mapping Key Contacts and Their Imprints in
World History. In The Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History 4:1 (Spring 2003),
Review of Julie Codell and Dianne Sachko Macleod, Orientalism Transposed: The Impact of the
Colonies on British Culture. In Victorian Studies 43:1 (Autumn 2000), pp. 219-221.
Review of Hew Strachan, The Politics of the British Army. In Social History (May 1999), pp.
Journal and Professional Editing:
2014—Co-editor, with Michael Adas and Douglas Northrop, Cambridge University Press series
Studies in Comparative World History
2003—2008 Co-editor, World History Connected: The E-Journal of Learning and Teaching.
Responsibilities: solicitation of articles, twice yearly board meetings at the American
Historical Association and the World History Association annual meetings, review and
selection of articles, communication with peer reviewers and authors, supervision of copy
Streets CV, January 2011
editor and assistant editor, management of team of columnists, communication with
University of Illinois Press, final selection of articles, delivery of articles and reviews to
2004 Text editor for Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Bridging World History project, led by
Candice Goucher (WSU Vancouver) and Linda Walton (Portland State University).
Responsibilities: editing companion texts to 26 video episodes.
Awards and Grant Support:
Faculty Research Development Award, Northeastern University
Participant and Evaluator, Charlottesville Virginia School District Teaching
American History Grant
Faculty Research Initiation Grant, Washington State University
William F. Mullen Excellence in Teaching award, Washington State University
National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Stipend
Bernadotte Schmitt Research Award, American Historical Association
Faculty Research Completion Grant, Washington State University
Research Travel Award, Washington State University
Research Travel Award, Washington State University
Scholarly Presentations:
Presenter, “Communists, Conspirators, and Spies: Internationalism and Anticolonial Resistance
Across Interwar Asia.” Association of Asian Studies, Philadelphia, PA. (upcoming)
March, 2014.
Chair, “History on Very Large Scales.” Presidential session at the American Historical
Association. Washington, D.C., January 2014.
Presenter, “A Great Game Over Hearts and Minds? Communism and Anti-Communism in
Southeast Asia, 1917-1930.” World History Association. Minneapolis, Minnesota. June
Plenary lecture, “Globalization and the Humanities: Why We Should Care, and What We Can
Contribute. Globalization and the Humanities: Texas and the World, Texas A&M
Commerce, Commerce, Texas. November 2012.
Presenter, “Roundtable: Graduate Education in World History.” World History Association,
Albuquerque, New Mexico. June 2012.
Chair, “New Directions in Graduate Research at Northeastern University.” New England
Regional World History Association Conference, Salem, Mass. March 2012.
Chair and comment, “Approaching Empire: A Roundtable Discussion of Religion, Science and
Education.” Northeastern University Gradate Student Conference in World History,
Boston, Mass. March 2012.
Paper Presenter and Panel Organizer, “Colonial Responses to Chinese Nationalism and
Communism in 1920s Southeast Asia,” World History Association, Beijing, China. June
Streets CV, January 2011
Paper Presenter, “America on the World Stage: A Global Perspective to the Teaching American
History Program,” American Historical Association, Boston, Massachusetts. January
Panel organizer and paper presenter, “Webs of Empire: Intercolonial Observation, Collaboration,
and Resistance in British Malaya, the Dutch East Indies, and French Indochina,”
American Historical Association, San Diego, California. January 2010.
Comment, “Ireland and Empire,” North American Conference on British Studies, Louisville,
Kentucky. November 2009.
Paper presenter, “Gender and World History,” Northwest World History Association
Conference, Seattle, Washington. October 2009.
Roundtable presenter, “Graduate Programs in World History,” World History Association,
Salem, Massachusetts. June 2009.
Roundtable presenter, “Integrating Global Perspectives and World History into US Department
of Education Teaching American History Grant Projects,” American Historical
Association, New York, New York. January 2009.
Roundtable Panel Chair, “British Empire: Sunrise to Sunset,” North American Conference on
British Studies, Cincinnati, Ohio. 2008.
