Treasurer’s and Dues Drive Report

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Treasurer’s and Dues Drive Report
Treasurer’s and Dues Drive Report
Dues drive monies→ around $600-$615→ about what we got last year
$726.52 in checking plus cash boxes → this does not include dues → flowers were $502; so we
were back on track with profits from this
Last minute planning for The Cottage race
Michael Law will leave from here to volunteer. Make a carpool for the runners. The event is
Sunday, March 27th at the Sandy Creek Nature Center. We will share this on Facebook.
Habitat build planning
May 9th. We need 10+ volunteers. We need to start promotion for it now, so we will send out
the request on Friday. Make a Google doc for signing up. Jessica Higgins will be the contact
person for this event, since she has the relationship already Habitat.
This is likely to precede the ice cream social
Dual resignations
Christina Warlick and Delilah Nagoette are both resigning.
Christina → working on the pet supplies drive on Monday. Will get that email out on Monday.
We need to find someone to run our Supplies Drive.
Delilah → Lorrie De La Rezza as her replacement. Germaine will ask Lorrie if she wants to take
However, we might have to put a call out for volunteers. These aren’t labor intensive positions,
so they might be an easy sell. Germaine will talk to Delilah to get a handle on the extent of her
Spring book and bake sale
We will hold this on April 2nd. We will be looking for both volunteers and bakers. It’ll be sent
out over Grapevine. They will take donated books all along the way. DVDs will be included.
Extra Special People is the charity.
We currently have no credit card solutions. We might get people to fill out forms for Access
Services. How do we route this money into the LSA account? Mollie Armour will find out.
Student appreciation luncheon planning
Wednesday, April 15th, do a seating at 12:30 and at 1:30
RSVPs → online forms were not reaching everyone. Send out a form and then email a link. 70%
of the people replied online, but the rest did it on paper. Main Security, for example, signed up
on entirely on paper. Do the registration for this three weeks ahead.
Diane Trap usually makes the posters.
If we do two cars this year for pick up, it will be easier. Also, saves us the the trouble of tipping.
Perhaps one car to Main, one to the MLC, and one to Science. Two cars, two people per car.
The luncheon cost $530 range last year.
Hanna DeCamp needs to be added to the listserv
We need a volunteer to gather together the pet supplies we get from the drive.
Next LSA meeting will be Tuesday, April 16th.
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