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Document 1713545
File Ref.No.119071/GA - l - F Ll2\L4lAdmn
Re-constitution of Academic Council- Errors occurred in the notification -Err
G&A. I-F
U.O. No. 1066912014/Admn
Dated, Calicut University.P. A, L7.LL.2OL4
Read:-l.Mtification of even number dated 04.LI.20L4
2.Orders of the Registrar dated 11.11.20L4
the Notification of the reconstitution
\^rere crept into
of the Academic Council, cited above , certain omissions and errors
the content by oversight. The details are given below.
1.Sri. P.A Rasheed, Member,syndicate
2. Dr. T.
P.Ahamed, Member,synd icate
Dr.C.O.Joshi, Member,syndicate
4. Head of the Department, Department of l,lano Science and Technology.
Erroneous inclusions
2) Director of CDC
Since the omissions and inclusions uere against the Statutory provisions, the Hon.Vice Chancellor
ordered to issue an erratum to the Notification of even number dated o4.L1.2ol4
Hence , the following Erratum is issued to the re-constitution notification of the Acadernic Council.
Re-constitution Notification of the Academic Council
is corrected to read
hereby notified that the Academic council of this University is reconstituted with the followng
contained in subsection(3), section-24in chapter lV of Calicul UniversityAct 1975 \,ith
effect from 30.09.2014.
It is
The members of the Academic Council shall hold the office for such period as provided
for in sub section 4
of section 24 in chapter tV of Calicut University Act 1975.
a. The Vice-Chancellor
b. The Pro-Vice-Chancellor
c. The Director of public
d. The Director of Technical Education
-t -
e. The Director of Collegiate Education
f. The Director of Research and Studies
g. The Director of physical Education
h. The Deans of Faculties
1.Dr. M.v. Joseph, Dean, Faculty of science, professor, Dept. of Bio- Technology, university of calicut
2.Prof. M.M. Basheer,(Retd. professor, Dept. of Malayalam,university of calicut), Dean, Faculty of
Language & Literature
3.Dr. Vasudevan. T.M, Dean, Faculty of Humanities, Associate Professor & Head, Department of
Library &
lnformation Science,University of Calicut
4.Prof. Mathew Manimala, Dean, Faculty of commerce & Management studies,senior professor, llM
s.Dr. PR.Sreemahadevan Pillai, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Professor,
College of Engineering,
6.Sri' Soorya Krishnamoorthy, Dean, Faculty of Fine Arts, Chaithanya,Thycaud. pO,Thiruvananthapuram695014
7.Dr. Reii M Varghese, Dean,Faculty of Ayurveda, Department ol Agadatantra,VA College, ollur, Thrissur.
8.Dr. G. Rajashekharan Nair, Dean, Faculty of LaW Sreeragam, cRA.68 Madathil Lane, Chempakassery,
West Fort, Tvm
g.Dr. v.K. Bhagyalatha, Dean, Faculty of Ftomeopathy, professor,Govt.
Homeopathic Medical college,
10.Prof. (Dr ) K. Sivarajan, Dean, Faculty of Education, Chief Co-ordinator, University Teacher Education
11.Dr. Muhammadali.N, Dean, Faculty of Journalism, Flead, Dept. of Journalism & Mass
Communication,University of Calicut.
12.Prof(Dr) R. Krishnan, Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Rtd.Professor of General medicine,Govt Medical
College, Kozhikode.
13.Dr. Soumithran, Dean, Faculty of Dentistry, professor,Govt.Dental College ,Kozhikode
i, T he General Secretarv of the
Universitv Union
Sri.Muhammed Sadique.M.K, EMEATraining College, Kondotry.
j. All the Heads of the universitv Deoartments of studv and research who are not Deans of
1.Head of the Department, Department of Arabic
2.Head of the Department, Department of Biotechnology
3.Head of the Department, Department of Botany
4.F{ead of the Department, Department of chemistry
5.Head of the Department, Department of Commerce and Management Studies
6.Head of the Department, Department of Computer Scaence
7.Head of the Department, School of Drama and Fine Arts, Thrissur.
8.Head of the Department, Department of Economics, Dr.John Mathai Centre, Thrissur.