“Dire Straits: The French Naval Rescue of British Singapore,” World History Association,
London, England. June 2008.
Comment on Anurag Jain’s “Behind Asian Eyes: Rudyard Kipling and the British Propaganda of
the First World War,” Society for First World War Studies, Washington, D.C. October
“Race-ing Soldiers Across Imperial Boundaries,” World History Association, Milwaukee,
Wisconsin. June 2007.
Roundtable Panel, “Research Directions in World History.” Northwest World History
Association, Seattle, Washington. October 2006.
Comment, “Englishness and the Alien in Victorian Culture.” North American Conference on
British Studies, Denver, Colorado. October 2005.
Presentation and Comment. “Throwing Away Half of My Lectures,” and “Gendering World
History and Putting the World into Gender, Part I.” Northwest World History Association
Conference, Portland, Oregon. October 2005.
Roundtable Presentation. “Violence, Hypermasculinities, and Militarism.” GRACes Gender
Research Conference, Vancouver, Washington. October 2005.
Comment, “What is Globalization?” Global Studies in Higher Education Conference,
Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. June 2005.
Comment. “Teaching Africa in World History.” World History Association Conference, Ifrane,
Morrocco. June 2005.
“Textbook Battles: Periodization and Change Over Time in the University World Civilizations
Class,” American Historical Association, Seattle, Washington. January 2005.
“Bridging the Gap Between Research and Teaching: A Roundtable on World History Connected:
the Ejournal of Learning and Teaching,” World History: The Next Ten Years, Boston,
Massachusetts. March 2004 (Panel Organizer).
“The Present and Future of World History,” Rice University History Colloquium in conjunction
with the Baker Center, Houston, Texas. February 2004. Honorarium.
"Imperialism Online: Facilitating Discussion with Web Environments," North American
Conference on British Studies, Portland, Oregon. October 2003 (Panel Organizer).
Streets CV, January 2011
"Born to be Warriors: Scottish Highlanders and the Origins of Modern Martial Race Ideology,"
Association for Washington Historians, Seattle, Washington. October 2003.
"Highland Scots in the Indian Army," Scotland and India, Aberdeen, Scotland. September 2003.
Honorarium, travel expenses paid.
Comment, "Decolonization and British Politics and Culture in the 20th Century," Pacific Coast
Branch of the North American Conference on British Studies, Rohnert Park, California.
April 2003.
Comment, "Governing the Empire, 1860's-1920's," North American Conference on British
Studies, Baltimore, Maryland. November 2002.
“Lord Roberts and the Indian Army: The Power of Place in the Politics of Imperial Security,”
American Historical Association, San Francisco, California. January 2002.
Comment, “Nature’s Empire: Constructions of Masculinity and Landscape in the
Pacific Northwest,” American Historical Association Pacific Coast Branch, Vancouver,
Canada. August 2001.
“Gender and the Indian Army After 1857,” Society for Military History Conference,
Calgary, Canada. May 2001.
“ ‘A Fine and Brave People’: Masculinity, Race, and Imperial Politics in the Post-1857 Indian
Army,” 29th Annual Conference on South Asia, Madison, Wisconsin. October 2000.
“Military Spin Doctors in Late Victorian Society? The Case of Frederick Roberts,” Conference
on the New Imperial History, Austin, Texas. February 2000.
“The Finest Specimen: “Martial Race” Soldiers and Images of British Imperial Masculinity,”
American Historical Association, Chicago, Illinois. January 2000 (Panel Organizer).
“Manly in His Warlike Creed: Martial Races and the Construction of Anglo-Indian Masculinity,”
North American Conference on British Studies, Boston, Massachusetts. November 1999.
“Good Races” vs. “Inferior Nationalists”: Martial Race Ideology in the War Against Irish and
Indian Nationalism, 1880-1914,” 68th Anglo-American Conference for Historians,
London, England. July 1999.
“Our Scottish Lads Are Willing and Our Scottish Limbs Are Strong: The Romanticization of
Highlanders and the Highlands in British Imperial Ideology,” North American
Conference on British Studies, Colorado Springs, Colorado. October 1998.
