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Shepherd Scoop September
Shepherd Scoop
Dear Shepherd Junior High Parents & Families,
We are happy to welcome our students to Shepherd Junior High
School for the 2015-2016 year! Shepherd is an A+ school and for the
4th year in a row and we have received an ‘A’ rating from the Arizona
Department of Education. This is the year that we reapply for our A+
designation and we are looking forward to the reflective process.
Andrew Beck, Shepherd math and 8th grade AVID teacher, will be our
principal writer.
At Shepherd each student is an integral part of our total school
program. School pride is important, as is pride in personal
accomplishments. Our theme for the year is “HOME TEAM
ADVANTAGE.” All members of the Shepherd Team are learning
about how to support and encourage each other. Teachers are here to
support your students not only during class time, but outside of class
with before and after school tutoring.
Students will be given a set of textbooks for both home and school use,
thereby eliminating the need to carry heavy books to school. They will
need a 3 ring binder with pockets in the front & back, dividers, a pencil
pouch with pencils, pens & highlighter, and lined paper.
We are very proud of our students! Supportive parents, dedicated
teachers, and a hard-working staff make their achievements possible. I
extend a sincere thank you to each person who makes a positive
contribution. As we continue to work together, our students will
continue to learn and to succeed.
PG. 3 & 4
PG. 5 & 6
PG. 7
PG. 9
Eileen Cahoon
PG. 12
PG. 15
PG. 16
Key Shepherd
The Shepherd office is
open week days
Main Office
Media Center 472-1808
Psychologist 472-1818
Student Council
Congratulations to the newest members of our Student Coucil.
Charles Baker
Kaylee Ashby
Camilla Gambell
Alexis Benson
Reggie Hannah
Suzanne Craig
Cody Minutella
Carolina Meza
Aidan Peavler
Kiaya Stearns
Alexcia Ruiz
Mackenzi Stein
William Veres
Lauren Robinson
September Students of the Month
7th Grade Girl: Kate Brockman
7th Grade Boy: Austin Brooks
8th Grade Girl: Diana Romero
8th Grade Boy: Ammon Huston
Media Center News
Parents, did you know that
an unexcused absence
stays on your student's
Attendance record? Please
call the Attendance line at
480-472-1805 and we will
be happy to clear those for
August was a busy month for the Media Center. Students checked
out their textbooks, eighth grade Social Studies started a research
project, and seventh grade had library orientation.
We are asking parents and students to please put textbooks in a
safe place at home. When a textbook comes back damaged,
we are required to put a fine on the student’s account.
In September, the READ Club will start up for the year. If your
student loves to read, this is the club for them! Announcements will
be made regarding days and times.
We are also looking for volunteers to become part of the Media
Squad. These volunteers help out in the library during their lunch.
They work a fifteen minute shift, and can use their volunteer hours
toward Service Learning.
Please send in your Box Tops.
Collection boxes are in the front office
and the Media Center. Don’t forget to ask
your friends and relatives to collect for
PTO News
Hello Shepherd Families,
Wacky Wednesdays are
Starting in September,
Shepherd PTO will be
selling snow cones and
other yummy treats on
Remember to bring
your cash and join in
the fun!
Go to the flyer in
the back of the
Scoop for further
The 2015-2016 school year has begun and the PTO
has a couple of open positions that we would like to fill
ASAP! The goal of the PTO is to enlist the talents of as
many Shepherd parents, friends and families to work as
a team for the welfare of our students for success of
our children. Our responsibility is to consider all
persons who are interested in a particular PTO position.
You may also recommend someone you think would be
ideal candidate for a board position. The following
positions are available: Vice President, Secretary, and Restaurant
Coordinator. An hour or two of your time truly makes a difference. Our
meetings are held every second Thursday of every month at 4:00 p.m.
