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Shepherd Scoop January
Shepherd Scoop
Dear Shepherd Community,
We are pleased to invite you to Show Off Shepherd. You do
not want to miss this wonderful event on January 28th from 6:30 to
7:30 pm. We look forward to your coming and experiencing the
great work your students are doing in their classrooms and the
many opportunities afforded them here at Shepherd Junior High.
Our strings, choir, and band will all perform and academic classes
will have displays of student work. Award winning Science Fair
projects will be on display, the robots will be demonstrated by our
CTE/Engineering students, and Math will have some great handson activities you won’t want to miss. This is truly a special night!
For our “Step Up” families, this night is definitely for you, as
well! Come register for your 7th grade courses by experiencing all
that Shepherd has to offer. Counselors will present “Registration
Tips & the Junior High Experience” in the Auditorium from
6:00 – 6:30 pm and will be available for one on one scheduling
consultations from 6:30 – 7:30 pm in the counseling office.
Shepherd is one of only a few junior high schools in the East
valley to be given an “A” rating by the Arizona Department of
Education and an “A+” by the Arizona Educational Foundation.
Working with your children is our pleasure. Thank you for
sending us such wonderful young people; they are truly a credit to
you, their parents.
PG. 2 - 3
PG. 6
PG. 9 - 10
PG. 6
Eileen Cahoon
PG. 7
PG. 8
6th Grade
6:00pm - Auditorium
Registration Tips &
the Jr High Experience
Schedule Consultations
January 28, 2016
6:30 - 7:30 PM
Counseling Office
6:30-7:30 pm
A+ School of Excellence
AZ Education Foundation
“A” Rating
Robotics Demonstrations, Gliders , 3D Printer
Projects , & Digital Photo - CTE/Engineering Students
Performances from Shepherd’s
AZ Department of Education
Award Winning Band,
Orchestra, & Choir
Innovation in the Classroom, Probability Racers , &
Scavenger Hunt - Math Department
FOOD TRUCKS - 6:00 pm
Award-winning Science Fair projects on display—
Vote for Your Favorite
Honors, Poetry & Selfies with Shakespeare -
ELA & So-
cial Studies Departments
Student Involvement
- AVID, Close-up, Yearbook,
Clubs, & Student Council
“Minute to Win It” Games
& Sports at Shepherd
Waffle Crush
Jimbo’s Wings
Emerson Fry Bread
“Welcome Booth” - We’re So Pleased You’re Here!
Planet Shepherd - 6th Grade Summer Orientation Program
Course Request Questions - Shepherd Guidance Counselors
Open Enrollment - Applications & Answers
Close Up, Personal Histories & Honors - Social Studies in Action
Selfies with Shakespeare, Poetry & Personal Narratives - ELA Dept.
Science Fair People’s Choice Award - Vote for Your Favorite
Makers Space - Chopstick Challenge, Lego Creations & More
Minute to Win It Games - Shepherd Athletics
Performing Arts - Orchestra @ 6:30, Band @ 6:45, Choir @ 7:00,
Spotlight on Technology - Robots, 3D Printer Projects, Glider,
Computer Programming & AP Development, Digital Photo
AVID - Proven Achievement, Life Long Advantage
Novels for Quarters - Take Home a Used Book & Benefit Poetry Slam
The Year in Pictures - Slide Show from Yearbook
Probability Racers & Scavenger Hunt - Fun with Math
Innovation in the Classroom - One-to-One Technology Use
Hablamos Espanol & Nous Parlons Francais - Spanish & French
Typing Showdown - Computer Essentials Skill Challenge
Student Council & Shepherd Clubs - Involvement
PTO Raffle - Link your Fry’s VIP Card & Get a Cookie!
PARENT PORTALS & MyMPS AP - Communication Keys for Jr High
Key Shepherd
Anthony Robles
On January 8th, Shepherd Junior High was honored
to have Anthony Robles speak to our Stallions.
During his time at Mesa High School, Anthony won
two State Wrestling Championships and then as a
senior, he won a National Championship. He went
on to win the 2010-2011 NCAA Individual Wresting
Championship in the 125 pound weight class despite
being born with only one leg. After graduating from
Arizona State University, he became a motivational
speaker and author. He has won two ESPY awards and currently, a
movie about his life is in production with Walt Disney Studios.