9.Head of the Department, Department ol Education
1o.Head of the Department, Department of English
L1.Head of the Department,School of Folklore Studies
12.Head of the Department, Department of Hindi
13.Flead oJ the Department, Department oJ History
14.Head of the Department, Nano Science & Technology
15.Head of the Department, Department of Mass Communication and Journalism
L6.l-lead of the Department, Political Science
LT.Head of the Department, Department of Life science
18.Head of the Department, Department of Library and lnformation Science
19. l-lead of the Department, Department of Life long Learning and E),tension
2o.Head of the Department, Department of Malayalam
21.Head of the Department, Department of Mathematics
22.Flead of the Department, Department of Philosophy
23.Head of the Department, Department of Physics
24.Head of the Department, Department of Psychology
2s.Head of the Department, Department of Russian
26.Head ot the Department, Department of Sanskrit
27.Head of the Department, Department of Statistics
28.Flead of the Department,Centre for Women's Studies
2g.Head of the Department, Department of zoology
30. Director,Academic Staff College.
31.Director, School of Distance Education
32.Director, EMMRC.
33.Deputy Director in charge of Director, Physical Education.
34.Director of Research (DoR)
k. All members of the Sy,nd icate who are not otherwise members of the Academic Council
l.The Secretary to Government, Higher Education Department
2.The Secretary to Government, lnformation Technology Department
Prathapan, MLA, Thottungal Veedu, Thalikkulam.PO
4.Sri.l.C.Balakrishnan,MLA, lllathmoola veedu, valad.P.O.,Mananthavady
s.Dr.PAnvar ,Member Secretary, Kerala State Higher Education Council
6.Prof.Vidyasagar,Principal, Government Engineering College,Ko,likode
7.Prof .Dr.V.H.Abdul Salam, Principal, MES Engineering College,Kuttippuram
8. Dr.Fathimathu Zuhara.K , Professor, Department of Life Science, University of Calicut.
g.Sri.C.R.Murukan Babu, Associate Professor in English, Panampilly Memorial Government College,
10. prof.K. K.Syed
Abid Hussain Thangal, Associate ProJessor & Head, Department of Sociology, Farook
1l.Sri.K.M.Naseer, Associate Professor in Malayalam, Farook College.
12.Dr.Abida Farooqui, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Government College, Kodenchery.
L3.Sri.Salahudheen.P.M, Assistant Professor in History, MES Mampad College
14.Dr.Abdul Hameed.V.P, Hajara Manzil, Puthur Pallikkal PO
15.Adv.PM.Niyas, Chilla, Rarichan Road, Eranhippalam.P.o
l6.Adv.Rajeevan Mallissery,'Mallissery' House, Perambra P.O
17.Sri. P.K.Supran, Palliparambil Vattoli Bazaar, Balussery,673
18.Sri.O.Abdul Ali, KorambayilAhamed Haji Memorial Unity Wornen's College, Manjeri
19.Dr. T.P Ahamed, Nasheman, Farook College, Calicut, 673632
20.Sri.P.A. Rasheed, P.O. Niramaruthur,Tirur - 676 109
21.Sri.K.Ms\ /anath,Deputy Registrar, Directorate of Admission
22.Sri.Prarnod.C, LLB Student,Government LawCollege, Thrissur
23.Dr. Joshi. C.O, Associate Professor ,Christ College, lrinialakuda ,PlN-680125
L Princioals of Professional Colleges(Electedl
m. Princioals of first orade Colleges(Elected)
1.Dr.M.Usman, Principal, Amal College of Advanced Studies, Nilambur.
2.Dr.Jenson PO., Principal, St.Thomas College, Thrissur.
n. Principals of Junior Colleoes
Not applicable
o. Principal of a Colleoe of oriental language s(Nominatedl
p. Teachers of subiects of studv (Electedl
l.Dr.C.A.lgnatius (Aquaculture), Assistant Professor, Dept.of. Aquaculture, M.E.S.Asmabi College,
P.Vemballu r,T h rissur.
2.Josna Raphael.P (Architecture Engineering), Associate prof. of Architecture
Engineering,Govt.Engineering College, Thrissur.
