Treasurer's Report  

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Treasurer's Report  
Treasurer's Report $1847.78 in checking, $150 in cash boxes Includes Dues Drive and Book Sale after donation to Learning Allies Dues drive prizes $65; Pizza and such $400ish Due Drives wrap up $707.75 in total, and the CML won the raffle Spring Book Sale wrap up Made over $1000 and donated about $500 to Learning Allies We made more money than we ever have, possibly because of Square. More students bought books. We received no checks. Roughly 40% of our sales were cards. Popcorn was $85 of income at $1 a bag Student Appreciation Luncheon wrap up Went very smoothly. Papa John’s gave us a better deal than Dominos. Gave free plates and napkins. All the help was very much appreciated. One small veggie tray per location. Jesse’s van was an essential piece of the equation. Ice Cream Social Jason and Toby dates for the Ice Cream Social → May 16th, 24th, 26th. People want to do it later in the week. We choose Thursday, May 26th. Michael Law sent the order from last year to Mollie. We should up the sorbet if possible and see if they supply it. We should see if we cut the vanilla. We used our own coolers. 1:00PM ­­ 3:00PM. Will do it on the Main lawn and moved to the Main lobby in case of rain Will Admin cover the toppings as well as the ice cream? We will have to ask Mollie about this. Campus Catering can be directly billed by the Admin. Anything else we buy we have to put on CC and be reimbursed. Volunteering for the summer/Habitat Ryan Lewis no long runs the Habitat outreach program, so Michael is trying to make contact with them. The initial contact was done around this time last year, so we are not behind. We used Grapevine to advertise and Facebook to organize as well. The volunteers were mostly LSA people and some other individuals. There is no minimum for people and no charge to work. Michael will report back as soon as they contact him. Possibly pick a June weekend? We work from 8:00 until 3:00 and are provided a lunch. Pet Supplies Drive Jason Matherly is the coordinator and the building reps. Germaine will get him the contact information. There’s no specific date that Vet Med does this, so we can pick our dates and contribute. They really want food to distribute to the various people who need it. First two weeks in June for the drive. Fundraising Coordinator Mollie retiring from Fundraising Coordinator. We need a new one now. She can take over as Staff Appreciate and Admin Rep. We need to find someone else for next fall and/or we can coordinate everything. Germaine and Jason Hasty can take over these duties if we can’t find anyone. Trivia Team Athens Area Homeless Shelter does the Trivia Team every year. This would be the fourth year we do it. We pay a portion of the admissions for the team. The event raises $8­9K for the Homeless Shelter. It will be at Porterhouse. It’s a team of six. The date is June 5th. Try to make it half n half or less LSA officers ­­ have a lottery in case too many officers want to do it. On the horizon All Staff Party → July 14th as a prospective date. We had a karaoke master. 
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