Students of the Month
The Shepherd office is
open week days
Main Office
Media Center 472-1808
Psychologist 472-1818
7th Grade Girl:
Alyssa Vann
7th Grade Boy:
Matteo Gomes
8th Grade Girl:
Did you know ...
Atria Coffinger
Unexcused Absences
stay on your student's
attendance record?
8th Grade Boy:
Please call the
Attendance line at
Alexander Jacobs
Please send in your Box Tops.
Collection boxes are in the front office
and the Media Center. Don’t forget to ask
your friends and relatives to collect for
We will be happy to clear
those for you!
Media Center News
For the 2015-2016
school year.
Reasons to GET
INVOLVED in your
school’s PTO!
Increase student success
You’ll make a difference
The Media Center was hopping during November and
December. Students were busy working on assignments
before school and at lunch, classes came in to do research
and we had a Maker Challenge. In November, we had a one
minute challenge to find out who could pick up the most
candy corn with chopsticks.
Congratulations to Mykelle Adams for beating out the
competition with 36 in 60 seconds! In December we brought
out the LEGOs and students created some awesome
vehicles and machines.
It’s important to the school
You’ll get connected
You’ll be part of a network
You’ll be a role model
You’ll help raise necessary
Some of the challenges next semester will include marble
races, and towers made with spaghetti, straws, pipe
cleaners, and marshmallows. If you can donate any
materials for these projects, we would be most grateful.
We can always use tape, glue, string, paper clips,
straws, and old games.
It’s flexible
Be in the know
It’s for every parent
Feel free to email:
[email protected] or
check out our Facebook
page: https://
**Next PTO meeting is
Thursday, February 11th
We are currently
seeking volunteers for
the following
PTO News
We have a
fundraiser on
January 21st at Zoyo
Frozen Yogurt at
Gilbert and Brown
from 4-10pm. Come
on by and support
Mark your calendars!
February 26th PTO
is having a
fundraiser. Look for
a flyer to come home
Arizona law provides a
Tax Credit
for contributions to public
schools to support
extracurricular activities.
It’s never too early to
consider an ECA tax
donation to Shepherd Jr.
High. You can benefit from
the dollar for dollar tax
credit and everybody wins!
Sports, visual and performing arts, special
programs, character
building, field trips, clubs,
outdoor education, gifted
programs or classroom
enrichment programs can
be funded with tax credit
Sensational Shepherd Students
These are some of the traits that Shepherd loves to see from our
awesome students. Each quarter students are nominated by staff
members that witness “good citizenship” from our students.
Students that win the award for the quarter are given prizes along with a
certificate and a Sensational Shepherd poster that is displayed in the
Media Center for all to see.
Congratulations to the 1st Quarter Sensational Shepherd Students!!
Dylan Chapman
Millie Mejia Nava
Landon Baker
Romayne Lossing
Congratulations to the 2nd Quarter Sensational Shepherd Students!!
Roman Gomez
Asia Kimble
Claire Glennon
Atria Coffinger
Performing Arts Events
and News
In February, tickets will go on sale for the
highly anticipated musical “The Wiz”. The
musical will run from Feb. 18th - 20th. Tickets will
be available in the bookstore for $7.00. Don’t miss
this charming and lively production.
Upcoming Performances
Orchestra Concert
Jan. 21st
“The Wiz” Musical
Feb. 18th
Feb. 19th
Feb. 20th
2:00 PM & 7:00PM
Band Concert
Mar. 3rd
Orchestra Concert
Mar. 3rd
Choir Concert
Mar. 8th
And the
winner is…
Congratulations to
Lauren Robinson and
Hannah Velder for
their winning entries in
the Martin Luther King
Jr. Writing Contest. Both
students were honored
at a special awards
ceremony on Monday,
January 18, 2016 at the
Mesa Arts Center.
Way to go!
Stallion Café
Breakfast meals - $1.25
Lunch Combo Meals - $2.35
Remember a child who
doesn’t eat breakfast, doesn’t
do as well on tests as those
who start the day with a good,
healthy breakfast! Come and
see us in the cafeteria and
have a great start to your
day!! The Stallion Café offers
nutritious, well-balanced, and
affordable meals to all
Shepherd students.
 The Energy Zone menu for
Junior High students can
be viewed on-line at:
 Remember
MyLunchMoney.com to fund
your child’s meal account:
This last season of sports was a hit! Boys volleyball and baseball and Girls Softball all
did extremely well in the season ending tournament. We are very proud of their
accomplishments! The next season of sports; cross country, flag football, and girls
volleyball has started. Please see the attached link for the schedules for each sport.