Professor Gr.ll., Rouzathul Uloom Arabic College, Farook College p.O.
4.Dr.K.Jamaludeen(Arabic), Associate Professor of Arabic, WMO Arts & Science College, Muttil.
5.Emmanuel Simon (Bio Chemistry), Asst. Prof. of Biochemistry, Dept.of.Lire Science, C.U.Campus
6.Dr.K.K.Elyas (Bio-Technology), Professor, Dept.of. Bio-Technology, C.U.Campus.
T.lgnatious Antony(Botany), Associate Professor, Dept.of.Botany, St.Thomas College, Thrissur.
8.Manoj.N.(Chemical Engineering), Asst.Prof. of Chemical Engineering, Govt. Engineering College,
9.Dr.George i/athew (Chemistry), Asst. Professor, Dept.of.Chemistry,St.Mary,s College, Sulthan Bathery
10.Dr.Lal.c.V(civil Engineering), Associate Prof.of.Civil Engineering, Govt.Engineering college, Thrissur.
ll.Dr.Gopalakrishnan.M.B(commerce), Associate professor, Dept.of .commerce, Nilar Thoma college,
l2.K.Rahmathulla(Computer Science Engineering & lnlormation Technology), Asst.Prof.of Computer
Science Engg, Govt.Engineering College, Sreekrishnapuram.
L3.shameem Kappan (computer science &Application.), Asst. professor, Dept.of. computer science,
Sullamussalam Science College, Areacode.
14.Dr.Sunil Kumar.S.(Drama), Asst. Professor, School of Drama & Fine Arts, Dr.John Mathai Centre,
Aranattukara, Thrissur.
l5.Dr.Nagendra Shreenir,\ias (European Languages), Asst.Professor, Dept.of. Russian, C.U.Campus.
l6.Dr.Shiby.M.Thomas (Economics), Associate Professor, Dept.of. Economics, St.Joseph's College,
lT.Dr.K.Ramakrishnan (Education), Asst.Prof.of.Education, Govt.College of Teacher Education, Kozhikode.
lS.Dr.M.Nandakumar (Electrical, Electronics& Communication Engg), Associate Professor,Dept.of.Electrical
Engineering, Govt.Engineering College,Thrissur.
19.Siby Joseph (Electronics), Associate Prolessor, Dept.of.Electronics,WMO Arts & Science College, Muttil.
20.V.Jayakrishnan (English), Associate Professor, Dept.of.English, NSS College, Ottapalam.
21.Dr.Soman Kannacham Kuttikuni (Folklore), Asst.Prof.of. Folklore, School of Folklore Studies,
22.E.Hasker (Food Technology), Asst.Professor of Food Technology, MES Mampad College, Mampad
College P.O.
23.Jayaraian.K (Geography), Asst. Professor, Dept.of.Geography, Govt.College, Chittur.
24.Dr.V.A.Ayisha(Geology), Associate Professor of Geology, MES Ponnani College
25.Dr.Karuna.M.S.(Flome Science), Associate Professor, Dept.of.Home Science, Vimala College, Thrissur.
26.Hafees.VK.(l-lotel Management), Asst.Professor, Dept.of. Tourism and l-btel Management, Amal College
of Advanced Studies, Nilambur.
27.Devasia.PA (Hindi), Associate Prof.of.Hindi, St.Joseph's College, Devagiri.
28.Joseph.T.J (History), Associate Professor, Dept.of.History, Malabar Christian College, Calicut
29.Nikhil Binoy.C (lnstrumentation & Control Engineering ), Asst.Professor, ICE Dept, NSS College of
Engineering, Palakkad.
30.Dr.VSulaiman (lslamic History ), Associate Prof. of lslamic History, Govt.College, Malappuram
31.Abdul Muneer.V(Journalism), Asst.Prof.of.Journalism, EMEA College of Arts & Science, Kondotty.
32.Biiu.R.K.(Law), Asst.Professor, covt.Law College, Ko*rikode
33.M.Sathian (Malayalam), Asst.Professor, Dept.of.Malayalam, Govt.Arts & Science College, Kozhikode.
34.R.Shayida (Mathematics), Associate Prof.of .Mathematics, Farook College, Calicut.