The majority of our fundraisers are operated by third party organizations,
which translates to minimal time needed by our board members. We also
have the occasional evening events for curriculum nights, and Show Off
Shepherd! Your time is needed, however it will be very minimal as we use
our volunteer in short time slots.
The first fundraiser will be in September with Gold Canyon Candles.
October will bring our Shepherd Boo Bash at Peter Piper’s Pizza. We are
also holding fundraisers in multiple restaurants throughout the year.
If you want to only volunteer at events, and would like to be notified of
upcoming events, please contact me to be put on the email list.
Thank you again in advance for your time and interest in the Shepherd PTO.
Warmest Regards,
Naomi Evans
PTO President
[email protected]
Fall Dance
Our Fall Dance is Friday, September 4th from 4:00-6:00pm in the Gym. You must
have a Shepherd ID to enter the dance. Tickets will be on-sale in the Bookstore for
$4.00 and must be pre-purchased by noon on Friday, September 4th. For students’
safety, no one will be released from the dance until 6:00pm unless a parent comes to
get them early. All students must be picked up by 6:15pm. Don’t forget your socks!
Soda, water and candy will be sold for $1.00 each.
Remember, dress code and cell phone rules apply at the dance.
Breakfast meals - $1.50 
Lunch Combo Meals - $2.50
Remember a child who
doesn’t eat breakfast,
doesn’t do as well on tests
as those who start the day
with a good, healthy
breakfast! Come and see us
in the cafeteria and have a
great start to your day!! The
Stallion Café offers
nutritious, well-balanced,
and affordable meals to all
Shepherd students.
The Energy Zone for Junior
High Students can be
viewed online at:
Remember MySchoolBucks.com to fund your
child’s meal account:
What an exciting year our AVID students will be experiencing! We are
celebrating the fact that we can already see what amazing, outgoing students we
have in our growing AVID program. Although we just joined the AVID schools in
Mesa last year, we now have included an additional 7th grade class this year and
the kids are off to a roaring start.
During this semester, our first event will be STEM/College Night on
October 29th from 5:30-7:00pm. We will have food trucks, visiting colleges,
college boards created by our own AVID students, BMX bikes and lots of STEM
(Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) activities, including Red Mountain
Robotics and the Astronomy Club.
Next month the kids will partner with tutors from ASU and MCC to help
begin our tutorials. This is where AVID students really begin to figure out how to
solve problems they don’t understand; whether it is in Math, English or Science.
Just a reminder, once tutorials begin, students will have homework every Monday
and Wednesday night in the form of a Tutorial Request Form (TRF). We will have
a family night and serve grilled hot dogs and hamburgers and selected students
will perform a “mock Tutorial”
Second semester we already have fun events planned. One of the big
events is a field trip to ASU to gain university awareness through participation in
several events. We are also organizing a family Fishing Derby at Red Mountain
Park with a fishing instructor. Poles will be provided by the Department of Fish
and Game. We will end the year with an emotional AVID Promotion for our current
8th graders to send them off to Red Mountain to shine in their AVID program next
The slogan for AVID is, “Proven
Achievement. Lifelong Advantage.” We
are so proud of our Shepherd AVID
Understanding Common Core Standards for
Math and Language Arts
Stand for Children has launched a new parent information tool to help parents understand the
new requirements for Math and Language Arts under the Common Core Standards.
The Web site www.DoYourHomeworkArizona.org was created by Stand for Children Arizona
to assist parents with understanding Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards.
The site is unique as it breaks down content by grade and subject, explains concepts in plain
language, gathers the most high quality resources from multiple sources that best speak to
parents, and does not require users to supply any personal information to access content.
What is Title I?
Dear Parents,
For the 2015-2016
school year.
Reasons to GET
INVOLVED in your
school’s PTO!