Physical Education / Weight Training
Congratulations to the following students who made the weight training Wall of Fame.
Girls need to lift 95 % of their body weight and the boys need to lift 25 lbs over their
body weight, for 10 repetitions in order to qualify.
Sebastian Dorman
Hunter Jimenez
Gage Pearce
Sergio Nieto
Petya Lozanova
Gus Owens
Students ended the first semester by completing their post fitness tests. There was
significant improvement in their scores as well as overall fitness. They also took a
machine/muscle test to assess their knowledge of vocabulary and concepts taught this
semester. As I look forward to the New Year and the second semester, I am excited to
help the students be more physically fit and teach them new concepts that can used
throughout their lives. Coach Ziebell
Counselor Corner
Step Up is Right Around the Corner
The Shepherd counseling department is preparing for Step-Up Day, an
opportunity for all current 6th grade students who plan on attending Shepherd
for the 2016-2017 school year to visit and explore our campus, academics,
activities and clubs. Students who are currently attending Bush, Falcon Hill,
Mendoza, O’Connor and Red Mountain Ranch elementary schools will be
visiting our campus on Thursday, January 28, 2016 at 9:30 am with their
teacher. On the evening of January 28th at 6:00pm, Shepherd Jr. High
counselors will host a parent meeting to inform parents of the excellent
academic classes and registration process. Show Off Shepherd will take place
at 6:30 pm and counselors will be available to answer specific registration
questions. We look forward to meeting all of our future Stallions!
Shepherd Jr. High counselors will be speaking to all current 7th grade students
on Monday, February 8th during their English class and will explain the
registration process for 8th grade classes. Red Mountain High School
counselors will be at Shepherd Jr. High Monday, February 1st to speak to our
8th grade students, about course registration for 9th grade.
Pasta For
Start saving up those
Beginning on February
1st - 19th, Shepherd
Junior High will begin
collecting pennies to
help the Leukemia and
Lymphoma Society. The
winning class will earn a
pasta lunch from Olive
Parenting Partners
Parenting Partners: Raising a Successful Teen
Poston Jr. High Media Center
2433 E. Adobe (between Gilbert and Lindsay)
Tuesdays 6:30 – 8:30 PM
Do you have a teenager? In this series of five workshops, parents will learn skills for
raising teens who are responsible, respectful, and resilient! Each workshop is set up as
an individual class, so parents can attend the ones that work best for their schedule.
Come with challenges—leave with great tools for your parenting tool belt!
January 26th: Teens who are respectful…who don’t bicker or talk back…who follow
directions…who do their homework…AND THEIR CHORES!...who are fun to spend time
February 2nd: Parents, are you tired of nagging your teen to follow through with chores,
homework, and other responsibilities? Learn strategies for teaching your child to follow
through, managing disrespect and backtalk, and--most important--building a positive
relationship with your teen.
February 9th: Is your child underperforming at school or misbehaving at home? You ask
them why and the answer is, “I don’t know.” You ground them but it doesn’t do much
good. Learn to go beyond consequences to problem solving, and guide your teen toward
better behaviors that will lead them to success, and you to more joyful parenting!
Make sure to order your
student's yearbook by
Friday, March 11, 2016.
Each yearbook is $30 and
can be paid in the
bookstore. We do sell out
every year, as we do not
order extra yearbooks.
Start saving your money
February 16th: Remember the adults in the Charlie Brown specials? Do you ever feel like
one of those adults—all your teen seems to hear is “Wah wah wah wah wah”? Learn
more effective ways of communicating with your teen about tough topics—anything from
homework to dating to drugs—and grow your connection by listening to their words…so
they will listen to yours.
February 23rd: Life’s a bumpy road. Parents want to protect kids from tough experiences,
but the reality is, we can protect them most by teaching them skills for self-confidence and
resilience. Learn strategies for helping your teen see challenges as problems they are
capable of solving, while deepening your connection as a family.