“Side by Side in Generous Rivalry: The Martial Races and the British Military in Late Victorian
Britain,” Institute of Contemporary British History National Identities Conference,
London, England. April 1998.
"The Right Stamp of Men": Military Imperatives and Popular Imperialism in Late Victorian
Britain,” North American Conference on British Studies, Chicago, Illinois. October 1996.
"Colonial Policy in Highland Scotland and Punjab,” Social Science History Association,
Baltimore, Maryland. November 1993.
University/Departmental Service and Leadership:
Member, CSSH Resources Committee
Member, CSSH Research Development Council
Chair, US and the World Search, History Department
Chair, Public History Search, History Department
Member, Digital Humanities Cluster Hire Search Committee
Streets CV, January 2011
2012, 2013, 2014
Participated in the Provost’s pilot group at Northeastern called the
Research Development Intitiative (ReDI), Fall Semester
Member, Committee for the Internationalization of the Curriculum, CSSH,
Fall semester
Member of the Graduate Studies Committee, ongoing
Served on Undergraduate Committee, Spring semester
Served as member of the FACS Committee, History department
Nominee and participant in the Washington State University Provost’s
Leadership Development Group
Director, World Civilizations Undergraduate Program, Washington State
Board member, Thomas S. Foley Institute, Washington State University
Member, Graduate Studies Committee, Department of History
Member, Committee for Tenure and Promotion, Department of Women’s
Member, Dean’s Committee on Resource Allocation, College of Liberal
Chair, History Department Search Committee for Africa/World Position
Member, History Department Search Committee for Asia Position.
Chair, History Department Search Committee for South Asia Position
Director, Ph.D. program in World History
History Department Search Committee for Modern China Position
Chair, Faculty Senate Library Committee
Member, Faculty Senate Library Committee
Member, History Department Committee for the Revision of Tenure
Professional Development:
Organizer and teacher for the Summer Dissertation Workshop in World
History, held at Northeastern University for two weeks in July-August
Invited Speaker for the “World Histories From Below Teacher Training
Workshop” at the University of Illinois, April 5-8
Organizer for Northeastern University’s Global Seminar Series in World
Participant and co-grant-writer for a Summer Dissertation World History
Graduate Workshop, held at the University of Pittsburgh in June, 2010
and June 2011
Co-Organizer and Co-Founder of the Northwest Affiliate of the World
History Association Annual Conference. First annual conference held at
WSU Vancouver, October 16-17, 2004; second annual conference held at
Portland State University, October 22-23, 2005; third annual conference
held at the University of Washington, October 14-15, 2006; fourth annual
conference held at Washington State University, October 14-15, 2007;
fifth annual conference held at Washington State University-Vancouver,
October 2008; sixth annual conference held at Lakeside School, Seattle,
Streets CV, January 2011
October 2009; seventh annual conference held at the University of
Oregon, October 2010.
Active member and presenter, Gendering Research Across the Campuses
(GRACe), Washington State University.
Member, Junior Faculty Writing Group, with Linda Heidenreich, Jose
Alamillo, and Matthew Guterl of the Comparative American Cultures
Pedagogical Development:
April, 2014
February, 2014
November, 2013
February, 2013
April, 2012
March, 2012
November, 2010
Jan-Dec, 2010
October, 2009
October 17, 2001
Jan-Feb, 2001
May, 2000
Fall ’98 and ’99
Organizer and editor for a forum on “Teaching the World Since 1945,” in
World History Connected: The Ejournal of Learning and Teaching
Speaker for the Oxbridge Dinner Series for Business Students,
Northeastern University, February 18
Teaching World History Workshop, Invited Presentation at MIT,
November 1
Speaker for the Oxbridge Dinner Series for Business Students,
Northeastern University, February 4
Speaker for the Oxbridge Dinner Series for Business Students,
Northeastern University, April 4
Invited teacher for a one-week Honors Master course in World History at
the University of Leiden, March 5-9
Facilitator for workshop for World Civilizations Faculty and World
History graduate students by noted world historian Kevin Reilly, Pullman,
Designer and author of two web-based distance degree courses for
Washington State University: World Civilizations I and World
Civilizations II (GenEd 110 and 111). Responsible for syllabus, all content
material, web exercises, assessments, and projects.