Increase student success
It’s important to the school
You’ll get connected
You’ll be part of a network
You’ll make a difference
Shepherd Junior High receives additional supplemental funds
through a Title I grant from the federal government to provide extra
supplementary services for all of our students. Your children will benefit
directly or indirectly from this extra help. At Shepherd these funds along
with other federal resources will be consolidated to support school-wide
positive changes. Funds can be used to:
Hire highly qualified instructional personnel to assist teachers within
the classrooms
Provide training for staff and teachers
Provide supplemental instructional materials and technology
Ensure high-quality School-wide Programs
Increase parent involvement participation
We are pleased to have these funds to provide high quality instruction for
all children.
You’ll be a role model
You’ll help raise necessary
It’s flexible
Be in the know
It’s for every parent
Feel free to email:
[email protected] or
check out our Facebook page:
**Next PTO meeting is
Thursday, September
10th at 4:oo pm
We are currently
seeking volunteers for
the following positions:
Estimados Padres:
La escuela Shepherd Junior High recibe fondos suplementarios
adicionales a través de una subvención de Título I del gobierno federal
para proveer servicios suplementarios extras a todos nuestros
estudiantes. Sus hijos se beneficiarán directa o indirectamente de esta
ayuda. En la escuela Shepherd estos fondos junto con otros recursos
federales, serán consolidados para apoyar cambios escolares positivos.
Los fondos pueden ser utilizados para:
Contratar a personal docente altamente calificado para ayudar a los
maestros en la clase
Proveer entrenamiento para los empleados y maestros
Proveer material de instrucción suplemental y tecnología
Asegurar programas escolares de la mayor calidad
Aumentar la participación de los padres en la escuela
Nos complace tener estos fondos para proporcionar instrucción de alta
calidad a todos los estudiantes.
Vice President
We have begun our first session of intramural sports which consists of boys
basketball, girls soccer and wrestling. Games will begin in the next couple of weeks!
Our next Intramurals will begin following October Break. Girls badminton, softball,
baseball and boys volleyball all will be offered during the second session of
Intramurals. If you are interested in coaching or have any questions, please contact
Mr. Fletcher asap at (480) 472-1907.
We have an urgent need for qualified coaches and volunteers.
Fingerprinting and background checks take several weeks and will be required for
any coaching applicants.
~Mr. Fletcher
Physical Education / Weight Training
Welcome back Shepherd Stallions! I am looking forward to another exciting year.
We began this amazing year by completing the baseline fitness testing for all
During this semester I will be teaching a unit on CPR in addition to fitness
components and nutrition. I look forward to working with your student to progress
and watching them reach their potential. Have a great and healthy semester.
~Coach Ziebell
Performing Arts
Welcome Back Shepherd Students! On Friday, September 11th, we
will be having our Junior High Band Night for 8th graders at the Red
Mountain Football Game.
Upcoming Concert Dates:
Thursday, Sept. 24th
Choir Concert
Tuesday, Oct. 6th
Band Concert
Tuesday, Oct. 6th
Orchestra Concert
Shepherd Tardy Policy
Interrupts learning for everyone in the classroom.
 Students who are tardy miss the very important
beginning of class.
 Good attendance and punctuality are skill for success
in life; that is why we emphasize both.
1. Tardiness will be excused for the following reasons:
Medical, dental or counseling appointment
 Court appointment
 Funeral or Family emergency
Tardiness caused by missing the bus, sleeping in, babysitting, accompanying other people to
appointments, etc. will not be excused.
2. Attendance Reminders:
late arrivals are to report to the Front Office to sign in and receive a pass.
 When returning from an appointment, please report to the Front Office first before
returning to class to get pass.
 If you are more than 10 minutes late to a class, you will be reported absent instead of
 Check in with teacher and get a hall pass before you see an administrator, counselor, or
3. Consequences For Tardies:
1.First and Second Offense: Verbal Warning
2.Third Offense: Lunch detention along with parent contact by note, phone, or
3. Additional offense: administrator referral to ALC, parent contact
Counselor Corner
Parenting Partners: Raising a Successful Teen
Shepherd Jr. High Media Center
1407 N. Alta Mesa Drive, Mesa, AZ
Tuesdays 6:30 - 8:30 PM
Do you have a teenager? In this series of five workshops, parents will learn skills for raising teens who are
responsible, respectful and resilient!