Parenting Partners is facilitated by Eva Dwight, Shepherd Counselor. Please feel
free to contact Eva with questions at 472.1817 or [email protected]
Honor Roll
Magna Cum Laude
7th Grade
Ajca Alejo, Diego
Allen, Shelby
Arriola Borja, Nick
Ashcroft, Brianna
Barkman, McKenna
Begay, Jacqueline
Bonham, Andrew
Brenner, Isabella
Bryant, Troy
Campos, Ryan
Chouteau, Cam’ron
Cordero-Chavez, Saira
Current, Aidan
Derouen, Matthew
Dumse, Andrew
Elizondo, Natalie
Evans, Luke
Flake, Morgan
Gambell, Camilla
Gambell, Megan
Garcia, Kendall
Geiss, Aiden
Hadyka, Derek
Hutchison, MacKenzie
Infiesto, Erik
Jones, Dravyn
Jones, Owen
Kimble, Asia
Kotloff, Mason
Kuter, Kaitlyn
Lamon, Alicia
Lloyd, Faith
Lu, Steven
McGraw, Ryan
Millan, Nicholas
Miller, Cade
Morris, Ethan
Moschetto, Kaitlyn
Mumphrey, Madison
Newling, Ian
O’Neal, Brandi
Palmer, Carsen
Peavler, Aidan
Perez, Jennifer
Phillips, Aiyana
Pobieglo, Carlee
Popken, Levi
Ruecklies, Hans
Ruiz, Alexcia
Rodriguez, Valerie
Santos, Kevin
Schuetz, Faith
Seibal, Adam
Singer, Dominick
Skinner, Thomas
Sneed, Michael
Spilsbury, Macey
Stephanik, Sean
Stradling, Jade
Stringer, Sullivan
Taylor, Jasmyne
Tolman, Kori
Warren, Brandon
Wheadon, Naomi
Winter, Hendrik
Yazvac, Addison
Summa Cum Laude
7th Grade
Badman, Maya
Baker, Kendal
Bergen, Nicholai
Bojorquez, Said
Boult, Jessie
Brockman, Kate
Brooks, Austin
Brooks, Steven
Carpenter, Hannah
Castillo, Armando
Cullipher, Victoria
Davison, Rylee
Denton, Niccolas
Dillon, Logan
Farrar, Benjamin
Franklin, Jaylee
Glennon, Claire
Gomes, Matteo
Hollander, Jacob
Jenkins, Sara
Johnson, Jaiden
Konecek, Caleb
Kramer, Abbie
Kurtz, Nolan
Lee, Kamri
Mason, McKay
Meza, Isabel
Morris, Kendra
Moyer, Joseph
Petrielli, Joshua
Racioppi, Joseph
Richtfort, Madelynn
Rogerson, Courtney
Rowan, Rayanna
Salgado, Jake
Schroader, Sahara
Starks, Sadie
Stenberg, John
Tidwell, Ellison
Underwood, Kaylee
Valenzuela, Celeste
Veres, William
Wiskirchen, Katelin
Zern, Damian
Magna Cum Laude
8th Grade
Adams, Mykelle
Aguilar, Alexandra
Amaya, Cesar
Ascencio Young, Bianca
Barnes, Dylan
Barnes, Rayme
Barrow, Tiah
Bisarra, Matthew
Boulter, Natalie
Boyles, Lexa
Brooks, Bo
Budge, Rylan
Canales, Breanna
Castaway, Isaiah
Chapman, Dylan
Chrisman, Zachary
Cline, Cole
Coffinger, Atria
Crosby, Wyatt
Dalton, Anja
Honor Roll
Magna Cum Laude
8th Grade
Davies, Timothy
Davis, Cami
Dingle, Megan
Erb, Matthew
Feltz, Madison
Grams, Madison
Gomez, Roman
Gordon, Miles
Hanes, Preston
Harling, Ethan
Harris, Jazmine
Henning, Michael
Hite, Michaela
Hofmann, Masen
Hopkins, Jacob
Irizarry, Mikaela
Jones, Desiree
Jones, Hannah
Juba, Joshua
Kerr, Nicholas
Kesterson, Robert
Laura, Kyle
Lessard, Aimee
Lobatos, Jackelyn
Lyons, Erin
McElwain, Athena
McKnight, Elijah
Pester, Kylie
Platchek, Laura
Potter, Ashley
Poshka, Alysa
Richardson, Dane
Rivera Mendoza, David
Rojo, Pablo
Sandoval, Marissa
Schield, Bradon
Sims, Charlize
Stauffer, Kaitlin
Subbert, Alexa
Summers, Kaylee
Tabarez Escorcia, Joana
Taylor, Joseph
Thom, Bryden
Tran, Emily
Trent, Jacob
Velder, Hannah
Wade, Kalin
Welch, Aimee
Woo, Kody
Working, Alexa
Summa Cum Laude
8th Grade
Ashby, Kaylee
Ask, Michael
Benally, Madeline
Benson, Alexis
Bertsch, Christopher
Browne, Chelsea
Burckhard, Connor
Butler, Alycia
Clark, Reyna
Collinsworth, Gracie
Davis, Joshua
Gallagher, Riley
Garcia, Selena
Gilb, Jackson
Gomez, Ryan
Gutierrez, Omar
Heckel, Claire
Jacobs, Alexander
Kahler, Kasey
King, Ian
McIver, Macy
Mejia Nava, Millie
Meza, Carolina
Navarrette, Kaitlyn
Penning, Dylan
Rayl, Denver
Reyes, Anthony
Robinson, Lauren
Sanchez Gonzalez, Libni
Santos, Kaitlyn
Smolka, Steven
Sprunger-Kingston, Emilee
Testa, Audrey
Thompson, Alexis
Vander Linden, William
January 2016
