Science at the heart of medicine Jeffrey E. Segall, Ph.D.

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Science at the heart of medicine Jeffrey E. Segall, Ph.D.
Science at the heart of medicine
Jeffrey E. Segall, Ph.D.
Professor, Anatomy and Structural Biology
Betty and Sheldon Feinberg Senior Faculty Scholar in Cancer Research
Dr. Segall received his original research training in biophysics and the analysis of bacterial
chemotaxis (movement directed by extracellular gradients of chemicals) at the California
Institute of Technology. He then performed postdoctoral research at the Max Planck Institute
for Biochemistry in Germany on chemotaxis of the cellular slime mold Dictyostelium
discoideum. Upon becoming a member of the faculty at Einstein, Dr. Segall continued to study
the mechanisms of eukaryotic chemotaxis, and extended his research to the analysis of yeast
polarization and tumor cell metastasis.
His current research focuses on the mechanisms of tumor cell invasion and metastasis, with
an emphasis on how growth-factor receptors contribute to these processes. He has made
important contributions to the study of tumor cell motility in vivo, including intravital imaging of
breast cancer invasion in the primary tumor and demonstrations that growth-factor receptors
can enhance metastatic ability independent of growth.
Dr. Segall is the author of more than 80 scientific papers on cell and cancer biology. He has
served on study sections for the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program,
the American Cancer Society and the National Institutes of Health. He is currently in the tumor
microenvironment study section. Dr. Segall has chaired Gordon Research Conferences on
gradient sensing and directed cell migration, and on sensory transduction in microorganisms.
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