Each workshop is set up as an individual class, so parents can attend the ones that work best for their
schedule. Come with challenges—leave with great tools for your parenting tool belt!
September 1st Teens Who Are Respectful Teens who are respectful… who don’t bicker or talk back… who
follow directions… who do their homework… AND THEIR CHORES!... Who are fun to spend time with….
September 15th Problem Solving and Guiding Your Teen Toward Better Behaviors Is your child
underperforming at school or misbehaving at home? You ask them why and the answer is, “I don’t know.” You
ground them but it doesn’t do much good. Learn to go beyond consequences to problem solving, and guide your
teen toward better behaviors that will lead them to success, and you to more joyful parenting!
September 22nd More Effective Ways of Communicating With Your Teen Remember the adults in the Charlie
Brown specials? Do you ever feel like one of those adults—all your teen seems to hear is “Wah wah wah wah wah”?
Learn more effective ways of communicating with your teen about tough topics—anything from homework to dating
to drugs—and grow your connection by listening to their words… so they will listen to yours.
September 29th Skills for Self-Confidence and Resilience Life’s a bumpy road. Parents want to protect kids from
tough experiences, but the reality is, we can protect them most by teaching them skills for self-confidence and
resilience. Learn strategies for helping your teen see challenges as problems they are capable of solving, while
deepening your connection as a family.
To register, go to www.mpsaz.org/parentu
Click on the Registration Form and complete it with the workshops you plan to attend.
Questions? Contact Eva Dwight at 480.472.1817 or [email protected]
Continuing education credits are available, two hours per workshop.
School Event
Parents Right to Know
Title I School-wide and/or Target Assistance Programs
Come out to Costco on
Sept. 26th from
8:30am - Noon and for
everyone $100 you
spend, a ream of paper
will be donated to our
We are pleased to notify you that in accordance with the No Child Left Behind Act of
2001, you have the right to request information regarding the professional
qualifications of your child’s teacher. Specifically, you may request the following:
Whether the teacher has met State qualification and licensing criteria for the grade
levels and subject areas in which the teacher provides instruction.
Early Bird Special:
Show up before 9am and
a ream of paper will be
donated for every $55
Whether the teacher is teaching under emergency or other provisional status through
which State qualification or licensing criteria has been waived.
The baccalaureate degree major of the teacher and any other graduate
certification or degree held by the teacher, and the field of discipline of the
certification or degree.
Whether the child is provided services by paraprofessionals and, if so, their
If you would like to receive this information, please contact your school’s
principal, Eileen Cahoon, at 480-472-1801 and she will be happy to assist you.
Please see the flyer for
this event on page 16.
Come out and support
our school.
ECA Tax Credit
Arizona law provides a tax
credit for contributions to
public schools to support
extracurricular activities.
It’s never too early to
consider an ECA tax
donation to Shepherd Jr.
High. You can benefit from
the dollar for dollar tax
credit and everybody wins!
Activities such as sports,
visual and performing arts,
special programs, character building, field trips,
clubs, outdoor
education, gifted
programs or classroom
enrichment programs can
be funded with tax credit
Derecho de los padres en conocer ~ Programa Título I en toda la escuela y
Programa Título I para cumplir objetivos
Nos complace informarle en conformidad con la ley Ningún Niño se Queda Atrás de
2001, usted tiene el derecho de solicitar información sobre los títulos profesionales del
maestro de su hijo. Específicamente, puede solicitar lo siguiente:
Si el maestro ha cumplido los requisitos estatales y criterios de licenciatura para los
niveles de estudios y áreas de asignaturas en las que el maestro proporciona instrucción.