Winter Break
9:35 - Late Start
Civil Rights Day
9:35 - Late Start
3:55 - Sign
Language Club
NAL Match @
8:00 - NJHS
4:00 - PTO
9:35 - Late Start
NAL Match @
4:00 - PTO Zoyo
6:30 - Orchestra
7:00 - SHOW OFF
Food Trucks will
be here
8:15 - AVID Team
Assembly Anthony Robles
9:35 - Late Start
3:55 - Sign
Language Club
NAL Match @
Every School Day Matters- Can We
Count You In?
Every day at Shepherd, administration, faculty and staff deliver this important message,
backed up by research:
Every period absence matters at every grade level.
Every class period missed is a period of instruction missed, and another day of
classroom interaction with students and teachers that can’t be recovered.
The following steps are taken to increase daily attendance:
1. Parent/Guardian is required to do one of the following:
 Call in an absence prior to 9am on the day of the absence:
 472-1804 – Audrey McIntosh
As a general rule, a
 472-1805 – Automated Attendance Line
tardy/absence for a reason
 Write an excuse giving the following information:
that is not necessary or
 student’s name
compelling to override the
 date
student’s daily attendance will
 day(s) of absence
not be excused.
 reason for the absence.
 Provide documentation for medical, dental, counseling or court
appointments promptly.
 Schedule appointments and vacations outside of school hours.
 If a student arrives 10 minutes after the class period begins,
the tardy will be recorded as an absence.
2. School: We track and report attendance every period, every day!
 Attendance letters are mailed home when a student reaches:
 5,10, & 15 class period absences (Excused or unexcused)
 Automated phone messages and emails are sent out to alert parents of
student class period absences twice a day.
 Each month we recognize improved attendance with
a certificate and incentive.
3. District: MPS District Attendance Officer will intervene
when a student reaches:
 5-7 unexcused class period absences - meet with individual student
and discuss attendance issues. Once warned and unexcused class
period absences continue, a citation may be issued.
 12 unex/ex class period absences* - meet and give an attendance
 20 unex/ex class period absences* – may issue citation & refer to
Maricopa County Juvenile Court
* no doctor, orthodontic, counseling, court documentation, or
funeral notice
Let us know how we can best support you and your children so that they can show up for
school on time every day. We want your child to be a successful Shepherd Stallion.
Shepherd Tardy Policy
Interrupts learning for everyone in the classroom.
Students who are tardy miss the very important
beginning of class.
Good attendance and punctuality are skill for success
in life; that is why we emphasize both.
1. Tardiness will be excused for the following reasons:
 Medical, dental or counseling appointment
 Court appointment
 Funeral or Family emergency
Tardiness caused by missing the bus, sleeping in, babysitting, accompanying
other people to appointments, etc. will not be excused.
2. Attendance Reminders:
 All late arrivals are to report to the Front Office to sign in and receive a
 When returning from an appointment, please report to the Front Office first
before returning to class to get pass.
 If you are more than 10 minutes late to a class, you will be reported
absent instead of tardy.
 Check in with teacher and get a hall pass before you see an administrator,
counselor, or nurse.
3. Consequences For Tardies:
1. First and Second Offense: Verbal Warning
2. Third Offense: Lunch detention along with parent contact by note,
phone, or conference
3. Additional offense: administrator referral to ALC, parent contact
Fly UP