Welcome to Lori Treasurer's Report, including Spring Book Sale Report

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Welcome to Lori Treasurer's Report, including Spring Book Sale Report
Welcome to Lori
Treasurer's Report, including Spring Book Sale Report
Money: checking after pizza costs → $1414, includes Bake and Book Sale and Extra Special People
We made $175 from the Main Bake sale, $567 from the Book sale, $65 from the Science Bake sale →
$733 total
Foot traffic was an issue
Make a calendar to alert for potential bakers, possible Easter interference with sales
Student Luncheon Wrap Up
Overall, a big success.
Science had too much food, possibly pizza +1 for the students. MLC has the right amount. SCL could
have used one more pizza per seating and there were more students per seating. Allow students to
select the building they want to eat in.
Delays due to rain and student traffic.
Have some activities or a movie playing. Possibly shorter episodes.
Libraries’ Staff Representative Group (LSRG) and LSA
LSRG have been a working group and has small projects. Their focus as a committee is to open up
lines of communication to the Administration and Staff Council. LSA is more special events and fun,
LSRG is more professional needs.
Cottage 5k
Was a great event. Had 3-4 library runners and volunteers. Had 130 total runners. The Cottage
profited $5k. There is also a golf tournament on May 5th.
Ice Cream Social planning
Ice Cream Social → David and Michael will plan it. See if Dr. Graham and Jason Battles could scoop.
Double check with the Administration to see whether or not they’ll pay for ice cream.
Make sure that custodial staff know and are invited. Students are welcome but not invited.
Games: frisbees, bubbles, cornhole if people have it.
Collapsible coolers are a better bet, foam coolers are less feasible. Non-dairy and vegan options.
Toppings went fast last year--get more for this year.
Schedule a backup space for this year
Keep in mind Law graduation, regular graduation, Maymester students, various conferences, but Dr.
Graham’s schedule trumps all.
Habitat Build planning
May 9th. Work on organizing carpooling. If you’re interested in driving, please let us know how many
people your car fits. Get a more solid headcount.
Ask about minors.
Pet Supplies Drive
We can keep this going semi-indefinitely. Wrap it up on the 25th if we have a decent amount of food.
Finding a replacement for Christina Warlick
Christina has moved on. Hannah de Camp would like to take over, but if we find a passionate
participant to take over, they can.
We will support Donnie’s event. Liz will contact him for details.
Fly UP