35.Dr.M.A.Joseph (Management Studies), Associate Professor, Dept.of.Commerce & Management Studies,
36.E.John Thomas (Mechanical Engineering), Professor, Dept.of . Mechanical Engg. NSS College of
Engineering, Palakkad.
37.Dr.Denoj Sebastian (Microbiology), Asst. Prof.of . Microbiology, Dept.of.Llfe Science, C.U.Campus.
38-Rajani.M (Music), Asst.Prolessor, Dept.of.Music, Govt.College, Chittur.
39.Dr.Sindhu (Nano Science & Technology), Asst.Professor, Dept.of.Nano Science &
Technology,C. U.Campus.
40. Balasubramanian.V (Philosophy), Asst.Professor, Dept.of. Philosophy, Govt.College, Chittur
41. Dr. Min i.P Balakrishnan (Physics), Associate Prof.of. Physics, Providence Women's College, Calicut.
42.K.VDevakumar (Physical Education), Associate Professor & l-lead, Dept.of.Physical Education,Zamorin's
curuvayurappan College, Calicut
43.T. K. Ramakrishnan (Political Science), Asst.Professor, Dept.of. Political Science, SKVC, Thrissur.
44.Dr.Baby Shari.PA(Psychology), Reader, Dept.ol.Psychology C.U.Campus.
45.Dr.M.Sathian (Sanskrit), Asst.Professor, Dept.of.Sanskrit, SNGS College, Pattambi
46.Dr.Jaya Cherian (Social Work), Associate Professor, Dept.of.Social Work, Vimala College, Thrissur.
47.Dr.C.Mlahesh (Sociology), Asst.Professor, Dept.of.Sociology, Zamorin's Guruvayurappan
College, Kozhikode.
48.Dr.K.K.Hamza (Statistics), Associate Professor of Statistics, Farook College, Calicut.
49.Dr.M.Samuthira Pandian (Tamil), Associate Prol. Of Tamil, Govt.Victoria College, Palakkad
50.Shelji Mathew (Travel & Tourism), Asst.Prof.of Travel & Tourism, Pazhassiraja College, Pulpally.
51.Sabida Moozhikkal (Urdu & Persian Languages), Asst.Professor of Urdu & Persian Languages,
Govt.College, Malappuram.
52.Dr. Francy.K. Kakkassery (Zoology), Associate Professor, Dept.of.Zoology, St.Thomas College, Thrissur.
q. One Head Master and one Teacher of Secondarvschool in the UniversityArea (Nominated)
r. Full time Post Graduate Students reoresenting Faculties (Elected)
l.Miran Das.K (Faculty of commerce & Management studies) , ll M.com, s.N.G.college, chelannur.
2.Jayesh.G (Faculty of Engineering ), lYear M.Tech Computer lntegrated
ufacturing, N.S.S.College of
Engineering, Palakkad.
3.Sajith.K.Kottayil (Faculty of Fine Arts ), lll.sem.lvlTA, school of Drama & Fine Arts, Dr.John lvlathai centre,
4.Ashitha.Pl (Faculty of Law), I LLM, Govt.Law College, Thrissur
S.Sreenish.V.P (Faculty of Science ), lSem M.Sc Maths, NSS College, Ottapalam
6.Junaid.N (Faculty ol Language & Literature ), lV Sem. l\il.A Comparative Literature, Dept.of. Russian,
T.Mohammed Shareef.C.T (Faculty of Education ), M.Ed, Farook Training College, Calicut.
8.Saniyo.C.S (Faculty of Journalism ), I Sem. McJ. Dept.of. Journalism & l\4ass Communication,
g.Vimal Kumar.V.P, lvl.Phil (Faculty of Humanities ), School of Folklore Studies, C.U.Campus
s. External Experts (Nominated)
d/ r\-
Dr.Abdul Majeed T.A.
To:The lvembers
Copy to:The Chancellor, University of Calicut (With CL)/ The Pro- Chancellor,University ol Calicut
(With CL) /PS to Mce-Chancellor /PAto PVC/PA to Registrar/PA to FO/PAto CE/DR,PI.D/DR,GA
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