Si el maestro está enseñando bajo un certificado de enseñanza alternativa u otro estado provisional a través de que el requisito estatal o criterio de licenciatura han sido
El título de licenciatura del maestro y cualquier otro certificado de graduación o
título que tiene el maestro, y el campo de la disciplina de la certificación o título.
Si el niño reciba servicios de un paraprofesional (un ayudante capacitado para
ayudar a una persona profesional) y, si es así, sus títulos/certificaciones.
Si desea recibir esta información, por favor comuníquese con el director de la escuela
Eileen Cahoon al 480-472-1801 y ella estará encantado de ayudarle.
Health Office News
Welcome back to school students and parents!! By now everyone is settling
into their new 2015-2016 school year routines! The Shepherd Health Office
just wants to make sure you and your children are as healthy as possible so
that we are off to a good educational start!!
Medications at School – Parent Information
When it is necessary for a student to take medication during
school hours, the following requirements must be met:
Prescription medication must be in the ORIGINAL container with a
non-expired prescription label.
Over-the-counter medications must be in the ORIGINAL container with
original package directions.
Age-appropriate dosage as stated on the label will be dispensed.
A Parent’s Consent for Giving Medication at School must be signed by
the parent/guardian for us to administer medication to the child.
Name of student, dosage, time, dates to be given, and the name of the
medication must be clearly stated.
It is recommended that when you get a prescription filled that you
request a separate “school bottle” from the pharmacy. This is especially
important with liquid medications (such as antibiotics) that have to be
All inhalers, self-carry or not, must have a pharmacy-placed label on
them or have the inhaler inside the box that has the pharmacy label
placed on the outside of the box. Inhalers not properly labeled are not
allowed per District policy.
Medications given three times a day are discouraged at school. Please
make arrangements to give these medications before and after school.
Narcotic pain mediation will not be given at school.
Medications brought to school and not meeting the necessary
requirements will not be dispensed. The medication will be locked in the
Health Office until a parent/guardian verifies the medication, signs the
proper forms or takes it home.
Please contact one of the Health Office staff for information regarding
the procedure for Epi-Pens.
Natural/Herbal Preparations/Essential Oils and Food Supplements will
be treated the same as over-the-counter medications.
Health Office News
What can I do to keep my child and/or children healthy this
The control of communicable (catching) disease during the school year is a
difficult problem and an important responsibility. The first responsibility
must fall upon the home because parents know the normal appearance of
their children and should be the first to detect signs of illness. Frequent
hand washing is the best prevention!
The following rules will help control communicable diseases in the
1. Your child should remain at home if exhibiting any signs of illness.
2. When questioning illness, your family physician is the appropriate person
to contact to determine whether or not your child should be in school.
Some signs of illness:
 Fever
 Diarrhea
 Severe Sore Throat
 Draining Wound
 Vomiting
All students with a fever need to remain at home until they are
fever free without the aid of fever reducing medication (Tylenol,
Ibuprofen etc.).
Remember that a good night’s sleep (at least 8hrs) and proper nutrition will
help your child/children perform at their very best. Thank you for all of your
help and we look forward to this new school year!
Shepherd Health Office
Students must be HEALTHY to be educated, and educated to be HEALTHY!!
Every School Day Matters- Can We Count
You In?
Every day at Shepherd, administration, faculty and staff deliver this important message, backed up
by research:
Every period absence matters at every grade level.
Every class period missed is a period of instruction missed, and another day of classroom
interaction with students and teachers that can’t be recovered.
The following steps are taken to increase daily attendance:
1. Parent/Guardian is required to do one of the following:
 Call in an absence prior to 9am on the day of the absence:
472-1804 – Audrey McIntosh
As a general rule, a tardy/
472-1805 – Automated Attendance Line
absence for a reason that is
 Write an excuse giving the following information: not necessary or compelling
to override the student’s
student’s name
attendance will not be
day(s) of absence
reason for the absence.