Director of World Civilizations Undergraduate Program. Responsibilities:
rewriting the curriculum, setting learning and content goals, evaluating
and assessing instructors and students for 30 sections each semester (apx.
3000 students and 12 instructors).
Participant and Evaluator, Charlottesville Virginia School District
Teaching American History Grant.
Facilitator and lead contact for two workshops for World Civilizations
Faculty and World History Graduate Students by noted World historians
Jerry Bentley and Robert Strayer, Pullman, Washington.
Organizer, History Forum on Slavery, March 1.
Presenter, “Using Online Environments to Facilitate Student Interaction,”
CTLT Brown Bag lunch series.
Presenter, 2-day Co-Teach Seminars on Teaching Innovations.
Participant, Co-Teach Weeklong Seminar on “Using Technology in the
Workshop series for history department graduate students on “Preparing
for the Job Market,” “Giving Professional Papers,” and “Interviewing.”
Streets CV, January 2011
Professional Service:
Joined the Advisory Board for H-World, November
Reviewed Imperial History text on History and Theory by Simon Potter
for Palgrave MacMillan, November
Reviewed manuscript called "The Silenced and Indispensables: Subaltern
Men in Private Security" for the International Feminist Journal of Politics,
Elected to the Executive Council of the Northeast Regional World History
Election to the finance and nominations committee of the World History
Member of the Graduate Essay Prize Committee for the Pacific
Coast Conference on British History.
Article reviewer for Northern Scotland, entitled “Highland Soldier:
Image and Impact.”
Manuscript reviewer for Pearson Longman UK, for Bruce Collins’
War and Empire: The Expansion of Britain, 1790-1830.
Article reviewer for Journal of Military History (September).
Executive Council member for the World History Association.
Associate Executive Secretary for the North American Conference on
British Studies (largest British-studies organization in the United States
and Canada).
Reader and Evaluator, National Endowment for the Humanities Summer
Stipend award.
Member, Birdsall Prize Committee, American Historical Association.
Advisory Board Member, World History Network, directed by Pat
Manuscript reader for Manchester University Press, for Edward Spiers'
The Victorian Soldier in Africa (August).
Manuscript reader for Brill Academic Press, for Chandar Sundaram's ‘The
Indianisation of the Indian Army’ (November).
Contributor, “Voices from the Front Line,” 4-part radio production on the
lives of Scottish soldiers, producer, Chris Lowell, aired on Radio Scotland,
September-October 2000.
Board of Editors, Project South Asia: A Digital Library of Teaching
Resources About South Asia for Colleges and Universities, Missouri
Southern State College.
Graduate Students:
PhDs Graduated and Current Employment:
2013 Shawna Herzog
Streets CV, January 2011
James Bradford (co-chair)
Samantha Christiansen (co-chair) (Marywood University)
Dalia Wassner (Boston College Postdoc)
Cherri Wemlinger (Washington State University)
Aaron Whelchel (WSU Vancouver)
Mark Moreno (University of Texas, Commerce)
Cynthia Ross (University of Texas, Commerce)
Jon Middaugh (Pentagon)
Maryanne Rhett (Monmouth University)
Amitava Chowdhury (Queen’s University, Canada)
Armand Garcia (University of the West Indies, Trinidad)
Mary Jane Maxwell (Green Mountain College)
Jason Knirck (Central Washington University)
Courses Offered:
History 570, 5102, World History Methods and Historiography
History 571, Topics in World History
History 569, Field Course in European History
History 540, War and Violence in Global Perspective
History 1215, Origins of Today
History 2211, World History Since 1945
History 436, Modern Global Imperialism
History 459, Modern British History (1688-1989)
GenEd 111, World Civilizations
History 495, Historical Geography
History 351, European Women
History 343, England Since 1485
History 102, Modern European History
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