Student Assistant Hiring Checklist UGA Libraries

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Student Assistant Hiring Checklist UGA Libraries
Student Assistant Hiring Checklist
UGA Libraries
This checklist is designed to assist supervisors with the completion of all necessary paperwork to hire a student assistant.
(yes or n/a)
Student assistants may not begin employment until all paperwork has been completed.
Determine if student is an international student. If so, refer student to Susan Caldwell
([email protected]) in the University’s Payroll Office. Ms. Caldwell will verify the student’s
employment eligibility and complete taxation paperwork. This paperwork must be completed
before employment procedures can continue.
Verify student employment status (STUWK or LBCLR). Please visit
http://www.policies.uga.edu/FA/ (keyword search = stuwk or lbclr) for additional information
regarding student employment status.
Determine if student is a graduate student. If the student is a graduate student, does s/he have
an assistantship and, if so, for what % time?
Note: Graduate Assistantships impact the number of hours for which a student may be
Determine whether student is currently working or has previously worked on campus. Provide
departmental contact information from previous/current UGA position; list this information on the
Student Information Form.
Instruct student to complete the consent form
(http://libs.uga.edu/staff/studentworkerbiconsent.pdf) authorizing a background investigation
including credit check and/or MVR check. The completed consent form should be submitted in
person, by Libraries’ mail or faxed (706-542-4144) to Dawne Townsend; email versions of the
form will not be accepted. Completion of the background investigation process will take
approximately 5 – 7 working days. Supervisors will be notified when the process is complete.
Students may not work until the process is completed.
NOTE: Only potential student employees whose duties will involve handling cash, check and/or
credit card receipts –OR- who will drive a UGA vehicle in the course of their work duties are
required to complete this form.
Complete the Student Information Form at http://www.libs.uga.edu/staff/studentinfoform.pdf.
Note: the effective date listed on this form must correspond to the first day work hours are
recorded for the student assistant on the Libraries’ payroll.
Inform the student s/he will receive an email from UGA HR giving them access to the UGA
Onboarding System. Instruct the student to complete the UGA Onboarding system Process.
NOTE: If a student has completed the UGA Onboarding System Process within the past 12
months and s/he is not a graduate student, the UGA Onboarding System Process does not need
to be completed again.
The student, via the UGA Onboarding System Process, will be instructed to complete the W-4
form, G-4 form and a direct deposit enrollment form. These forms must be filled out by the
student, printed and brought, fully completed, to Dawne Townsend at the time the I-9 process is
completed with Dawne.
NOTE: Student may not work without completing the appropriate I-9 paperwork.
Instruct student to complete mandatory USG Ethics Policy Basic Course found at eLearning
Commons: https://uga.view.usg.edu/
Instruct student to complete mandatory SecureUGA modules found at http://secure.uga.edu/
Review the Libraries’ Personal Safety Tips with the student and discuss specific areas that are
impacted by your department’s function or hours of operations. Tips can be found at
Rev. 03/07; 01/08; 10/08; 11/08; 07/09; 05/10; 09/10; 10/10; 02/11; 02/12; 09/12; 06/13; 09/14; 11/14, 7/16
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