 Provide documentation for medical, dental, counseling or court appointments
 Schedule appointments and vacations outside of school hours.
 If a student arrives 10 minutes after the class period begins, the tardy will
be recorded as an absence.
2. School: We track and report attendance every period, every day!
 Attendance letters are mailed home when a student reaches:
5,10, & 15 class period absences (Excused or unexcused)
 Automated phone messages and emails are sent out
to alert parents of student class period absences
twice a day.
 Each month we recognize improved attendance
with a certificate and incentive.
3. District: MPS District Attendance Officer will intervene when a student reaches:
 5-7 unexcused class period absences - meet with individual student and discuss
attendance issues. Once warned and unexcused class period absences continue, a
citation may be issued.
 12 unex/ex class period absences* - meet and give an attendance warnings
 20 unex/ex class period absences* – may issue citation & refer to Maricopa County
Juvenile Court
* no doctor, orthodontic, counseling, court documentation, or funeral
Let us know how we can best support you and your children so that they can show up for school on
time every day. We want your child to be a successful Shepherd Stallion.
September 2015
8:15am - SAC
9:35am - Late Start
4pm - School Dance
9:35 - Late Start
8am - NJHS
3:55pm - Sign
Language Club
9:35am - Late Start
7pm - Choir Concert
Binder Checks
1st Period
11:05am - Late Start
3:55pm - Sign
Language Club
8am - All Pro Retakes
9:35am - Late Start
September 9th
After School
Out back & Out Front
50 cents to $1.00
Granola Bars
Other Wacky Snacks
Saturday, September 26, 8:30 a.m. - 12 p.m.
aper will be
ur school
donated to yo
u spend*
for e
Enjoy refreshments and learn about the
surprising ways Costco can save your
family money — even on flu shots!
Special Offers:
RSVP to:
Linda Jones
(480) 333-6568
[email protected]
Receive a $20 Costco Cash Card
when you join as a new Executive Member.
Or, receive a $10 Costco Cash Card
when you join as a new Gold Star or
Business Member.
1444 S. Sossaman Road
Mesa, AZ 85209
You must be a member to shop at Costco. Not a member? See our offers at this event!
Invitation for the faculty, staff and families of:
• Mesa School's
• Apache Junction School's
• Gilbert School's
*One ream of paper will be donated to a school listed above, for every $100 spent on the same receipt during this event.
Costco Cash Card offer is valid only when you join in person with a Costco representative at this event. Valid only for new members for their first year of membership. Limit one Costco Cash Card offer per household. Offer is
nontransferable and may not be combined with any other offer or coupon. Costco Cash Cards are not redeemable for cash. A Gold Star Membership is $55 a year. An Executive Membership is an additional $55 upgrade fee
a year. Each membership includes a free Household Card. Please include sales tax in all applicable states. Costco accepts cash, checks, debit/ATM cards, EBT, Costco Cash Cards, Costco Credit Cards and American Express.
Employees of Costco are excluded from this offer.
Offer Expires: 09/26/2015
SDR000041B 0714
It’s that time of year again! Shepherd families can register with Fry’s
Community Rewards and we earn money for our school! The more
families who register and select Shepherd Jr. High the more money
we will receive. Reregister every year at the beginning of the school
year. Please take advantage of this program and help support your
How to Re-Enroll for the Fry’s Community Rewards Program
Go to https://www.frysfood.com/topic/community?activePage=community
Select ‘Sign-In.’
Enter your email and password then select ‘sign in.’
Select ‘My Account’, you should see Account Summary at the top.
Scroll down, Click ‘ENROLL’ under Community Rewards. If prompted,
enter personal information.
Under Find Your Organization: Enter the NPO number 80640 or
Shepherd Junior High School PTO then select ‘search’.
Under Select Your Organization: Select box next to your organization.
Then select ‘save changes.’
If you have registered correctly, you should now see your organization
information listed under ‘Community Rewards’ on your Account Summary page.
Fly UP