1 MFCarney Curriculum Vitae February 2012 Telephone 617-373-3416 e-mail

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1 MFCarney Curriculum Vitae February 2012 Telephone 617-373-3416 e-mail
1 MFCarney Curriculum Vitae February 2012
Mary F. Carney
Telephone 617-373-3416
[email protected]
Registered nurse for 38 years, Nurse
Practitioner for 31 years, Psychiatric Clinical
Nurse Specialist for 22 years.
Northeastern University
2004 – 2008 Assistant Coordinator
2008 – Present Associate Coordinator
Cooperative Education, School of Nursing,
educate students, collaborate with academic
faculty, and coordinate with co-op employer
partners in the preparation, implementation,
and evaluation of an effective cooperative
education program.
1997-2004 Clinical Instructor, directed
baccalaureate degree nursing students during
their psychiatric nursing clinical placement on
inpatient psychiatric units at various Boston
Quincy Community College
Quincy MA
2003 Clinical Instructor, supervised groups of
associate degree nursing students during their
psychiatric nursing rotations at various area
North Suffolk Mental Health
Boston MA
2002-2004 Crisis Team Clinician, responsible
for emergency evaluations and referral services
for clients of the Department of Mental
2001-2004 Outpatient Services Clinician,
supported individual clients with medication
management and psychotherapy services.
2 MFCarney Curriculum Vitae February 2012
Roxbury Community College
Roxbury MA
1993-2004 Clinical Instructor, supervised
groups of associate degree nursing students
during their psychiatric nursing rotations at
teaching hospitals in the Boston area.
1996-2000 Lecturer, presented didactic content
for the psychiatric nursing course.
1997-2001 Lecturer, taught didactic content
for professional issues in nursing course.
Arbour Hospital
Jamaica Plain MA
1990-1992 Staff Nurse, provided nursing care
in an acute adult inpatient unit.
1992-1993 Day Hospital Clinician, responsible
for assessment, treatment planning, and case
management services for adult psychiatric
Boston College
Chestnut Hill MA
1992-1993 Nurse Practitioner, delivered
primary care health services to a diverse
student population in a university setting.
Harvard Vanguard
Medical Associates
Cambridge MA
1990-1991 Fellow, HVMA Managed
Care Mental Health Fellowship, was
mentored and guided in the provision of
psychotherapeutic services to individuals and
1981-1989 Nurse Practitioner Obstetrics and
Gynecology, coordinated and administered
specialty care assessment and treatment for
Roxbury Comprehensive
Community Health Center
Roxbury MA
1980-1981 Nurse Practitioner Adolescent Unit,
primary care provider of health care services to
an inner city population of adolescent clients.
Brookline Public Schools
Brookline MA
1977-1979 School Nurse, dispensed preventive
and episodic care to students in kindergarten
through high school.
Veteran’s Administration
Jamaica Plain MA
1975-1977 Staff Nurse, cared for patients with
neurological disorders on an inpatient unit.
3 MFCarney Curriculum Vitae February 2012
Volunteers in Service to America 1974-1975 Community Health Nurse,
cooperated with community service agencies
Laredo, Texas
in the coordination of health care education
and direct services to individuals.
Northeastern University
Special Student, Spring Semester 2007
Bouve College
Epidemiology and Population Health
School of Nursing
Graduate Program
C G Jung Institute-Zurich
Matriculated Auditor, Summer Semester 2003
Boston College
Master of Science in Psychiatric Mental Health
Nursing, 1990
Albany Medical College
Certificate as a Primary Care Nurse
Practitioner, 1980
Boston College
Bachelor of Science in Nursing, 1974
Northeastern University
NRSG 2000 Professional Development for
Cooperative Education, 2004 – present, 2 sections per academic year, 45-50
students per section. Course educates students in the goals, expectations,
policies, and procedures of the nursing cooperative education program. Students
participate in self-assessment activities, identify professional behaviors, describe
strategies for conflict resolution in the workplace, and develop career
management skills.
NRSG 1000, College: An Introduction, 2004 – present, 1 section each fall
semester, 15 – 20 students per section. Coordinator for nursing sections, 2009 –
2011. Students receive an introduction to the university, college, and school of
nursing as well as enhancement of their understanding of the academic and
social impact of their decisions.
Direct Entry Nursing Program, Spring 2005 - present, Assist and inform direct
entry nursing students preparing for entry into professional nursing
workplace, specifically instruct students regarding their transferable skills and
presentation of prior professional work to nurse recruiters.
4 MFCarney Curriculum Vitae February 2012
Northeastern University Service Activities
University Wide
 Commencement Marshal
 Health Careers Academy
Science Fair, Judge
Bouve College
 Academic Standing Committee,
 Cooperative Education Performance
Review Committee
School of Nursing
 Academic Standing Committee
 Open House, Accepted Student
Welcome Day, New Student
 Sigma Theta Tau, Gamma Epsilon
Chapter, Secretary
Community Service
 Community Music Center of
Boston, Boston, MA
Member, Corporation
Member, Board of Directors
Vice-President, Board of Directors
Irish Pastoral Centre, Dorchester MA
Member, Board of Directors
Facilitator, Bereavement Group
May 2007 - 2011
February 2007, 2008
Fall 2007 - 2010
2008 – 2010, Chair 2011
Fall 2004 – Present
Fall 2004 - Present
2008 – 2009
2009 - present
September 1996 - Present
January 2007 - Present
5 MFCarney Curriculum Vitae February 2012
Scholarly Activity
Northeastern University
School of Nursing
Nursing Research Symposium
Work in Progress
Outcomes of an International
Education Experience for
Undergraduate Nursing Students, April
Short and Long Term Outcomes of an
International Cooperative Educational
Experience for Undergraduate Nursing
Students, Principal Investigator: Nancy
Hoffart, PhD, RN, November 2005 Present
Massachusetts Board of
Registration in Nursing
Registered Nurse, 1974-present
Nurse Practitioner, 1980-present
Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist,
American Nurses
Credentialing Corporation
Clinical Nurse Specialist in PsychiatricMental Health nursing, 1992-present
National Certification
Women’s Corporation
Nurse Practitioner in Ambulatory
Care, 1982-2006
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